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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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it's not because of the substance of the speech which focused mainly on iran and it's nuclear program, or at least attempts to broaden its nuclear program or what not, but really what i think is going to resinate with israeli voters as they see this speech is the fact that here is the leader of israel addressing a joint meeting of congress in the most powerful country in the world in front of all of those lawmakers, even though some have sat it out, and quite frankly you also have mr. netenyahu's speech going live on international news networks around the world. this is of course something that most israelis will be very
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happy about. they realize that they are a small country with a small population but they see themselves as in the terms that mr. netenyahu used himself, as a country which can stand up for itself defend it's a, and it will go down well with many people here in israel. >> thank you. here with me in the studio watching the speech is al jazeera senior political analyst. and given what we have heard from our correspondent and kimberly, but specifically from our correspondent, how far should we be viewing what we're seeing in congress today as part of netenyahu's bid for reelection back home? >> certainly the speech was to a large degree directed at the
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israeli direct rate and not the american directrate because they have a leader who is barack obama. if you look at the narrative, at the rhetoric first of all, mr. netenyahu keeps insisting that he speaks for the jewish people. while in fact president obama had got -- in terms of numbers, far more many many more votes than prime minister netenyahu got. president obama could say he speaks for more jewish people than prime minister netenyahu. on the other hand netenyahu has been trying to be very nice complementary, but this kind of complementary complementary, it is really more than a farce -- >> that's how he started the speech by praising president
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obama and the administration for his support to israel. >> but that is sort of transparent. he could have said look, president obama i know i'm not doing very well but i will see a psychiatrist or something, but he didn't. but the most important thing here is in terms of the their narration, he used the same that iran uses. when he talks about hiding nuclear programs when he talks about defining international inspectors that's what israeli does every day in terms of its own nuclear program. so he sounded like a theological leader rather than i want a
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democracy. but the most important part was the content of the speech. so what we heard today is the following, any deal is a bad deal. first of all, because iran will not accept any one particular deal that would simply do away with the nuclear program per day, and the united states admitted that already. so the idea that iran has to do away with all of its nuclear program is not acceptable to iran. and he said iran had to stop supporting terror second iran had to stop aggression against its neighbors, and stop threating israel. which means that the united states should not arrive at any nuclear deal with iran unless every geopolitical disagreement with iran is reached. and that of course is a problem for the administration. >> let's listen to an except of
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what prime minister netenyahu had to say to the u.s. congress within the last 20 minutes or so. let's just have an example of what he had to say, so we can get a flavor of the tone. >> the difference is that isis is armed with butcher knives captured weapons and youtube, whereas iran could soon be armed with intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear bombs. we must always remember i'll say it one more time the greatest danger facing our world is the marriage of militant islam with nuclear weapons. to dee feet isis and let iran get nuclear weapons would be to win the battle but lose the war. we can't let that happen! [ applause ] >> so that was just a flavor of benjamin netenyahu's speech to the joint session of congress there. and our senior analyst has been
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listening to it here with me in the studio. so he is trying to influence u.s. policy raise the specter of the iranian boogieman this is something that plays very well at home. he is perceived as being a man -- a leader who is great at handling the security of israel but less so on the other issues which could come into play come election day in 12 days from now. >> but we have seen that under president bush. it was netenyahu that came to congress and testified and said that the united states should go to war against iraq. it did, and look at the disastrous situation. this sort of a style of conversation that continuously scares the heck out of israelis and americans, we have looked at the results, and they were disastrous. i think he had about a hundred pages in front of him, and every page is a one liner.
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so this was not a speech. this was one sound bite after another sound bite after another sound bite. i think there was about 100 liners there, maybe more. and he was trying to scare the american people into not accepting a diplomatic deal that the president of united states thinks is the best way forward, otherwise the alternative would be disaster. >> thank you very much indeed. >> thank you. well as he alluded too, while all of that has been taking place in washington, d.c., the actual talks between iran and the united states are taking place in switzerland. they appear to be making some progress. the iranian foreign minister has said the negotiations are moving forward, and secretary of state john kerry he said that both sides were working productively. the meeting on the -- just by lake geneva as you can see
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there, they are trying to reach a framework deal by the end of march. let's here now from our correspondent who sat those talks. >> reporter: a beautiful day on the shores of lake geneva. the building behind me the setting for these crucial talks. they met twice on monday evening. they resumed talks on tuesday, and they could well talk up until wednesday that's when john kerry is due to leave to saudi arabia. they are the other nervous ally in the middle east that the americans need to reassure. after talking with iran reach an absolutely essential stage, john kerry said the clock is ticking, and in remarks that were no doubt intended to reassure israel saudi arabia and the people in the united states he stressed that a bad deal would be much worse than no deal at
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all. >> iraq's army says it has regained territory from the islamic state of iraq and the levant in the battle for tikrit. the operation to recapture the city and surrounding areas was launched on monday. militias and tribal fighters have joined the campaign to try to drive isil out. here is our correspondent from baghdad. >> reporter: the attacks started with shelling. these mortars were aimed at paving the way for soldiers and other fighters to advance towards tikrit. the iraqi military along with shia militias have pushed back isil from small cities and towns. but saddam hussein's hometown an isil strong hold has special significance. >> translator: this is prepared for the isil rats. we will crush them all over tikrit. >> reporter: it's the site of the biggest single massacre by isil. gunmen killed more than one
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thousand unarmed military recruits at camp spiker. many militia members blame some of the neighboring sunni tribes for supporting isil. the prime minister has tried to reassure sunni leaders that their people won't be targeted but he told parliament those who did not support the government fight were supporting isil. >> translator: in this battle there shouldn't be anyone standing on the other side. in this battle we should all be united. any claiming to make that a neutral side it means they are standing with those who are killing our people those who are killing the husbands of our women, turning them into widows, orphaning our children. >> reporter: in this fight and in previous ones iran is playing a leading role. the militias it is equipping are considered more effective than most iraqi army units.
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an iranian commander is helping coordinate the operation from the front line. it's only iraqi aircraft in the air. the united states is helping in other ways but is not backing this offensive. about 2,000 sunni tribal fighters have joined the battle but as iraqi forces fight for tikrit, a major question is how many more sunnis will join them. as the battle moves further into sunni provinces there's deepening iranian involvement, and some fear the potential to become bogged down in more sectarian conflict. thousands of russians have attended the funeral of the murder opposition poll situation poll -- politician boris nemtsov. several were barred from attending. that was in response to visa bans the e.u. has imposed on 151
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people including several russians over passing into ukraine. nemtsov was shot dead on friday night. putin called the murder vial and has vowed to find the killers. so far no arrests have been made. the former cia director will plead guilty to mishandling classified information. he was charged with one count of unauthorized removal and retention of classified material. investigators have been looking into whether he improperly shared the material with his biographer, with whom he has admitted to having an affair. the plea bargain spares him a high-profile trial. thousands are left homeless as fire ravages one of manila's poorest districts. and we'll see how the
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>> the stream, >> your digital community >> you pick the hot topics and express your thoughts the stream it's your chance to join the conversation only on al jazeera america ♪ hello again, let's have a look at the top stories here at al jazeera. the israeli prime minister benjamin netenyahu, has warned the u.s. congress against a possible nuclear deal with iran. he criticized current negotiations taking place in switzerland. but those talks appear to be making progress. iran's foreign minister says
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the discussions are moving forward. and u.s. secretary of state john kerry says both sides are working productively. a combined force say they are making gains against isil in tikrit. they have taken control of high ground to the southeast. all right. let's return then to our top story which is the israel's prime minister address to the u.s. congress. he compared iran to islamic state of iraq and the levant. >> so when it comes to iran and isis, the enemy of your enemy is your enemy. [ applause ] >> the difference is that isis
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is armed with butcher knives captured weapons and youtube, whereas iran could soon be armed with intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear bombs. we must always remember the greatest danger facing our world is the marriage of militant islam with nuclear weapons. to defeat isis and let iran get nuclear weapons would be to win the battle but lose the war. we can't let that happen! [ applause ] >> our correspondent in washington, d.c., on capitol hill is kimberly halkett, and kimberly you listened to the speech, and you are familiar with that conflating of isil with other perceived threats by the israeli prime minister something he does quite regularly, isn't it? but how fertile was the ground
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to which he was speaking? how much of a scene of -- of approval was he tapping into? >> well i think there was definitely a skeptical audience to the argument made over and over by the israeli prime minister. and that was that he was trying to portray that iron's intentions were anything but peaceful. and iran has always maintained that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. however, you saw the case being made by the prime minister that any agreement being negotiated right now by secretary of state john kerry the p5-plus-1 countries with iran is an agreement that would not block the ability to make an atomic weapon, but instead would paef paef -- pave the way. this was a very receptive audience, but you did see there were roughly two dozen standing
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ovations, but many times you saw democrats remaining in their seats. >> and remind us again, kimberly as to why the white house is not particularly amused by mr. netenyahu's appearance in congress today. >> it's not just the white house, it's also members of congress as we have pointed out, but even the wider american public, even some members of the jewish american community who feel that really this invitation by the top republican in the house of representatives john boehner was a breach of protocol. that this invitation was extended without the knowledge of the white house, and it was inappropriate timing because elections are taking place in israel in two weeks, and john kerry is in switzerland with his iranian counterpart trying to hammer out the specifics of an agreement that the obama administration believes would bring about peace. but we heard from the israeli prime minister his arguments that in fact it would be just
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the opposite. he said he feels in his point of view that an agreement would allow for the nuclear infrastructure to remain in iran that would give it the capabilities should it choose to to take an atomic weapon and the inspections that the obama administration is promising, would really just document, but not stop any intention for anything other than peaceful means. >> and not that long something, the national security advisor, susan rice warned that benjamin netenyahu's speech to congress would be very destruckdestructive to the u.s. israeli relationship how far has that relationship been strained? >> it has been strained tremendously. it is almost unthinkable to see this kind of back and forth we have seen. there has always been consensus on israel. both democrats and republicans stood with israel.
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but this time you are seeing criticism. we had up to 56 members of congress who chose not to attend this speech mostly democrats. this is something that we just have not been seen before. this challenging of israeli pollty many feel it is inappropriate for a foreign leader to come to the halls of congress and dictate what american foreign policy should be. >> kimberly thank you. there has been an explosion at a sports facility in yemen in which at least eight houthi rebels were killed. 12 other people were wounded in the bombing. it is thought the houthis were attracted by tribesmen in the area. now to the philippines where thousands of families have been left homeless after a massive fire hit downtown manila. the authorities say they are unable to determine the cause of the fire that broke out on monday and swept through a
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shany community. our correspondent has the latest now from the philippine's capitol. >> reporter: joel tries to put on a brave face. everything that his family has built for decades has been reduced to this, lost in a fire that has destroyed the homes of over 2,000 other families in downtown manila. >> translator: i can't express my grief when i look around me. i can't even explain what happened. there is nothing to save. we accept this is a tragedy. we just have to start over find a job, work again, and rebuild everything. >> reporter: this woman lost her home too. she does not know how long she will have to live in this temporary shelter, along with nine members of her family. >> translator: we will be grateful for anything we can get not just for my family but for all of us here. we hope that those who can, will
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help us. >> reporter: according to the local government at least 80 homes are destroyed here every day due to fire. majority of these are in areas like this one, in shantytowns where electrical wiring is often faulty and houses are made of lightweight material. the lack of housing as long been a problem. one in four of manila's 16 million residents lives below the poverty line. many have left their provinces for the city in hopes of a better life. >> you have to put these families to a different place where in they could have -- they could build residential houses they could have work and have programs in the area. >> reporter: this one of the most impoverished communities in manila. most live on less than $3 a day.
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people have always thought that life can't possibly get worse, and fires like this destroy whatever hope they have left. they say they just have to start all over again. firefighters in south africa are bringing in reinforcements to battle a blaze in the hills above cape town. they are struggling to contain the wildfires because of strong winds and sweltering summer temperatures. thousands of acres of rare plants have already been destroyed. so far, though no reports of any fatalities. kenyan farmers are struggling after many european countries banned the cat leaf. this is a plant which is a stimulant, and is often chewed particularly in somalia. farmers say they are now forced to sell it at below market prices and can only export it to somalia. our correspondent reports from
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central kenya. >> reporter: growing cat, as it's called locally is what families in the highlands have done for generations. farmers sell most of it to somalia, but they complain somali middlemen manipulate the market forcing them to sell their plants cheap. >> they want to maximize their profit, and they know we are desperate of market. we have no other market. so they sit down and intend to maximize. and that's why they lower the price. rrm >> reporter: farmers say they used to get $600 a bag. now prices are down to $200 a bag. european countries have stopped importing the problem because of health problems. the european market was the most lucrative. farmers in kenya need somalia.
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it's a mild narcotic but people who use it regularly, say they can chew the leaves for hours, puts them in a good mood and help suppress their appetite. planes leave every day caring the plant. but kenyans say it is the powerful somali cartels who are benefits from the industry. >> they must take into account the means of the farmer who toils in the farm. unfortunately they are very short sided. >> reporter: recently kenyan farmers stopped selling to somali in protest. but they got desperate, so sales resumed, but the price war is still a constant battle. >> translator: the problem will persist if the farmers increase the prices and the airlines increase the prices for transportation costs.
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we insist on paying less so we will survive. >> reporter: it's nighttime. they head to the capitol for nairobi. diversifying crops could be a solution but changing a way of life is difficult for some. tuesday marks world wildlife day and the u.n. is calling on the world to conference call down on the wildlife trade. adrian brown has more from beijing. >> reporter: their tusks sawed off by poachers. now they are performers. britain's prince william is expected to be a spectator on wednesday. china's government insists this is more than a tourist attraction. it says it is sloely rebuilding
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the local elephant population. conflicted poachers now face the death penalty. environmentalists are cautiously optimistic that china is finally getting the message. >> it's important for china to tackle this issue, to reduce the demand for illegal wildlife products. and we have seen that they have taken some steps to doing that. >> reporter: one of those steps was announced days before prince william began his visit when the government imposed a ban on imported ivory products for a year. animal rights is a passion for the prince who has recruited some of the biggest names in sport for his campaign. such advertisements are now common on chinese tv. hong kong is playing a role too. this recent hall was one of the
12:29 pm
world's largest and had been destined for the mainland. while china is the world's largest importer of smuggled elephant ivory, the government insists it is doing what it can to eradicate the trade. conservationists want to ban the legal trade because they say it would help to end the illegal one. but for now that remains a step too far for china. adrian brown, al jazeera, beijing. >> all right. let's go to southern chile now where we can have a look at spectacular pictures of one of south america's most active vol volcanos which is currently erupted. it started erupting around 3:00 am local time tossing lava and heavy smoke into the air.
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now the volcano in chile's central valley sits above a small city which is home to around 20,000 people. if you want to see more about that volcano, remember you can always go to the website, ♪ ♪ >> hi, i am lisa flesher and you are in the stream chances you know someone who has bad or knee surgery but there is growing evidence that these and other brothers may be used too off and could be detrimental to your health. a game changing way to detect cadgessers early. he is doing it with a smart phone, a 3 d printer and in less than an hour. and later. gnarly half the world's languages will be extinct by the end of the century the video game project tha