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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 22, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> ager in yemen after houthis take the airport of the third biggest city ♪ hello. you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up the u.n.'s libya envoy insists piece talks will continue despite fierce fighting in and around tripoli. nigeria's presidential election debate goes ahead without the main opposition contender. why a may in peru wants to paint over every mural in lima's
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historic center. with start in yemen where houthi forces have seized control room of the airport of the third largest city, taiz. the shia group is in charge of a large swath. taiz is a key targwhere president hadi has taken refuge. at his request, the u.n. security councile sub sill is due too meet in an hour. he says his decision is appealed at al-qaeda in the us lammic state of iraq in the levant who say they bombed two mosques on friday and a sign of how much the security situation has deteriorated, the united states has withdrawn all of its remaining personnel including special forces from the country.
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natasha gname reports tore gas, gunshots and anger on the streets of taiz. protesters are angry about pro-houthi forces arriving in their city: we refused, reject and denounce these malitias. will surround the police barracks with our bodies until they leave. >> first the houthis overtook the camtal of sanaa, forcing the president to flee to addeng. now they have moving toward the president. aden is a short distance away from taiz. the president has been trying to hold on to power. >> i stress the following: firstly, evacuation of all armed malitias from the industry. secondly withdrawal from other cities.
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>> that sdifsh seem likely. the united states seems to agree. it should down its embassy and pulled troops from an air force base in the south of the country. now, the u.n. will try to see if it can find a solution before things did the ear ate into a full-blown war in yemen. natasha gname, al jazeera. >> houthi leader has viewed to pursue isil fighters who claimed responsibility for the sanaa suicide attacks. he said yemen was dessending into libya-style strife and he mobilized forces against isil and al-qaeda. >> they have crossed the red lines, violated everything everyone has targeted. these groups feel no shame killing children or editorial, even killing people in hospitals and mosques. this level of crime aims at hugh milating the great many people into surrender. >> that's something we will not
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allow the u.n. execute crisis has obtained a draft statement expected to be discussed that says the young execute counsel con tan demz the recently deadly houthi attack. it adds they are undermining the political transition in yemen and threatening securitity and sovereignty and den ounces the withdrawal from government offices especially in sanaa. more from gabriel elazondo. clearly an escalating situation in yemen right now gabe reyell. what more can we expect. >> the u.n. officials are meeting in the execute council chambers right now. the meeting is expected to kick off in the next few minutes or so. we could hear from several things. number 1, there is a chance we could hear from the secretary general's special representative. he could be briefing the security council members via video conference, but we are not sure if out thats going to hatch
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or not. if it does it will be interesting to see what he has to says. we are expected to hear from represent tichz from qatar, trying to push some sort of resolution of the crisis in yemen. also, we are expecting as you mentioned a they will present statement by the statement of the security counsel. we have that draft as you mentioned we went through it. there are several interesting points to it. a couple particularly number 1 is in the draft by the president from the security counsel, they say they flor the houthis, the fact they have not implemented the demands by the houthis to leave all government buildings such as particularly in the
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capital of sanaa and also that the u.n. council today is going to reaffirm that they support the gulf operation counsel's proposal to bring some sort of peace to the yemen as well as potentially a meeting in ryad the capital of saudi arabia. they are going to mention, according to this draft, that they leave open the door to take further steps if the houthis do not and all sides really do not agree with the security counsels recommendations but what those steps will be is anyone's guess as we know at this point, there is already sanctions in place against the former president sala as well as several houthi leaders. so far none of that has seemed to work as the u.n. execute counsel has been saying for a while now, that they want all sides to rehm some sort of dye long to get to the table to discuss things but clearly, that's been a defendant call by the u.n. security counsel for a while now a it clearly has not worked. there is a situation on the
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ground there in yes, ma'ameng just getting worse by the day. this weekend, we could see that with the attack on friday that killed over 120 people at a mosque. as well as the united states just yesterday, on saturday pulling out all of their military assets from yemen as well just a month before the u.s. just a month after, excuse me, that the u.s. closed their embassy. the situation is tension. that's why we are seeing the security counsel meeting in this emergency meeting here at the u.n. we will monitoring it closely and bring you up to date on what comes out of the meeting as soon as we know more details. >> certainly a great deal of concern about what's been transpiring in yemen. thanks very much, gabe reel watching watching. where the u.n. is expecting to have crisis talks shortly joining me is adam burenl. a yemen expert. we know that the u.n. is likely
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to condemn what's been happening in yemen and they seem to place responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the houthis. what can they really do about the situation in yemen? can they -- are we likely to see further saurpingsz from them? anything they can do to bring these parties to actually talk to each other? to some extent, the u.n.'s hands are tied at this points. they have already tried numerous carrots and the stick of sanctions has been used in the past and one of the key things when you look at leadership they are not a group with significant assets when you look at travel bans, he you hit out directly at the security counsel effectively foreign interventions. they hasn't had effect on the
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internal situation in the country. what about comments from houthi today? he is saying he wants to mobilize his forces but he is saying that he's targeting isil and specifically. how do you see that playing out? >> it's a declaration of war. maybe a little step, a few inches away from that declaration many view this where he is preparing to confront the president directly. >> being said, it's easy to synpathuse with thetre anger of the houthi group at this moment. the mosque bombings on friday were a tremendous crime. many are afrpingsz about how the houthis will move forward at this point, whether they will program engage in actions that may plunge yemen into civil war. >> thank you very much? >> thank you.
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>>. >> now the u.n.'s libya envoys insisting the talks in march okay 0 between the country's warring governments will continue despite fierce fighting killing a senior commander. he was a leader of the libya dawn militia which has controlled libya since august. joining us now. these negotiations being put to the test by developments on the ground how close or how far away are we from any kind of consensus or agreement at this
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point? as far as the united nations envoy is concerned, he says his confidence now that the two parties are going to stay here despite violence in libya. and that he hopes that in the coming days swell have an agreement on two documents, one on national unity government and the other about security arrangements. now, the biggest problem for the time being is to convince the tripoli based government to join the talks, the gnc has been of the view that since the attacks, they cannot show us the preliminarying process anymore. they want to have guarantees from the international community that violence will come to an end so that it can move forward in a spirit of confidence all parties at this time genuine about political settlement. >> so from what you are saying hashem, agreement is still within region. that's a positive thing. tell me a little bit about the
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young's re to airstrikes on tripoli on forces in tr about. rok which they recognize. they have been extremely critical of the two of these airstrikes to the points where the united nations envoy says that if it cons he will have no option but to refer the case to the united nations security counsel to target responsibles for those attacks by sanctions. and he mentioned the prime minister of the international recognized government but also hinted at the top million dollar commander and he said this is absolutely unacceptable bu the united nations and the international community and that if the united nations security council is to take decisions, these are going to be very tough decision. the message is clear by the
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international community and the u.n., there is not going to be any winner in the conflict in libya and that the united nations is not going to provide any sort of assistance to any party. the only way out, therefore, its political. there needs to be a political settlement to implement peace and sustainabilitity at libya. >> all right. hatchem in moroko thank you. much more to come for you on the program. a national front party on top in france's local elections? and heading to berlin tough talking on money in the first meeting with the german chancellor. to get pregnant... is one percent. >> i'm a bit nervous. >> from the best filmmakers of our time. >> it's not traditionally what
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well, back. let's take you through the top stories this hour: houthi forces have seized control of the airport in yemen's third largest city, taiz. the leader says he is mobilizing against isil who claim social security responsibility for two bombings. libya, envoy is insisting talks in morocco between warring faxes will continue despite fierce fighting tribal sides, those talks continuing in the moroccan capital. two car bombings in the past week have raised concerns groups are trying to take the conflict to the central libyan city. officials are confident that they can maintain peace
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authorities believe they are link the to gadaffi's former regime. >> reporter: his second bombing -- a second bombing in a week. both security buildings were targeted. a car bomb outside mizratta. no one was injured that is why recent explosions are being seen as an attempt to destabilize mizrata. >> mizrata is involved in a multi-front war. for months, brigades have been battling forces al lied to fafta and the tibruk government on nannying front lines. groups associated with the islamic state of iraq in the levant declared war on this city
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this is the eastern gate. two 50 kilohm testifies from here is sert who has pledged allegiance to isil. weeks have passed and they haven't been able to defeat the threat. people think it is home to extremists and islamists. this is not true. we are the ones fighting isil. we are the ones fighting terrorism in libya. >> isil's strength is growing. there are fears the group will only get stronger if libya's rival administrations don't unite. for mizrita, isil is from the former group of gadaffi. they believe us ill and the government in the east are being financed by regional powers. >> we are fighting terrorists isil, forces and we are fighting the former regime behind these groups niger, chad egypt, and
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the uae are supporting them. >> mizrata is part of the role in the 2011 revolution. it paid a price when it stood up against gadaffi. today, it is the backbone of the libya dawn military alliance allied to the government in tripoli one of the two that claim to be the rule issues of post-gadaffi libya since they pointed guns at each other last year, this city has lost more than 350 men. officials here are not ready to compromise because for them, they are fighting the enemies of their revolution. zeina hudr mizrada. t.v. exit poll suggests nicholas sarkozy's and allies leading in the local french elections. the national front party is in second place. it's expected to make big gains against potulny's lance armstrong. a sirius kong 10er for the presidency in two years time.
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more on this now live in paris. what is thought to be behind marine lapenn's momentum in routined years and the gains she is likely to make in these local elections? well, they have made history here in france. shock results, of course last year when the party won 24 seats in eu parliamentary votes. >> sent shock waivers across france's political landscape. initially, the national front shared they were against continuing with the euro. they wanted to return to the franc. they wouldn't to introduce things like a referendum on the death penalty. in receipt years in the wake of
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the financial crisis and the rise of home grown viewer lens and the influx of fighters leaving france and heading to the middle east all of this has played in to a narrative that marine lapenn and the national front continued to share that they are keen to furb french values at the fore of their politics. that's a message that's gone down very well across the country in recent years. what we are seeing in these latest exit polls is a slight swing away from the far right. what we are seeing is the return of course of nicholas sarkozy leaving the center right conservative party making some important gains leaving the national front -- the socialist
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party very much in third place. he has failed to make any significant gains in recent months despite the overall view here in france that his handling of the attacks here in paris in january were handled well. there is this is a three-horse race as we have seen thanks for the update. live there in paris. >> now six days until nigeria's presidential elections and some of the candidates have just taken part in a televised debate good luck jonathan took part alongside several other independent candidates but his main rival ab stained from the day bate claiming it wasn't fair or balanced. our correspondent sent us this update. the big issue was corruption and the president did head on about what he intends to do if he wins
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this election taking place next sawyer about cruxorruption. he said he put in presentative measures fighting corruption was about strengthening institutions and he talked about what he had done in the sector for agriculture where there has been corruption issues. he talked about the government payroll system where you have this massive problem with those workers, people paid who don't show show up for work but get paid. he talks about the security situation that bay the second issue. he talks a lot about those in particular in his own region the niger delta, problem of military taken, people feeling they have resource oil but they don't get money from it. that's causing problems there, kidnapping in the east of the country. so overall, i think took on the issues. it was good for him to be seen sharing a platform. the main candidate boycotted the
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debate. i think the feeling is this looks good for jonathan and it didn't look good for buhari. >> an afghan woman lynched by a mop after being accused of burning pages of the quran has been buried. afghan officials say they found no evidence against her. 11 people have been arrested in connection with the murder. >> the iraqi ministry of defense has released a video of airstrikes tathing the islamic state of iraq in the levant in areas north of baghdad. according to the mod, more than sent isil fighters were killed in airstrikes in samara. the iraqi army has been gaining ground in the region but isil continues to hold parts of tikrit. meanwhile, activists say syrian rebels have captured several government airmen after their helicopter crashed in the northwest. pictures posted on social media have said to show the helicopter going down in idlib prove incident. >> tunisia's president said a
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thirty attacking involved in the bardeau museum shoot something on the run. the ministry is urging all citizens to help them locate this man. israel's president says that the next government will have to bring the country together after a devisive election. he is holding talks with political parties to see if a coalition can be formed. benjamin netanyahu's lakud party won 30 seats making him the most likely candidate for prime minister. it's not a showdown. that's the mention from both berlin and agentics as green prime minister cipros hez to his meeting with angela merkel. >> hasn't stopped media speculation about a confrontation in both cun trees. in berlin. >> reporter: a petemeeting brussels to try to solve the greek debt crisis. talking long into the night.
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agreeing a deal to allow grease more money and more time. some analysts in berlin believe neither side had any realistic alternative. >> it's another step on this path of muddling through. so this has been the strategy from the very beginning. there is no clear-cut solution. otherwise, you need a system where you cut the system call it dead and then start a new one. >> whatever the solution a recent survey suggested many germans do not want greeks to have more money. i don't think it's a good idea because they have received too much over the last years already. >> i think it's bad. i would say they should be more cooperative. that's my opinion. >> but there are some in the political class who disagree with that thought entirely. here, at the bundsatag, there are those who say what grease needs right now is not just more money but a move away from eu-imposed austerity.
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people like stefan libage from the linker party. >> our party was and is strictly against this policy. if you look at the past we can see it was not helpful for the economy and agrees for the budget in greece but it causes a lot of damages. it's a terrible social situation in grease. >> the meeting at the german chancelary will give alexiss alexiss cipras one more chance to plead his case. dominic kane al jazeera, berlin. >> artit's in peru are outraged because the mayor is threatening to paint over every mural in the city's historic center. people sies it's a political battle with his predecessor. >> tupak on that day to spend days painting but now this street artist wants others over
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the decisionstruction. he painted i used to dream during an art festival. now it's become the red wall of a parking lot. >> it was a collaborative piece done in four days enter aking with the people walking by. >> his is one of more than 30 murals destroyed in the past few weeks. many were part of an art festival organized by former mayor susana in 2013. she gave permits to local and foreign artists who created works of art as tall as a buildings. tupak says they are the scapegoats of political wrong els. >> we have nothing to do with the political disputes between the mayor and his predecessor add we have become the excuse of his political revenge. >> recently elected, he says he wants to preserve the cultural privilege and the scientific and
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cultural organization. but unesko says it's nothing to do with them. they say he is bents on destroying everything created by his arch rival. >> aggression. it's a culture policy that begins by destroying everything. it's closed the metro paltan museum cancel all cultural a.m. activities including children's reading less options in the museum. >> citizenship are furious. >> the mayor has done wrong by taking positions like this. he should have taken into account the people's opinions who now are crying out for the mural ings to be valued. >> critics say instead of having a political battle the mayor should focus on walls like this full of graffiti all over the historic sentence erb and they hardly have any artistic value. >> this despite the criticism the mayor hasn't backed down. he online allowed two to back down. one depicting one of lema's most famous singers. they have taken their case to the government's intellectual
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property act see and castenera himself is due to be summoned to the country's congress to explain his rational. maria sanchez, lima peru. >> you can get the latest on all of our stories on our website. the address for that >> for 300 years, the most powerful nations on earth grew richer and stronger on the profits of the slave trade. over twelve million men, women and children were forcibly transported from africa on slave ships like this, to the colonies and plantations in north and south america. today slavery is illegal on every country on the planet. but the truth is, slavery did no