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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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> announcer: this is al jazeera. hello, this is the newshour live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes - singapore's founding father dies aged 91 after a bout of pneumonia. >> angering yemen after houthis take the airport of the third biggest city and the houthi leader vows to hunt down those behind the recent bombings a syrian military helicopter
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crashes, leaving most of the crew in the hands of rebel fighters. far right leader denied victory in french elections. and the sport - elclassico is poised at 1-all. cristiano ronaldo equalized real madrid against barcelona much we begin with the news that singapore's founder, lee kuan yew died at the age of 91. he had been ill for weeks with pneumonia. nicole johnson takes a look at his legacy. >> reporter: without lee kuan yew, singapore, as the world know it may never have existed. born in 1923, fourth generation chinese singaporean saw his
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homeland occupied - first by the british and then the japanese. after training as a lawyer in britain, he became prime minister, a post held for 31 years. despite a ruthless style of politics he was no independence leader. singapore became independent against their will kicked out of malaysia in 1965 against a backdrop. a fearful lee contemplated a bleak future. >> we are connected by geography, economics and sentiment gave way to prague mattism. he was unflinching in his determination to bring
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prosperity to his new country. under his leadership singapore was transformed from a tiny impoverished island to a high-tech area. his leadership had a darker side. political opponents found themselves in court often, some bankrupt. freedoms were micromanaged along with the economy. fame famous bans like those on chewing gum were relaxed only recently. his party was returned to power again and again. his older son is prime minister. even after retiring he kept working in vaguely entitled rolls of senior minister and minister mentor. he was unrepotent through it. >> if i ran a western-style democracy and took a straw poll and went according to the poll we would have come to grief. >> reporter: while freedoms were
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sacrificed, lee repaid his people with an economic miracle. filling a legacy as one of the 20th century's important leaders much. the prime minister's office issued this statement on the website: joining us on the phone is correspondent scott heidler. this is the man who was very much a towering figure in the country. the man seen as a founding father of singapore. how is his death likely to be viewed not just in singapore, but the broader region. >> yes, definitely within the region he was well respected, looked at as a leader and as we heard in the piece, he
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transformed singapore into a global financial marketplace that it has become. the announcement of his death is something anticipated over the last several weeks. he's been in hospital since february 5th admitted with severe pneumonia, and over the last five or six days, almost every day from the prime minister's office, we have heard updates on his condition. and just the announcement came from the prime minister's office in just under two hours ago. 3:18am local time that he had passed away at the general hospital. over the last several days at the hospital and locations around singapore, it has an outpouring of that feeling that you are describing for what they consider the founding father. there have been drawings flowers, notes. they started at the hospital and grew into other areas.
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this is something we have seen over the last several days this is what we see in the days to come when we wait for the announcement of the official state funeral taking place and what about has there been much reaction from government leaders in the region, i guess, when we know more about funeral proceedings, we can expect there'll be some official presence in singapore, that there'll be leaders wanting to express their condolences. not just to lee's family but to take part in the funeral. >> absolutely we can see and expect that over the coming hours. obviously we'll see condolence notices and letters and announcements - yes, from the region, but also globally bus of the figure that he -- because of the figure that he was.
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working with working with a.s.e.a.n. a pact from the beginning, something he was asked about from the beginning, something the regional nations will be focussed on because of litreship with that. we'll see other nations come in and join the corp of nations over the coming hours much when we find out when the funeral will be you can imagine well represented in the region and globally because he was such a figure that transformed singapore as a nation and fronted the group, this pact in the region and that had a large impact globally and, you know you'll know this better than anyone because you spent a great deal of time in the region. it's a curious place, singapore, because on the one hand it does
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not have the size and economic significance of countries like china, which have been on the rise in the past few years yet it is a city state that other cities countries aspire to be like because of the way it was built from a state that was just, you know virtually an outpost into what it has become today, a significant global trade financial hub. it's quite a transformation this country has seen over the past few decades. >> absolutely. it's a figurative and island when you look at that. when you look at it first world global financial hub, one of the highest per capita income in the world, amidst emerging democracies. rapidly emerging democracies, it's remarkable what they are able to do what mr lee fronted
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and began. that is why - also when you look at how he was able to do that there was a lot of pragmatic decisions made in the way that he formed singapore, that we know now, the way it was constructed, and the government and how it was run. a lot of interesting things, and more details will come out over the coming days. one thing that struck me interestingly is when he looked to organise the civil servant structure within the country, he took a business approach. those that work for the government avoiding corruption should make the same amount of salary as those in the private sector helping singapore avoid corruption within the government, because of that has been well run and efficient. that's why you see it run
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efficiently and well. that has come at a cost because there has been some moves that have been criticized by the government. there was a ban on chewing gum for a bit, and things like that so there's tight structure. when you look at what they've been able to achieve through that, it's workable when you look at the neighbours next door. >> thank you very much. scott heidler there in bangkok moving to yemen now, our other top story. houthi forces seizing control of the airport of the third-largest city tiaz. a shia group is in charge of sanaa, and a large swathe of the west of the country, tiaz is a key target to the city aden in the south, which is where prime minister abd-rabbu mansour hadi has taken refuge.
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meanwhile at the united nations a mediator said it would be an illusion that houthi militia could take over the whole country, or that abd-rabbu mansour hadi could liberate the country. the houthi leader says it's aimed at islamic state of iraq and levant, who say they bombed two mosques on friday. in a sign of how much the security situation has deteriorated the united states withdrew all personnel including special forces from the country. >> reporter: tear gas, gunshots and anger on the streets of tiaz. protesters angry about forces arriving in their stay saying it surrounded the barracks of a local security area. >> translation: we refuse reject and denounce the militias. we will surround the barracks with our bodies until they
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leave. >> reporter: first the houthis overtook the capital of sanaa, forcing the president to flee to aden, now they are moving to the president. aden is a short distance from tiaz. president abd-rabbu mansour hadi has been trying to hold on to power. . >> translation: i centers the following -- stress the following. firstly the evacuation of all armed militia, and the withdrawal of all armed gunmen from other cities. >> reporter: it doesn't seem likely, the united states seems to agree. it shut down its embassy and pulled troops from the south of the country. the u.n. will now try to see if it can find a solution before things deteriorate into a full-blown war in yemen well houthi leader has vowed to pursue i.s.i.l. fighters, saying yemen was
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descending into libya style strip and is mobilizing forces against i.s.i.l. and al qaeda. >> they crossed the red lines, violating everything everyone is targeted. the groups feel no same where the elderly, hospitals, mosques - the aim of crime humiliating people into surrender. that is something we will not allow meanwhile, the u.n. security council is holding a meeting on the crisis now. al jazeera has obtained a draft statement expected to be discussed. it says: it denounces the houthi's refusal to withdraw from government offices, specially in the capital sanaa
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earlier the u.n. special envoy to libya was speaking about how talks were progressing. >> for the moment - and i hope in this will be the case throughout the week - the parties are staying. some of them are now in consultation - the case of representatives from tripoli. they are consulting. but i have encouraged them in these consule stations to keep -- consultations to keep a constructive spirit. to remain engaged. the mood is positive. and i hope that the decision is not only to stay this week and to continue working actively and this is something that hopefully will happen tomorrow
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or the day after tomorrow. >> hearing there a little bit from the u.n. envoy to libya. talks are continuing. this, despite fierce fighting between the rival governments in tobruk and tripoli continuing in and around the capital. i'll bring you all the latest on that. also still to come. a tv exit poll suggests the national front party has come second in france's local elections. nigeria's big election debate with the president, but without the potential. it's been the season finale in season. one woman is celebrating her hard work. details a bit later on. i want to bring you more on breaking news from singapore. the man, the founding father lee kuan yew died aged 91.
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this is how the news was broken a short time ago by local media. >> the prime minister is deeply grieved to announce the passing of mr lee kuan yew the founding prime minister of singapore, mr lee passed away peacefully at the singapore general hospital at 3:18am. he was 91 all right, these are pictures from outside the hospital where lee has passed away. he was aged 91. there you can see members of the public put up posters, images of the former leader balloons flowers. people gathering there to express their sympathy. we were seeing an outpouring of emotion towards him, because he had been ill for several weeks. perhaps this has not come as any great surprise or shock to many people there. nevertheless we can see that
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people have already laid flowers, expressing their condolences, and this is the sort of thing we can expect to see in the coming days or weeks. we don't have details on when lee's funeral is likely to be held. this is the scene outside the hospital where lee has passed away returning to the other top story, the u.n. security council is discussing the situation in yemen. this is after the houthi leader was saying that he is preparing to mobilize his forces against i.s.i.l. and al qaeda. the u.n. security council had strong words on developments there. we go to the u.n. what have you been hearing, gabriel? >> it was strong words, no doubt about that. the security council is meeting, but they are behind closed doors, having private meetings
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between the members of the security council. during the public session we heard words from the u.n. envoy, joining via a conference call giving a wake-up call to the member states and the world on what the situation is in yemen. saying that yemen is on the brink of civil war and said that the situation is so grave that if no political solution is eased yemen could turn into an iraq libya, syria combination. a gloomy outlook for the situation in yemen. that's what we heard from mr benoit mar. we heard -- b, nomar, and we
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heard from the french ambassador, a hard and sharply worded 4-page statement, and the statement by the security council was critical of the houthis, and said that they were denounced the houthis for not taking part or not fulfilling their part of the bargain with previous council resolutions. it was five weeks ago that the security council met on a sunday as well, having emergency meetings on yemen, and what was said is the houthis, according to the statement have not lived up to their end of the bargain to try to reach an agreement now. now, in a statement by the security council went on to say that they continued to call on all sides to come to the table to reach an agreement, keep the dialogue going. a security council said that they have faith in a gulf
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cooperation council, let by qatar and saudi arabia. the security council still meeting in private session, but clearly the situation is urgent and now more than ever the security council's feeling like they have to do something to end the violence in yemen. >> that's right, gabriel elizondo at the united nations. the situation in yemen is not the only thing being dealt with. talks in morocco between the country's warring factions libya's warring government will continue despite fighting in and around tripoli. libya's u.n. recognised government carried out air strikes in the capital on saturday. killing a senior commander. the leader was leader of the libya dawn militia, controlling them since august sending the u.n. backed government to the
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east. hashem ahelbarra has more from those talks. >> reporter: the united nations is not confident talks between libya's rival factions will continue in the moroccan capital. they are hoping to have two parties negotiate a settlement and agree about performing government and security arrangements. they hope in 2-3 days they'll be able to move forward and talk about who is going to be the next prime minister. members of the cabinet, and the security arrangements, particularly disbanding militias implementing a ceasefire and talking about reform of the military establishment and forming a task with securing libya and leading the fight against groups affiliated with i.s.i.l. the only obstacle for the time being is the trust between the
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government of tobruk and tripoli based g.n.c. there is a value staying away until it gets a final say from its leaders in tripoli. they cannot come to the talks while their own people are targeted by forces in the southern part of the captial. and that unless -- capital, and unless there is a ceasefire and violence comes to an end, they will not be able to continue political talks for the sake of a political settlement. >> misrata in central libya remained largely peaceful but two car bombings raised fears that that could be changing. locals believe it is linked to muammar gaddafi's regime. it was a second bombing in a week. in both instances security was targeted. early on sunday a car bomb went
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off outside intelligence hours in misrata. the central city has been spared the violence in many areas of the city. that is why the recent explosions are seen as an attempt to destabilize misrata. misrata is involved in a multi-front war. for months brigades have been battling forces allied to general khalifa haftar and the front lines. as of late groups associated with islamic states of iraq and levant declared war on the city. >> this is the eastern gate of misrata, the security is tight. 250km from here is cert a city in the hands of groups pledging allegiance to i.s.i.l. misrata sent hundreds of men to the front line. weeks passed. they haven't been able to defeat the threat.
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>> translation: people across the world think misrata is home to extremists. we are the ones fighting i.s.i.l. and terrorism in libya. >> strength is growing. there are fears that the group will get stronger if the rival administrations don't unite. it is a group backed by members of a former regime. people believe i.s.i.l. and the governments in the east are financed by regional powers. >> we are fighting terrorist i.s.i.l. and regimes behind the groups. niger, chad, egypt, sudan are supporting them. >> reporter: misrata is proud of its role. today it is the backbone of the libya dawn military alliance allied to the government in tripoli, one of two administrations claiming to be the legitimate rulers of post
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muammar gaddafi libya. since pointing guns at each other, the city lost 350 men, but officials are not ready to compromise because for them they are fighting the enemies of the resolution. it's six days until the presidential elections. some of the candidates have taken part in a televised debate. president jonathan goodluck participated along side several independent candidates. his main rival ab stained from the debate claiming it was not fair or balanced. we have this update from abuja. >> the big issue is corruption. the president answered questions about what he intends to do if he wins the election laking place on saturday. he said that he put in preventive measures that fighting corruption was about
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strengthening resolutions, and what he had done and areas like agriculture where there'd been issues and the government payroll system where you have a problem of workers, people paid that don't show up to work. how he tried to plug that hole. he talked about the security situation. that is the second big issue. there are challenges that are not reported much. he talks about those in his own region, the niger delta, problems of mill tansy, that people have oil and don't get money from it. kidnapping to the east of the country. he took on the issues. it was good for him to be seen sharing the platform with those he's competing against. remember the main candidate muhammadu buhari boycotted the debate, and the feeling is in this looked good for jonathan and not muhammadu buhari still to come for you on the al jazeera america nouri
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al-maliki, heading to berlin. a great leader prepares for tough talking on money in a meeting with the german chancellor israel's president starts the process of finding a coalition to run the country. and in football steven gurr jed gets a red card -- gerard gets a red card after less than a minute on the pitch. we'll tell you what happened later. - - - al jazeera america presents "motherhood on ice". tonight, 10:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america
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>> tonight. >> you have to look at the suffering of these children. >> director of unicef, anthony lake. >> every one of those numbers is an individual child. >> helping the innocent victims of war. >> what can unicef do? >> there's a very short answer... our best. >> every tonight night. >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's
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movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping. inspiring. entertaining. talk to al jazeera. tonight, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. welcome back. you are watching the al jazeera four live from london. let's take you through the top stories. singapore's founding father lee kuan yew has died. he had been in hospital since early february where he was treated for pneumonia. he was singapore's first prime minister and held the office for over three decades and is credited with turning the area into a wealthy financial hub u.n.'s libya envoy insists talks in morocco between the warring governments will continue despite fierce fighting in and around tripoli
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and houthi forces seize control of airports in tiaz. it they are pushing south to aden, where the president is trying to hold on for power. joining me is a visiting fellow from the european council on foreign relations. what do the houthis do next. do they continue a push south wards or consolidate claims. >> that's a key question. they have made gains. in tiaz these are not solidified. that said, if you look at the houthi rhetoric they'll continue the march south. taking aim at the leaders. the key thing is taking aim from militants in al qaeda, which have a significant presence in south yemen. >> just to be clear about this do they have the military
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hardware, weapons and man power to do that. >> there's not a significant amount of evidence. they've been successful reaching out to a number of groups in yemen. they reached out to certain arms of the military aligned with former president salah. while they have a strong grip in the north, they haven't consolidated power in other parts of the country. there's been a war of attrition in al-bayda where there has been a war between sunnis and their counter part for some time. >> what does this many for president abd-rabbu mansour hadi. his position is uncertain, what does he do. >> he's in a precarious position. what he's doing now is biding his time attempting to get the parties to some level, and
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taking advantage of support from various international actors, and you see him try to consolidate the situation in the south, particularly reaching out for southern militia, tribal factions. the question is whether helle do that enough. he's facing - i mean he's facing a significant amount of forth. his position is better than when he was in sanaa. but it is precarious, because the loyalty of those around him is not something he could rely on. we know to the south of yemen they have been pushing for independence. will he be able to convince them to support him to resist the houthis coming towards him. now, the secessionist southern movement has taken a wait and see attitude. the question is whether hardy
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will maintain the support, particularly if he manages to remind quiet. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> now, the iraqi ministry of defense released video of air strikes in areas north of baghdad. more than 50 i.s.i.l. fighters were killed according to the video. the iraqi army is holding ground, but i.s.i.l. continues to hold parts of tikrit. >> activists say syrian rebels captured army members after a helicopter went down in idlib province. richard martin reports. >> reporter: the final moments of the syria military helicopter were captured on this amateur video. the pilot forced to make an emergency landing.
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these pictures said to show the wreckage in a rebel held area in idlib province. the human rights group that tracks violence says it believes four of the crew were taken hostage by the al nusra front, a group opposed to the government of bashar al-assad. a photograph on social media shows what appears to be the injured pilot taken away. in another clip a syrian soldier is restrained and questioned. he says "by god i have not done anything." the men around say he carried out a massacre, "what about the children you killed." the rebels say they shot down the helicopter. syrian state television says it encountered a technical problem and was forced to land. the whereabouts of the crew is unknown egyptian authorities continue to crack down against
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members of the banned muslim brotherhood. 23 alleged members were sentenced to life in gaol on a raft of charges ranging from rioting to defending the police and army. it states back to protests and the ousting of the former president. since then thousands have been arrested and tried, some sentenced to death. >> egypt's forensic medical authority says an activist shot by police with bird shot died because she was too thin. she was killed while taking part in a peaceful march in cairo, marking the anniversary of the january 25th revolution. she was hit by bird shot. in a statement on saturday the forensic medicine authority says it's impossible that bird shot killed adding that this is her fate israel's president says that the next government will have to bring the country together after
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a divisive election. he is holding talks with the political parties to see if a coalition could be formed. binyamin netanyahu's likud party won 30 seats, making him the most likely candidate for prime minister. >> we have been through a stormy and passionate election seen. this is the time to review and heal. the path has been chosen by israeli citizens but will answer to all jews, left right, everyone imtiaz tyab joins us from west jerusalem. >> consultations with the israeli president is expected to last into monday. he's holding consultations with the three political leaders whose parties have scored the most votes in the march 17th polls. the leaders include binyamin netanyahu, and the opposition
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leader isaac herzog and odey heading the joint list. a resume that joined together in a poll and coming in third. mr rivlin will decide who he will appoint to form a government. it looks all but certain that he'll ask binyamin netanyahu, who performed well in the election surpassing anybody's expectations, but mr binyamin netanyahu has a bit of a difficult choice ahead of him. he made controversial statements in the final days of the election and the final hours of the poll. those statements have caused a bit of a rift with the united states, and so mr binyamin netanyahu needs to decide if he wants a more hawkish government and forming the coalition with far right political parties and religious parties, which are his normal allies or he can do what
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the president wants which is form a unity government with the position leader isaac herzog and perhaps present a more dovish israeli government. whatever mr binyamin netanyahu decides we will not learn soon. he has six weeks to effectively cobble together a coalition. as we say, it will be some time before seeing the shape of israel's 34th parliament tunisia's president said a third attacker involved in the bardo museum attack is on the run. they are acting for help locating this man. they are asking anyone with information on his whereabouts to contact police. it's not a showdown. that's the message were berlin and athens as creek prime minister alexis tsipras heads to germany with a meeting with angela merkel. that has not stopped media
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speculation about a confrontation, coming days after e.u. leaders agrees to give athens more money and time to deal with its debt crisis. this report from berlin. >> a meeting in brussels to solve the greek debt crisis. leaders talked into the night. agreeing a deal allowing greece more money and time. some analysts believe neither said has realistic alternatives. >> it's a step on the path of muddling through. also no clear cut solution otherwise you need a system where you cut the system start a new one. >> reporter: whatever the solution, a survey suggested many germans do not want greece to have more money. >> i don't think it's a good idea. they have received too much over the last years already.
5:41 pm
i would say they have assured themselves of being cooperative. that's my opinion. >> there are some in the political class who disagree entirely. here there are those that say that what greece needs now is not just more money, but a move away from e.u. impressed austerity. people like this man, from the linqa party. >> our party was and is strictly against this policy. >> if you look at the path it was not helpful for the economy in greece or the path. it's a terrible social situation in greece. >> reporter: the meeting at the german chancellery will give alexis tsipras one more chance to plead his case. artists in peru's capital lima outraged because the mayor
5:42 pm
is threatening it paint or every mural in the city's historic center. people say it's part of a political battle with his predecessor. >> reporter: this man used to spend his days painting. this street artist wants others like him to confront the mayor over the destruction of the murals. he painted "i used to dream" during an art festival. now it's a red wall. >> it was a collaborative piece down in four days. >> his was one of a mural destroyed. part of a festival organised by a former mayor. she give permits to local and former artists creating works of art. she says that they are the scapegoats of political
5:43 pm
wrangles. >> we have nothing to do with the political disputes between the mayor and his predecessors. and are the excuse of his political revenge. >> recently elected, this man says he wants to preserve the cultural heritage under provisions created by the united nations educational, scientific organization or u.n.e.s.c.o. u.n.e.s.c.o. says it's nothing to do with them. they are bent on destroying everything created by his arch-rival. >> it's a culture or policy beginning by destroying everything. it's closed the museum cancelling cultural activities. >> reporter: citizens are furious. >> translation: the major is wrong to take action like this. he should have taken opinions
5:44 pm
from the people. >> reporter: people say the mayor should be focused on walls full of graffiti. >> despite the criticism, the mayor has not backed down allowing two murals to remain both depicting one of lima's famous singers. others have taken their case to the government's intellectual agency. and he is due to be summoned to the congress to explain his rational. to france, and a tv exit poll suggests former president nicolas sarkozy is conservative group and its allies are leading in the local elections, meaning they have denied the far right leader a victory as she looks for a run to the presidency. neave barker has more. >> the national front share that they remain keen to push french
5:45 pm
values at the fore of their politics. that is a message that has gone done well. what we are seeing in the exit polls is a swing away from the far right. what we are seeing is the return of course of the ex president nicolas sarkozy leading the emp party, the center rite party, making gains. leaving the national front in second place. but, of course the incumbent president francis hollande socialist party, in third. he has failed to make any significant gains in recent months despite the overall view in france that his handling of the attacks in paris in jan were handled very well. this is of course a 3-horse race as we have seen from the early results.
5:46 pm
>> the remains of medieval king richard iii has been transferred to a formal burial place. it passed several historical landmarks, including the battlefield where he was killed more than 500 years ago. king richard's bones were found under a car park previously the site of a church still to come an al jazeera - we go ideas the lucrative and murky world of pigeon racing and tell you why this bird is worth $264,000. and star of the galaxy a great goal from the football league and the rest of sport from around the world.
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welcome back. it's never been the most my flying of sports but big money is honing in on pigeon racing with china's superrich becoming fans. simon mcgregor-wood reports from belgium, where some of the best racing pigeons are being bred. >> reporter: in this box is a belgium racing pigeon nick larks a star. he's been sold -- nick larks a star. he was sold to a chinese man. >> he was the most expensive pigeon selled since may 2013
5:49 pm
after bolt. he was sold for $244,000. >> niklas and hundreds of others live here at pigeon paradise an exclusive breeding center. last year $23 million of racing pigeons were sold from here mostly to china. this is where retired champions breed, with the all-important bred in belgium tag. to chinese fans that means they are buying the best courtesy of decades of competition and expertise. >> it's maybe snobbery that people from china, they know they have good quality pigeons, they will not trust other chinese. they prefer to come to belgium and buy pigeons from belgium. 420 birds are on the way from china. the value $911,000. it's a long way from when pigon racing is a hobby.
5:50 pm
using mysterious honing instincts, a started with pigons released from home. owners waiting for them to come back or not, all for a few hundred dollars. >> what transformed a cottage industry into a multi-million business is a huge popularity of pigeon racing in china, where millions change hands in racing and gambling according to some with that money is mistreatment and cruelty. thousands of birds died during these races. there's been doping extortion and bird theft. >> the whole principle of pigeon race something to send birds hundreds of miles from their homes, mates, babies and bet on whether they make it back alive. in pigeon paradise birds are well treated.
5:51 pm
it's hard not to be taken in by the attraction of this sport. the connection between humans and the birds that try to come home. all right, let's get the sport with sanaa. >> thank you. they are into the closing sages of spain's -- stages of spain's el clasico with barcelona playing real madrid. barca took the lead before the 20 minutes mark. the world player of the gear steven gerrard equalized before half-time for the visitors, and luis suarez scored a goal after half-time. 2-1 the latest there elsewhere villa real beaten. they were eliminated. sevilla with a 2-0 win. deportivo draw 0-0 with espanol.
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>> steven gerrard was sent off 38 seconds after coming on as a substitute. the scores was opened in the 14th minute. the lead doubled for united after half time. steven gerrard was given a red card. he apologised to the fans for his mistake. manchester united move five ahead of liverpool in the race for fourth. >> it was purely wanting to make the impact, and he's made an apology. and you suffer playing 10 men against 11. it happened. players were on there, they kept fighting. >> they were in a fantastic shape. we beat them. with our weapons, with the
5:53 pm
pressure on the ball in the first half that we are talking about. now, they are one point behind liverpool six. tottenham and southampton. the moment to win is very important. one of the most important moments in my career top of the table chelsea extended the lead to 6 points, winning 3-2 at hull with a game in hand. digo costa scored early. although they were pulled back to 2-2, there was a score seal the win for jose mourinho's team. >> the title race should be over in normal conditions should have 8, 10, 12 points more than we have. and the title race over.
5:54 pm
it is unpredictable. the reality is that we have a 6 point lead which is our best situation for the whole season. last seen we had eight. when we had eight, we had 20 matches to go 25. 18 16. there's one other game. everton with a 2-1 win. rangers remain second from the bottom. >> defending m.l.s. champions l.a. galaxy held to a 1-1 draw a great goal in this game coming from the irish striker. after three games they are third in the we were conference. houston are a point behind the men's final in indian wells has just begun, with the
5:55 pm
top two players going head to head. novak djokovic hoping to retain his title against roger federer. it's early stages and the latest score is novak djokovic leading 3-2 in the first set. earlier at the same venue, simonea halep beat jelena yanco vic. she looked in control. the romanian fought back to level the match. halep lost her serve and broke janko vic's serve, taking the set and the match 2-6, 7-5, 6-4 marcel hersche celebrated a world cup win. starting in france. he was guaranteed the title.
5:56 pm
his rival pulled out. he added a third title in a row, displacing another at the top of the standing. hirscher pulled out a masterful dissent, winning the race. the second season running - he denied on the fine day austrian racer anna finn egger suspended her world cup titles after winning the season-ending race. the winning margin was 0.38 seconds as fenninger dropped to the floor and sobbed after seeing her winning time. >> it was - it's hard to describe. there was so much pressure for so many days weeks, and this was what i worked for so many years. i was so nervous before the run. when i came to the finish and
5:57 pm
saw the green light it was incredible. world superbike title races in thailand - the leader moving to the top. in qualifying ria showed that he had taken poll on saturday. kawasaki rider finished ahead of leanne hasler. he has taken charge. second, the third double of his career and leads hasem by 10 points in the standings and, of course to give you an update on the el clasico. barca finished 2-1 winning that match 2-1. that is all your sport for me. i hand you back to maria thank you. more on the website. everything that we are covering is there at i'm back in a minute with all of your day's news. stay with us.
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. me. >> put your hands up. put your hands up. >> what are you going to do? >> get down on the ground what would you do if you were a cop faced with a split second life or death position. i'll take you inside the cost of injustice in america. from the hands on lethal force training that is unaffordable to many department to the tax-pair funded reforms forced on broken police departments that can't affect themselves. plus,