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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 23, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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>> they defeated gadhafi but can they definite isil. people again are fighting for their lives. >> hello you're with al jazeera live from doha. also to come on the program approximate singapore mourns the death of its founding father. >> a year after the start of the ebola outbreak, a leading aid agency slams the international community's slow response. >> france looks to the right with conservatives and the
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national front coming first and second in local elections. >> the u.n. you special envoy to libya says there could be an agreement between the two rival governments within days. they said they could form a unity government, despite the fighting taking place in libya. peace talks nearly collapsed after the u.n. recognized tobruk government launched air raised on the capitol killing a senior rival commander. there's might go in the city of ms. rat atmisrata. in the city, people are pushing back at isil. >> it was the second bombing in a week. security buildings were targeted. sunday, a car bomb went off
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outside the intelligent headquarters in misrata. no one was injured. libya's central city has been spared the violence in many areas of this vast country over recent months. that is why the recent explosions are seen as an attempt to destabilize misrata. >> misrata is involved in a multi-front war. for months, the city's brigades have been battling forces allied to general haftar and the tobruk government on many front lines. a group associated with eyes jill declared war on this city. >> this is the eastern gate of misrata. the security is tight. 250 kilometers from here is sirte, a city now in the hands of groups that have pledged allegiance to isil. misrata has sent hundreds of men to that front line but weeks have passed and they haven't been able to defeat the threat.
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>> people across the world think misrata is home to extremists and islamists, but this is not true, we are the ones fighting isil. we are the ones fighting terrorism in libya. >> isil strength is growing and there are fears the group will only get strongerrer if libya's rival force factions do not unite. people here believe isil and the government in the east are being financed by regional powers. >> we are fighting the terrorist isil. we are fighting hafta forces and the former regime behind all these groups, niger chad, egypt, chad and the e.u. supporting them. >> misrata paid a heavy price to the revolution when it stood up against gadhafi. it is the backbone of the down
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alliance. since they pointed guns at each other last year, this city has lost 350 men. officials here are not ready to compromise, because for them, they are fighting the enemies of their revolution. >> olive miles is a former british ambassador to libya and the libyan british business council, he joins us live from oxford in the u.k. i was just wondering picking up on the thought that came from zeina's report there the allegations of outside involvement in the fight in libya, how true are those allegations involving the nations that were mentioned and if so, how much of an impact are they actually having? >> it's very difficult to answer that. the accusations are made by both sides. the tobruk you government accused turkey and qatar of
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financing their opponents the tripoli government accused egypt and the u.a.e. and they may be right. i don't think that this has been decisive. the fact is that the matter is not going to be settled by military means. that's not just a usual clay shea that people say you need a political solution. the nature of lib he i can't with a lot of smaller centers of population and large distances between them, desert distances means that there is no chance that this will be settled by military means. if the fighting continues more people will get killed and in the end, i suppose that the state will collapse, but there will be no solution that way. we should all be putting our money on the u.n. people have been brought together. at present in morocco and before us sets talking to other
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libyan representatives the municipalities. i hope that will succeed. they are next talking to tribal people. he needs to bring in the military. that's the only game in town. >> there's guarded optimism coming from mr. leon and those involved in the talks but you can't ignore the increasingly bleak picture on the ground in libya itself. we've just seen some of the action taking miss in misrata. >> yes that's quite true. he has said himself clearly that although he tries to remain optimistic, he said in one of his recent statements that the situation that deteriorated quite a bit in the last two days. the risk is that if nobody is able to exert effective control if neither of these two claimants to government is really the government, that opens the door to extremists and now we have this threat from daish, from isil, whatever you'd like to call them. i don't think that's a major element, but it's getting worse
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and it's very dangerous. >> i suppose we to look at resources, don't we? if all of this is a major resource by which the mole country functions and oil output is down to a fifth of pre2011 quantities, it's going to eventually grind to a halt if they can't keep producing ail. it's been a quarter million barrels a day or 500,000-barrels a day admittedly only a third or quarter of the previous production, but the previous production was norm mouse and libya was drowning in cash. they don't need that amount of money, but of course they need some you're quite right.
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>> security forces in iraq discovered a mass grave containing iraq soldiers south of tikrit. it's unclear how many bodies were found as work is still on going. it is thought the soldiers were killed by isil. >> meanwhile, five pro government fighters have been killed and eight injured in an assault on sites controlled by isil northeast of tikrit. iraq's defense minister said is forces plan to storm tikrit as soon as possible. the iraq army had paused the offensive to give civilians a chance to leave. particular result is the second biggest city under isil control and will be an important gain, because it leads to baghdad. >> when we see that the time is right for the tikrit alliance, we will storm it as quickly as possible. tikrit is in full siege. we are taking caution to not
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take losses and to protect civilians in the city. the terrorists are surrounded inside the city. their morale is low. when the right moment comes, we will storm the city without resistance or losses. >> the tunisian prime minister sacked three prime ministers after the attack at a museum last week. three gunman stormed the museum, killing 21 people. two attackers died in the shootout with security. the president has said a third suspect is still at large. >> he was one of the 20th 20th centuries greatest asian leaders, a man the people of singapore call their founding father. he was widely credited with transforming singapore from a small port city into a global financial center has died at the age of 91. despite this is vital contribution, he was also criticized for being undemocratic and authoritarian. nicole johnston looks at his life and legacy.
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>> without him singapore as the world knows it may have never exhausted. born in 1923, the fourth generation chinese singaporean saw his homeland occupied. after training as a lawyer in britain, he he became prime minister in 1959 a post he held for 31 years. despite a ruthless style of politics, he was no independence leader. singapore became independent against its will, kicked out of malaysia in 1965 against a backdrop of racial tension. at the time, a fearful lee considered a bleak future.
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sentiment gave way to practicing when actively. he was unflinch be in his determination to bring prosperity to his new country. singapore was transformed from a tiny impoverished island with no natural resources into a high tech metropolis. his strong leadership had a darker side. political opponents often found themselves in court. some ended up bankrupt. freedoms were micro managed along with the economy. famous answered like those on chewing gum were only recently relaxed. he returned to power again and again with his only sun now prime minister. after stepping down, he kept working in an annex of the prime minister's office with roles of prime minister. through it all, he was unrepentant. >> if i ran a western style
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democracy and took a straw poll and it went according to the poll, we would have come to grief. >> while freedoms were sacrificed he repaid his people with an economic miracle filling a legacy as one of the 20th centuries most important leaders. >> we go to singapore. the first day of mourning and people still queuing up behind you to sign books of condolence. >> absolutely. we're in front of the complex that houses the prime minister's office where his body is. it's been there several hours. they will have to private family wake to conclude on tuesday and it will lie in state at
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parliament house. the people will have the opportunity to come and see who they called father, for the last time to pay final respects. >> he figured prominently in the affairs of this island city state for 50 years so many of the people will have known no one else, really, aquart from
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lee kuan yew. >> here, this market has emerged, so a lot of people looked at him as the father of no nation. he really created singapore for what it is now. we saw this gentlemen who broad his grandchildren and wanted to make sure that they were then with the father of singapore passed away. >> for now scott, thank you there live in singapore. >> still to come on the program we report from one of the battle fronts in the fight against boko haram in northeastern nigeria. >> how commercial advertising will soon change the face of communist cuba.
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>> the u.n. special envoy to libya said peace talks between the two rival governments will continue despite recent fighting near tripoli. there could be an agreement on a unity government within days. >> iraq security forces say they've found a mass grave containing remains of iraq soldiers. the discovery was made south of tikrit. it's thought the soldiers were killed by isil. >> singapore declared seven days
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of national mourning after the death of its founding father, lee i don't knowia. he transformed the small port city into a major financial and trade center. >> more than 10,000 people died in siberia, sierra leone and guinea from ebola. we look back at how people in those countries coped and stigma associated with the virus. >> when ebola was at its worst last year, julius was trying to save those he could and that, when he caught the disease. >> fortunately i survived it, but working down in the community, people pointed finger at me, oh, he is the one who came down with the virus. he is the one people say he died. it became discouraging and
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worrisome. >> even colleagues who showed no symptoms were made to feel isolated. >> people could no longer come around me. we asked them to stay away, because i don't want them to lose happiness. >> despite the stigma, he is back at work. he beat the virus and said now it is time to beat the misinformation about the disease. that's what liberia's government wants to do, as well. in a few weeks the world healed organization had hoped to declare the country ebola-free, but that's not now going to happen because of a new case discovered days ago. it's left many here worried. >> very, very discouraged because it was a bad word. we delay about education and to hear that as a new outbreak of ebola is very, very discouraging and i'm feeling very bad about
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that. >> ebola has spread as an aggressive pace, crippling daily life. all schools were closed for six months and in one year, the disease has crisscrossed borders, killing morn 10,000 people across west africa. experts traced the source here in guinea. this is the spot where it's believed bats infected a toddler, triggering the epidemic that also affected sierra leone and nigeria. the countries affected hope the worst is over now. that could very well be the case if this empty ebola treatment center in liberia is anything to go. >> i a report published by doctors without borders is criticizing the u.n.'s world health organization's slow response to the ebola outbreak. w.h.o. hasn't responded so far to the criticism. henry gray is m.s.f.'s global
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task force. he said the global medical community is still not prepared for another outbreak. >> the delay that was caused by member states of the w.h.o. not acting cost valuable time in preparing a response. we're in a different place today, but we should be much further along. this is not just a hatchet job against the w.h.o., but it's really a reflection that the world isn't propped for an outbreak of this magnitude and what worries m.s.f. is if there's another outbreak in another part of the world with similar backgrounds similar set up to the three countries in west africa, we will have another problem and another huge problem which will cost lives. >> joint forces from niger and chad killed several dozen boko
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haram members in a village across the border from niger. military officials say helicopter bombs destroyed several vehicles and motorcycles carrying fighters. this is the latest move in a joint force mission to take down boko haram. we have a report from one of the battle fronts in northeastern nigeria. >> preparing for an attack on boko haram the troops are upbeat about this assignment, after recent successes against the group. as their commander is about to leave, the mission was aborted. a large number of boko haram fighters was seen heading their way. every soldier is told to go to the trenches. from attack mode to defense a posture they know too well after six years of insurgency.
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our crew was ordered out of to in. attacks by the military and counter attacks are all too familiar. the last two months have been particularly tough for boko haram. >> the soldiers and fresh troops have been injected into the operation. we have new equipment. between february for deaths, we have taken the liberty of forming a liberty to help change the tide of the battle. >> battles have been won in many areas, but the war isn't over yet. >> the military may have chased boko haram out of many towns and villages, but holding these same areas presents a difficult challenge. the fighters now return to attack the same villages lib rated by the military and this is keeping a lot of people away from their homes. >> but some are simply tired of
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running. >> we now put our hopes in the military. so far, i've encouraged them along, but every day is like living your last day. that is not a good feeling. >> all around the northeast are signs of devastation. of sabotage. and unprovoked violence. this deserted village we are later told is a notorious ambush point for boko haram. many have died here. >> territories may have been reclaimed, but the human and material costs of this violence are irreplaceable. al jazeera northeast nigeria. >> right wing parties have won the most votes in france's local elections. former president nicholas sarkozyed party and allies are
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leading. the far right national front is in second place. jacky rowland has more from paris. >> it was quite a convincing lead for the u.n.p., the center right party led by the former french president nicholas sar koas i didn't, the national front did less well than some opinion poles predicted. very much a disappointing performance by the socialist party pretty much reinforcing the overall trend that the socialist party seems to be losing favor and in particular the french president francois hollande is not very highly rated at the moment. we must member also that this was only the first round of voting, because in france, there is a system of two rounds. it does give people the luxury of maybe registering protest vote making some kind of a statement in the first round while then actually getting more
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serious in the second round. also these are local elections rather than national elections again sometimes people vote in a different manager. what often happens in elections in france is that if the national front does well in a first round generally, people voting for parties that have been knocked out in the first round will then rally together and vote for one of ever party is standing against the national front, so we can expect lots of socialist party voters voting for the center right in the second round in order to keep the national front out. at least that would be the prediction of many people here in france. >> in the united states, a senator from texas ted cruz confirmed he's running for the republican presidential nomination in 2016. he's the first republican you to declare his candidacy. the first term senator made the announcement on twitter along with a 30 second ad, calling for support. he he's expected to make a speech later on monday.
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>> historically a commercial advertising free society but with the relaxing of economic constraints with the united states cuba could be about to change. we have a report from havana. the industry is already growing on the island. >> with no advertising no classified ads in the newspapers there's only one way that cubans cancel that surplus toaster or house in the wrong neighborhood. they phone david and he sends the message to others who transmit the information over the radio airwaves. >> we are people who lost their dogs or left documents on the bus or someone in the family needs medicine. the ads are repeated in several programs applying a social service to the greater havana
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area. this is in a country almost bereft of the burglar colorful advertising that the cuba government represents the kind of marketing economy they've been resisting for morn 50 years. >> cubans can buy pretty much the same products as anyone else. you won't see advertising for things like running shoes and soft drinks. instead, there's promotion of ideas with posters like this one, urging the cuban people to defender the values of their country. >> others extoll the virtues of the revolution or criticize the enemies, usually the united states. the government is now trying to encourage foreign investment and allow small private businesses to flourish. this trade fair promotes this man's restaurant. >> it would be great to put a publicity poster with the name of our restaurant on it.
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todaythe day we can rely on television and radio i'll be ready. >> more flashing advertising lights are appearing in havana. greater competition especially in the city's night life have seen the introduction of subtle forms of advertising not seen here before. >> advertising is starting in a very low key way. restaurants have signs and stickers. we're not talking about big posters that you'll see in places like china. we wouldn't be shocked to see them here one day. >> with the economy opening up, if a little cautiously, cuban shoppers if they choose to and can afford it may now in some places experience the same razzle dazzle as the rest of the world. on the internet here is sparse and precarious. web designers poised for a future with much more for sale. al jazeera havana.
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>> don't forget the website there you can find all the latest news, all the latest developments. it's updated on a regular base. there's also a lot of background information, as well, and interestingly comments from all different sorts of people, lots of different opinions on the al jazeera website. [ ♪ music ♪ ] hello, i'm richard gizbert, and you are at "the listening post". here are the media stories we are attract. it's complicated, but the post mortem on the edward snowden side is complete. it's worth examining, as is the coverage. 5 years after argentina tried to reshape the media landscape what is different and the same. >> in mexico, an audience of 15,000 listeners is not enough