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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 30, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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proud of what we've achieved. we've had tremendous support and throughout every game in the tournament we feel like we've been at home, and it's been such a big difference. >> much more on all the stories we've been covering on our website. the address on your screen now >> one person is dead and others hurt after shots were heard at the front gate of the national security agency. new information about the co-pilot accused of crashing a jet into the alps. he was treated with suicidal tendencyies.
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>> this is al jazeera america. live from new york city i'm libby casey. we're following developing news. investigators in maryland say one person is dead after a car tried to ram the gate at the ncaa. it'sncaa--nsa. officials say that shots were fired. so far the fbi is only saying that it is not linked to terrorism. and new information today about the nsa's secret phone data collection program. it was reportedly considering abandoning the practice of gathering and storing americans' call records when edward snowden leaked information about it, setting off a firestorm of criticism, that was according to several current and former security officials. we're learning more about the co-pilot who investigators say intentionally crashed a germanwings plane into the french alps.
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they're saying that andreas lubitz received psycho therapy for several years, and part of that treatment was for suicidal tendencies. but they have not revealed a clear motivate behind the crash. >> there is still no evidence that the co-pilot told before that he will do what we have to assume was done. and we haven't found a letter or anything like that that contends a confession of that. >> well, negotiators in switzerland are hammering out the framework of a nuclear deal with iran that could make history. interest was just one day left of a self-imposed deadline. they say that deadline will be final, but there are several issues still in the resolved.
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russia's foreign minister said that he may leave for moscow today. james bays reports from lausanne where the talks are taking place. >> well, he's not gone yet. he said he's probably going to leave later today, according to his spokesperson. we had all the ministers of the p5+1 that's five members of the security council and germany sitting on one side of the table and the iranian delegation on the other. this was a crucial meeting. the fact that former minister lavrov said now that he will be leaving suggests to me that it did not go all in a way and they feel right now there is a deal to sign. we're getting close in answer negotiation of this complexity, that has been going on for this long we know so much is at stake, one possible tactic is to threaten to walk away. that may be what he was doing. lavrovit may be that he doesn't
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really think that this is the important deadline. there are certainly other countries including iran who say that this deadline is not the read deadline. they say that the real deadline is in june. in many ways the deadline is here for u.s. reasons. for u.s. domestic reasons because they know that the critics in congress are circling, and they would like to try to get something now before the threat of new sanctions when congress returns. >> james bays in lausanne. israel leaders are repeating warnings over the talk. benjamin netanyahu said that the p5+1 delegates should not trust iran when it comes to making a deal. he said that one cannot under estimate when forces supported by iran continue to conquer more ground in yemen they're close thinking eyes to this aggression, but we're not closing our eyes, and we'll continue to act against every threat in every generation, certainly in this generation.
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in yemen a humanitarian group said saudi-led airstrikes hit a camp for displaced people. at least 15 people were reported dead. airstrikes have been targeting houthi positions across the country, and attempting to stop houthis from taking full control. now the saudis say they have control of yemen's ports. we have the latest. >> there is no let-up in this military operation for a fifth consecutive night. the coalition has continued to hit shia houthi positions. airstrikes continue in other parts of the country. dozen of houthi fighters have been killed and jets hit areas that is considered houthi main base. saudi officials continue to say there is no plan to send troops, at least for now. >> we are using some
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concentration of force of the militias. there is no major land operation scheduled. >> the saudi-led airstrikes seem to be weakening houthi fighters. they are on the move to recapture areas that they lost in in the last few weeks. >> i believe if this had not happened on time the price would have been higher. it came at a critical time through expert military men. >> the arab league summit in egypt has been dominated by yemen's deteriorateing security situation. the saudis and think allies say the airstrikes will continue until the houthis and the depose deposed president ali abdullah saleh dispose of their militias. abd rabbuh mansur hadi has fled the country as yemen's legitimate leader.
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>> earlier we spoke with al jazeera's national security contributor mike lyons. he said that the fight in yemen has big implications in the region and for the u.s. >> this is classic war what we thought the middle east would develop to back in the cold war era when the united states and russia were at its sides and they were fighting each other. now you see saudi arabia so involved in the airstrikes. it shows you how much they feel the the existential threat is having this on their borders. the way the situation is in the ground right now the houthis still control it there. the airstrikes are doing a classic missions from the air. but again if you want to take hold of the ground you have to put ground troops there. if they negotiate and deal with iran on the nukes which has saudi arabia concern: we have friends in the middle east who are concerned what that deal will look lick if russian becomes even more powerful.
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the stake is what do these countries think if the united states supports them. >> you have to get parties on both sides to agree on a situation here. probably restoring the president of yemen probably bringing back the parliament. but the houthies will want something as well. they'll want a say in the government and what is happening there, the question is what will happen. it will go on for a while given the influence that iran has there, you'll see houthiesy continue to dig in knowing full well that the ground troops are there and they'll be in power for a while. >> elections in bolivia continue to go against that country's president. it shows the party losing in several key areas. morales was elected to a third term last year but his party has been rocked by corruption candles. the ruling party in france also took a hit in national elections. françois hollande's national party earned less than a third of the vote.
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the results seen as a referendum on the left-leaning government, which has failed to fix a lagging economy: we could see find out who will be nigeria's president. goodluck jonathan is facing a strong challenge from a former ruler, and there is concern that violence could erupt when the winner is announced. >> there has been a statement released by the u.s. and u.k. government saying there may have been some political interference in the conduct of these elections, but no evidence of systemic manipulation. that does contradict slightly some of the reports and information we've been getting from international election observers who have been in nigeria in large numbers. early on monday the european union, the african union economic community of west africa state released their preliminary findings of how the
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poll went. they say that things went relatively well. people came out in large numbers. the election was relatively peaceful despite some of the technical hitches with the card reeders that were used to make sure there was not fraudulent voting. of the 150,000 or so polling stations only around 350 of them were effected. so relatively small numbers it's not exactly clear what the basis of the u.s. u.k. and u.s. government are saying but generally speaking the process itself has been given a clean bill of health by quite a number of international organizations who have been here. >> well, the pentagon is set to roll out a series of new proposals today and to attract and keep troops needed to fight modern wars. that means updating retirement pay. most troops will get a 401k
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retirement account. most have to have 20 years of service for a pension and most don't qualify. the pentagon wants 6,000 people for its cyber mission. it's half that right now. and they would like to allow mid career breaks. they will consider allowing sabbatical troops returning to school or start raising a family. families of veterans who die without getting the care they needed will testify before congressional committee. they'll also face va officials for the first time. the care issues at v.a. centers in wisconsin helped to put a spotlight on sub stand care nationwide and led to the ouster of the va chief and to a major overall of the hospital system. meanwhile, a presidential hopeful from wisconsin wants to clear the air. straight ahead on al jazeera america why governor scott walker is confirming his stance on immigration. and we're used to seeing him
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talk about the latest apple technology, but now apple ceo tim cook is now coming out against indiana freedom of religion law.
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>> "talk to al jazeera". only on al jazeera america. >> welcome back to al jazeera america. it's 12:44 eastern time. taking a look at today's top stories. u.n. secretary ban ki-moon is in baghdad for talks of iraq's prime minister. and prosecutors have finished their case in the boston marathon bombing trial the attack that killed three people and injured more than 200. and president obama is in boston for the opening of the edward m. kennedy institute. early senators including john mccain, democrat elizabeth warren along with the vice president are also on hand. wisconsin's scott walker is reconfirming his stance on immigration.
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there are questions on whether he has changed his position on the issue, but the presidential kind said that he is opposed to any path for undocumented immigrants. >> they need to ultimately go back to the country of origin and get in line just as anyone else did. i think in terms of things beyond that, that's where we have got to tackle these other issues first and have a president willing to work with the congress. >> these comments come just 24 hours after walker visited the mexican border in texas where republican governor greg abbott introduced walker as someone quote, who governs like a president. former high profile executive could be throw herring hat into the presidential race.
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former hulett packer said that she's likely to run as a republican. she ran for the senate seat in california in 2010 but lost to democratic incumbent barbara boxer. she said that there is a 90% chance she'll enter the field. >> we need to make sure that we have the right team in place, we have the right support and we have the right financial resources lined up just as the other progress candidates. >> what will you announce? >> late april, early may. >> she's 60 years old and the first woman to lead a fortune 100 company when named ceo of hewlett-packard in 1999. the pick for the next attorney general has to wait longer. loretta lynch could be the first african-american woman to serve in the job but congress has headed home for a two-week spring break without moving forward. her confirmation has dragged on
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for five months, longer than any other attorney general nominee in 30 years. bowe bergdahl's attorney said that his client did not try to desert the army. his lawyer tells al jazeera america the truth has yet to come out about rescue attempts before bergdahl was finally freed. >> i want to publicly ask the army to release the investigative report prepared by jar general kenneth dahl. general dahl's report indicated that there was no evidence that anyone died as a result of my client's conduct. i think that's a critical fact. for reasons i can only attribute to political considerations, there is a drum beat repetition the unfounded assertion that people died as a result my client's conduct. that's got to be so scotched,
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and i call on the army to scotch it. >> attorney eugene fidel said that bergdahl had been trying to bring concerns about his unit to a higher level of authority. a bash lash against the so-called freedom religion bill. itthe critics say the measure will be used to discriminate against gays and lesbians. state lawmakers on both sides the issue went on the offensecy. >> the governor and the republican leaders won't say it, but we will. discrimination is wrong and it should be illegal. >> the same law that 30 other states have does not discriminate against anyone. it is not the intent the law to discriminate against anyone and it will not be allowed to discriminate against anyone. >> indiana republicans say the bill received bipartisan support
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and pointed out that president obama and democratic leaders like nancy pelosi have supported similar legislation. apple ceo tim cook is speaking out against the indiana law and talking about discrimination against the gay community. cook publicly confirmed that he's gay last year hoping to make a difference for others. he writes in the "washington post" that our message to people is that apple is open regardless of where they come from, what they look like, how they worship or who they love, regardless of what the law might allow in indiana or arkansas, we will never tolerate discrimination. apple is not the only company upset over the law. angie's list has announced it will postpone a headquarters expansion in indianapolis, and they'll keep up the pressure on the governor.
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[ chanting no hate usa usa ] >> people match march through indiana. >> we're tired of having to constantly fight the backward thinking of the worst state legislation. are you tired enough to fight back? [ cheering ] >> indiana's republican party dominated legislature and republican governor said that the law dubbed the religious freedom restoration act will stop government agencies to stop business owners to go against their religious faith. indiana is the latest of 20 states to pass such laws. >> it's about government overreach, and i'm proud indiana stepped forward, and i'm working hard to clarify this. we're reaching out to business leaders. >> in one example the law would allow forests florists to be
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forced to provide flowers for same sex marriage ceremonies. >> if someone came in to my store, i would serve them. >> indiana's law could hurt its economy, some groups are reconsidering plans to hold conventions in the midwestern state. the major indiana based consumer website angie's list postpone plans for expanding it's offices and hiring more staff. >> if the atmosphere is such in the state that we can't draw the tonight that they can't be comfortable, then i can't commit the company. >> apple's ceo, tim cook one of the most prominent openly gay business leaders said he was disappointed in indiana.
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and the obama white house has stepped into the fray. >> it should be easy for leaders in this country to stand up and say that it is wrong to discriminate against people just because of who they love. >> reporter: with key games in the enormously popular match madness tournament due to be played in indiana next year, tournament leaders hinted they may move the tournament elsewhere. >> a public health emergency over hiv. there are 71 confirmed all due to sharing of needles. >> this is about health and lives, therefore we have--we have signed today an executive order that initiates a robust multi agency response to stop
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this h.i.v. outspread in its tracks. this we will do. >> normally there are only five cases of hiv reported each year in scott county, but since january, 79 people there have tested positive for the virus that causes a.i.d.s. and that number is expected to go up. health officials are trying to contact another 100 people who may be infected through shared needles. >> this is truly a crisis that is centered on a crisis of drug abuse, and it's the drawing opana. >> a powerful prescription pain medication that comes in pill form. some drug abusers crush the pills and shoot them intravenously for a faster high. they call painkiller abuse a deadly national epidemic. the cdc said one of the best ways to stop hiv from spreading is the needle exchange program.
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now the epidemic calls for draysic measures. >> it's giving full resources of giving the local community what they need to get the job done. >> first hiv clinic will open in scott county tomorrow in an effort to stop new cases. dietary supplement giant gnc is promising sweeping changes to improve the quality of its products. new york's attorney general accused gnc and three other major retailers of selling contaminateed supplements. it's not clear if those other retailers, walgreen's, walmart and target, will also make changes. coming up on al jazeera america the recent court edition is questioning gender equality in the tech industry.
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>> i think we're into something that's bigger than us... >> that's the pain that your mother feels when you disrespect her son... >> me being here is defying all odds... >> they were patriots they wanted there country back >> al jazeera america presents the passion... >> onward..
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>> pain... >> it's too much... >> ..and triumph... inspirational real life stories >> all these labels the world throws at you, that's what drives me to push.. >> of ordinary people >> i tasted the american dream, i liked it... >> living extraordinary lives... >> if we could multiply this program, we could change the world >> from the best filmmakers of our time >> i give al jazeera tremendous credit, because it's not traditionally what broadcast journalism does >> the new home for original documentaries al jazeera america presents only on al jazeera america >> ellen powell may have lost her gender discrimination suit, but it 2039 a spotlight on gender equality. companies like google, facebook and apple have all faced
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criticism. the gender problems in silicon valley may run much deeper than just hiring decisions. >> despite their accomplishments, despite running their own start ups many women in silicon valley still get sidelined. >> you need to explain stuff to them or they might need an extra hand to do stuff. there has been no female equivalent to mark zuckerberg. there is no need for that other than the structure of things. >> the numbers tell the tale. more than 97% of venture-funded businesses have male ceos, and only 6% are women. on the engineering side women make up 20% of software developers. but battles are being waged
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including gender discrimination suit. powell believes male colleagues who under performed still received promotions while she did not . >> they were like, here, look, we've made a bathroom that's just for women because we never needed one before. >> these days they are working to change the calculous with their social network with women in tech. >> more and more women are
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coming together for support either through start ups like glass breakers or through regular meetings. but as we learned most of them are still shy to speak out publicly. they don't want to be seen as troublemakers. >> what they are are entrepreneurs. when venture capitalists fail to invest in women they're missing out on potential returns. when it comes to women silicon valley known for innovation stays stuck in the past. al jazeera, san francisco. >> we now know who will take over for jon stewart as host of the daily show. . >> the photo on the left, i took that from my cab on the way here from the airport. >> he made his debut in december as on-air contributor. s' from south africa and a newcomer to american television.
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i'm libby casey and now the news from doha. >> a fifth night of air strikes in yemen by saudi led forces. a camp for displaced people is hit. hello there i'm barbara serra you you're watching al jazeera live from london. also in the next 30 minutes. the deadline approaches, for iran's nuclear program but major differences remain. and