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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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jobs and his life is qui different from his biography but not in the way you might think. that's tomorrow at 10:30 eastern and 7:30 pacific. i'm ali velshi. thank you for joining us. >> religious freedom laws under fire. clearly there has been misunderstanding and confusion and mischaracterization of this law. >> indiana's governor said that he'll fix his state's new law to make sure that it does not discriminate against gays, but other states are moving ahead with similar bills. suffering with depression.
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years before a young pilot crashed a plane into the alps he spoke about serious issues. and worthless diplomas, college graduates who paid big money for worthless dim lomas to for-profit schools. why they're refusing to pay off their loans. >> the controversial freedom law gems growing. it started when indiana passed a statute and critics say it will allow merchants to refuse doing business with gays and lesbian. reaction was swift with the ceo
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of walmart call forgive a veto. he said that the law threatens to undermine the spirit of inclusion throughout the state of arkansas and does not reflect the values that we proudly uphold. in all 19 states have laws based on the religious freedom law. as jonathan betz tells us, even the white house is weighing in. >> with business owners around indianapolis taking a stand and anger growing indiana's governor offered a new message. >> we've got a perception problem because some people have a different view. and we intend to correct that. >> after repeatedly defending the religious freedom restoration act governor mike pence conceded the law should be changed this week.
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>> legislation added to the freedom recommendation act and this law does not give businesses the right to deny services to anyone. >> and he leaves it over all leaving some very unsatisfied. >> it's not enough. he needs to protect lgbt as a class of people, and i think he's just trying to save face at this point. >> the critics want the entire law repealed and sexual orientation added as a protected class, something that republicans have resisted saying that the freedom act only protects religious liberties. opponents say that indiana's goes much further by protecting businesses not just individuals activists say it could allow stores to refuse to serve gay people. >> this piece of legislation flies in the face of the kinds of values that people all across the country strongly support.
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>> the governor hopes that the calm will quell the swelling anger. new york today joined connecticut and washington in banning official travel to end. >> the state of indiana's brand has taken a hit. it's been highly visible. >> a hit worth delivering, kristen cohen side 37 she hopes that it stand for now. >> me worry about my bottom line is not as important as preventing people from being discriminated against. it could bring about change, and maybe that's what needed. >> how this law changes is not clear. the language may not go far enough. the governor wants an answer by the end of the week showing that the hoosier state is open for business. al jazeera. indianapolis indiana. >> the german airline lufthansa
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said that it knew that the co-pilot in control of the plane that crashed into the alps had a history of depression. >> exactly one week ago today we received the sad news of the fatal descent of germanwings 9525 crashing into the alps. >> it was one of the biggest national tragedies that the airline has ever faced. >> since then every conceivable effort has been made to recover the victims provide aid and assistance to the families, and determine the cause of this accident. >> as the investigation continues new information from germanwings parent company lufthansa reveals that the airline knew of the history of andreas lubitz, who had locked
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the pilate out of the cockpit of the plane and taking the lives of every man woman and child on board. he had alerted the airline of his mental state six years ago. it explained that andreas lubitz had submitted documents that detailled the pilot's previous episode of severe depression. >> it required inquiry. severe depression is a red flag of red flags. you've going to certain that the man in the cockpit has the state of mind and the continuing state of mind that nothing he does or feels will endanger the passengers. >> which is why aviation litigation specialist mark muller says there is no way lufthansa can avoid liability in the tragedy. >> the reason is two-fold. first, they had ample knowledge about the depression and vision problems that this pilot had in the past, as early as 2009.
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and second, the absence of two people in the cockpit at all times is a second basis for liability in this case. there isn't any question in my mind that lufthansa will be liability for all of the damages, full damages to each and every person on that airplane. >> erica pitcy al jazeera. >> two year piano publications say they have obtained cell phone video taken from inside the plane seconds before it went down. but neither newspaper has made the video public and french police say the video is a hoax. in iraq in the fight against isil it has been tweeted that tikrit has been liberated. the offensive to retake the city began earlier this month. it had stalled until the u.s. launched airstrikes against targets last week.
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iraqi forces hope to launch an operation to retake mosul iraq's second largest city in april or may. foreign ministers are reporting significant progress in talks with iran. iranian and russian officials are hinting that all sides are closer to a draft agreement. al jazeera's simon mcgregor wood had this after talks wrapped up tonight. >> the session with all the foreign ministers and iranians had broken up. then we start hearing from the iranian foreign minister zarif that progress had been made, and his hopes were during the course of wednesday later wednesday that foreign ministers would get back together and even start working on a draft of the final
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agreement. then we had comments on the russian services presumably as sergei lavrov left. and more or less agreement on all key issues. so two very senior crucial participants coming out of the talks saying that things suddenly have started to go much better and there was a prospect when they would reconvene. they've broken for now, but the news seems to be very positive. >> simon mcgregor wood in lausanne, thank you. a few hours president obama got an update on the talks from secretary of state john kerry and other members of the u.s. delegation. any agreement to curb iran's nuclear program could have a major impact on u.s. policy in the middle east. mike viqueira explains why some of america's closest allies in
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the region are nervous about the deal. >> there would be no talks after the march 31st deadline. >> we're at a point where they need to make a decision. >> the delay prolonged anxiety among america's closest allies in the region, worried that the administration is putting a deal with iran before their security. saudi arabia is wary of iran gaining influence in the region especially in iraq, where iranian-backed forces have played a key role. the u.s. is on the same side as iran in the fight against isil. but on the open side in syria. in yemen the houthies are rivals to al-qaeda in the arabian influence, the group the u.s. is hitting with drone strikes but the u.s. is supporting saudis in their strikes against the houthis. implicated alliances making the politics of a deal dicey. as talks progress the white house says its keeping its friends in mind. >> we also believe that it's in
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the best interest of our partners in the region as well, including saudi arabia, the united states as we're doing in yemen, has taken steps to support saudi arabia's national security. >> another worry, a deal would also mean gradual lifting of sanctions against iran. strengthening its economy adding to its power. but analysts say there is no way around it. >> if it agrees to restrict it's nuclear program but we don't agree to roll back sanction relief then iran will have no incentive to roll back its nuclear program. >> israel fears mr. obama is letting iran have the upper hand in the region. republicans share those concerns. mitch mcconnell was in israel last weekend. >> there is no deal. the view of this group similar to your own that ratcheting up sanctions might be the best
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direction to take in the wake of a deal that does not come together. >> congress returns april 18th. many people believe that's the real deadline. if there is no real deal by then republicans will move quickly to impose more sanctions on iran. mike viqueira, al jazeera. washington. >> joining us from massachusetts is jim walsh research associate at mit security studies program. jim, good to see you. the most important thing is that iran does not get to the point where it has a path to a bomb, but aren't we past that? isn't the best we can hope for from this deal is iran's bath to a bomb is a little longer? >> well, i would say--i would divide it a little differently antonio. i would say you're right to say that iran has a basic capability. that's what the director of national intelligence the top intel official in the u.s. has
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testified to these last several years. they know how to build a centerfuge. you can't bomb that knowledge out of their head. they have a basic capability. but he goes on to say that iran has not made a decision whether to pursue nuclear weapons. they have not made the political decision which in my study in the nuclear age that's what is critical when a country says i want t and they make it a political priority. >> let me ask you that question then you dealt with the highest level of iranians. they insist that they don't want to bomb. do you believe them? >> i believe in the dni. i don't believe everything that the iranians tell me. i prefer actions rather than words. but i believe the director of national intelligence when he says they have not made a decision yet. now is the time to lock them in, right? if they've already decided to go for the bomb, there is not a lot you can do with that. if pakistan can get a bomb, if north korea can get a bomb, if
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iran were determined to do it, they would do it. but they haven't decided which is why now is a really great time for diplomacy if you can get them on another track. >> you mentioned north korea. you've been there some 20 years ago. nuclear dealings with north koreans were touted as successful and stopping them from getting the bomb. you know what happened with that. respect you concerned that history could repeat itself here? >> i think that's a great question and i would say that i've been to north korea and i've been to iran. no country is like north korea. north korea is in its own category. but if you set that aside for a minute, i would say that the cases are not quite comparable, why? there is no china in the iran piece. north korea has china as a friend on its border which makes military action difficult and sanctions even more difficult. there is no equivalent to china in the iranian case here. there is no one to protect them in the region. if anything, search plaid at them. but i don't think that holds up. >> and in north korea's case, it certainly may have delayed them
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from getting nukes. is that what we're mostly hoping for here? >> the good thing about the framework that everyone seems to criticize is that it kept north korea from getting a bomb for ten years. stopped long-range missile test for ten years. i would love to have that deal today where they're not having missile tests and nuclear tests. if you don't have an agreement then the country is unconstrained and they can do whatever they want. it's better to have limit on them rather than leaving them free to pursue whatever they want. >> compromise is when both parties are unhappy. which side will be unhappiest tomorrow? >> i think they're both going to be unhappy but they'll be glad that they have a deal. they'll be glad that they can have something to sell back to their home constituency. you don't get an agreement if one side gets 100% of what they
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want and the other side gets zero. you have to have something where both sides can go to their hard liners in the u.s. senate, in tehran and say look, this is good for us. it's not perfect. it's not great. but it's doable and it's better than the alternative. i think that's what is going to be announced tomorrow. >> compromise over nuclear weapon, something of great concern. >> absolutely. >> good to see you as always. >> thanks. >> thank you antonio. >> voting a former military leader to be their new president. muhammadadu buhari becomes president. he regains power as nigeria struggles against deadly attacks by boko haram. the defense has rested in the boston marathon bombing
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trial. after weeks the suspect's lawyers tried to convince the jurors his brother put him up to it. also how the obama administration plans to cut america's greenhouse gasses.
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>> lawyers for alleged boston bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev wrapped up their trial. the defense has been unusual. they admitted that he did it, but they were pinning their hopes on sigh saying that he was influenced by his brother. >> that has been the strategy all along by the defense. in the hope that it would help their client dzhokhar avoid the death penalty. >> lawyers for dzhokhar rested their case after calling one witness. the suggestion, dzhokhar
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participated in the attacks but he was a troubled 19-year-old living under the spell of his radicalized brother. >> the defense showing older brother influence and tried to show that the motive had more to do with that than terrorism. >> from the beginning the defense always said that their strategy isn't to win an acquittal but to save their client from the death penalty. a move highlighted by calling only four witnesses over two days. witnesses that tied older brother tamilan. experts provided a mountain of evidence from the crime scene before resting on monday. >> the prosecution also bringing the jurors to the scene of this
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horrible horrible crime to show the devastation that it caused to loved ones, to folks who lost their limbs so that the jurors, when they decide about punishment will have all of that in mind when they make those decisions. >> trial watchers have noted that dzhokhar displayed no emotions throughout the the trial the. parta bomb took part of her leg off. >> it has been mentally draining trying to get here every day being here every day and seeing some of the horrific pictures that are out there and the testimony or the poor people that passed away that day. >> and antonio prosecutors and tsarnaev lawyers will give closing arguments on monday.
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the jury is expected to begin deliberations on the same day. >> thank you. robert kraft the owner of the new england patriots was in court for one of his former players aaron hernandez. kraft told prosecutors that he spoke to hernandez two days after the murder, and hernandez told him that he was innocent. witness testimony and video contradict hernandez's claim. 47-year-old andrew getty was found dead in the hollywood hills. his parents confirmed the death just a short time ago. getty filed a restraining order against a woman who has not been identified. getty was a grandson of jay paul getty once the richest man in the world. the cause of death has not been
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determined. the u.s. is making a big commitment to fight climate change. today the obama administration formally pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 28% within ten years. the administration says it will achieve that goal through limits on pollution and emissions and other. is part of a treaty that is expected to be finalized in december. >> students who claim they were scammed to pay for college degrees. >> they told us we would have jobs in a field that we studied within no more than six months. >> but it didn't work out that way. now graduates of a for-profit college are refusing to pay back their loans. a day after he got the job the host of the daley now getting a lot of flack for
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statements against minorities and women. and women.
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>> he hasn't even made his debut yet but some are calling for the next host "the daily show" to be fired. trevor noah was tapped yesterday to take over for jon stewart when he leaves the show next year. but within hours of the announce announcement there have been
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the. the security exchange commission is looking into jp morgan forced clients to maximum eyes profits. executives have been deposed and internal documents have been subpoenaed as part of an investigation. sec was notified that they would be steer clients to fee-heavy accounts. the first student debt strike in the u.s. they're refuseing to pay back student loans because they say that their education was worthless. >> natasha horne graduateed cum laude from everest college in
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california. >> part of the for-profit education giant corinthian. today the 26-year-old is back in her native missouri, working part time at a grocery store for minimum wage. honest work, but not the career everest promised her. >> they told us that we would have a job in the field that we studied within no more than six months. >> but hornes could not get a door in the door or transfer her credits to another college. she has nothing to show for her everest degree. >> $28,012. >> except $28,000 in federal student loan debt. so horns and 14 other students who attended corinthian colleges declared a debt strike claiming that corinthian defrauded them, they're refuseing to pay back federal student loans they say that the department of education
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should cancel. last year the department of education moveed to turkey corinthian's access to federal aid funds only to have the for-profit announce it would have to declare bankruptcy. but the department didn't let corinthian go under. instead, it cut the funding over and brokered the sale of 56 corinthian campuses. ann larsen is with the debt collective, which helped to organize the corinthian debt strike. >> they have conducted a predatory lending scheme for two decades under the auspices of the department of education which supported it and funded it. >> the department of education declined our request for an interview regarding their handling of corinthian. they gave us a statement stating, quote:
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>> once these students get what they deserve in this case, others students who have been scammed and defrauded by their schools are going to want the same thing. >> which is why natasha hornes is standing her ground. >> i think we have something. i know we have something. we can make the department of education sweat. >> al jazeera klum y missouri. >> we asked corinthian to comment on the allegations leveled against them in federal and state lawsuits including charges they misled students about job placement rates. a spokesperson told us, quote: >> seattle's new $11 an hour minimum wage kicks in tomorrow, and it has some business owners upset. for that story and more on the new religious freedom laws join us tomorrow morning for al
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jazeera news with stephanie sy. it begins at 7:30 a.m. eastern. i'm antonio mora. thank you for joining us. pore the latestfor the latest news any time head over to have a great night. >> the deadline for nuclear talks for iran came and went, and they're still talking. the u.s. delegation said there has been enough progress to keep on talking even if they could not get to an agreement by tonight. with skeptics doubting iran can be trusted to keep it's and of the deal we'll talk to a weapons inspector about the fine art of looking over nuclear scientists shoulders. and the then the tough part.