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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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tell us what you think at talk to us on twitter and facebook, and come back. nigeria's next president mohammed add buhari wince a tight election in africa's richest country. hello and welcome to al jazerra. live from doha. i am richelle carey. also coming up on the program. making good progress, negotiations on iran's nuclear future continue amid renewed hope that a deal can be reached. the armed siege in istanbul a turkish prosecutor is taken hostage and killed during a rescue attempt.
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and calculating the new sales tax the malaysian government hales a fairer way to pay but not earn agrees. ♪ ♪ the opposition leader and former military leader mohamed is set to become the next president of nigeria he feeted incumbent goodluck jonathan. in conceding defeat, goodluck jonathan became the first nigerian president to peacefully hand overpower to a competitor. now a report from abuja. >> reporter: he's a president elect in africa's most populous country, but when we spoke to mohammedded bow half i just hours after his victory he appeared come and relaxed. how does it feel to have won the election and how will you tackle nigeria's problems?
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>> i would like to answer those questions i have formally been given the certificate. thank you very much. >> reporter: you know you are the winner house does it feel? how does it feel inside after 12 years? >> what feels? yes. >> reporter: in abuja lagos and across many of nigeria cities, buhari supporters celebrated. it was a historic day. the first time no nigeria's history andelechted government has nailed to win rewill he he can and the peaceful handover of power from one democratically elected leader to another. >> we are very happy because he has won the election now now we are happy. happy. [ inaudible ] all of us, we are very happen right now. >> he has been part of the masses for a very long time. he knows our problems, he is one of us. he knows what the nigeria nigeria
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nigerian people wants. we don't have roads lights, jobs and i believe this experience and the team has coming on to hold the positions positions in this country things will change and change has come. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: conceding defeat outgoing president goodluck jonathan called for unity and stability. >> i promise the country free and freer elections. i have kept my word. i have also expanded the space for nigerians to participate in the democratic process. that is one legacy i would like to see and deal. >> reporter: but for buhari the hard work of government now begins he says his first priority will be to fight endemic corruption which has blighted the country. he has also promised deal within security in parts of the north high unemployment and chronic power shortages. the formal hand over of power won't take place until the end
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of may. when he will be sworn in. and then nigerians will have to participate for bow there are toy deliver what he has promised. al jazerra abuja nigeria. the president elect of nigeria yeah, buhari is right now making a speech about his historic victory over the incumbent goodluck jonathan. this is happening in abuja let's listen. >> ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to present to you the president elect of nigeria. [ cheering and applause ] >> the president elect. the president elect. thank you very much.
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>> you should be on my right. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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[ cheering and applause ] inning. >> vice president electric, your excellenceies. chief. the director general of a.p. c. [ inaudible ] campaign 2015. your excellency, the former
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governor chairman of our great party. your excellency, the governor, chief. [ inaudible ]. your excellency, the former governor of. [ inaudible ] your excellency, the former governor of. [ inaudible ]. chief. [ inaudible ] your excellency the governor of borno state. your excellency the former governor. [ inaudible ] your excellency the former governor and distinguished senator. [applause] >> your excellency, the former
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governor of state. [ inaudible ]. they call him. [ inaudible ] [ laughter ] >> your excellence eony, honorable speaker of the house house of representatives. [ cheering and applause ] >> the former chief administer, the general. please let me sends -- clip clip. >> at exactly 5:15 yesterday evening, president jonathan called to congratulate me on my victory. [ cheering and applause ] >> for this i want all nigerians in join me in congratulatedded and appreciating.
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>> and it appears we have lost our signal, hopefully we can rejoin it in a moment. but basically what you were watching there was a really jubilant crowd of supporters that president elect buhari was addressing. he had just began to speak about how the incumbent goodluck jonathan had called to congratulate and concede to him. i think we have the signal back. let's go ahead and listen to a little bit more. >> you will receive nothing but understanding, cooperation and. [ inaudible ] from me and my team. the good people of nigeria has set history. with an account of this fine moment is written it will be said that it was the people themselves who led this nation to democracy.
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for hours in the rain. the son and then to cast your votes. i have been when the vote was extended to sunday, in some places,. [ inaudible ] duties. you did so peacefully. you vote affirms that you believe nigeria's future can be better than what it is today. [applause] >> you wanted change and now change has come. the official results of the election.
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i gained the most votes with the required and thus won this election. in a more profound way it is you nigerians that have won. the people have shown their love for our nation and their belief in democracy. the deck rah layings accurately reflects the will of the people. while there might have been some stat -- >> president mohammedu buhari saying you voted for change and change has come, thanking the people of nigeria for their patience and support in voting in the democratic process. and a moment ago also thanking president goodluck jonathan for calling and congratulating him. we'll continue to follow this throughout the a day. talk on iran's nuclear
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future have made very good progress and there is hope a preliminary deal could be draft ahead wednesday, that was the upbeat assessment of the foreign minister. as talks ended for the night having already passed the self-imposed the deadline for a deal. his comments have been echoed by the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov who indicated that there was agreement on the key issues. simon ma mcgregor wood has the latest from lausanne. >> reporter: the hawks near lausanne have broken up. we had that from a statement from an even u. official. in the last few minutes we have heard very positive statements attributed to the iranian foreign minister and the russian foreign minister sergei love i don't havelavrovwho have speaking on the way on out of the talks, they have said there is significant agreement. and saying they hope a draft can start on wednesday when they
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reconvene. sergei lavrov is saying at that that there has been significant agreement on all the main principle issues involved in these talks. so in the last few hours in lousanne, what it would appear to be a very significant breakthrough. if this is correct and i think we need to be a little bit cautious about this, we haven't heard from the americans we haven't heard from the british or the french or the german foreign ministers no statements from the europeans. if the iranians and the russian ares taken at their word, we will have a meeting early in the morning here in lousanne, of political directors, it's then expect first degree that goes well the foreign ministers will reconvene to push foreward in that process in the last few heinz here in lousanne some signs at least of a very positive development in these talks. a turkish prosecutor taken hostage in a court of istanbul has died in a shootout between.
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he was investigating the death of 18 ager hit by a can of tear gas in 2013. bernard smith reports from istanbul. >> reporter: gunfire from a sixth floor office in the main criminal court in istanbul. police special forces stormed the room where a prosecutor was being held at gun point by two armed men from a band markist group. the gunmen were killed in the shoot without. the prosecutor critically injured was rushed to hospital. but doctors were unable to save him. >> translator: we as the state do not see this attack as only targeting our prosecutor at the same time this attack was aimed at turkish justice turkish democracy and the citizens of turkey. >> reporter: the prosecutor had been investigating the death of a 14-year-old teenager who had been hit by a tear gas tan star
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during protests. the parents and others stay the investigation in to his death has been too slow. the hostage takers wanted the prosecutor reveal the names of the police officers suspected of firing the tear gas. >> translator: we learned that this action was in connection to. he was our son our brother his tkegd saddened all of us. >> reporter: central to nba to the police investigation in to how all of this unfolded is how the armed gunmen were aaron to get their weapons in to the courthouse. al jazerra has been told by sources that everybody going in to the court is searched except the lawyers. hits parents had earlier called on the gunmen not to kill the prosecutor. blood cannot be worked away with blood they said. bernard smith, al jazerra istanbul. still ahead calculating the new sales tax the malaysian
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government harolds it as a fairer way to play. but not everyone agrees plus. >> reporter: a new program that could benefit hundreds of millions of indians i'll have the details coming up.
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>> "the stream". >> your digital community. >> you pick the hot topics and express your thoughts. "the stream", it's your chance to join the conversation. tuesday to friday, 3:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. the top story is on al jazerra, mohamedu bahar i has won the election in nigeria. president goodluck jonathan has conceded defeat it's the first time a nigerian press has failed to win reelection. talks on iran's nuclear future have made very good progress and
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there is hope a deal could be draft odd wednesday. that is the upbeat analysis from russia and iran. i turkey hostage taken -- lawyer taken hostage in the court has died after a shootout. he was investigating the death of a teenager hit by a tear gas canister during a protest in 2013. the united nations says at least 62 children have been killed in the past week in yemen. the bombing of a refugees camp on monday, saying it is a violation of international law. >> we have not identified who is responsible for this attack. whoever is responsible, this is a violation of international humanitarian and human rights law. this camp, as well is the hospitals that have also been hit, are under protected status and should not be hit. so whichever forces are hitting them are in violation of the
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law, there should be accountability for that. and ultimately all such attacks have to cease. those comments come as the military air strikes and the saudi-led coalition continue in yemen. >> reporter: air strikes target houthi positions in southern yemen. saudi army officers say the houthis and forces haul lawyer to deposed president sala are advance to go try to capture the seaport city of aden. forces loyal to president hadi play a crucial role in the military intervention. they are the ones who provide intelligence on houthi fighters seen here trying to set up a check point on the outskirts of aden. moments later the checkpoint is hit. armed vehicles, tanks missile launchers are also struck.
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>> translator: there is a houthi presence inside and around the city of aden, we have intense fight our attacks north of aden. the fighters feel the heat whenever they go they will target them. the houthi are desperate to get in to the cities. so they can take over. >> reporter: saudi arabia has said its military campaign will take some time. accusing iran of helping the houthis, to destabilize the region. >> translator: iran and hezbollah trained the houthis. if they are country present in yemen they will meet the same fate as the houthis we ill not allow anyone to provide help to the houthi. >> reporter: international support behind the military campaign is rallying. attacks will stop only if the houthis pull out from the cities they control and recognize hadi as a legitimate leader. >> translator: we are not war mongerers, but when they beat the drums of war, we are ready. yemen's national security is
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part of the arab national security. >> reporter: for the time being air strikes continue across gem yemen, show no signs of slowing down, there are no indications though that the saudis will send troops in to yemen in the near future. al jazerra. and houthi women have gathered in the yemeni capital sanaa to protest against the sawyer strikes. the attacks against the shia minority they say are unjustified. >> translator: theywe have come here to announce our rejection and did he nuns areas against this aggression launched by saudi arabia and its allies against yemen in a dangerous way that has never been seen before. al jazerra has been told a yacht belong to this ousted president han has been smuggled out of the country. sources in the western port of the country say the yacht was loaded on to a cargo ship and given eye permit to leave. it's believed to be the second
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yacht belong to go saleh to be smuggled out in the last two months. the your honor has lifted a ban on military aid to recipients ao*e i didn't want for what it should are national security reasons. president obama is releasing some of the military assistance that has been withheld from egypt since the ousting of president mo he had marcy. in addition to sending equipment the white house is asking congress to approve $1.3 billion in military aid. egypt says it needs the aid to deal with conflicts in neighbor is libya and the say sinai pa minutes last the u.s. suspended equipment back in 2013. after the military's decision to overthrow the president at the time mohamed morrisey. even though the u.s. government still says that it's not considering what happened nearly two years ago a coup, it is showing its disapproval for the way this political change happened and by doing so, it's
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showing some pressure as it were on the new government in cairo. what the u.s. is doing is saying that on national security grounds, the egypt military can finally get its hands on 12 f-16 fighter jets, 20 harpoon missiles and 125 kits to basically improve the capabilities of the egypt army's tank arsenal. however, the u.s. is cutting off the open-ended spending spick youspigotas it were where the egyptian military could by additional equipment from u.s. military contractors. the u.s. is now going to have much more say over what source of equipment the egyptian government can buy. basically equipment that would help the u.s. further its own national security aims. india has announced a new pension program to help poor and low income earners. the social security initiative could potentially cover hundreds of millions of people. but as faiz jamil reports some of asking whether india can
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afford the program. >> reporter: he started working -- she started work to go support her family. but never gave any thought for how she would support herself in retirement. >> translator: i didn't have any savings. i didn't know what a pension was until i started working here. >> reporter: her case sun usual. that's because she was able to invest in a private pension fund with the help of her employer. but for hundreds of millions of others in india's low-paying, unorganized job second, to financial security and retirement is often not possible. many low income earners rely on their children and families to support them in retirement. the government has announced its intention to launch a new pension initiative for these workers. it's not the first previous governments have tried to create similar programs. but fiscal experts warn the cost of running it successfully could significantly affect the national budget. others argue the last cost would come with a long-term benefit.
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>> it will keep the people participating in this pension scheme above poverty when they are old and what it will do is make sure that their support their parents when the parents are old. so the children will be able to use 100 percent of their income in supporting themselves and their own children. >> reporter: nonprofit groups have also started private pension funds for low income earners while welcoming the new program, some are warming the government not trachea a one-side fits all approach when it comes to low paid workers. >> all of them have income and their incomes are different. so a say a farmer earned his money twice a year, domestic help gets good money but highly portable today she works for you, tomorrow someone else. >> reporter: she says her adult children have started contributing to her private pension and plan to start their own. but for all of those the new social security program is meant to cough their lack of
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awareness is the biggest challenge for the government to overcome. faiz jamil, al jazerra new delhi. start on the ground wednesday, malaysia is change the way it collects taxes from consumers and businesses. the new goods and service tax or gst. will add an extra 6% for many items from building materials to restaurant bills. while the government says us a fairway to action, not every agrees, a report from kuala lumpur. >> reporter: one of millions of business owners in malaysia legally registered to collect the new goods and services tax. or gst. but he's did he sided no to the increase his prices and pass the cost onto his customers. many eating here are on fixed incomes and believe any rise in prices will affect the numbers coming through his restaurant door. but not all businesses are thinking the same way. >> i think most of my friends who are in the. [ inaudible ] some the smaller ones whom they feel they won't
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be affected by the what they call 6% gst. they have already increased the price, because they have already warned that they cannot increase the price after the april 1st. but why though they do it because they have to beat the 6% increase that is going to be effecting them. >> reporter: his staff know they will lose out mohamed has been working here for three years. while there is no pay rise or the horizon to offset the tax rise he knows he will have less money in his pocket. >> translator: the new tax is a burden, it will take longer for me to save. i can see a rise in my rent and will pay more for basics and i still have to sends money home to support my parents. >> reporter: it's not just restaurants that are affected. everything with a price tag is being taxed and there are few exceptions. >> are you ready for gst? >> reporter: nine government has been getting the mess inning out for months, trying to convince the public that while i go significant taxesinsignificant taxes
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are being removed. the gs it. had been fair to all but there have been protests like these against the new tax. and the government's handling of the economy. >> the out tour general's report has actually showcased so much waste the last few years rangeing in to billions of u.s. dollars so this is not the right time to pass the burden to the people to pay off government debts. >> reporter: according to the government the new tax scheme will raise approximately $8 billion. and it will hit middle income earners, those that aspire to buy cars and motor vehicles and the fuel that they need. while government healthcare, public transport and some utilities will be exempt for the moment. the gst will be implemented on april 1st. while the date may be observed in some parts of the world as a chance to play practical jokes on friends no many people at this restaurants or in malaysia see the funny side of the goods and services tax. al jazerra kuala lumpur.
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and for more on some of the stories you have seen in this newscast today check out our website, that is the lead story, of course, the victory of mohamedd buhari over goodluck jonathan. keep it here. >> born in the usa, but miles away from the american dream. half a million children, u.s. citizens are legally caught between two countries and fighting to survive in lawless areas of mexico. >> it is a dangerous, dangerous area. just driving around this area makes a little nervous because kidnap something right here. it also has the highest murder rates in the entire country. >> a generation of american kids lost in america. i'm ali velshi.