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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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intense fighting continues in the southern yemeni city of aden as saudi arabia-led air strikes try to force the houthi attack. hello there, you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up on the programme. i.s.i.l. withdraws from parts of the syrian capital after seize are areas at the yarmouk palestinian refugee camp. nigeria's president promises to defeat boko haram, the country's first change of leader.
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plus. >> i'm laurence lee in rural ireland with the best news the issue have had for years, it's down these ladies. >> we begin in yemen when the crisis continues 76 have been injured this clashes, according to medical sources. this video is set to show the sizing in the central district. it's a stronghold of the president abd-rabbu mansour hadi, currently in saudi arabia. houthi fighters and allies advanced in an m of tanks in the district -- column of tanks. 123 have been killed in fighting in the past four days.
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yemen's foreign minister said an intervention is needed. yes, there is heavy fighting invasion, by the houthis rebel. and other groups. they are trying to invade to take hold of the position in order to - just to do two things. first of all, that aden is in their hands, that's what they wanted and they want also to declare - to declare to everyone. they don't care about shading
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and bombarding. experience against houses. experience. and they are shelling everywhere. it can protected. there's no one fighting. the intervention is mandatory. it is necessary at this time. the saudi military denied. 23 people have been killed in the attack. the saudi led air offensive is targetting missiles air offensives and depots belonging to the rebels. >> these are what the saudi army says are ammunition depots in areas controlled by the houthis. the saudis say houthi rebels
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acquired a huge number of weapons over the past few months. they worry that these weapons may be used in revenge attacks against saudi arabia. all the targets are destroyed. the diary factory became an inferno in the western port city. dozens were killed. monday evening, an air strike hit a refugee camp. killing many people. the united nations condemned the attack, calling it a violation of international law. the houthis blamed the saudi arabia-led coalition for targetting civilians. accusations dismissed by the coalition. >> the houthis attacked the dairy factory. sources confirmed that the rebels used rockets and people were killed. houthis used propaganda the yemenists know that the military
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intervention freed them from the country. >> air strikes intensified in the south of the country. forces and houthis are pulling out from areas. intense ground fighting moved to the port city of aden. a successist group says it hoped to take over the southern cities international airport, and the surrounding area. >> the secessionist is one of a number of groups now fighting the houthis on the ground. each has its own agenda. players include forces loyal to president abd-rabbu mansour hadi, and various. the saudi arabia foreign minister says regaining control of yemen will not come but the region defends on it. saudis are building support.
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foreigners are trapped in yemen, straight to leave. about 350 citizens left for djibouti aboard the ship last night. for all those that remain there are growing concerns and no sign of a ceasefire soon. it's believed the fighter is from the islamic state of iraq and levant that they have now withdrawn from the palestinian refugee camp in syria's capital. i.s.i.l. fighters ceased a large part of the camp in damascus. the camp has been the scene of fighting between rival groups since 2012. a government siege saw wide-spread starvation this the camp and violence prevented aid groups from doing their work. >> chris is a spokesperson for the u.n.'s agency for refugees
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and spoke about the human tarian situation inside the camp. >> we are concerned for the safety and protection of syrians and palestinian civilians in yarmouk since early afternoon there were fierce clashes. fierce clashes in the vicinity of the 18,000 civilians who were there. now, remember amongst those are 3,500 children. and their lives are in danger. they were in danger of displacement in danger of being severely injured. which is why we are saying all the parties must respect their obligations to protect civilians, we are concerned about children. >> one of the other key battle grounds in the fight against i.s.i.l. is the iraqi city of tikrit, which the group held for months. the iraqi army forced the fighters out of the city center. the advance was hailed as a
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massive victory by the prime minister who headed to the city promising to restore normality. i.s.i.l. fighters have been driven out of the central city. three neighbourhoods remain under their control. >> for nigeria now, a new president says it's time for the country to heal its wounds. they vowed to beat boko haram, and build a better future for the country. ali mustafa reports -- haru mutasa reports from abuja. >> reporter: here they remember days when people pushed and shoved to get on buses. they say muhammadu buhari brought order, he demanded compliance forcing cities to be
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cleaned up. now he's back, some hope he will tackle the many challenges in nigeria. we are the grassroots. we are sovereign. >> nigeria is one of the world's largest oil producers, but many don't have access to electricity. >> they don't have the power or logistics. they have to manage their own economy. when muhammadu buhari addressed the nation he called for all nigerians to unite and work together. >> this is not the time for confrontation. this is a moment where we need to hear the words, and work to a better future. [ clapping ] >> we do this first by extending a hand of friendship and conciliation, across the
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country. >> those who worked with him, when he was in uniform say he was tough. a disciplinarian and perceived to be less corrupt than others in the political elite. >> all political leaders were taken into detention, there were investigation, and those who didn't find anything with or against. something was held up in the public square that looked as a nation we cannot fall blow the standard. critics say he violated human rights imposed austerity and favoured those from the north where he came from. he admits he was not perfect, saying he sa reformed politician. >> some here called him the incorruptible politician. nigerians will be watching him, ready to hold him accountable if he fails to deliver on his promises. the new democratically elected leader promises to serve and
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govern. what kind of legacy he plans to leave depends on how he performs in office. >> talks on iran's nuclear future are continuing in switzerland, well past the deadline of tuesday. secretary of state john kerrry said he'll stay at the talks on thursday. the white house is putting pressure on iran saying it is time to show that it is committed to reaching a deal. the diplomatic editor is in james bays following the talks from where he sent us this update. we have seen from simon's reports a marathon nature. they are still talking and they are still ongoing. i picture from what i'm hearing, that it may be possible to get an agreement, but as you heard in simon's report is it going to be the framework agreement that the u.s. were promising. the word coming from we were sources, the german foreign
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minister saying he doesn't think it's likely that they'll get an agreement, although there are german proposal put to the iranians in the coming hours. the white house saying it's prepared to walk away for now there has been progress made they are waiting for tangible commitments from the iranians. what are they saying in the last couple of hours, 20 minutes or so. the iranian foreign minister was taking a stroll along the lake and i managed to get questions to him. >> how are things going? >> we are trying doing our best to move forward and resolve the issue, and i hope we can benefit from it. >> do you think we can do it tonight. i have no idea. it depends whether the countries need to move forward. i, for one have been ready and are ready to move forward tonight or tomorrow or whenever it is appropriate. >> how long are you prepared to stay here? >> well, as long as it's huge
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and necessary and it will be determined on the accomplishment. mr zarif walked in the hotel and is back in a meeting, a one on one meeting that started after the walk with the secretary of state john kerry. trying to deal with the details that need to be sorted. the devil is in the detail and they are sticking points. it's not just in the details of what they are agreeing it's in the details of what they are going to make public. because i think the u.s. certainly wants concrete details and numbers to be made public to show them to congress say look what we have achieved. you should not introduce sanctions. you could destroy all of this. for the iranians they wouldn't want many details, they'd want more of this in play ahead of the next deadline end of june of course the talks still ongoing in lausanne.
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coming up on al jazeera - another shooting attack in istanbul, a day after a hostage keeper and two gunmen dead. the numbers will continue to rise.
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. >> time for top stories on al jazeera. intensifying continued in aden. houthi fighters - an estimated 122 people reportedly had been
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killed in aden since march 28th. >> fighters from islamic state of iraq and levant withdrew from the yarmouk refugee camp. fighters seized large parts of the camp. nigeria's presidential election winners said he'll spare no effort in trying to defeat the armed group boko haram? >> he made the comments during the first arrest to the nation as he announced the winner? >> let's go back to the top story. it's triggered a way for people to leave the country. some are headed to djibouti. less than 40km away across the red sea. aid agencies say they are bracing for thousands more to come. >> the djibouti down - boats carrying refugees arrived. women, children and ben all
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fleeing -- and men all fleeing. they are exhausted. they have been in the rickety boat for 5 hours navigating through the waters between yemen and djibouti. fishermen fled from a town with his wife and five children. >> translation: we never wanted to leave. we were forced to leave by the houthis, who came to the town and laid siege to it. they controlled everything. we couldn't go fishing. most businesses are closed. we couldn't find anywhere to by food. >> they were offered food. they joined dozens of country men that arrived in the past few days. they'll be taken to a permanent refugee camp. they were prepared to host up to 5,000 refugees. for months they have been preparing for the arrival of
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yemeni refugees. there has been a clear division. it's not just yemeni refugees who are arriving. hundreds of ethiopian migrants crossed in search of a better life, and are fleeing back. international organization set up a transit camp. >> it offers transportation back to the country. >> the migrants came back week and dehydrated when they take the boat back? >> they could easily get lost. they offer a medical and psychological help. >> reporter: just as some returning from yemen are bussed home. groups arrived from ethiopia they are eager to reach yemen. they ran to a point where it ran around. they are oblivious to the dangers that lay ahead.
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>> let's go to turkey, the largest city is on high alert after a second shooting in as many days. this time the police headquarters in istanbul were targeted. bernard smith has the details. >> a man and woman armed with long-range weapons, approaching the headquarters and started firing. police returned fire killing the woman and wounding the man. he escaped and was caught not long after. the woman, according to the man's office was carrying a bomb. this comes 24 hours after a hostage situation at the main courthouse where a prosecutor was taken hostage by two members of a left-wing group. they held him at a gun point. the prosecutor was killed and gunmen killed. where the prosecutor was held hostage. istanbul's police are saying that this city is on high alert
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after both of these incidents the palestinian authority is now officially a member of the international criminal court. it's part of a move by the palestinians to increase global pressure on israel. as jonah hull reports, the progress will be neither quick nor simply. >> the palestinian authority foreign minister emerged from a welcoming ceremony at the international criminal court in the hague. palestinians were a step closer to justice, but it will not be quick. >> we seek justice because it is the anchor in which peace and stability can be established. >> do you accept in this might take a long time to bring action against israel to the international court. >> we will not alter the work or the mechanisms established by i.c.c. we want to provide whatever information is available in our hands in order to facilitate and
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accelerate the process of an investigation done by the i.c.c. . >> in a preliminary examination of the facts on the ground the prosecutors are looking at two areas of concern, first a settlement building on occupied palestinian land considered illegal under international law, and second. the actions of israel's army in the gaza war last year. it will be for chief prosecutor to decide whether a formal investigation should be launched and later whether charges should be filed. such is the heavy political weight of the israeli palestinian conflict that the court will want to be certain of itself before proceeding. >> it's very premature to speculate on the outcome of the local analysis of the prosecutor. what i think is important at this stage is to allow the prosecutor this possibility, analysing all the relevant
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information and arguments, the gravity and type of crimes the perpetrators. one problem is the question of palestinian war crimes. amnesty international published a report into allegations of war crimes committed by hamas. the chief prosecutor here said that she will investigate both sides without fear or i favour. it could expose plainions to charges at the international criminal court. after years of protests over paying low wages, fast food client mcdonald's announced it's raising hourly pay for 90,000 workers. let's get more of this from john hendren live in chicago. what more details do we have about edmonton announcements?
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>> this is a big reversal from a major food company. mcdonald's said it will add $1 above the federally mandated wage for each workers. some states have higher minimum wages than the federal wage. they'll get a dollar over that much the federal minimum wage is $7.25. workers get more than that. by the end of 2016 the companies said workers will receive more than $10 an hour. the company is adding vacation. you can accrue 20 hours of vacation in a year. so this is a major change for a company that argued that the minimum wage was appropriate. it suggests however, that there could be a major change throughout the u.s. because mcdonald's is a major employer following wal-mart and target in making the changes.
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putting pressure on other countries. that minimum wage has not been raised in some time in congress. they have to hold a vote to raise it each time. this really suggests that that federally mandated minimum wage may be a moot point. the market may be taking over. >> john hendren in chicago. thank you in other news let's go to mexico where the state-run oil company pemex's four died after a fire broke out at one of its platforms. 45 were injured in the blaze which happened in the gulf of mexico 10 months after seizing power in thailand marshall law has been lifted. it imposed another security order meaning the military will retain its powers. the leadership is using the moves to consolidate its control. 60 families have been evacuated
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from a town in southern albania after gas and lunch erupted from the grouped. villages are blaming a meesh oil-drilling operation for the eruptions farmers over ireland are celebrating april 1st as a red-letter day, a day in which european union restrictions on dairy produce supplied have been abolished. the government in dublin says lifting the quotas will transform ireland to a major milk supplier from asia to africa. laurence lee reports on how agriculture is helping the irish economy back to growth. >> reporter: for all ireland's plans to be an economic power, it is the cow that that do it. they are lifting the shackles on the aim of milk that can be
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produced. communities like this have seen sons and daughters forced to move abroad during the downturn. no longer. >> there's cows in every parish of the country. they won't all expand but a lot will be extra cows milk coming in to every parish it's across the economy. they should get a boost. >> there's no doubt in the potential. in this country the milk flows like water. >> thinking back to the economy. the collapse of the bank the austerity, and the attempt to rebuild, and the idea that agriculture cap be a foundation zone of a sustainable business model. the lifting of the milk quotes came at the right time for the country. and this is white gold. ireland will export 90% of what it produces. a small county can't produce much but they beckon for things
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like infant powered milk and cheese. >> we bring in customers from the middle east to visit facilities, we don't bring them to the factories, the first place is down to the farms, so they can see a degeneration of -- a generation of farming expertise that we have. that's the most impressive thing, the farmers we have on the farms. >> they are beyond excited, existing plans will be environmentally sustainable and will not drive farmers out of business. they see a role for ireland in encouraging food supply. markets like al jazeera. for countries that want to import the products. they don't have the water to produce volumes that we have to
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produce. this business, commercial opportunity is exciting. we are going to make sure that they can take advantage of that. >> ireland is an enthusiastic supporter of globalisation. the emerald isle is clean and wet and full of cows. now, a phobia of grass hoppers - if you have it i suggest you look away now. residents in parts of brazil are battling a grass hopper invasion possibly millions of the insects are jumping from town to town in the northern states. farmers watched the crops being devoured by the grass hoppers, which attack on mass. some producers say they'll have no fruit at all to sell next
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year. much more on that and all the other stories that we are covering here on al jazeera on the website. you can see the top story there - the u.s. prepared to baulk -- walk away from the iran nuclear talks which are continuing as we speak. [ ♪ ] this week on "talk to al jazeera", legendry music composer david foster . >> so mid '070, i guess i seriously. david foster has been nicknamed the hitman, a violent for many records collaborating with many big names in the industry. there's one