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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> you pick the hot topics and express your thoughts. "the stream", it's your chance to join the conversation. tuesday to friday, 3:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ and a warm welcome to this al jazeera news hour with me david foster coming from our studios in london and some of the stories we are studying in detail in the course of the next 60 minutes. >> today the united states together with our allies and partners has reached historic understanding with iran. >> reporter: a nuclear agreement between world powers and iran after decades of negotiations.
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147 people at least have been killed and as al-is a -- al-shabab storms a campus and they storm a presidential palace in aiden. i'm lee weldings with the sport and morocco back from the futbol wilderness and the two tournament ban is overturned. ♪ at last iran and six world powers have reached an understanding which it hoped will lead to a comprehensive nuclear agreement within three months as part of the future deal iran nuclear enrichment is limited to one side only and iran agreed to reduce the low enriched uranium from 10,000 kilos to just 300 and to cut the
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centrafuge from 19 to 6,000 the u.n. and u.s. will gradually lift nuclear-related sanctions after inspections by the nuclear atomic agency and a new deal to be concluded by june the 30th it will include a u.n. security council endorsement. and it will include significant economic and financial sanctions relief for iran the country's foreign minister welcoming the agreement to end all u.n. security council resolution against his country. >> it will be an end of security council resolutions that have been adopted against iran and now there will be certain limitations that some countries wish to impose against the islamic public and they do not include limitations in areas of
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finance, trade and economy and may include from their perspective cooperation areas may continue for an in our view a brief period of time and suspended and terminated. >> reporter: the u.s. president barack obama, well he called the deal historic. >> the united states together with our allies and partners has reached a historic understanding with iran which if fully implemented will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon. as president and commander-in-chief i have no greater responsibility than the security of the american people. and i'm convinced that if this framework leads to a final comprehensive deal it will make our country, our allies, and our world safer. >> reporter: mc-greger word is here where talks have been taking place and is the hard work done or we will agree to
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agree and work on the tough stuff later? >> reporter: i think it's better than that to be honest given in the hours leading to the announcement of the deal people are saying this is a very difficult phase of negotiations and failure was by no means being ruled out as a real possibility. we understood the days running up to this announcement that things were not going terribly well and the original idea to produce a detailed document was going to be far too difficult and we would get some vague frame of reference, some understandings, just enough to carry negotiations forward into the next phase. but i think the view here this evening is we have a better deal than the one we were expecting with more meat on the bone and more details and numbers and date references and talk about kilograms and centrefuge in detail and everyone is marking this as a success. >> assuming it goes according to
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plan and mentioned june the 30th is another date to be marked in the calendar for these negotiations, when would the sanctions against iran start? i know it wouldn't be immediate lifting of all sanctions and where would it start? >> reporter: no john kerry was challenged on that and the view seems to be that as assuming we get a deal at the end of june timing and sequencing when iran has to do things by what date and sequence we will get a clearer picture of when it might be possible for those sanctions to be lifted. the sanctions will be limited when iran is seen to have implemented all terms of the deal and those implementations will have to be verified by the iaea it's at that point that all the sanctions are lifted simultaneously. john kerry whether or not pushed at the press conference said i
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don't know, in my view it could be anywhere between four months and a year. but it is clear will be on the iran once this deal is forged by the end of june clearly the international community hopes it will be in iran's interest to implement it as soon as possible because when it does the sanctions will go. >> thank you and simon mc-greger wood where there have been hours and hours now of negotiations and the united states you would expect the republicans pretty quick to react to the news the house speaker john boehner saying a deal with iran represents an alarming departure from obama's initial goals and let's cross live to tom ackerman live for us in the united states. does this mean the republicans are going to try to do everything they can to prevent this deal going through or do they just now know it has an unstoppable momentum? >> well they have not said as much as that that they are
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trying to absolutely block it but the criticism here has been withering and the leading contender for the republican presidential nomination senator mark rubio said the administration was trying to spin a diplomatic failure and showed an farsical approach to iran basically saying iran people are not to be trusted. the chairman of the foreign relations committee is convening a hearing and actually a bill which is pending before the foreign relations committee on april 14th in which it would require a 60-day review of the eventual final agreement by the end of june supposedly and after which the congress may decide to have a second guess on this but it's not yet to the point where congress is definitely going to block the agreement.
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the response from the administration, some senior officials who just spoke with the press here said this would not be constructive, that this would undercut the ability to get a final deal done by supposedly by the end of june and that this would -- the risk is that this would derail negotiations and the u.s. would be blamed for that and as well allies would blame the united states as well. so the administration is pushing back. i might mention one other point that what you talk about spin which senator rubio mentioned, foreign minister zarif of iran put it just issued a tweet a little while ago objecting to the actual terms of the deal the perimeters is the way the state department described them saying there was no need to spin. so apparently the iran people are not quite happy with the way the administration, the u.s.
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administration is actually interpreting the fine details of this understanding, david. >> thank you. in tehran there have been hooting car horns and seem to be celebrating and people are on the streets of the iran capitol and expect a different reaction in israel, the prime minister there quick to react saying that any agreement must roll back iran's nuclear capabilities. and we are following the latest developments from jerusalem. >> reporter: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is the fierce critic about negotiations between western powers and iran trying to make this agreement that they have now reached to move forward. mr. netanyahu has consistently said that any kind of deal or agreement needs to involve a major as he put it roll back of iran's nuclear ambitions and it's quite telling that when
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president obama made his statement after the agreement was announced that he spoke at length about israel and israel's concern, mr. obama said that while he and mr. netanyahu don't see eye to eye on this issue, that he reaffirmed the u.s. commitment to israel security whatever the case, mr. netanyahu again as we have been saying has been a fierce critic of any kind of nuclear deal with iran and says the deal with iran not only threatens israel but the middle east and as he put it the rest of the world as well. >> there is no doubt the years of sanctions have hurt almost every aspect of iran's economy. and we take a look at lifting the international embargoes could mean. >> reporter: iran has the world's fourth largest reserves
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of crude oil and second largest reserve of natural gas. ten years ago the country pumped 4 1/2 million barrels of oil a day. now it is down to around only 2.8 million barrels. a deal could see iran produce an extra million barrels of crude aday but depends if they decide to return and invest there. >> not expecting miracles overnight but i think the italian and french and the shell as well as two american companies will see exxon and chevron are going to iran. >> reporter: sanctions have prevented iran from buying commercial jets built by boeing or air bus even secondhand. iran has said it wants 400 new planes as sanctions are lifted. iran's car industry would benefit. and at the peak in 2011 iran was
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producing more than a million and a half cars a year. there is no direct ban on imports and pharmaceutical but restricting on banking and shipping badly hit the healthcare sector, a deal would help iran get medical supplies it needs. sanctions have shot tehran out of the global banking system and several of the state-owned banks are close to collapse and opening of this sector would help. iran's currency would get a boost but corruption would still be a problem. >> i think the government of president rouhani have to privatize the economy further and remove the power of the quasi national and governmental organizations from the economy in order to make it more productive. >> reporter: more than half of people here are too young to remember the revolution of 1979. they have grown up in a country
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where one in four people are out of work. the cost of living keeps rising. many will be holding their breath now hoping things will change. i'm with al jazeera. let's bring in the political correspondent of iran newspaper i'm going to ask you about the conditions on the streets of tehran and how tough it has been for the people in just a moment but first you were not expecting anything as large as far reaching as this am i right? >> that is true because when you look at the document that u.s. state department has put out under perimeters almost four page long document and majority of that more than three quarters of that document deals with the limitations that they are going to put on iran's nuclear program and very little on the sanctions. and as you remember mr. zarif today turned it as a win-win
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situation. but when you look at it when you go through the document it's more like a lopsided win for the west. >> where does iran lose out then? >> in the enrichment and one of their jewel of the crown was built under the mountain to protect it against any military attack by israel or u.s. they are going to just turn it into a like a center for physics and nuclear research and the other things that iran that we did not expect iran to accept was the iraq heavy water. >> where the west is going to come in and help them rebuild it and repurpose it. >> that is correct and redesign it and no platonium produced there and the amount of leu from 10,000. >> low enriched uranium. >> yes, which is used for
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enrichment in the future if they wanted to. >> to further it. >> that is right and also the breakout time from 2-3 months as mr. kerry said today will be increased to one year so the west will have time to preempt it if they decide to. >> they are moving all of this low enriched uranium out of the country and cutting 98%. >> correct. >> it begs the question if iran never had the intention of building a nuclear device why would it miss any of this why is this like an enormous concession going to that stage? >> why didn't iran agree to all these things five years ago? iran has spend more than $200 billion up words of $200 billion on the nuclear program. >> what is the answer to that in your opinion? >> you have to ask mr. zarif and iran officials why they spent so much money, because they wanted to keep the west preoccupied with this issue. >> also quite possible that the
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sanctions have hurt the iran people and the economy far more in the last five years than they expected. >> this is why they have decided to cry uncle and to accept all these terms. >> american turf and i submit i give in. >> exactly. >> how difficult has it been on the streets? not just tehran but all iran towns and villages for ordinary folk who really have nothing to do with this? >> most folks are very unhappy about the inflation. the prices go up in iran hourly not daily or weekly but hourly so most people are hoping that because of this deal if it comes to fruition in three-months time there will be some, you know easement on the inflation. >> and if it doesn't change will there be trouble for those who agreed to this? >> it could be. it could be. but of course you know iran
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regime is tightly controlling the population in order to be on top of things. >> certainly fascinating times and thank you very much. >> more than welcome. >> good to have you. still to come here on al jazeera, more than 50 people die after a russian sinks in's in the sea off the coast, conflict continues in yemen and we take a look at the toll it's having on some of the world's poorest people. in sport a jockey finds out why you should always hold on tight if you can and leave it with that and the rest of sport. ♪ al-shabab gunmen killed 147 people at a university in northeastern kenya, the group's deadliest attack on kenya soil. last gun menstormed the campus
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in the city taking hundreds of students hostage and it's over the siege now but dusk to dawn cure curfew is in place and first a report from emma on the day's dramatic events. >> reporter: supposed to be a place of learning but instead became a battle ground and kenya troops tried to flush out al-shabab tighters hold up inside the university college. they stormed the building in the early hours of the morning while students were sleeping. [siren] security forces were deployed and it's close to kenya's border with somalia and targeted before by al-shabab, a somali based group linked to al-qaeda and some students were taken hostage, others managed to escape. >> they started jumping up and down running for their lives but
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it's unfortunate where they are going to is where they were coming from. >> reporter: within hours al-shabab said it was behind the assault. many of the injured suffered gunshot wounds and inside the hospital where they were treated pain grief and horror. [crying] . >> translator: we were praying and were about to finish when some people came from the main door and started shooting. they started shooting. there was one gunman firing from the doorway so i had to jump out of the window and that's when i was hit by a bullet in the leg. >> reporter: this attack will undoubtedly lead to questions about whether enough security was being provided at the university. >> 90% of the threat was eliminated as i speak to you now at a cost. a very very large cost with regard to human life loss and as
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it stands now we are able to rescue over 500 students. >> reporter: dusk to dawn curfew is in place here kenya people once again trying to come to terms with the loss of so many emma with al jazeera. let's hear from malcolm web our correspondent who got there soon after this began. >> after heavy fire fighting this afternoon that reached a climax to the end of the afternoon and during which we had a couple of loud explosions after that the fighting stopped and we have since spoke tone a couple of people on the phone who were inside the university compound so this information is not coming from official sources but from eyewitnesses we have spoken to and said at the moment security services are still a bit concerned and worried about going into the building into the students' residents building where the fighting was and dead hostages are because they think
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there may be one assailant in there and the explosions this afternoon may be one or possibly two assay say lents wearing vests and blowing them up and the rest could bewaring suicide vests and people are treading cautiously to try to find what they believe is the last remaining killer. >> let's talk to a writer commentator on african affairs and the timing of this it is holy week we have good friday approaching, we have easter sunday coming up it's the most important day in the christian calendar, do you think this was done deliberately to shock people at a time when they should be reflecting on their faith? >> it is terrible and i think it's deliberate it's shocking and to provoke more is also to get sufficient coverage and it's the case also but i think probably to harm and hurt the others and other faiths. but beyond that i think really
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some christians, and some others will probably respond with a sense of resentment and give opportunity for those guys to recruit more all an average of kenya or somali origin who is generally neutral. the looked upon rather suspiciously he or she or he is angry and they will recruit more. >> has the current kenya administration since the days of the west gate mall siege which was about 18 months ago, the end of 2013 has it done enough to secure places such as this university or is it impossible given the length of the border with somalia to ensure the safety of people in that area? >> it is difficult to do enough but i think quite clearly they have not but you also need to remember that kenya is in terrible shock tonight and mourning and colleagues of yours and mine in kenya tonight and
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some cannot even talk about it because it's an incident of the west gate and west gate was probably the worst that could happen and indeed that is the kenya government. after that there was a promise of tough ending up on the question of security and in the country and considering this is a stated earlier this is common sense and leading to easter and these traditions surely the vast majority of kenyas will be asking why have lax security leading to the season and definitely in this case al- al-shabab and they hit on christmas day and the thinking is the same and knew and needs to be dealt with. >> what does this say about the claim by somalia government and i spoke with them in three months and they say al-shabab is a force in our country and what
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does it say about that about the kenya authorities this is a small group and fighters who have been left after the group was largely destroyed, has that been proven wrong? >> proven wrong and in the past few days there were reports by various intelligence agent and kenya president says kenya is stable. it has been angered that kenya thought that the more cautious the rest of the world is perhaps the more that might lose on tourism and perhaps more citizens would ask about sufficient secure the but on this occasion what happened as a result is far much worse. the point is hit at the core of the kenya future and that is the kenya youth university students and it's terribly shocking and kenya authorities and african union need to think together today and share intelligence how much intelligence-led
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approach to the issue and find a way forward other than that probably worst can come. >> thank you very much. >> yes. houthi fighters have made significant gains in the battle for control of yemen. these pictures are said to show rebels on top of the presidential palace in the southern city of aiden. the port city there. president haidi had been there until a week ago. on thursday the houthis also took control of the commercial center of the city. and attacks on the presidential palace is a major blow to the saudi-led coalition which is being carrying out air strikes for about the last week. saudi arabia experienced the first casualty since the campaign started, the interior ministry saying a border guard, a border guard soldier was killed by gunfire from across the yemen border and ten soldiers apparently hurt. in another development al-qaeda
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has been taken advantage of turmoil to expand the foot hold in the country and fighters from the groups in an eastern city and freeing hundreds of people among them an al-qaeda leader. now the saudi-led coalition spokesman confirmed houthi attacks on yemen but says they are now working that is if coalition to isolate the houthi fighters in the port city. >> translator: we manage to stand off all houthi fighters on the outskirts of aiden and say the situation is calm and stable. following the houthis coup against the legitimate president of yemen they took control of the resources and military gear of the yemen armed forces and the presidential palace came under attack. some houthi fighters were able to stake take station in the city yesterday they attempted to seize control of certain government facilities heavy fighting erupted and incidents were expected by coalition
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forces simply because tactics and techniques by houthi malitias are well-known to us. they are also aiming to gain certain media victories and they are totally isolated in aiden and being hunted down and targeted at various locations within the city. we are in close contact with popular resistance fighter and rid the city of them. >> reporter: yemen capitol sanaa is pretty much locked down and thousands of people have fled or stayed at home to avoid all of the trouble on the streets. which makes life tough for people who run small businesses many of which are closing down as jamal discovered. >> reporter: a food store that is open for business in sanaa and it's a rare site in a city under bombardment, the war in yemen has not only forced people to flee their homes in search of a safe haven but made many businesses shut their doors as an already battered economy is
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further devastated. >> translator: there are very few people left and everyone has fled and those who stayed live alone without their families so hardly anyone comes to buy anything any more. >> reporter: what makes things more difficult is that his shop is not far from the airport and the military air base. prime targets from saudi-led air strikes against houthi fighters who currently control the capitol. in yemen almost one million children under the age of five are malnourished and the world food program says about 13 yemen depend on polluted or dirty water for drinking. >> translator: there is no doubt this war has gravely effected yemen and food and other products are available, the average yemen can no longer afford most things and add the fact many families are now displaced and making poverty and unemployment rise drastically. >> reporter: back at the store he finally has a customer. but all he buys is a bottle of
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water. water. >> translator: now i'm lucky if i make $20 a day, how can i pay my rent or electricity bills, if the situation stays like this i'm sure i will be out of business within days. >> reporter: as the war in yemen rages on for the ordinary citizen everyday is a battle for survival, al jazeera. israeli troops are looking for a man who went missing in the hebron area of the west bank on fears he may have been abducted. police alerted on thursday afternoon the man disappeared after stopping to fix a flat tire and seeking assistance in a nearby palestinian village. last year three israeli teenagers were abducted and killed in the west gate bringing a chain of events with a 50-day conflict in gaza. russian troller has sunk off the country's far east coast and at least 54 of the crew died. fishing boat at the scene, 63 people were in near freezing
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waters rescues and 15 others are still missing and the cause is unclear and the ship sank in 15 minutes possibly after hitting ice and most crew from russia and from myanmar. french authorities investigators found 150 sets of dna at the german wings crash but it will take as much as five more weeks to officially identify the victims. they have also found the second black box and say given the condition of it they hope to recover the data and the day of the crash said the pilot andreas lubitz was alone in the cockpit and knocked the pilot out. prosecutors in germany say andreas lubitz had been doing internet searches about ways to commit suicide days before the crash. >> translator: the user informed himself without medical treatment and different kinds and the implementation of a suicide on at least one day the
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search for several minutes on cockpit doors and their safety precautions. >> reporter: leaders of the 7 top political parties in uk trading blows in a televised election debate. 35 days ahead of the parliamentary poll. the broadcast focused on economy, healthcare and immigration as lawrence lee reports. >> reporter: so a phenomenon in british politics three parties from dominated so long and seen their demanding change and up against insurgent parties from the left and from the right. and the national party accused labor of selling out the poor and demand the rich pay. >> make scotland voice heard and there is a voice for new, better and progressive politics at westminster. >> reporter: on the right the uk independence party accused the conservatives of selling out
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britain by letting in too many immigrants and pandering to europe. >> depressed the wages for ordinary people, made buying houses for youngsters very difficult and made it tough to get a gp appointment and not been good for this country. >> reporter: issues like the uk budget deficit and see how far apart the greens are from traditional economics. >> it's worth saying over the past 100 years about half of it britain ran a higher gdp ratio and no one worried about it much. >> reporter: david cameron accused everybody else. >> i hear more debt and more taxes, a lot more debt and more taxes, some more debt and taxes and more debt and taxes. >> reporter: so that is it, the one and only chance during this election campaign that the 7 party leaders in the new political landscape will have been seen together not much love loss between them but the polls have so close with coalition of two and potentially three parties in the next
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governance looks more and more likely, whether they can get along with each other to make a government work, well that is another question lawrence lee, al jazeera manchester. still ahead on this al jazeera news hour occupy athens a group of said greece parliament demand the release of marxist prisoners and a sand storm causes chaos in the gulf. we have details if you stay with us here on al jazeera. ♪
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the campus in the northeast city taking hundreds hostage, and a curfew in the local area has been put in place. the agreement comes after more than a decade of to say the least tense negotiations about what it's doing and plans for nuclear program and the energy agency called on iran to suspend iran enrichment and processing activities. talks with uk france and germany led to the 2004 paris agreement under which iran suspended enrichment pending talks but those talks were broken off the following year after iran began producing uranium-hexofloride and iaea referred them to the u.n. security council. as it worsened iran announced in 2006 it had enriched uranium for
5:38 pm
the first time in the plant, the u.n. security council began imposing sanctions, u.s. political climate changing this 2009 when the in coming obama administration said it would participate fully with talks between iran and the five security council and the talks came to nothing until things changed in tehran and weeks of inauguration of president in august 2013 rouhani government had new proposals. november of that year agreement reached on a joint plan action and enrichment for easing of sanctions and talks began on a comprehensive agreement. joining us from washington d.c. an international lawyer the managing director of the law group, it took me some time to go through all of those steps over the last 12 years or so but i think what was important to
5:39 pm
show was to show that both sides have gone back on what they agreed to do what is the hold either iran or the western powers to this agreement this time if it does come to fruition? >> well, i think there is a lot of provisions in this agreement, the joint plan that has been issued, that call for what is called snap back or triggers that will cause the sanctions to go back into place and there are many limitations on this agreement for iran and some going as far forward as 25 years from now. so with that in place and limitations in mind the sanctions will be phased very gradually and there is a trigger that would allow those sanctions to go in place if iran was to breach any of the provisions. >> would it have to go back to the u.n. or would it simply be a matter of the p 5 plus 1 permanent five members plus european union saying getting together and saying sorry the deal is off, would it have to go to the security council?
5:40 pm
>> the current statement has been issued calls for a dispute resolution system and mechanism for p 5 plus 1 member states to address agreements if they feel iran is not complying with the provisos of the agreement so i leave that will be the initial channel for addressing any kind of potential accusations of breach. >> do you think it's easy to enforce, to check as iaea is going to do whether iran is keeping to all of this? >> well president obama said that these provisions in this agreement are very intrusive and very deep and this is the most intrusive set of inspections that will happen to any country nuclear program. so if we are to rely on that i think there are many mechanisms by which this inspection regime will be kept solid and constant monitoring of facilities.
5:41 pm
>> and they have so much gas, does it mean it's something they will start selling both those on the international market? >> right, well, the current agreement says once iran fulfills obligations there will be a phase, repeal of certain limited sanctions and must remember this will not result in all sanctions being repealed and many oil and gas sanctions from u.s. site predate iran nuclear file so remember not all the sanctions on the u.s. side will be repealed. so yes, there will be some limitations removed and it will remain to be seen whether companies feel confident enough to want to return to the iran market and oil sector and whether they feel they are in the clear so to speak from any kind of sanctions from the u.s. or the eu so this will not be a flip of the switch type of a repeal of the sanctions for iran it will be phased and obviously some delay and remains to be seen what that appetite by the companies will be with
5:42 pm
regards to involving an iran's oil and gas sector. >> thank you very much indeed talking to us there out of washington d.c. on how it might all or might not work we will see. in greece a number of people occupying the central administration of the university and occupation in many weeks what they want is release of prisoners and the abolition of counter terror law and so far the left wing government turned a blind eye but occupation is proving an embarrassment as john reports. >> reporter: the banners denounce authority of any kind. the demand of release of prisoners on hunger strike some of whom belong to gorilla group and they want the left wing government to make good on a promise to scrap plans for high security prisons. a bill to that effect is already
5:43 pm
in parliament. >> translator: the people who are on hunger strike are in jail primarily for their beliefs and only to a secondary degree for what they did. greece is in a state of submission particularly of the middle class and poor people and this is connected to the hunger strike. it's a question of winning back freedom and you can't criminalize people going out to protest. >> reporter: university campuses are a traditional base for people because police were ban from entering them after they brutally suppressed a 1973 student uprising. that ban on police entry has now been abolished and athens university chancer has invited police to intervene and athens prosecutor has ordered them to do so but so far police say they have no plans to force out this occupation. city presents itself as an open government and removed crowd control barriers the front of parliament and screening from ministries and some disagree with the law enforcement
5:44 pm
attitude. >> translator: there is no authority on campuses. we could sent the occupiers away and threaten them with the rest but students do nothing, and do nothing and police do nothing and these people don't even discuss things they announce their views and are absolute and it's their way or the highway. >> reporter: before it came to power cities had civil disobedience against the government and encouraged motorists not to pay tolls and merchants not to issue receipts evading sales tax and the first political act as teenager was to organize occupation with the high school but he quietly abanned ban doned the positions and it cannot go to the left without losing its antiauthoritarian image and they can disown the city now it represents authority, john with al jazeera athens. won the election and nigeria
5:45 pm
president elect muhammadu buhari says the economy and tackling corruption are his priorities. from legos harry reports on what nigerians may expect. >> reporter: here is the central business district in legos, the commercial capitol of nigeria. across the highway and over the bridge is the port that brings in billions of dollars a year. under the bridge are some of many traders in the city, times are hard in africa's largest economy. economists say most people in legos work in the informal sector and he expects president elect muhammadu buhari to put the needs of the poor first. >> that is our friend and due to the population we have and the economy is supposed to be a while ago and it is not. >> reporter: nigeria one of the largest largest oil producers in the world and people complain this wealth is not trickling down to
5:46 pm
them. >> it has been an economy of an elite striving to distract rent from a sector of the oil economy. and unfortunately the nature of the dominant political party in the country the last 60 years was crafted essentially for elite accommodation in the sharing of this rent. >> reporter: muhammadu buhari what was a patrol um minister has to tackle corruption in oil sector and they say the public is widespread. >> avoid doing contracts with government and avoid private sector contracts altogether and do the private sector so there is going to be a need for the muhammadu buhari government to actually conduct what you call a revamping of the public sector and civil status. >> reporter: it won't be easy changing a culture that has become indemic in most nigerian
5:47 pm
society. corruption here did not start with president goodluck jonathan and unlikely it will end under muhammadu buhari's watch but say they it will be sacrifice if it were drastically reduced and have high hopes and expectations and the four year term in office will be challenging. they are hoping managers will turn around their fortune. major sand storms hits cities across the gulf and caused problems in due dubai where the busy aport was grounded and schools close and visibility down to as little as 500 meters but almost the length of a car and hospitals said there was a rise in patients with breathing difficulties and affected qatar and saudi as well. still ahead here on the news hour we have club futbol back in europe for the easter weekend
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and club weather problems keep on mounting we have news with that and the rest of the sport in just a moment.
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♪ in argentina they have been marking the 3 third anniversary of the conflict with the uk known as the fork lands and relations between the two countries are strained over the status of the islands and britain ruled since 1883 and
5:50 pm
ceremonies are planned across from argentina and we report from there. >> reporter: this belong to argentina and a phrase often heard her. and opening last year of the museum in buenos aires dedicated to explaining argentina case for sovereignty of the islands. >> translator: this is not a war museum, it's a peace museum we are trying to fill with symbols of justice and the occupation of the islands continues fed by politics of colonialism. >> reporter: britain last month said it's increasing military defense of islands resent decision by argentina to buy russian armaments including long-range fighter jets and argentina said i was not a threat to peace in the region and sent strong letters of complaint to the u.n. and the organization of american states about what it called british war
5:51 pm
mongering. in the south atlantic ocean few argentina people have been there and 649 died in the 1982 conflict. 33 years after that conflict the scene remains high in the public consciousness. these are veterans of that conflict visiting the museum on their way from their homes in the north of argentina to a ceremony in the far south closer to the disputed islands. >> translator: our fight continues to be important to our word, our testimonies. >> translator: i still hope to one day step foot on what should be our territory and our comrades who died defending our land can rest in peace. >> reporter: argentina under command of a brutal military dove invaded the islands on april 2, 1982. britain which governed them since 1833 cents a task force to
5:52 pm
reclaim the islands and there was a conflict and total of 900 people were killed. despite that defeat argentina said what is now a peaceful claim to islands using diplomatic pressure to urge britain to at least negotiate over sovereignty. earlier this year it issued 50 peco notes reasserting its argument. and says while the islanders wants to remain under their authority there is nothing to discuss, the long standoff continues, al jazeera, buenos aires. and lee is with us in the news hour to deal with all sport. >> david thank you very much the ban on morocco in the next two editions of the cup of nations has been lifted by the court of arbitration of sport in switzerland, the governing body banned them from the 2017 2017
5:53 pm
tournaments and fined a million dollars because they did not want to host in january this year and wanted it to be delayed because they were concerned about the ebola epidemic and guinea stepped in to host and morocco lost hosting rights and their place in the finals. earlier we spoke to gary smith who covered the tournament and this problem over the ban and asked him how it will effect the reputation of the governing body. >> well it's a huge embarrassment because you see i'm looking at this from this point of view and thinking this is his fault because in the past few weeks we saw them themselves reduce the sentence giving to a country for another incident for tunisia and how they miss behaved during the tournament and for some weird reason reduced their ban in the center and have given to guinea so if
5:54 pm
the court of arbitration are looking at how they are not affording their own punishment and can say what is good for the goose is good for the gander and what they have done. >> reporter: deliberately reenforced his relationship with african futbol a few more months before being president and in fifa magazine said they must respect africa ahead of the congress in cairo next week and praised refreshing skills and technical technical fanesse where to reached knock out stages and africa and declared the nations will back him in the election. liverpool manager insists they have no intention of selling sterling, in the week sterling had the first one he revealed an unsanctioned interview and turned down a new contract worth $150,000 a week and sterling said his motivation was winning
5:55 pm
trophies and not money. >> the money doesn't come into so the club is not and doesn't want to sell it won't sell, as simple as that. money has never been the objective here for the club but it will be if any player left here if it was raheem or what player it will be the terms of the futbol club. >> reporter: said the current season shouldn't be considered legitimate because of his club's bankruptcy. the players and staff have not been paid since last july and club president has been arrested on money laundering and embezzlement charges and feels he denies it had an effect on the whole. >> translator: it is difficult to think this championship has been legitimate because these issues have made a profound impression and hope it can begin again at a high level possible and want him to disappear or in
5:56 pm
the fourth decision and hope they are wrong because of the history of the club and wouldn't be just. >> reporter: international will spend a month away from playing on medical advice after suffering a third concussion in three months and says the advice case from a neurologist this week and increasing concern about the long-term effects of concussion in the sport but the situation with north is more pressing due to him being knocked unconscious in resent weeks playing for club and country. the coach of england cricket team has bluntly dismissed the issue of kevin peterson potential return to cricket and flown to the caribbean for a test match serious but peterson from exile hangs over a dreadful world cup campaign after the new chairman of english cricket said the coach is refusing to discuss this with so much acrominy. >> that is not my decision and i
5:57 pm
have enough decisions to make with 16 it's not about me getting personal this is about an england team. >> reporter: finally jockeys among sports toughest and most resilient breeds, and has been proven again by lewis ferguson and he was riding in the uk and loss control of his horse, and, well that happened painful. but let me reassure you not only did he escape serious injury and he is already back in the saddle and ready to compete in a day of the nasty moment. >> resilient tough or down right tough. >> reporter: the jockeys know how to handle themselves. >> thank you very much and look at our website al, al that's it for me but only for the news hour for the news hour team and thanks for watching and i'll be back in a couple of minutes.
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♪ today the united states together with our allies and partners has reached a historic understanding with iran. >> reporter: a nuclear agreement between world powers and iran after more than a decade of talking. ♪ i'm david foster live from london with al jazeera and also coming up, coming up, 147 killed many more injured after al-shabab storms the university campus in kenya. an important gain fo