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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 3, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> if you have an agenda with people, you sometimes don't see the truth. >> "talk to al jazeera". only on al jazeera america. >> intensifying warfare in yemen. houthi rebels under siege in aden as al-qaeda take over a military base. hello you're watching al jazeera live from london. coming up, a jubilant return home from a foreign minister as the president promises to stick to the terms of the historic nuclear deal. and den i can't kenya an attack that left 150 people dead.
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and fishermen free from the net of traffickers. we begin in yemen where the battle for control of the port city of aden is indense flying. street battles where 12 rebels have died in the latest violence. saudi-led coalition has been attacking from the air. >> reporter: the battle for aden is raging. fighters loyal to president abd rabbuh mansur hadi are struggling to cope. >> we are the southern youth resistence in aden, and we're confronting the houthis. we urge saudi to parachute troops from the ground. there must be forces on the ground. the people here are under bombardments. there are deaths, and families
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remain under siege. we can't get to this them. but despite the ninth day of the saudi led aerial campaign the houthis and forces loyal to former president ali abdullah sa saleh remain strong and are fighting back. meanwhile, the they are engaged in street battles in the city. coalition jets bomb houthi forces and their allies in and around the airport. a number of airstrikes force the rebels and forces local to ali abdullah saleh to leave the presidential palace a day after they captured it. >> they were just on the top of the mountains. last night their heart was beating and i'm sure they were on the run. now they're effectively besieged. these people are belonged within
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the civilians. the unfortunate things that they're hitting the civilians from the tops of the hills where they're remaining there. >> the fight for yemen may be a long one and the number of casualtyies continue to grow. the u.n. said it is concerned. >> i call on all parties involved to make their obligations under international law, and do their utmost to protect the ordinary women children and men. reports from humanitarian partners in different parts of the country indicate that some 519 people have been killed, and nearly 1700 injured. >> china has sent one of its naval ships to aden to evacuate 225 chinese and foreign nationals. but millions of yemenis remain stranded. al jazeera. >> well, according to the saudi military they're winning in the battle to control aden and they've been providing troops on the ground through air drops.
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>> when the houthies reached the presidential palace yesterday our fighters from the popular resistence committees along side forces loyal to the the result is that the houthi militias and their fighters retreated from the presidential palace to other areas under their control. now they're cornered inside areas of aden. we're dealing with them. we've laid a type-one siege around saiden preventing any supplies being provided to them. we'll continue to operate until aden is back under our control. >> al-qaeda has been taking advantage of the turmoil to expand its foothold in yemen. they have reportedly seized an army base in mukalla. on friday they attacked a
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prisoner freeing 300 inmates. >> aside from reports by the agencies we also have our people on the ground there telling us that local sources have confirmed this takeover of an army base. apparently when it comes to the details of the base was either empty or soldiers were manning it without much fighting according to the local sources. this is interesting because al-qaeda in yemen is a complicated phenomenon. it's not just--it's not just one group. it is several groups, and one of them actually had to do with ali abdullah saleh the former president of yemen. there were operations in the past where jail breaks or when prisoners were released like what happened yesterday raised eyebrows and there were reports of saleh being involved in those situations even when he was
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fighting against al-qaeda, and when the americans were giving him money and other kinds of support to do that. in 2006, for instance, they were able to dig a tunnel 140 meters from the central jail in sanaa and safely leave the city. after that they escalateed their attacks on the targets in yemen. now it is a very favorable situation for houthies and saleh to see al-qaeda coming back, because that proves a point. ali abdullahali abdullah saleh said that he has been able it to keep al-qaeda in check. and now ali abdullah saleh al-qaeda will reappear. we've seen a jail break a year ago, and then the phenomenon of isis in iraq when several people
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broke out. now according to fears we can see isis material eyeing and alcid taking al-qaeda taking a lot of territory in the country. >> thank you. >> the iranian president has addressed the nation and promises to stick to the framework of the deal between iran and six world powers including the united states. barack obama believes it will keep the world a safer place. but it has also been criticized by the israelis. >> arriving back to a hero's welcome, iran's foreign minister
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zarif was greeted by supporters for many here work was achieved in lausanne is the beginning of the end of iran's international isolation. president rouhani promised a new era of cooperation. >> in from the day of agreement new corporations end in other areas of the world and will start a new phase with the world world. >> but there are powerful conservative critics in the nuclear deal, andrea than any and are a hawn anyand rouhani reassured them of iran's rights. >> ifthey have agreed with them. if they didn't then our nation would have alternatives to take.
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>> the conservative opposition to the israeli government and the israeli government see it as a dangerous situation. >> the deal will leave iran with a vast nuclear infrastructure but for negotiators themselves, who have spent countless hours in negotiations over the past 58 months the elusive agreement is a spectacular success. perhaps the most haw kish hashish among them stressed the importance. >> if this agreement is not entirely solid that would mean that iran would get a bomb. this is unacceptable. this is not perceived as solid. that means that the countries in the region could also start thinking of making a bomb, and that would be a nuclear
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proliferation, dangerous for all. >> the russian foreign minister said that the result was hopeful hopeful. the chinese called it good news for the world. it's not over yet. there are details yet to be worked out and possible pitfalls remain but the end of a nuclear stand off is in sight. al jazeera. >> a day after an al-shabab attack on an university in northern kenya red cross and government workers have been removing the bodies from the scene. 148 people, many of them students were killed in the violence. katherine soy spoke with some of the survivors. >> reporter: families in mourning. their loved one were unexpectedly and brutally taken away. this truck has been used all day to take bodies from the university to the mortuary.
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we find survivors traumatized tired. christina is packed and ready to be evacuated. >> they're telling the ladies to move out many moved out. >> the men were treated more harshly. >> you she hopes this is the last time she sees garissa. police and the military continue to gather crucial evidence from the military compound.
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>> the siege ends as dramatically as it started. those who were rescued are taken back to their homes. >> political leaders arrive in the town. >> we want to make sure that a plan is put in place. in order to do that we have characterized it is no business as usual. >> those who live here have heard it before. >> the security, the security will be beefed up. all of this will happen later. >> al-shabab fighters have been promising another spectacular attack like the nairobi westgate mall siege and
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they lived up to that promise. al jazeera gaissa in northern kenya. >> in this half hour waving goodbye to power. china's former security chief is charged with corruption. and why a new ban on the use of wild animals in mexico's circuses could leave hundreds of people without jobs.
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>> welcome back. you're watching al jazeera. let's take you through the top stories. the saudi coalition said that it it's laying siege against the houthi fighters in the southern
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yemeni city of aden. al-qaeda is suspected of seizing an army base in mukalla. an al-shabab attack on an university in kenya has killed 148. an iranian president has promised to abide by the deals greed toy by six world powers as long as they do the same. now in other stories we're following. fighters of the islamic state in iraq and the levant have found their way back to the yarmouk camp and say they are in control of it. the group made significant gains there on wednesday but was quickly expelled. it's the closest the group has come to damascus. elsewhere attacks at rebels
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positions at the functioning crossing between jordan and syria in some 15,000 antiquities now at risk of being sold off on the black market. syria's head of antiquities and museum pieces may may be at risk of being sold off. men are accused of breaking into a convent and raping an elderly nun. the 75-year-old was attacked last month. the case has prompted anger across average. the country that has seen a number of attacks against women during the past year. the battle for power in china has taken a dramatic turn. a man who ran the country's
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powerful internal security agency has been arrested and charged with bribely. abuse of power and leaking state secrets. zhou ya knicks gkngkang. >> confirmation that an once fear and powerful politician will stand trial. zhou yongkang had files on anyone that mattered. before his retirement he had also been a member of the politburo, the country's top decision-making body, a decision that in theory made him untouchable. but analysts say that zhou's mistake was to try to undermine xi jinping when he became president two and a half years ago. >> obviously it's a political rifle, and the charges are to
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get rid of him. >> when zhou does make an appearance, it will be in a court in a nearby city possibly in a few week's time. it's a scene unthinkable since never before has such a high ranking government official been treated this way. zhou's public disgrace follows the down fall. boxi li. the charges against zhou include leaking of state secrets. >> i think they want him killed. >> so far the campaign has ensnared 100,000 communist party
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officials as well as senior generals in the people's liberation army. the president has sworn he'll continue it go after tigers and flies referring to low- and high-ranking officials and they don't get much high higher than zhou yongkang. >> at least ten people have been killed in at a bus station in nigeria. no one has claimed responsibility for the incident but it bears the hallmarks of the armed group which has been raging a campaign over the last six years. theynigeria's new president muhammadu buhari said he'll
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eliminate boko haram. but many wonder if he's the right man for the job. >> his pledge, to eliminate boko haram and tackle insecurity. >> former soldier on the front line fighting boko haram in december of last year. he said that the military did not provide soldiers with weapons. the military say they disobeyed orders and failed to perform his military duties. >> first and foremost, because i think those are the instruments. those are the weapons that the military are using.
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>> there are other problems buhari will have to tack. >> well, hundreds of soldiers, more than 50 are facing charges of mutiny when fighting for boko haram, and a dozen senior soldiers are facing corruption charges. many think that buhari's background as an army general may help, but some worry that he may not be the right man for the job. >> while he was in office over 30 years ago it was a represstiverepressive regime, and we're concerned that in dealing with the boko haram insurgency the threat that it reps the tendency to want to use the same iron handedness that existed at a time to deal with this insurgency, we believe it will be counterproductive. >> buhari will look at all the
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efforts to fight insecurity and understand where they're not working before he reveals his plan. yvonne ndege nigeria. >> hundreds of fisherman from myanmar who were forced to work for little oh nor or no pay are now allowed to go home. we have this report. >> a life of horror they never imagined. working as slaves on thai fishing vessels in an remote corner of indonesia. they suffered in silence for many years until a team from the fisheries ministry came to investigate claims of human trafficking and slavery. fishermen mostly from myanmar say that they were forced to work without pay. >> you can call this slavery indeed. for example when they were sick they'll be called by the captain
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and given electro shocks and tortured. when they were tired they were treated inhumanely. yes, this is slavery. >> these men say that they were sold to the fishing company by an agent from thailand, who promised then a job in the restaurant. instead they ended up far from home. they managed to escape and are now hiding. >> maybe some people in the boats wanted to be there but not me, and not many others. they told me just to accept my situation, but i couldn't. i wanting to home so badly. >> the fishing company used the prison sale to regularly lock up fishermen with their hope written on the walls. for sure i will get home some day. if there is a way in, there should an way out. and their way out has finally come. after listening to their testimonies government investigators decide to take them to a safer place.
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>> this just shows how desperate they really are. as soon as the indonesian government announced they're going to bring them to they all emerged. more than 280 and more is coming. they relive a life full of fear and horror and going into a life of uncertainty but most importantly they're going home. >> these victims of human trafficking are only a small group of fishermen stuck in indonesia. while he is excited to finally go home after four years the fate of many others hang in the balance. al jazeera east indonesia. >> now the second black box from the germanwings plane has confirmed the crash was deliberately caused by the co-pilot: france's accident agency showed that andreas lubitz repeatedly accelerated
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the plane as it went down. he had researched ways to kill himself just days earlier. 150 people died in last week's crash. france's lower house of parliament has passed a new law banning fashion models who are too thin. fashion house who is hire underweight models could be jailed and fined. it will be based on body mass index, which is measureed as a ratio of weight to height. it is to tackle anorexia. >> firefighters in the u.s. state of kentucky has been battling a factory fire. no one is believed to have been injured in the blaze. now mexico's circuses will no longer be allowed to use wild animals and new law that comes
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under force in july, but it means many circuses have been forced to shut down and hundreds of workers laid off. we have more from mexico city. >> the undisputed stars of the show and they're about to drop off the billing completely abandoned wild animals and circus acts are due to start in three months time. it's a hammer blow for junior who has trained big cats all his life. >> i'm going to be out of work along with many other trainers. our families have done this for generations. we are in shock. what are we going to do? >> this is where his tigers live. small cages are common in mexican circuses and part of the reason for the ban which was pushed through congress by the green party. >> they released a slew of videos depicting animal cruelty. >> i think the circus has to evolve. for a long time they centered their show on dressed-up
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animals. they say it will mean job losses but i think they'll need more people for new and better acts. >> the banned publicity caused 70 circuses to close their doors for good said mexico's circus workers association. their animals are in limbo kept at ranches like this one with more and more arriving. these animals have been in storage for the last couple of months with the circus that owns them pay forgive their up keep, but that can't continue forever. the question is what will happen to them when the ban comes in to full effect? >> they're going to die. who is going to maintain them? unfortunately, the circuit people don't have the money to keep them. >> the government said it will look to zoos and sanctuaries to take on the animals but many don't have the space or resources for new arrivals. >> the relocation of the animals worries me because many are mutilated, clawless and toothless. they're not going to easily find
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new homes in zoos or sanctuaries that don't necessarily have the infrastructure to care for them. >> the future remains unclear for these animals and the circuses who have been without their chief attractions. >> a sailor missing for more than two months has been found alive. louy jordan was found adrift 66 kilometers over the coast line. he survived his 66-year-old ordeal by drinking rainwater and eating rather fish. he had set off on a fishing trip when his mast broke and his radio damaged in a storm. >> well, i feel blessed i feel full of love and grateful to be with my family and with people again. i feel grateful to have the opportunity to live, to do what i want to do, which is to produce some sort of fruit in my life, something value. something to make the world a
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