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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 3, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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[music] >> this is the al jazeera news hour live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. fight for control of aden. reports of al-qaeda taking over a military case in mukalla. and a juab lent return home for iran's foreign minister with historic news of a deal. and kenya suffers an al-shabab
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attack that left 150 dead. driverless cars. >> we'll have all your sports including tiger woods who has played a tournament in two months. >> we begin in yemen where the battle for control of the southern port city of aden is intense flying. street battles between houthi fighters and those loyal to president hadi. the saudi-led occasion has coalition has been bounding from the air. we have this report.
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>> reporter: the battle is raging. fighters loyal to abd rabbuh mansur hadi are struggling to cope. >> we are the southern youth in aden. there must be forces on the ground. people here are under bombardments. there are deaths and families remain under seen. we can't get to them. >> but despite the ninth day of the saudi-led aerial campaign, the houthies loyal to all ali abdullah saleh remain strong. meanwhile, the so-called groups battle in the city.
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a number of airstrikes force the forces loyal to ali abdullah salehh have been forced from the p.m. palace presidential palace. >> they're hitting the areas where there are civilians. >> the u.n. says it is concerned. china has sent one of its naval ships to aden to evacuate chinese foreign nationals but yemenis remain stranded. >> they're winning in a battle to control aden and providing troops on the ground with
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ammunition through air drops. >> when the houthies reach reached the presidential palace yesterday, our fighters along loyal honest men of the armed forces stood up to them. we dropped assistance to the fighters and this shifted the power on the ground. the result is that the houthi militias and their fighters retreated from inside the p.m. palace and others areas under their patrol. now they're in aden. we've prevented any logistics or supplies being provided to them. we'll continue to operate until aden is back under our control. >> al-qaeda has been taking advantage of the turmoil to expand its foot hold in yemen. fighters from al-qaeda have reportedly seized an army base. on thursday the groups fighters stormed a prison in the city, freeing some 300 inmates.
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well, the u.n. has expressed concern about the rising numbers of casualties in the conflict. they said: . >> i want to get more analysis now on the story because we're in studio with george reading the senior editor of a global intelligence network. good to have you with us. first, we know that forces are pounding the city, there are airstrikes and they're surviving, clashes are ongoing. howhow close are the houthi
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saudi-led coalition until to taking control of aden. >> it is not clear and they could be convinced on the side of the houthis or the other way. the question is where the saudis maintain a level of pressure on the houthies, and that could swing it. >> is that the more likely hoot? we're going to see this intensifying pressure to flush the houthis out opposed to efforts to convince secessionists to remain on board and make aden safe enough for president hadi to return. >> the question now is whether the houthies are weakened to the point where they no longer have a supremacy in yemen. it becomes in their interest to do some kind of deal. at the moment in coalition with saleh loyalists the former
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president. >> they have forces loyal to saleh fighting or not willing to oppose him. >> absolutely. the question is whether they they have the strategy, and also whether the gulf states can find a way against the houthies. the houthis can lose their position in the north. saleh has nothing to lose. he wants to rebuild his position in 2011. he was the subject of an up rising and was eventually forced out of power. he want to come back, not necessarily as president but power behind the thrown. >> while yemen is being attacked from the air there are these saudi-led airstrikes, would that belie the houthis and former
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president saleh not strengthen? >> that's a risk. it's whether they can exert pressure on them in a way that pushes them. if the saudis can find a way to accept that he has come back, i any saleh would switch side. >> meanwhile elsewhere in yemen we know that al-qaeda and the arabian peninsula stormed a prison releasing hundreds of inmates, and also reports that they have taken control of an army base. are they effectively consolidating their hold? >> they have always been strong in the last year or so, and in the area around mukalla they have links to some of the tribes there. the issue now is the fighting in mukalla is a tangent with what
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is going on in aden. now they're fighting against the houthi a they could consolidate their relationship. >> where they're currently dominate. >> they could move further towards the capitol and further south towards aden in 2011. it was military operations in 2012 that forced them back. >> it remains complex and volatile situation. it's good to get your thoughts, george reading. >> thank you. >> the iranian president has addressed the nation promising to stick to the terms of a framework nuclear deal described by many as historic. it was struck after eight long days of talks in switzerland between the iranians and six world powers including the united states.
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barack obama believes that it will make the world a safer place, but it has been criticized by the israelis. >> arriving back to a hero's welcome, foreign minister zarif was greeted by supporters at the tehran airport. for many here what was achieved in tehran was the beginning of the end of iran's international isolation. president rouhani promised, we can cooperate with the world. >> but there are powerful conservative critics, and rouhani assured them that iran reserves it's rights. >> if 9 party meets its promises iran will too.
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if at one day they want to choose a different path, then iran will have options open for it. >> some compared the deal to the israeli government. both see it as a dangerous step in the wrong direction. >> it would legitimatize iran's illegal nuclear program and leave iran with a vast nuclear infrastructure. a vows nuclear infrastructure remains in place. >> but for those who spent countless hours in marathon negotiations in the past 1 months the elusive agreement is a spectacular success. perhaps the most hawkish among them france, stressed its importance. >> if this agreement is not entirely solid that would mean that iran could get a bomb. this is unacceptable. this agreement is not perceived as solid.
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that means that the countries of the region, saudi arabia egypt turkey could also start think of making a bomb. that would be dangerous for all. >> the russian foreign minister said that the result was hopeful. the chinese called it good news for the world. it's not over yet. on the lake shore of lausanne, they agreed on a framework of the deal but the end of a nuclear stand off is in sight. jonah hull, al jazeera. >> let's speak with our correspondent in washington, d.c. tom ackerman. tom, how difficult is it going to be for president barack obama to convince members of congress that this is a deal that they should accept, one that is in america's interest given the opposition that we've already seen? >> well, it's not just the
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congress. the white house has engaged in an all-out on all levels. the u.a.e. qatar bahrain kenya and describing what the framework deal would be, and reassuring them that their security concerns are obviously not going to be sacrificed in this deal. at the same time, it is public opinion. a poll taken just this week, just before the announcement from lausanne, showed that 49% of the u.s. public favors the talks but 63% don't believe that iran will follow through they question whether it will
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follow through and the congressional campaign at that level is really being waged in the media but within two weeks the senate foreign relations committee will have before it a bill which would declare that the u.s. congress has the right to review any kind of final settlement final agreement technical agreement, which is supposedly supposed to be finalized by the end of june. and it can be an up or down vote. then the president presumably would have a difficult time sustaining the campaign if there is a deal by then. you can see there are quite a few challenges for the white house, and they're meeting behind-the-scenes getting off the record briefings just to show how many safeguards there are here so that the deal really
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can be solid in advance before we see the technical details. >> those safeguards are going to be key. president obama has an up-hill struggle there. thank you very much. tom ackerman in washington, d.c. let's get more analysis on this now from the executive director from the strategic and diplomatic statistics from the university of south florida he's in tampa. thank you very much for speaking to us. you really have a number of obstacles not to diminish the significant of the agreement. on one hand you have details before the deadline and then you have the critics on the deal in tehran and washington, d.c. and then critics in the region, the gulf states and israel not to mention congress. what is the number one pitfall right now?
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>> by pitfall you're talking about the number one weakness of the deal? or-- >> yes what is the greatest risk facing this deal? >> to be honest with you the fact that six global powers and iran have agreed to a framework at the end of the day i think that is going to prevail and that's going to overcome most. i'm cautiously optimistic that we're going to have a nuclear agreement. that set hour, i do see a number of obstacles in the way one is from the regional countries. particularly saudi arabia and israel and the persian gulf countries. but more importantly the u.s. congress, the u.s. senate can undermine these negotiations. at the end of the day hour, they might be able to strengthen to ask for more concessions, but i don't believe
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they'll take the initiative to completely scuddel the negotiations because it is very important for everyone to understand these negotiations are not just between iran and the united states. these negotiations are between six global powers and iran. i think if the u.s. congress undermines this initiative, it would be very unlikely for the international community to maintain the kind of sanctions they have been able to impose on iran in the past six or search years. >> how much of a factor is that in the thinking of those members of congress who are opposed to any sort of agreement? >> well, i'm pretty sure a good number of u.s. senators, particularly from the republican parties, want to have more concessions from iran. but realistically speaking if you look at the framework i
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think the western counties, the 5 plus 1 have achieved their objective and that objective is pre-rent iran from developing a nuclear bomb. iran is going to be the most monitored, the most inspected country if we have this deal. more so, given japan which today is the most inspected country in the world. i think it is going to be very difficult for iran to cheat and to be perfectly honest with you they don't have any incentive at this time. at least at this time to cheat for the next 10 or 15 years. >> well, thank you for sharing your analysis with us. >> thank you. >> right, still ahead for you on the news hour. the new man in charge of nigeria, but some are already asking if he's up for the job.
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slavery in indonesia hundreds of fishermen freed from the net of the traffickers. and in a week when he was described as a money-grabbing 20-year-old, they create headlines on the pitch. we look ahead to liverpool's game against arsenal. >> today red cross and government workers have been removing the bodies from the scene. 148 people, many of them students were killed in the violence. in the last few minutes the u.s. pratt barack obama has said words can't adequately condemn this attack. katherine soyer reports. >> families in mourning their loved ones were unexpectedly and brutally taken away. this truck has been used all day
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to take bodies from the university to the more to you mortuary. at this military camp we find survivors, tired t traumatized and some students with wounds. christina is packed and ready to be evacuated. she had everything. >> they moved out. >> the men were treated more harshly. and she hopes this is the last time that she sees garissa. >> police continue to get evidence from the university compound.
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political leaders and security have arrived in the town and promised that security will be improved. >> we have to recognize that it's no more business as usual. >> but those who leave here have heard all this before. >> the security, high profile people come from nairobi and then they go out. >> al-shabab fighters have been promising another spectacular attack like the nairobi westgate maul scene in 2013 where more than 60 people were killed. here in garissa on thursday they lived up to that promise. al jazeera garissa in kenya.
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>> malcolm webb has the latest from kenya. >> there has been an extensive forensic investigation into what happened at the university. we understand that all of the bodies of the victims, the students and a couple of staff who have been working there have been removed throughout the day and since then the four bodies of the attackers which remain in there have been investigated, and the forensic specialists have been looking for evidence. we saw a couple of armored diplomatic cars from the american embassy. meanwhile, people in garissa are hoping that the security situation can be improved. the government said that 10,000 more police officers will be trained and deployed in this area but of course that is too late for the relatives of the students who died here. >> ten people have been killed in an explosion at a bus station
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in northern nigeria. the town of gombe has experienced frequent attacks but it bears the hallmarks of the armed group which has been raging a violent campaign in the region for the past six years. this latest attack comes less than a week after presidential elections. he says that boko haram is the country's biggest problem and vows to stop him. but many question whether he is the right man for the job. >> when president-elect buhari gave his victory acceptance speech, he reiterateed one of his top campaign pledges to eliminate boko haram. >> on the same day chad armed forces said it killed hundreds of boko haram fighters.
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it was a minder that the group may still an problem. this man wade is a the military said that he disobeyed orders and failed to perform military dutyies. >> you i think those are the instrument. i think those are the weapons. >> there are other problems that buhari will have to tackle. hundreds of soldiers will be charged with mutt any when fighting with boko haram. and there are corruption charges. >> many think that buharie
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background may help but some think he may not be the man for the job. >> he was the leader 30 years ago, and it was an oppressive regime and there is concern that the tendency to deal with an iron hand will be counterproductive. >> nigeria's affected areas will wait for safety. >> in ghana people throw away tons of plastic every day. but one company has found a way to transform the unwanted packaging. in the first installment of a series looking at creative
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recycling, a company found a creative way to make something new from something old. >> this is how most people buy drinking water in ghana. these plastic sahays end up littering the street. this company clean the sashays, dry them and then they get creative. it's the social enterprise that is trying to raise awareness of plastic waste on the environment. >> our bags are turned into shopping bags, if they use that every time they would reduce the amount of thin disposal plastic
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bags that they're using all the time. here you buy a bottle of water from the store they put a plastic bag around it. >> they're also using discarded plastic from billboards to make more colorful products. the plastic waste ends up in stomp be grounds like this one. it ends up being washed back ashore. beaches that would otherwise be tourist attractions are being spoiled. it can take up to 1,000 years for this kind of plastic to debraid. campaigners say unless attitudes change fast the damage being done now can affect the country for many generations. al jazeera ghana. >> well, in part two of the series we travel to columbia to look at a project that is turning old bottles in bright lights. there's still much more to come on the al jazeera news hour.
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waving goodbye to power. china's security chief has been charged with corruption. >> and a new ban in mexico can leave hundreds of people without jobs. and celebrating not only making the final in miami but being in the world's top ten come monday.
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>> a global climate crisis >> two feet of sea level rise is projected... >> threatening america's coastline >> you'll see water in the streets without rain... >> now fighting back with a revolutionary new technology >> there de-watering the ground... >> this is the first time anybodies done this before >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is my selfie, what can you tell me about my future? >> can affect and surprise us.
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>> don't try this at home. >> "techknow" where technology meets humanity. only on al jazeera america. >> part of al jazeera america's >> special month long evironmental focus fragile planet >> welcome to the al jazeera news hour. street battles in aden are raging between houthi fighters and troops allied with president hadi. the saudi led coalition is pounding houthi fighters from the air. president obama said he'll visit this summer despite an attack on a kenyan university killing 148 people. many of the bodies have been sent to nairobi for identification. and iran has agreed with a deal
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with the six world powers so long as they do the same. the fighters of the islamic state in iraq and the levant have fought their way back to the yarmouk camp in syria capital, and are said to be in control of most of it. the group made significant gains on wednesday but were expelled. it's the closest that the group has come to damascus. president assad place of power. some 15,000 antiquityies being stored in idlib are now at risk of being sold on on the black market. they fear that statues and pottery may be sold, and the
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al nusra and other armed groups seized idleb on saturday. . >> the man who ran the country's powerful internal security agency has been arrested and charged with bribery abuse of power and leaking state secrets. zhou yongkang is the highest rank official in these charges. >> on state television a keenly anticipated announcement. confirmation that an once feared and powerful politician will stand trial. zhou yongkong controlled the domestic security agency and had files on anybody who mattered. before his retirement he had been a member of the politburo a position that in theory made him untouchable. but analysts say that zhou's
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mistake was to try undermine xi jinping right before he came president two and a half years ago. >> obviously it's a political rival, where they're using criminal charges to get rid of him. >> when zhou does make an appearance it will be in a court in a few weeks' time. it's a scene that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago since never before has such a high ranking government official been treated this way. zhou's public disgrace follows the down haul of bo xilai now serving a life sentence for corruption. but the charges against zhou are much more serious as they include leaking state secrets. >> i think many people want him to die. it all depends on the political need or if zhou will cooperate with the government during the trial. >> it's unclear if zhou's aerupt
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demise will even more powerful figures could be next. so far that campaign has ensnared more than 100,000 communist county officials as well senior generals. the president has sworn to continue to go after tigers and flies referring to low- and high- high-ranking officials and they don't get much higher than zhou yongkang. >> thousands of fishermen are now alloweding to home. the men were held against their will and forced to work as slaves. from there we have this report. >> a life of horror that they never imagined.
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they suffered in silence for many years until a team came to investigate claims of human pacificking and slavery. fishermen mostly from myanmar say they were forced to work without pay. >> you can call this slavery indeed. for example when they were sick they were given electro shocks and tortured. when tired they were treated inhumanely. yes, this is slavery. >> these men say they were sold to the fishing company by an agent in thailand who promised them a job in a restaurant. instead, they ended up far from home. they managed to escape and are now hiding. >> maybe some people on the boats wanted to be there but not me, and not many others. they told me to accept my situation, but i couldn't. i wanting to home so badly.
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>> the fishing company would use a cell to regularly lock up fisherman where they would write on the walls. for sure i will get home some day. if there is a way in, there should be a way out. their way out has finally come after listening to their testimonies government investigators decide to take them to a self saver place. >> as soon as the indonesiaen government announced they were going to release them, they all emerge: they recall a life of fear and horror and they go into a life of uncertainty but more importantly they're going home. these victims of human trafficking are only a small group of fishermen stuck in indonesia. and while they are excited to finally go home after four years, the fate of many others hangs in the balance.
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al jazeera. east indonesia. >> seven men have appeared in an indian court accused of breaking into a convent and raping an elderly nun. the police arrested the men after the 75-year-old was attacked last month. the case has prompted anger across india, a country that has seen a number of attacks against women in the past year. >> now it's a controversial bill that has split indian public opinion. facing hardship after seasonable storms destroyed crops, we have reports from new delhi. >> this harvest season is full of discontent. last month's storms destroyed 70% of the wheat crop. and he says what's left of his
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two hectare plot on the outskirts of new delhi will be just enough to feed his family. >> our situation has gotten worse. but what can we do? we farmers don't have anyone to turn to, and we don't have any faith in the government. we have to survive on our own the best way we can. >> last month was the wettest month in 100 years. millions of hectares of crops have been damaged. across northern and central india farmers are counting their losses. for many this unseasonable weather is one more challenge in increasingly difficult times. they think they've lost nearly $100,000 worth of crops. they say that the damage caused by unpredictable weather is
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harder to bear in light of what union groups describe as prime minister narendra modi's anti- farmer policies. >> today in villages across india everyone is criticizeing the government, and if the government tries to take our land it will lose our support. >> prime minister modi is facing criticism for trying to change land laws, making it easier to acquire land like this for development. but some say previous government like the upa which governed india for ten years until may last year did little to better the lives of farmers. >> the neglect of india has been a concern not just of the modi government but it goes back. and the small differences of the upa government is that they paid lip service to those issues.
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whereas this government is not even interested in that. the land ordinance is a serious example of that. >> but he does not want just the indian government to come to his rescue. he wants it to better appreciate what his land means to the economy. because ultimately its farmers like him that will feed a prosperous india. >> the second black box from the germanwings plane confirms that the crash was deliberately caused by the co-pilot. it shows that andreas lubitz repeatedly accelerateed the plane as it went down. he steered the plane into the alps. he had there is evidence that he searched ways to kill himself just days earlier. 150 people died in last week's crash.
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france's lower house of parliament has passed a new law from hiring models who are too thin or can face six months in jail and/or can be fined. it's part of a program to fight anorexia. now what happens when a city dies. that's what is taking place in some polish cities. dwindling birth rates, lack of jobs is having a devastating impact in europe. from the town of bytom we have this report. >> it's an emotional scene that is played out daily at bytom's bus station. another young workers is leaving town one of thousands who have said goodbye. the town has shrunk by 50,000 people over the last 20 years. in tears 23-year-old samantha is on her way to london and a job
5:43 pm
in a hotel. >> sad to leave your friends. >> yes i leave my friends. very sad for me. >> it's very hard. >> i'm going to cry. >> some of samantha's friends say they plan to follow her soon. >> well, as samantha sets off for london she's among thousands of young polish people who are flooding out of the country and the politicians don't seem to be able to do anything to stop the flow. >> as a result the birth rate is plummeting. the children's playgrounds are often empty and a short distance away is another reasony bytom is slowly dying. there used to be six coal mines here. now just one is left to compete against cheaper far eastern competition. locals scavenge for bets of
5:44 pm
coal. more people are dying than are being born, so who will care for the elderly. this family is typical. the daughter lives in germany with her husband. they're only back for a short visit. >> it's becoming a town of pensioners and coal mines. >> the european union has just announced the massive aid package for the region of more than $1 million. the hope is to attract more high tech industry. but if that fails the town could lose another 60,000 people in the coming decades. >> the situation is very difficult. but we cannot stop them. >> in the meantime there will be more goodbyes at the bus
5:45 pm
station, and more polls contributing to other countries' economies, but not their own. >> mexico's circuses will no longer be allowed to use wild animals under a new law. thousands of tigers, giraffes and zebras will be homeless and workers will be laid off. we have more now from mexico city. >> the undisputed stars of the show and they're about to stop off the billing completely. a ban of wild animals in circus acts is about to start in three month's time. it's a hammer blow for junior, who has been training cats all his life. >> i'm going to be out of work along with many other trainers. our families have done this for generations. we are in shock. what are we going to do?
5:46 pm
>> this is where his tigers live in small cages part of the reason for the ban pushed through by the green party. >> i think the circus has to evolve. for a long time they dressed up animals. they say it will mean job losses but i think they'll need more people for new and better acts. >> the bad publicity has caused 70 circuses to close their doors for good says mechanics' circus association. now the animals are in limbos, these animals have been in storage for the last couple of months with the circus who owns people paying for their up keep, but that cannot continue forever. what will happen when the ban goes into full effect. >> they're going die. who is going to maintain them. unfortunately the circus people
5:47 pm
don't have the money to keep them. >> the government said it will look to zoos and sanctuaries to take on the animals. but many don't have the space or resources for new arrivals. >> the relocation of animals worries me because many are mutilated, clawless and toothless. they're not going to easily find good homes in zoos and sanctuaries which don't have the infrastructure to care for them. >> the future is unclaire for both these animals and circumstances who will soon be without their chief attractions. al jazeera mexico city. >> a sailor missing for more than two months has been found alive. lousy jordan was discovered adrift off 220 kilometers off the cost line. he survived by drinking rainwater and eating raw fish:
5:48 pm
>> i feel blessed and full of love. i'm grateful to be with my family. i feel grateful to live where i can do what i want to do, which is to have some sort of fruit in my life something valuable, something that makes the world a better place. that's all that matters. >> including tiger's back in play. the former world number one say he'll return to the masters from injury next week. details on the way.
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>> welcome back. now it sounds like a scene from a science fiction movie, a self-driving car chauffeurs you home while you read a book or do some work. fantasy or perhaps not. a computer-controlled car has successfully driven from coast to coast across the united states. kristen saloomey reports. >> the idea of a self-driving car is not new. >> what is all this? >> the technology that seems so futuristic in the 1980's television knight closer to reality than ever before. this audi just finished coast-to-coast trip across the united states, a driver was always at the wheel but 99% of the driving was done by a the
5:51 pm
car. many car enthuseiasts say are not quite ready to give up control of the wheel. >> you don't like the idea of the car driving? >> no. >> why? >> i just trust myself with my life. >> the enjoyment of a car is really driving. >> only five states have laws on the books dealing with driverless cars. skeptics say that insurance and liability issues have to be worked out. >> they still have many things that they cannot do. they can't drive in heavy rain and snow. they have trouble if i hold my happened up and try to give directions if i'm a traffic cop stop i can't do it. >> the day of the self-driving car may be close but it's not here yet. you won't see any models ready for rush hour here, but what we are seeing are lots of drive assistance features like this volvo who has detection cameras
5:52 pm
to alert drivers when pedestrians get too close. >> from you vehicles that warn driver when they begin to veer out of their lane. >> we included things such as the radar sensors. >> for those that can park themselves. they're slowly making it into the mainstream. >> our approach by the introduction of these technology technologies to get people comfortable with them is what will allow us to move into that final water shed moment of a fully automated car. >> just don't count on clever conversation with your car just yet. christine saloomey. new york. >> all right, raul is here with all the sport. big news. tiger is back. you must be excited. >> great news for golf. i mean, tiger woods not the player he was he's ranked 104 these days. he's not the fantastic player from the early 2002s but he's
5:53 pm
still a draw for the sports. tiger woods brings in the audience and he'll have the biggest crowd following him around in augusta although i don't suspect he'll be at the top of the leaderboard. his current game is in a sorry state. >> we have taken leave to work on his game? >> i think he's still a long way from being near his best, but he has played a round at augusta earlier this week, and he felt he was in good enough shape to play a round. but i don't think he'll be in the running to win the sandstorm. i think augusta is one of those courses where if your game is fought in tip-top shape it will find you out. well tiger woods does have a marvel record at augusta. he has won the event on four occasions but the last time was ten years ago. he is the record holder for the
5:54 pm
best 72 holes at the championship. in 19,997 he won his first minus 12 strokes. he was only 21 to do that, and he's still to this day the youngest master's champion. he'll compete with roy mcilroy this time around. we'll wait and see. andy murray said that his knowledge has helped him through the masters. murray put on a confident and consistent display on his way to victory. he held his nerves to fend off a rally from the czech fighting back from 30-love down to seal the win 6-4 6-4. >> because i practice all the time i know how the ball bounces in certain areas and which serves work and certain spots on
5:55 pm
the court and how the ball responds in different spins. that's why i feel comfortable with it. >> for more on the international break the english premier league returns saturday. a win for arson wenger's team to with nine wins in 10 league matches. liverpool's future has been over shadowed by player decisions. >> these final games are exciting games and there is every possibility to do that. we've made it difficult for ourselves because of our last performance and result, but it's
5:56 pm
certainly achievable. i think in the last eight games you get the opportunity to finish the season very well. >> to be game and an opportunity for us, to continue all along. that's what we want to do. we're in this one run, and we want to focus our games win the next run and we play and we want to do it. >> well, arson-liverpool with the early kick off on saturday. and the leaders chelsea host stoke in the quick off. they could open up a nine-point gap with a win. but despite that, they still think that the champion race is a four-horse race. now the big game in germany sees
5:57 pm
bayern munich with a lead at the bundesliga. they've been at the bottom of the table as late as february. >> my goal is to attack the opponent in the penalty area. that is my goal as a coach here. my goal, always to dominate the build up against the other team, attack here, an attack there. the last times we have played against dortmouth is that they always attack in the front. attack by pressing. i think it will be a super super match. >> that's it. more sport later. >> thank you very much. you can find much more on everything we've covered on our website. the address for that is you'll find the latest comment analysis and video. do check it out. i will be back in a few moment's time with a full bulletin of
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news for you. so stay with us.
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. >> street battles raging yemen as rival groups vie for control of the city of aden. >> hello you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up years in the making just after the nuclear deal in iran,. united in grief kenya vows it will not be intimidated in the wake of the al-shabab attack that has left 150