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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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. >> street battles raging yemen as rival groups vie for control of the city of aden. >> hello you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up years in the making just after the nuclear deal in iran,. united in grief kenya vows it will not be intimidated in the wake of the al-shabab attack that has left 150 dead. slavery in indonesia, a
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special report on the hundreds of fishermen freed from the nets of traffickers. >> hello, we begin in yemen where the battle for control of the southern potter city of aden is intensifying. these are the latest of street battles which are raging between outy fighters and troops loyal to president hadi. we have this report. >> the battle for aden is raging. fighters loyal to president abd rabbuh mansur hadi are struggling to cope. >> we are the southern youth resistence in aden. we ean the coalition to parachute troops on the ground because strikes from the air and
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sea won't be enough. there must be forces on the ground. people here are under bombardments. families remain under siege. we can't get to them. >> despite the knights day of the aerial campaignnine days of aerial campaign, they are fighting back. weapons and ammunition dropped by the saudi coalition jets help those fighting in aden. those loyal to president hadi are engaged in street battles in the city. coalition jets bomb houthi forces in and around the airport. a number of airstrikes force those loyal to leave the presidential palace just a day after capturing it.
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>> i'm sure they would be on the run. now they're effectively besieged. aid someone a peninsula and these people are blocked within the civilians. the unfortunately thing they are really hitting the civilian it's from the stops of the hills. >> the fight for yemen could an long one and the number of casualties continue to grow. the u.n. says it is concerned. china has sent one of its naval ships to aden to evacuate 225 chinese and foreign nationals. but millions of yemenis remain stranded. >> well, according to saudi military they're winning in the battle to controlled aden, and they've been providing troops on the ground with ammunition through air drops. >> when the houthis reach the presidential palace, we stood up
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to them and by the grace of god this shifted the balances of power on the ground. the result is that outy militia and their fighters retreated from areas under their control. now they're cornered in some areas of aden. we will continue to operate until aden is totally back under our control. >> well, al-qaeda has been taking advantage of the turmoil to expand its foothold into yemen. fighters were al-qaeda and the arabian peninsula on thursday the group's fighters stormed the city freeing some 300 inmates. remember you can find much more analysis on the war in yemen on our website. the address for that is now our other
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top stories addressing the nation promising to stick to a framework nuclear deal which has been described as historic. it was truck between the iranians and six world powers, including the united states barack obama believes it will make the world a safer place but it has been strongly criticized by israelis and some politicians in washington, d.c. >> it could not have been more different. celebrations in iran as they hope for a successful conclusion and final agreement. for secretary of state john kerry a more subdued welcome. he didn't find people celebrating in the streets but instead hundreds of anger members of congress. >> there is no deal or framework with iran. there is only a list of very
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dangerous paths that will put iran on the path of nuclear development. >> it was a big a big selling point for iran's president rouhani. >> financial banking and economic sanctions will be lifted on the same day the time agreement is implemented. >> the white house is on the defensive. insisting this is the best deal they could get and that it will be effective. >> what we did with this deal is achieve our objective, which is to make sure that iran cannot pursue a nuclear web, and it will not be able to do so under this deal. because it imposes very strict limitations on the type of nuclear activity that can be conducted on iranian soil. >> many say that the u.s. president can't make it deal on his own and they're promising to
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pass a bill that will give the house and senate final approval. the white house is going to have to work hard to keep enough members of the president's own party from turning against him and stripping his authority to finalize a deal. now there will be plenty of behind-the-scenes lobbying and public speeches. the president is going to argue if they kill this deal it will be much more likely that the u.s. ends up in another war in the middle east. republicans will say if they put more sanctions on iran they'll give up all of their nuclear capabilities eventually. now they have to convince the american people that their side is right. in a close vote who the american people decide with could be the deciding factor. >> well, after the deal was reached the u.s. president telephoned the israeli prime minister to reassure him what it would mean. but benjamin netanyahu said that his cabinet was strongly opposed
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to the agreement. >> it would legitimatize iran's nuclear program and leave iran with a vast nuclear infrastructure a vast nuclear infrastructure in place. this is the very time that iran is stepping up it's aggression in the region and beyond the region. such a deal does not block iran's path to the bomb. such a deal paves iran's path to the bomb, and it might very well spark a nuclear arms race throughout the middle east, and it would greatly increase the risks of terrible war. >> let's speak to our correspondent in washington, d.c. tom ackerman. there seems to be mount be opposition to this initial agreement. both at home and abroad. what can you tell us about efforts by the u.s. administration to really try and sell the deal? to the traitics?
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>> well, very first thing that they're trying to counter is the contention by particularly republican critics that the administration is putsing this basically as an either/or proposition that if you don't do it deal, then it will be a rush to war. and they say that that is not at all the case. all you have to do is apply further pressure on the iranians and require them to make more concessions. particularly this issue of keeping some of these facilities open even though they had been become potentially less dangerous or converted to civilian purposes. the other thing is disclosure. a lot of critics here have honed in on what they contend is a lack of detail on the past activity of the iranians. they say the iranians were never fourth coming until they were pressed to it with the inspectors the international inspectors and this deal leaves
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a lot of gray area to the extent of what iranians are obliged to deal with regard to what their past activity has been. and finally, you heard prime minister benjamin netanyahu the sanctions would come through easily once the deal comes through. foreign minister zarif responded yesterday to the state department's description of what the deal entails saying well, is this grad gradual? their understanding--the current sanctions, not the ones that republicans are threatening to impose further that those sanctions will be eased loosened. you can see on many different fronts the administration is having to present their counter arguments all the while
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negotiating the details of this settlement. >> it looks like the framework will be put to the test in the coming days and weeks. now a day after an attack in northern kenya red cross and government workers have been removing the bodies from the scene. 148 people many of them students were killed in that violence. in the last few minutes program has said words can't adequately condemn this attack. >> families in mourning. their loved one were unexpectedly and brutally taken away. this truck has been used all day to take bodies from the university to their mortuary. at the military camp we find survivors, tired traumatized and some like this student with
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wounds. christina is packed and ready to be evacuated. she had everything. >> they were telling the ladies to move out. they moved out. >> the men were treated more harshly. >> and she hopes this is the last time she sees garissa. >> what i saw. police and the military continue to gather crucial evidence from the university compound. political leaders and security have arrived in the town and are promising security will. improved. >> we want to make sure that their plan does not fall into place. in order to do that we have to recognize that it's no more
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business as usual. >> but those who have been here are heard all this before. >> she bring security. and they'll be here for a few hours and then they'll go back. >> al-shabab fighters have been promising another spectacular attack like the nairobi westgate mall attack where 60 people were killed. here in garisa on thursday they lived up to that promise. al jazeera garissa northern kenya. >> still ahead for you on al jazeera waving goodbye to power. china's form security chef is charged with corruption. and it's not science fiction. this could be the car of the future. the driving of driver-less cars
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moves up a gear in the united states.
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>> welcome back. let's remind of you our top toys. fight raging between houthi fighters and those loyal to president hadi. the saudi-led coalition is pounding houthi targets from the air. iran's president welcomed a nuclear deal showing the country can cooperate with the world but the white house now faces a tough challenge to get congress to back it. and president obama said he'll still visit kenya this
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summer despite an attack on al-shababonon an university by al-shabab. ten people have been killed in a bus station in another nigeria. the town of gombe has experience experienced frequent attacks by boko haram. this latest attack comes just after the presidential elections. president buhari has vowed to stop them, but many question whether he's the right man for the job. >> when president-elect buhari gave his acceptance speech, he reiterated one of his top
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promises of eliminateing boko haram and insecurity. on the same day chad forces said it had killed hundreds of boko haram fighters, a reminder that the group may still be a problem. a former soldier who was on the front line fighting boko haram in december of last year. he says that the military did not provide soldiers with weapons. the military said that he disobeyed orders and failed to perform his military duties. >> i think those are the instruments--those are the weapons that the military are using. whatever you can manage to bring to them, they have to use. >> there are other problems that
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buhari will have to tackle. hundreds of soldiers are indian sacked 50 are facing mutt any when fighting boko haram and others are facing corruption charges. >> mean think that buhara's background in the military will help. >> he was in office 30 years ago. it was a repressive regime, and we're concerned in dealing with the boko haram insurgency, the threat that it represents, the tendency to want to use the same iron-handedness that existed at that time to deal with this insurgency. we believe it will be counterproductive. >> buhari said he'll start by taking stock of all the efforts to fight insecurity and understand why they're not working before revealing his plan. meanwhile, nigeria's affected areas wait for greater safety.
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yvonne ndege abuja. >> hundreds of fishermen who were forced to work with little or no pay in indonesia are now allowed to go home. the men were being held against their will and forced to work as slaves. from there we have this report. >> they suffered in silence for many years until a team from the fisheries ministry came to investigate claims of human trafficking and slavery fishermen say they were forced to work without pay. >> you can call this slavery indeed. for example when they were sick they would be called by the captain and given electro shocks and tortured. when they were tired they were
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treated inhumanely. yes, this is slavery. >> these men athey were sold to the fishing company by an agent in thailand who promised them a job in a restaurant. instead they ended up far from home. they managed to escape and are now hiding. >> maybe some people on the boats wanted to be there but not me and not many others. they told me to accept my situation, but i couldn't. i wanting to home so badly. >> the fishing company used a prison cell to regularly lock up fishermen they had written on the walls. for sure i will get home one day, within writes. if there is a way in, there should an way out. their way out has finally come after listening to the companies, government has decided to move them to a safer place. as soon as the indonesian government announced they were going to bring them to safety,
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they all emergedder more than 280, and more are still coming. they live in a life that that was full of fear and horror, and they go into a life of uncertainty, but most importantly they're going home. >> these victims of human trafficking are only a small group of fishermen stuck in indonesia. while he is excited to finally go home after four years the fate of many others hangs in the balance. al jazeera east indonesia. >> a battle for power in china has taken a dramatic turn. the man who ran the country's powerful internal session has been arrested and charged with bribery, abuse of power and leaking state secrets. zhou yongkang was in the the
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head of domestic security with files on earn who matters. >> zhou yongkang had files on anyone. before his retirement he had also been a member of the politburo, the a position that in theater made him untouchable. but analysts say zhou's mistake was to try to undermine xi jinping just before he came president two and a half years ago. >> obviously it is a political rival, they're using criminal charges to get rid of him. >> when zhou does make an appearance it will be in a court in a nearby city in a few week's time. it was a scene unthinkable just a few years ago. never before has such a
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high-ranking official been treated this way. it follows the down fall of bo milai now serving a life sentence for corruption. but the charges against zhou are more serious including leaking of state secrets. >> i think many people want him to die. >> it's still unclear whether zhou's a abrupt demise if others will be next. the president's sworn that he would continue to go after likersthose no matter their
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ranking. >> confirming the crash was deliberately caused by the co-pilot andreas lubitz. he repeatedly accelerated the plane and used the automatic pilot to steer the plane into the alps. france's lower partlimentry has banned modeling who are too thin. those who hire these model can face time in prison and fines. a factory in the state of kentucky on fire. no one is suspected to be injured. in california, water usage is to be cut by a third.
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fantasy, perhaps not because a computer-controlled car has successfully driven from coast to coast across the united states. kristen saloomey reports. >> the idea of a self-driving car isn't new. >> what's a this? >> it looks like darth vader's bathroom. >> the technology that seems so futuristic in "knight rider" is closer to reality than ever before. this ordinary looking audi just completed the coast to coast road trip in the united states, a driver was always at the wheel, but 99% of the driving was done by computer. >> the human element in the driving equation is the weakest link. 90% of accidents are caused by human error. >> the auto supplier that equipped the vehicle for the trip may be celebrating but many car enthusiasts at the auto
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show are not quite ready to give up control of the wheel. >> you don't like the idea of the car? >> no. >> why? >> i trust just myself with my life. >> the enjoyment of the car really is driving it. >> only five states have laws on the books about driving a car. >> there are many things that it cannot do. it cannot drive in heavy rain or snow. if i hold my hand up to give directions if i'm a traffic cop, it can't do it. >> the day of self driving car may be close but it's not here yet. you won't find any models ready for rush hour here at the new york international driver show but we're seeing a lot of driver assistance like this volvo with pedestrian cameras to alert drivers when pedestrians are do close.
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from vehicles that warn drivers when they veer out of their lane lane. >> the radar sensors which happening to here. >> and cars that park themselves technology slowly making it into the mainstream. >> our approach is to get people comfortable with them and then that will move us into that final water shed moment of a fully autonomous car. >> just don't count on clever conversation with your car just yet. kristen slaloome. >> a sailor missing for two months has been found alive. he has been discovered off the u.s. coast line. he survived his 66-day ordeal by drinking rainwater and eating raw fish. he had set off on a fishing trip when his mast broke and his radio was damaged in a storm.
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>> well, i feel blessed and i feel full of love and grateful to be with my family, and with people again. you know, i feel grateful to have an opportunity to live, to do what i want to do, which is to produce some sort of fruit in my life, something valuable. something to make the world a better place. that's all that matters. >> a quick look at some sports news for you. tiger woods will be playing in next week's u.s. masters. the former world number one ended weeks of speculation by announcing i'll make his return to the government tournament. he has not played a format since february because of a back injury. he decided to take an indefinite break until he could improve his game to a competitive level. but a practice in augusta earlier in the week increased anticipation that he would compete. >> all right so you can find more news about that, more information about that story and really everything we're covering on our website. the address for that is
6:30 pm the top story here the attack at an university in kenya. and president barack obama said he will push on with a visit he's due to make with the country. more in a minute >> every day across america military-style raids are taking place. local police dressed like soldiers break down doors in the local police dressed like soldiers break down doors in the hunt for drugs. >> this is not what we think of as police in a democratic society. this is way out of proportion.