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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 14, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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♪ saudi arabia reenforces security along the border with yemen as it continues to campaign against houthi fighters. ♪ hello, you are watching al jazeera, i'm sammy live from our headquarters in doha also coming up, on the show iran's fight against i.s.i.l. the prime minister goes to washington to seek more help in the battle. one year on more than 200 girls kidnapped by boko haram are still missing. nigeria's newly-elected president vows to do everything to bring them home.
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plus, it was once the powerhouse of ecuador's economy the oil industry is no longer pumping out the president's policies though and we will tell you why. ♪ let's begin with somalia and gunmen believed to be from al-shabab and used a car bomb to gain access to a building in mogadushu and we understand it's now over and we are joined near the kenya/somali border and what can you tell us? >> reporter: african union peace keepers reported by somali government forces three al-shabab, affected al-shabab gunmen entered the building after an explosion. eyewitnesses recounted being up
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to ten dead people, eight of them are believes to be people who are traveling in a mini bus, the mini bus was carrying passengers in mogadadishu and believes to be killed by explosion and two government soldiers died in the initial attack. the government forces are now said to be bringing it back. and trying to see if there are any of the gunmen left hiding in the building. the compound where the ministry was also houses the ministry of petroleum and where state minister says they are safe in their offices. >> updating us there on that attack thanks for that.
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well to yemen where the saudi-led coalition is intensifying air strikes on multiple targets in the yemen south where houthi rebels made gains in some areas, jets pounded the port city of aiden including the presidential palace which is in houthi hands and more aid arrival in the capitol sanaa and these are pictures from a plane of doctors without borders delivering supplies and as the situation deteriorates the u.n. security council is scheduled to discuss a new reservoir -- resolution on the situation and condemning air strikes. >> we believe air bombardments are simply not the answer because there is nothing of military value in yemen to bottom barred and that is what the entire three weeks of bombardment by saudi arabia has been hitting, civilian
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infrastructure bridges, hospitals, power plants and not even a military base. increased violence in yemen hit the country oil and gas industry and key exporter in the south said he had to stop pro-duke shun and evacuate south and in the local tribes trying to stop houthi advance and have interior weapons but vowing to protect their territory no matter what and o'brien reports. >> reporter: tribal fighters 500 meters from the houthi front lines, thousands of local men have been on high alert since the rebels captured sanaa in september and almost daily skirmishes for months. >> translator: we will win and as you can see we are everywhere on the front lines and we are solid and our locations are strong because we have support of god and the will of the brave men here.
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>> reporter: they call themselves popular resistance committees and they support president abd rabbuh mansur hadi and so far the houthis have not been able to take control and the fighters wanted to stay that way. it's home to the bulk of oil and gas resources and control of the region would be a significant victory for the houthis and their allies. >> translator: we are defending our land and our families. we did not exercise aggression against anyone. but our enemies bid against us. they will be defeated. >> reporter: the tribes are backed by the yemen army and the saudi-led coalition. but they say the weapons are not as good as houthis who said are in yemen army camps. >> translator: we have to increase pressure on houthis in the south and every point and aiden and volunteers like us in
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other places. >> reporter: the fighters move off to protect another section of their front line but there are fears any escalation on violence here could damage vital oil and gas supply lines pushing yemen even closer to economic collapse. alexia ryan al jazeera. police say ten people have been killed in two separate car bomb attacks in the iraqi capitol, one went off near to a hospital in baghdad, the other exploded in the neighborhood. police say another 18 people were wounded. and 8 iraqi soldiers killed trying to clear boobie trapped houses in a village and dangers like roadside bombs slowed advantage of the army backing i.s.i.l. fighters. and security forces trying to take back territory from i.s.i.l. and both sides claiming they have made gains in the area. and we are following developments from baghdad so what are you hearing, who is making the gains in lombar?
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>> reporter: well sammy, the iraqi government forces are facing tough resistance from i.s.i.l. fighters and to the west of goma in the area. most parts of anbar more than 70% of anbar rather remain under the control of i.s.i.l. so i think the iraqi government has a long way in its forces have a long way to even think about launching a big operation to clear anbar from i.s.i.l. >> and we understand the iraqi prime minister will be asking the u.s. president for more weapons. what exactly are they seeking and why does he need more weapons in a country that is already receiving no shortage of u.s. weapons? >> prime minister abadi will be
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asking for the delivery of the f-16 purchased by the previous government. he will be asking for drones and apache helicopters and you mentioned u.s. weaponry that the americans have provided the iraqi army in the past and most went in the hands of i.s.i.l. and other groups when i.s.i.l. backed by several sunni groups stormed mosul and stormed tikrit since june of last year. i think the prime minister will be faced with tough questions when he meets president obama and he will be asked about the progress being made on behalf of the iraqi government to reach to the other components of iraq including the kurds as well as sunnis. he will be faced and asked about the exact role of the shia militarys and the so called popular mobilization force involved in clearing areas under
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the control of i.s.i.l. and also he will be asked about atrocities carried out by those forces and how it will play out in reaching out to the sunni community in the country and facing a tough visit i would say, sammy. >> thanks so much. the man in charge of the global coalition against i.s.i.l. says it could take years to defeat the group. retired u.s. general john alan spoke exclusively to al jazeera roslyn jordan about the challenges ahead. >> reporter: retired u.s. general john allen is president barack obama's man in charge of the global campaign against i.s.i.l. the islamic state and iraq and the levante. for more than six months working with 60 countries to stop the group's spread. in an exclusive interview i asked general allen what kind of enemy i.s.i.l. has become. >> i would say that in many respects dash has become a proto state in some respects. it points to a piece of terrain
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it calls a capitol, it has attempted local governance through mirrors that look like provincial governments and it has attempted to have its own currency so in some respects when it transitioned to becoming a proto state it created its own vulnerabilities. >> reporter: allen says i.s.i.l. doesn't have enough people to hold the land in syria and iraq that it calls its own and coincidentally the pentagon released the map on monday and says since september i.s.i.l. last 1.3 and 1.7 million hectors of territory but in iraq regaining territory doesn't mean there is peace and sunni residents now say they are targeted by shia malitia. and a sunni governor of the providence made a point of raising the national flag over liberated tikrit but allen says
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it will take more to restore trust among iraqis. does coalition have a moral obligation to stay engaged as long as possible to get both sunni and shia to learn how to coexist again inside iraq? >> the u.s. government and also more broadly the coalition governments are very much committed to assisting prime minister abadi and in creating the environment of governance that brings to an end the kinds of sectarian strife that have characterized iraqi politics and iraqi society to this point. >> reporter: and then there is the problem of foreign fighters. allen and other leaders are trying to figure out how to keep young people from joining i.s.i.l. and helping them once they come home. >> not only do we need to be prepared to hold them accountable with the rule of law in the various societies i think very importantly because in the end we are a compassionate people, it's important to explore how rehabilitation and
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deradicalzation can be brought to bear. >> reporter: allen says the fight against i.s.i.l. will take years but ultimately the group will be defeated the challenge he says is not letting up the pressure on i.s.i.l. no matter how long it takes. roslyn jordan al jazeera, the state department. still ahead on al jazeera politicians in the u.s. push back on obama executive power to lift sanctions against iran and plus a man script by and man has gone to auction. ♪
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welcome back, let's recap the headlines on al jazeera and gunmen believed to be from the armed group al-shabab gained access to a government place and five people killed and saudi arabia boosting security along the border with yemen as it continues to hit targets across the country and planes have been attacking sites in aiden and in the providence in the south. and in iraq security forces stepped up attempts to take back territory from i.s.i.l. in the western providence of anbar and both claim they have made gains which borders ria, jordan and saudi arabia. for a third consecutive day syrian jets have bombed opposition-held areas in the city of aleppo and fighting on the ground intensified between groups trying to control the city. the latest spike in violence is making humanitarian situation
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even worse and we report. >> reporter: field hospitals in part of aleppo held by opposition are struggling to cope with the rising number of wounded and short of doctors and medicine. >> translator: all of the wounded were civilians, there were no fighters among them there are women and children who are still under the rubble. >> reporter: people there say the syrian government has increased barrel bomb attacks on this and other parts in western aleppo and people say when these bombs drop entire families disappear and dig for days to pull out the bodies. >> translator: why are you doing this? we are supposed to be your people. fighters of the fsa could bomb areas under regime control but they won't do it as a matter of revenge, we are muslims and take into consideration there are women and children here. >> reporter: fighters have alarm when plane is spotted and
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people run for cover, the human rights based in uk says overnight bombardment has intensified in areas in and around aleppo and say the situation has worsened in resent days and more than 135 schools and markets have been closed until further notice in parts of the city and barrel bombs are not the only threat but fighting intensified and regime forces backed by hezbollah and are held by alliance of opposition groups and countryside military airport is held by i.s.i.l. trying to capture more territory. and it's not just aleppo there are no more classes at this school in the anwar area of homs and a shelter for people whose homes destroyed and forced to leave the district but here she is struggling to provide for her
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children, this part of homs is under siege by regime forces. >> translator: we were displaced from the city and i don't know what happened to my husband. i have three children. my son was killed while he was working. i don't even know where he was buried. >> reporter: and as the war drags on there is no end in sight for their suffering, i'm with al jazeera. rival groups in the central african republic planning to sign a peace deal any nairobi and this is the former president and the man who ousted him in a coup the leader of the seleka rebel group and but there are questions about the legitimacy of the latest agreement. central african republic has been in turmoil since seleka rebelled seized the town in march of 2013 and ousted the christian leader and the country's first muslim leader this in a country that is 80%
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christian. and seleka rebels violent take over led to reprisals from mainly christian vigilante groups and fighting forced the seleka rebels to flee the capitol and took over as interim president and forced one in four people from their homes. in nigeria campaigners demanding the return of over 200 school girls kidnapped a year ago. and we are at the rally in abuja. >> reporter: 200 girls gathered here today in the capitol abuja to start protesting the fact more than 200 girls were kidnapped a year ago today by boko haram and still not been found, each of these girls is carrying a small plaque which has the name and a number for each of the girls who disappeared a year ago and a way of identifying each girl reminding nigeria and the world that each is special and the
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families are at a great loss and families are missing them. the idea is to send a message to the government these girls must be found and the government position is they are doing all they can to find the girls but they have faced extraordinary challenges because of insecurity we have seen in the northeast and say the girls have not been forgotten. u.s. judge sentenced four former black water guards to lengthy prison terms and four jailed for their part in the 2007 killing of 14 unarmed iraqis. nicholas was given a life sentence after being found guilty of murder and the shootings are in baghdad traffic city and the three others convicted of manslaughter and sentenced 30 years each. in oklahoma they charged a police officer who shot and killed a black man during a botched arrest and a video has been released showing what happened.
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[taser sounds] on your stomach, now! [gunfire] i'm sorry. >> shot him! [beep] [beep] he shot me! he shot me! he shot me! oh, god, he shot me he shot me in the ass, oh, my god! do you hear me? i'm losing my breath. >> your breath. >> reporter: the sheriff office says the reserve officer mistakenly pulled out a handgun instead of taser and shot eric harris and being charged with second degree manslaughter and his brother doesn't believe the shooting was racially motivated. iran foreign minister says
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sanctions on his country need to be removed before world powers reach a final nuclear deal and u.s. senate committee set to discuss legislation which if passed can prevents the white house from lifting sanctions on iran and kimberly explains. >> reporter: president obama doesn't need the approval of congress to lift sanctions imposed on iran and that's what the republican majority on capitol hill wants to change. so senator bob chair of the senate foreign relations committee pushing the review act in 2015 and passed in committee it could delay or potentially limit white house power to limit sanctions on iran. president obama says that won't happen but congress could override a presidential veto with the two thirds majority to get that republicans will need the support of at least 13 democrats in the senate and roughly 40 from the house of
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representatives. it's not an impossibility given that many democrats have taken a tough on iran stance in the past. >> i'll try to work through it. >> reporter: so president obama has asked his energy secretary earnest to clarify things. he should know the former m.i.t. nuclear physicists led negotiations with iran and switzerland and now he is contacting both republican and democratic senators to provide technical details of the framework deal. the white house pushing hard to convince capitol hill lawmakers to vote against the legislation that would allow them to reject the iran agreement, but it is not just the white house that is lobbying the halls of congress. these are very complex and technical issues. >> reporter: from the washington-based arms control association is among those also meeting with senators to convince them the framework deal puts real limits on iran's nuclear program and boosts u.s. national security her challenge
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is daunting. >> there are those who made up their minds about this agreement long before the deal was reached. i think there are many members of congress who think we can't get a deal with iran because they can't be trusted and for them it doesn't matter how good the deal will be, the deal won't be good enough. >> reporter: so for now the lobbying continues and that's because if the unwieldy iran review act becomes law it could give congress 60 days to weigh in and change history. the final agreement may have taken years to secure with iran and it all could be undone within weeks. kimberly with al jazeera, washington. u.s. senator marco rubio announced he will seek republican nomination for president and is the latest to join the race and youngest at 43 years of age and hoping to make history by becoming the nation's first hispanic president and the
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third republican to announce his plans to run. a handwritten hand script by british math person sold for over a million dollars and it was written while he was written on the code in world war ii and gabrielle alexander reports. >> one of the best in the world. >> reporter: oscar nominated movie who brought the work of allen to a wider audience. >> what is it we are doing? we will break an unbreakable nazi code and win the war. >> reporter: seven years after achievements a rare glimpse in the workings of his mind is going under auction in new york. a humble 56 page notebook and a piece of math history. >> this is the first time we have been able to see his notes and how he went about figuring things out. and again because there are no other known manuscripts by him
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this is truly an unique piece. >> reporter: in notes given to his friend robin talking with math theories and describing one as hateful and frustration and a math genius admits difficulty in understanding a famous calculation. although written while he was written at britain site at the park during the second world war the notes are not related to his work in breaking the nazi code but his other passion, laying foundations for computer science as we know it. >> this is a great example of this man is working on saving the world during the day and he comes home and in his downtime he is working on pure mathematics. >> welcome to enigma. >> the greatest in history. >> use it for all communications. >> reporter: estimated that his work help shortened the second world war but at least two years
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and considered the father of modern day computing and in technology driven world the impact of his work can be seen all around us. turning handwritten notebook however reminds us our high-tech devices had humble beginnings gabrielle with al jazeera in new york. in brazil thousands of fish washing up and rivers and lakes in the area are polluted with sewage and garbage because a local environmental official says the latest incidents caused ed by rains in the water and rowing events are meant to be held on the lake in 2016. oil has been the back burner of ecuador economy for years and now global and domestic prices fall the economic bonanza may come to an end and harris reports. >> reporter: the oil pumps along ecuador coast and continue
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to workday and night reaching deep in the earth to extract what had been for decades liquid gold and a valuable tool that the president of the economic and political policies. until oil prices dropped and put a powerful break on government plans. >> it's a difficult situation for ecuador and so ecuador is doing, it has too much public expenditure before and it's trying to limit that first limit public expenditure then borrowing from china trying to get more income instead of oil. >> reporter: intensive public spending has been at the heart of the popularity and large projects like highways and new airports kept thousands in jobs and have pumped cash into the system. but things are changing and not only because of the oil market. but the price of oil is actually
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not the main concern. ecuador's economy is tied to the u.s. dollar and as it strengthens it makes the exports more expensive meaning it's hard for the government to attack more cash. when the president took office seven years ago he declared a moratorium on debt and against keeping a stable fund and with oil prices decisions are coming back to haunt him. >> translator: low prices means change and the government has to find new sources of financing, even though the traditional sources are close due to its own policies. >> reporter: ecuador is borrowing heavily from china and implementing tariffs of consumer products and the government recently announced mid and high level employees would take a 10% pay cut but many people the street are wondering if they
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won't have to face cost-cutting measures themselves i'm with al jazeera. and if you want to keep up to date with all these stories we have been following head over to our website al and you can see the front page with the lead story, the latest attack in the capitol of somalia. >> iraq's prime minister is in washington asking for more help to defeat isil. >> competing proposals to end the yemen war but can all agree? >> it's been one year since boko haram kidnapped more than 200 nigeria girls. nigeria's president elect says he may not get them back.