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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 15, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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>> yemen's houthis hit out at the u.n. as the security council imposes an arms embargo on rebel leaders. hello. i'm martine dennis with the world news from al jazeera. also to come - cuba's government has prays for the u.s. as president obama aims to take cuba off the black list hundreds of migrants feared drowned. 6,000 rescued in the past week
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alone. and chinese economy stutters to its lowest growth rate since the crisis six years ago. but first to yemen where the houthi rebels condemned a decision by the u.n. security council. it's imposing an arms embargo on several houthi leaders and some of the people accused of backing them. now, the resolution calls for the houthis to stop fighting and withdraw from territory they have taken. saudi arabia and egypt say they have discussed holding a major military exercise which could involve other gulf states. so far the military campaign has been based on air strikes but a ground invasion has been discussed. people have continued to flee. refugees have been arriving in djibouti. the u.n. says 600 have been killed, 200 wounded in the fighting.
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which can go live to our correspondent joining us from jizan in saudi arabia. first of all, the houthis have been kick to respond, haven't they, to the u.n. security council resolution. >> yes, they have. they have criticized the u.n. decision typical of how they have been dealing with the u.n. decision. 2216 is not the only decision taken by the united nations security council with record to yellen and the houthis. it's a decision ignored. now we see the reaction of defiance which the houthis, and it's a sign that it is partial, and that it is - that it has been taken to support saudi arabia and not by way of trying to mitigate the conflict or find
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a common solution. >> meanwhile, are there any indications that dialogue or the process of dialogue is under way. there was some suggestion that elements of houthi supporters made a clandestine trip to riyadh. >> we saw that report some close to the houthis, in between the houthi and the salah camp. the two are allies have gone to saudi arabia and were critical of the houthis, saying they have committed crimes and we have reports suggesting that the former president may be thinking of sending an envoy to the g.c.c. countries to suggest a new approach where he can distance himself from the houthis. we need more details about this as you know before the beginning of this fight, he sent his son to riyadh in an attempt
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to prevent the invasion of yemen or the air strikes on yemen, and the offer rejected by riyadh at the time it's the second attempt by ali abdullah saleh to find a solution away from the conflict and we know everyone in the war is looking for an exit. particularly the houthis, because the would of them are now much more beleaguered and besieged after the decision yesterday. >> sounds like a significant moment in the crisis in yemen. thank you now, cubans have been welcoming the u.s. president obama's proposal to remove their county from a list of state sponsors of terrorism. it's been seen as normalizing the situation between them. days after a historic meeting
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between president obama and raul castro. >> reporter: the u.s. and cuba have been at loggerheads for half a century, the historic handshake between raul castro and president obama given substance. by the annoyancement that the u.s. is to remove cuba from what it says are state sponsors of terrorism. >> i think it's good. it's time that it happened. raul and president obama uniting. >> it's the most important step yet between normalization of relations between the two countries. they were severed in 1959 after the cuban revolution, and the caribbean island was added to the list 23 years later. the u.s. accusing havana of aiding armed rebels and harbouring us fugitives. cuba welcomed the decision is saying it should never have been on the list at all. >> we are not terrorists, the opposite.
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we are supporters of peace and tranquility. >> translation: this implies development. progress in economic and social areas. everything. it's great that this has happened. >> reporter: it's not a done deal. obama must get approve from congress. it has 45 days to consider the decision. the republican presidential hopeful, marco rubio, who has cuban heritage condemned the move. >> the decision made by the white house is terrible. not surprising. cuba is a state sponsor of terrorism, it's also the country that harbored fugitives and killed a police officer and the country that helped north korea evade weapons sanctions. they should have remained on the list of the state-sponsors of terrorism. it's send a chilling message that this white house is no longer serious about calling terrorist by its proper name. >> reporter: being blacklisted by the u.s. is an emotive thing.
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and issue in cuba, estimating that the cost them $1 trillion. >> translation: it's sad. >> many things will be eliminated, like the blockade, which is what we need. it is a start. >> reporter: the lifting of the embargo is years away. cuba and the u.s. agree to disagree on many issues the latest move puts them a step closer to leaving the cold war behind the charity save the children says at least 400 migrants are feared to have drowned after their boat capsized in the mediterranean on sunday, the italian coast guard said it rescued 144 people. it was an air and sea operation. they were among 6,000 rescued at sea in the last four days. europe is dealing with a rising number of migrants entering from conflict zones. china's economic growth has slowed down. that's in the first quarter of
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this year. figures released wednesday show a 7% growth. the second-largest economy's growth between january and march was the slowest for six years. adrian brown has the latest from beijing. . >> 7% economic deproeted would be cause for celebration anywhere in the world. china has been used to higher levels of growth. a few years ago china experienced rates of 16, 17, 18%. stellar rates. this news is neither good nor bad. it confirms that china's economy is beginning to slow. china's premier seemed to anticipate this on tuesday, warning there would be tough times ahead this year. that was candid language for a chinese prime minister. on tuesday, the international monetary fund warned that the economic growth rate was likely to contract to 6.8%, and in 2016
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it could drop to 6.3%. china's economy is going through a period of transition. it is moving away from a model export led to one that is consumer led. china's government wants its people to consume more buy more - ideally chinese brands. the danger is this - what happens if the economic growth rate falls below 4-5%. could we see growing rates of joblessness, and what the government fears is social instability. >> al-shabab fighters killed 10 people on an attack in mogadishu. the gunmen set off two bombs before storming the buildings that housed the ministry of education, petroleum and minor always. two soldiers and seven gunmen were killed during the assault
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which lasted for 90 minutes the u.n. is urging kenya to rethink the decision to close the dabaab refugee camp. the government says it's a recruitment ground for al-shabab fighters that killed 137 at a university. kenya closed acts that transferred money to somalis in the camp. refugees depend on the funds. mohammed adow reports. >> reporter: every morning this woman visits a money transfer company. she has seven children and they looking for the $300 that her cousin in the yaunts sent her. each time she goes she gets the
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same response - it's been closed by the government. >> translation: i'm sad we can't get our money, we are dependent on remittances. my children are at home, i cannot pay their fees. >> reporter: somalis ten on the money to meet immediate needs for shelter, food and clothing is made. this has hit the refugees hard. they cannot move out of the camp where they have little access to jobs and other means of income. more families here depend on money sent by friends and money sent by friends and family abroad. traders say business is slow since the closure of remittance companies. companies.> we no longer sell goods on credit to customers. how can we, when we don't know when we'll receive money. the dwindling quality and quantity of food rations given to the united nations refugees are more crucial. officials with the world officials with the world food programme say they have enough food for the refugees. >> the climate is not the same as it was previously. from the outlook we have, we'll
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have a 20% reduction in our funding, compared to 2014. >> this person came to the camp at the age of three. he lives here with his wife and two children. he sends a passionate plea to the kenyan government. >> we would like to appeal to the kenyan government or anybody that has an interest over our living standard, to open and to hear our us, we are desperate. >> reporter: the u.n. is assuring the refugees that it will continue to provide for them. for the refugees, nothing can replace what they have lost teachers gaoled in the u.s. for cheating. to win bonuses and get promoted. that is coming up in a little while.
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hello again. let's look at the top stories here at al jazeera. refugees from the war in yemen arrived in djibouti after fleeing the violence. meanwhile houthi rebels con demed a decision by the council to impose an arms embargo on it. cubans welcomed u.s. president obama's proposal to remove the county from a list of state-sponsored terrorism. being seen is an important step between normalizing relations.
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china says its economy is slowing down the national bureau of statistics said it grew by 7% in the first quarter of this year. that's the slowest rate of growth for six years. the crisis in yemen will be an issue talked about at the g7 foreign ministers meeting, taking place on wednesday in luke ebbing in northern general nip. the summit of the leaders of the g7 countries will be in june. they'll talk about conflicts around the world, including libya and ukraine. >> the voices of every single country here are critical to the resolution of each of those conflict i'm grateful and i thing the other ministers join me and say thank you to germany. germany, together with france have been absolutely critical to working through the change of
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ukraine. we looked at their leadership. they provide itted john kerry talking on arrival. dominique kain is our can't there. kauned like they have a packed agenda. dominic kane. >> yes, indeed. they are discussing in the heart of the discusses, four or five countries with serious issues ukraine, libya, yemen and we heard from the german foreign minister mr steinmeier hosting the meeting, about the volatility of the situation, and waging the u.n. security council decision about yemen, and they'll discuss, amongst other situations, the ukraine crisis that was referred to there. there's a packed agenda which they are meeting to talk about. the seven foreign ministers plus the e.u. external policy.
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they are talking about the issues and there'll be a session of discussion a working lunch in which they'll talk about the ebola outbreak in western africa and other issues in the world, other crisis that they are looking to solve here. >> meanwhile, there's a backdrop of protests to the meeting. thousands of people came out protesting against conflict capitalism the usual. >> there was a suggestion that there would be thousands of protesters here and there was a suggestion that there would be, and today, in fact thousands on the streets are police officers part of a very tight security operation to try to secure the city center. the police say they are happy with the operation that they have put in effect saying that they arrested 16 people yesterday, and a few more people. but the situation here is calm that they are happy with the police operation, with the
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security operation they have in place, and in the streets of lube ebbing there's no signs of protest that the place may have feared. it may be because some of the organizations that called for protest retracted the calls, not wanting the protesters to take to the streets. there's one or two small events. greenpeace have a point in the city center. it's not something that is likely to be inog use. the police sense is that it's calm, there's a large operation. they haven't reported anything large. >> thank you dominik kane covering the g7 foreign ministers meeting in northern germany. >> to iraq where forces won back the town of al-fatah cutting off a supply line used by i.s.i.l. fighters. government troops have been on the offensive after recapturing
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tikrit. the iraqi army has fought to defend the biggest oil terminal against an assault west of kirkuk. the fight against i.s.i.l. took the iraqi prime minister haider al-abadi to the white house to ask for more assistance. the u.s. president promised an extra $200 million in humanitarian aid and prays the iraqi people the progress that it made against the group patty culhane reports. >> as haider al-abadi arrived in washington, staff in baghdad made it clear that he was coming for reinforcement for the fight against islamic state of iraq and levant. on the list surveillance drones attack helicopters and fighter jets - needing them to take back mosul and app bar. when asked, this is how
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president obama responded. >> i think this is why we are having this meeting. to make sure we are improving our coordination why to name sure iraq is in a position to succeed. >> there is no specific request. >> the u.s. is pledging more humanitarian aid, $200 million, a little less than last year. president obama said all foreign assistance has to go to the government of iraq, sending the message that sovereignty is protected and when it comes to accountability, that they'd be responsible for any war crimes committed with the equipment. >> human rights groups complained the u.s. and iraqi officials are not doing enough on that front. >> we have seen no evidence that the u.s. has replaced the resources to know what has happened with the weapons, we know who the u.s. says they are
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supposed to go to. we don't know if that's the case. >> reporter: the most leverage the u.s. has with the government is control of air strikes. supplying drones and fighters jets lessons the power. it's not clear that the u.s. is ready to gi that up the mexican government is trying to reform its police force and root out the corruption but the place shi they are underfunded and ill-equipped. >> keeping order in one of mexico's violent towns will be a tough task for any police for. here officers are under paid, under-equipped and have to buy their own bullets, said this policeman, who didn't feel safe to show his face or leave the police car. >> translation: the criminals are beating us here.
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if we had better equipment and bullets paid for we'd do jobs better. >> reporter: the mexican public views the police as corrupt and incompetent. officers say it's the case, but are struggling with little government support. almost all the police we talked to on the streets are too afraid to go on camera. they are worried of getting in trouble with superiors. they told us they work shifts of 24 hour, and barely earn enough to get by. this ex-policeman wasn't given medical insurance or a bulletproof vest, while working in an area riddled with crime. >> translation: one time we arrested carjackers. i finished my shift at 7am. by 3:00p.m. they were free and at my door threatening me. the criminals were working with police chiefs. >> reporter: corruption and low pay can push officers into taking bribes. >> translation: with these
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salaries, police don't go to work, they go to steal. instead of taking care of the civilians, they are seeing how they can get money out of you. >> conditions for some have improved. local forces continue to be badly paid and undertrained. rather than improving their conditions, several state governments recently created new small elite forces backed by cinematic style ad campaigns. >> it's easier to show a 2,000-strong police force covering the state. than actually having 10,000 police officers actually local - local police officers improve their capability. >> without sufficient training, or government support, police across mexico will struggle to convince a public that they are fit to defend them.
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a five year investigation into google suggests that it may have breached european union competition laws. the search engine company will be charged with diverting traffic from its rivals to boost services. now, if this is proven google could face up to 6.6 billion in fines from the e.u. ate u.s. teachers in giorgio received prison sentences for cheating found guilty of falsifying test results to secure bonuses. andy gallagher reports. >> reporter: it's one of the biggest exam cheating scandals in u.s. history. these protesters called for leniency for the 10 found guilty. judge gerry baxter was in no room to bargain.
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he offered them a chance to apologise in return for lighter sentences. when men going on for years, and teachers and staff did it to avoid losing jobs, receive bonuses and enhance their careers, a case leave parents dumbfounded. . >> i don't want an apology, i want the children to have an apology. i want the children who were short changed and cheated to have the apology. >> the judge sentenced each in turn given senior fig ears 7 years in gaol. investigators said that large scale cheating had been going on four years, and teachers and others did it to avoid jobs refuse bonuses and enhance careers, leaving many dumbfounded. >> the real tick sims are the children. they are being miseducated or misguided. and we are the leaders, these are the educators. they have let the chin down.
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>> for many of us the case raised issues about standardized exams. activists say the exams set unrealistic goals in public schools, and claim the sentences are too harsh. >> how has the parent been served, how has the children been served? by sending educators to prison. i submit not one iota. it's time for the community to become enraged. >> reporter: activists plan to carry on campaign of course, and it's expected to launch appeals in the coming days. >> throughout the long trial the judge made it clear it wasn't a victimless crime. thousands were let down by teachers. is it may take the school system years to recover. >> the private space transport . >> now, here is a puzzle that
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stumped the world or certainly me it's a mathematics question for children in singapore, it's gone viral. the logic test raised questions about whether students are under too much pressure to reform. gerald tan takes a look at the puzzle that has puzzled the world. >> reporter: the question begins with little information, albert and bernard are trying to figure out cheryl's birthdays andnd he gives them 10 dates. she tells bernard the month and the other the date. at first i don't know when khel's birthday is i now know now to wish albert says i also know when cheryl's birthday is. from the statements student in singapore have to work out the date. the question created a lot of debate on social media with people saying it does not test
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maths. let's walk through the deduction. the 18th and 9th occur once. if cheryl revealed to to bernard he would have known the answer. albert is certain that bernard doesn't know. if albert was told it was may or june he could not be sure it didn't fall on may 19th or june 18th. the birth month must be in july or august. let's get rid of the top five dates. of the remainder, the 14th appeared twice. since bernard nose the answer after albert speaks it has to be a unique date. we eliminate those two. after bernard speaks, albert nose the answer. this time it has to be a unique months, there are two dates in august, we elime nate those and are left with july 16th. clear as mud.
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now, imagine a 14 or 15-year-old trying to solve this in minutes. by the way, i cheated the very clever gerald tan there. you want to find out more and the rest of the day's stories, go to the al jazeera web site. explore. i'm phil torres. tonight sharks. both people avoid sharks. we're out to meet them. tag them. learn all about this pep. >> sharks don't eat people. >> five days and nights at sea on our especially rigged shark laboratory. exhort research is next.