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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 20, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> also mainly finally finally give the idea of a new sense of urgency, a new sense of political will from the european union side to tackle the issue of migration and to the trafficking and smuggling of people across the mediterranean. i would say that today we have a new european level of awareness that this is an european issue not of single-member states, and we need to act to act fast, and to act united. this is not just a call from some but a response from all.
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as after paris attacks in january we developed as european union a truly european sense of urgency and solidarity to come to terrorists. i think today we are developing a truly european sense of urgency and sol solidarity in fighting human trafficking and saving lives. and let me add on a personal note finally so, we have worked today as foreign ministers interior ministers institutions all together, all coordinated on different levels of european action. first, we discussed and tackled our tools to address the root causes of this tragedies. the reason why people leave their own country and choose to pay money sometimes to pay with their lives to go to better
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places. which means that the need to increase our work to solve the many wars and conflicts that we have around us, and increasingly so to tackle the issue of equality, and the the issue of human rights in a large part of the world. second, we have worked, as you know, it was intended to be the main objective of the meeting of the foreign ministers today already the actions we can take to help solve the crisis in libya. we all know that the flow of refugees and migrants go through libya. a place where there is not the state and to be able to control territory and land borders and sea borders in a perfect way that creates the protect corridor for traffic smuggling of human beings.
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and we discussed and decideed even if not formerly because we're not there yet all possible means of support from the european union site to the formation of government national unity. and we invite very strongly all to share the same sense of urgency that we feel today not only to save the country but also to save many human lives that are put at risk. it's not only for them, their children but also for the children women and men that die at sea that they have to share this responsibility get together and find ways of hutting the country back on track. the european union is ready to support the government of national unity with all means from the humanitarian to civilian, from borders management to institution building including through common security and defense policy measures, which might be
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decided in the moment when we'll have a national unity government and international framework to do. so then with then tearier foreign ministers we would take our response of the trafficking of people, three consensus have emerged, and then i'll give the floor to the others to give more of the details. but i would say for my part, first i've seen a broad consensus on the needs to fight united against traffickers and smugglers of human beings. we've identified some actions. some of them can be implemented in reasonably short period of time. but in particular i'm thinking of strengthening our presence where we already have a mission. that can be strengthened, and that can solve the curb crucial
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elements of libya. we talked about regional protection programs, and the issue of destroying ships. that's something that for sure the commissioner will also include in his remarks. the second element that emerged is the need to strengthen our duty to save lives at sea. this means for sure a stronger tritan with more funds more coverage and more links to rescue obligations and to rescue if "n" a strongtured, long-term way. the third element that emerged is for sure a need to share the responsibilities within the
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european union when it comes to resettlement and relocation of refugees. obviously we need cooperations, but we have an internal reflection to develop and i think that along these lines especially when it comes to giving special support on the front lines such as this case. >> well, a few technical problems there but i think we got a gist of what she had going to say. she talked about the fact that there was in her opinion a new sense of urgency. and i don't know whether we need to go back to fed rica mogherini, but let me similar summarize the tragedy off the greek coast the scenes of
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desperation of those on this migrant boat followed on what could be the worst disasters we've seen. and anybody talking about anywhere from 700 to 900 people, fediacarederica mogherini said that they will put more in rescue and the border control agency which has taken over from the italian plan to help these poor them stuck out in the mediterranean. we understand that we can go to our correspondent dominic kane. he is in luxembourg, and i think this all comes in a meeting before e.u. leaders on this
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subject on thursday. but it begs the question, doesn't it, why the sense of urgency now when this has been going on for years? and we've been reporting on it at al jazeera for years. >> well, that is, indeed, one question that comes from this, david, you're right. the meeting, of the e.u. leaders summit has been coming from the call for immediate action. it has been the feeling of the meetings all day we've had foreign ministers and the interior ministers. that gives the sense of the importance that the e.u. has placed on today's developments. but the question will be how much resources will they really put into some form of successor to tritan which itself is a successor to the marinastrum
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cost the italian government well millions of dollars. it was the italian government which said said it was a cost they could no longer bear. they said they would double the number of ships available but will that be enough in terms of the wave of migrants coming across this year. the number who have died coming across the mediterranean this year has been twice the number who died on the titanic. will the numbers they put together be enough to solve this problem? >> we're keeping an eye on what members of the european union high command are doing to stop
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migrants coming from libya in the wake of so many deaths at sea. >> let's take a look at the continuing war in yemen. the capital of sanaa has been hit by one of the biggest explosions there has been since the saudi-led air campaign has started. they talked about a scud missile base being used by houthi fighters bringing a huge blast that flattened nearby buildings. it has left 46 dead, dozens of people wounded and with that in mind we'll go straight to saudi arabia. we'll listen to the brigadier general with his daily briefing on those airstrikes.
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>> we would like to call upon our colleagues of to return to the legitimacy. i think it's the right time to return to the legitimate presidency and end the fighting. there is no use to all this fighting except to damage yemeni civilians. as for the ships that have arrived from djibouti to aden,
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those actions shall continue. we have confirmed that the continuation of these efforts being facilitated by the yemeni government. also i would like to mention we support all evaluation efforts. they did not leave yet.
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and these planes were carrying medical supplies. as mentioned previously that this militia's aim is to is to work against the yemeni interest and to prevent some of the injured to be released and taken outside of the yemen yemeni public. this is concerning the release operations. yesterday i have mentioned that we'll go state by state.
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i would like to explain also due to the events and also to prevent militias from causing damage to state policies. these other strategic goals.
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>> when we mentioned yesterday that yesterday we targeted the air force and the missiles and neutralizing it, all this is directed towards the main strategic aim of the storm operation. all this does not mean that there is a change of any effort, but just spreading the effort. today, we have reached a great number of areas it was 128. we have not changed the volume
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amen but we're distributing our efforts. yesterday there was--they were targeting the militia movements opposite the grouped. we're still working on the missiles the ballistic missiles on site. we have to continue to meet our goals. moving from one phase to the next phase restructuring over efforts and increasing efforts for certain targets. we have mentioned that ammunition.
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that's why the military force continues to achieve its target and carry on its target. as for--as for the ground movement we mentioned that we have information on the operation on the northern borders. everyone knows that yesterday there was targeting to some of the monitoring positions. we know that, and we know also that
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there is pressure against saada and these militias kept putting these ideas in the head of mortar fire on some of the. significance.
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and members of our border have been a martyr and but the attacks have been we medicalled. they're attacking the same militias. u. militia. >> now there is an attacking strategy with all the yemeni public committees.
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this is what is happening these days after we reduce the capabilities of the houthi militias, they're taking shelter in houses and in populated areas. as for ties, the support for the popular committees and resistence. that's why they targeted some of these groups.
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it stop civilians, as for operations this operation was carried out yesterday this is for one of the positions of the ballistic missiles. it was targeted yesterday. the size of the explosion shows that there must have been scuds
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on the sight. from the size of the explosion it is confirmed that there were explosions and other weapons more than the missiles, which were targeted yesterday. as for the storage of fuel, everybody knows that fuel storage, which has arrived has been controlled few by the naught militias and it was natural for us to target these waterings as useful for us. as for military chilly those highs will not be allowed to arm themselves p we talk about.
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>> this is one of the areas that we maimed to target. as for the grounds operation we continue to protect our southern borders, and we will continue to
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prevent this sort of destructive work and. as for the maritime inter diction, this group was ship that carries food stuff will be brought through the--they will not use food supplies as cover. any attempts like that will be
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destroyed where they are where they will be targeted. that's why we're say nothing change for our targets. the the use to smuggle or the use of food supplies to smuggle weapons and munition mis. this is what i wanted to say today. peace be upon you.
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>> we will supply them with assistance. and is that true with what we said that saudi forces will supply tribes on the border with arms. as for the citizens first. we don't consider yemeni citizens as refugees in this country, but we want to protect them from the houthies. the second stage will be we consider the yemeni are safe in the country and in their home. they're living their lives but infected by these little shahs.
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and our work is to protect these civilians and stop the militias from harming them. as for the supply of tribes, we have mentioned that we support all those who support legitimacy. this is the main aim of the operation storm decisive. there are different stages, but the tribal men who support the legitimacy and want to protect citizens will get our support. we don't need to arm the tribes on the saudi border. if there is a need for this
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action everybody knows their role. and we would like to make people feel comfortable. we're handling it quite capebly. >> cups >> once again not only the statement that they'll with what they believe to be their strategic mission their core mission to prevent the houthis from making any more gains or continuing in the position, they're showing attacks on massive explosions taken by the on board cameras of some of those who have just launched the missiles. one of the stories that we were mentioning at the beginning of the program may be one of those that we saw during the saudi film there that was the attack on what we believe to be a scud
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missiles base. that is a military base. the scale of the explosion and the destruction that you see afterwards and the fact that there are so many. >> we are close by, and then we heard a big explosion. when we arrived here mr. there was a big explosion. >> the munition hit our homes. this is what cowards use to bomb civilians. >> just in the briefing with the international security and intelligence expert it's plain
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as it has been for a number of days that they're going for big fuel dumps, places where ammunition is stored. >> yes and the think the rocket launchers are a big corn. it's the fear of reprisal that is they're increasing hi concerned about attacks inside saudi arabia and the use of targeted. not surprised to see an attack. they've always been a priority target. >> they can hit long range. >> you saw the size of the press conference that it is a priority for the saudis, they'll take the risk to attack the target like that. >> he made reference to v