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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 20, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> more desperate survivors more deaths at sea. as the eu promises to do more for those risking their lives to cross the mediterranean. ♪ >> hello there i'm felicity barr and you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up: dozens reported debt after the saudi led coalition attacks a missile base in the yemeni capital. tension between the u.s. and iran as the washington post journalist is reportedly charged with espionage. and grief in ethiopia. families of christian migrants
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beheaded in libya by groups links to i.s.i.l. hello, the european union's foreign policy chief says an emergency summit this week will consider a ten point plan to deal with the crisis in the mediterranean where as many as 950 migrants are feared to have died in the last few days. ships have been responding to distress calls from two more boats carrying around 400 people. we'll have more on the uplan in aeu planin a minute but first paul brennan has more from catania the sicilian city. >> migrants leaving north africa for tajt italian waters, this child
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was saved three people are already confirmed dead, including another youngster it's not known how many are still missing. on malta bodies from saturday night's drowning catastrophe are being brought ashore. just 24 corpse ves courses have been course corpse 24 corpses have been recovered. survivors are on their way to the sicilian port of catania. this is a deadly period for migrants trying to cross into europe. some 11,000 people have been rescued in the past ten days. the capacity with which the italians regard these migrants, with this memorial is a monument for those who don't make it.
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15 graves of adults, two are children. the words on them are the words of the poet laureate from nigeria, and the hope is, that the rest of europe now can show a similar degree of empathy as is shown here. there will be a european summit meeting on thursday. how many more migrants will have died by then? paul brennan, al jazeera catania, sicily. the european union foreign policy chief frederica mogherini announced measures to stop migrants being exploited by human traffickers. dominic kane is there and seventh this report. >> a moment's silence the mark the deaths of so many migrants. after the deaths of so many migrants european foreign policy chief says it is imperative oact.
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>> i think today we are developing a european sense of solidarity in saving lives and legality me add on a personal note finally so. >> the eu's proposed new measures strengthening its measures in niger crossing over into libya where they are often smuggled from. to get member states to share responsibility for the resettlement and relocation of refugees. because the country that has borne the brunt of the migrant wave says it could no longer cope on its own. >> it's a european emergency so it is not the problem to help italy. it's a problem to help europe. you can't have a european emergency and an italian answer. >> reporter: that's a reference to italy's operation
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mare nostrum which cost more than $100 million during the 12 months it ran for and which was closed down last year. many of the migrants crossing the mediterranean want to eventually reach germany. i.t. receives more asylum seekers than any other european country they say solutions need to be found in the countries the migrants are leaving. >> translator: our very first priority has to be improving see rescue operations so fewer people die that is obvious. secondly, we know the push back to migration will not let up so aslong as conditions in north africa are unstable. >> these need to be solved at the european leaders summit on wednesday. dominic kane, luxembourg.
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>> barnaby phillips, barnaby, so many deaths yet so many are trying to make that crossing. what's happening now? >> reporter: well, on the dock in catania we're waiting for some 28 survivors of sunday morning's tragedy. ma that was when you will recall there was those horrific report of a ship overturning with perhaps as many as 900 people on board. an eyewitness spoke of many hundreds of people having been locked into the decks in the lower part of the ship and they presumably would have died a horrible death. 28 people did 75. they will arrive in catania at some time overnight. >> now being discussed at the very highest levels, but to be frank europe has been accused of having ignored the problem for too long.
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>> yes they are being accused of having ignored the problem but also, there are some pretty awkward political constraints on european leaders. one has to remember that this is within the context of heightened concern and even hostility towards immigrants across the european continent. and we see that, we saw it in the finnish election over the weekend, in the united kingdom in france and so on. obviously governments are sensitive to their electorates. it's difficult for them to say this week in the wake of the tragic events of the past few days but that is the reality. and of course when the italians had to scale back their operations last year when they pulled back from the mare nostrum the bigger plan to the much more modest tritan plans
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put forth by the eu, the relative success of the mare nostrum, if you like, the success of rescuing people from the sea i.t. proved to be a pull factor, attracting more migrants from north africa, a different pos from what position from what they have had to develop in the past few days. >> barnaby phillips, thank you. to the war in yemen now the capital sanaa has been rocked by one of the largest explosions since the saudi-led air campaign began. it's thought air strikes targeted a scud missile base in fajatan mountain. that triggered a huge blast which flat end nearby buildings. 46 died and hundreds more are wounded. charlie angela reports. >> in more than three weeks of
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bombing this is one of the largest attacks yet. the target was a scud missile base. but the massive explosion killed dozens of people, destroying nearby buildings and blowing out windows homes and offices it also damaged a television station owned by the form he president, ali abdullah saleh knocking it off air. local residents voiced their anger. >> the munition hit our homes. this is what the cowards use to bombard civilians. >> translator: when we arrived here to help our colleagues and the people there was a big explosion and we found shells over the whole area. >> an area beside hada district, outside sanaa quick to criticize the saudi led strike
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was indonesia whose embassy is nearby. >> translator: i want to strongly condemn the air strike in sanaa several diplomatic staff were injured in the air strike i.t. also damaged the vehicles belong to the embassy. >> for 26 days, forces loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh. the campaign has repeatedly targeted the sajatan base along with other military facilities and airports in sanaa and throughout the country. >> the coalition forces succeeded relatively to destroy the military infrastructure of the deposed president saleh and those of the houthis including weaponry depot which are totally destroyed. >> in the port city of aden fighting is fierce. here popular resistance fighters loyal to yes, ma'ami president
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abd rabbu mansour hadi are keeping the people out of the cross fire. despite these set backs houthi leader says his forces will never surrender. charlie angela, al jazeera. washington post tehran correspondent jason rezian has been held since july last year. his lawyer says his charges are collaborating with hostile governments. the newspaper's executive editor says the charges are baseless. charges contain penalties of up to ten to 20 years. rosalyn jordan, in washington. roz. >> whether the protecting power for u.s. citizens inside iran
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has been able to see jason rosion, they have not been able to confirm that he is in fact facing espionage and other charges. and will go on trial soon. they are calling the government of iran to release jason rosion as soon as possible if not all the way. >> another story has broken, a report that u.s. aircraft carrier is heading to yemeni waters. what is the latest on that? >> this is the situation. the u.s.s. theodore roosevelt has been deployed to the area around the middle east, otherwise known as the fifth fleet for the better part of two weeks. that said, the aircraft carrier is moving closer to yemen partly to help provide more security given the political instability
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in that country. however there are some reports indicating that part of the u.s.s. roosevelt's mission is to intercept any efforts by the iranian government to send weapons by sea to the houthis. u.s. officials are not confirming that the crew of the roosevelt is prepared to intercept or at least to stop any iranian vessels and these officials also will not confirm whether the crew of the roosevelt is prepared to interrupt any weapons deliveries. they are there they say to provide general security in the region around yemen. >> roz for moment thanks very much. still to come on the program colombia's farc rebels say they will maintain their ceasefire despite the recent outbreak of violence. and car makers unveil their latest models and even in the
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>> hello been, top stories here on al jazeera. the european union has proposed a new plan to tackle the migrant crisis which includes destroying smuggler nodes and more funding for rescue operations in the mediterranean. others ships have gone aground and sent out rescue calls.
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saudi air forces have exploded a weapon base in sanaa. one man who made a journey from ghana made his way to libya where he paid people smugglers for a place on board a boat. that boat was interceptby italian authorities in the mediterranean, then taken to the island of lampedusa. from there joseph was flown to rome where he has been ever since. al jazeera's phil lavelle caught up to him to hear his story. >> reporter: for the migrants crossing the mediterranean sea it is a journey that represents a new life, new start and joseph got that new life five years ago. >> they say yes, ma'am enter
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italian waters. i was glad. >> reporter: joseph had to get out of ghana made his way to libya where people smugglers put him on a boat for a price. destination, lampedusa. >> the first time i was lucky. the first time they promised me to, they promised me joe you are moving today. i went in and they didn't take me. they said that i'm -- the boat is over. so it's full. so i have ogo. following in two days time. about one or two days time, i heard that the boat had been sank on the sea. all of the people died. >> so you had a narrow escape. >> yes! the people were -- they were about 125 passengers. people all of them died. all of them sink including the boat. >> reporter: but the boat he
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did board also got into trouble and had to be rescued. joseph still remembers vividly the moment he arrived in europe. >> people they were very kind to us. they were happy to receive us. so we all happy about them. so they send us to lampedusa. for about four days, they check us medication, and everything. they treat us. after that they took us inside plane and we came to rome. >> reporter: but life has not been as kind as he had hoped. joseph takes odd jobs where he can. he barely gets by. >> i struggle to find money to feed myself. >> you struggle to eat. >> yes struggle to eat. and italy a special room here, the job has been limited, there
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is little job whereby people are working. if you lucky you get some job. if you are not lucky you just praying that one day somebody will call you to come and work for. >> and he has a message for those driven to risk their lives to get to europe. >> it's better for them to stop coming. stay where they are. >> the words of a man who's been there, is there now. but words that many will ignore. so desperate are they for that new start. phil lavelle, al jazeera rome. >> it is also merged that some of the ethiopian prisoners were planning to go to europe by boat from libya. the ethiopian government has declared three days of official mourning. the i.s.i.l. link group posted the debt of about 30 men on social media website.
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shows them be beheaded on a beach and others shot. their relatives are struggling to come to grips with the reality. >> it is such a barbarian act i am shocked how can such a merciless act happens to such a group, how why? >> our sorrows are great. we are very sad ethiopians came from every corner to grieve with us. they saw the post on facebook of this barbaric act when humans are being slaughtered like sheep it's horrific. zulu king in south africa, in a gathering in durban, charles stratford there has sent
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this report. >> reporter: he is one of the most powerful men in south africa. respected and adored by millions of zulus around the country. many say he should have made this speech weeks ago. >> i have come to declare a new war. this war is to protect every foreigner here. every foreigner must be safe. as your king i call for calm. >> said the media should be investigated for misinterpreting another speech he made last month. many say that speech no. he blamed foreigners snore the growing crime rate has led to these xenophobic attacks. he says the violence has brought shame to south africa. >> those who have committed crimes must be brought to justice. because the law must stop those trying odestroy south africa's
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image. >> the king's supporters say the media have lied about him. >> it's good the king came here because he set the record straight. >> the government has also been blamed for failing to address the high unemployment and poverty among huge sections of south africa's population. many of whom accuse migrant workers of taking their jobs. there have been flairups against migrant workers for the past few years. >> condemning violence against south africaensouth africaen but it's going to take more than this. they came to durbin to earn money for their countries across south africa. salma has lived in south africa for years.
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she said her salon was attacked and she wand from the attackers trying to save her baby boy. >> why didn't stop by 2008, because the xenophobia started 2008. it's better to go home. it's better to die home or die here. >> for salma and thousands of others like her the king's speech offers little in what they consider home. charles stratford, al jazeera durbin. there have been other clashes on the streets between guinea's police and citizens. at least two have been hurt but it's denied if firing shots. election timetable and the fragile security situation in the country. the opposition says three people
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were killed in protests earlier in the month. the government says the protests are unlawful and difficult ostrike the ebola outbreak. clom's government says they are -- colombia's government says they are committed to peace talks. first rebels said they were packing in serl-defense against government troops. s alexander tell us more about what farc is saying? >> well, felicity essentially said that the attack that happened last week in qalka was a tragedy but also very
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difficult to avoid these kinds of incidents if they have declared a ceasefire if they continue to being under the permanent siege of ground operations. they try move the ball back into the government and military's court here, they didn't give us any information about what has happened during the astack. this will not be the same as angering the public here in clom colombia to investigate what happened that night and also be evolved in a the implementation of the unilateral ceasefire. until a full ceasefire is in
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place in colombia these incidents might continues to do so. essentially said the there's no justification for the attack and that the park has a problem now with the colombia military. with the people of colombia, they need some explanation to do. in a nutshell we can say that both sides are committed to the peace talks builts i.t. dull to go back to the situation they have built. >> thank you alex. ander. >> a senior armed with a cross bow and machete in a u.s. school. >> he didn't have problems but was kind of a loaner. other students would pick on him and perhaps that was way he had to defend hymns he had a list
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of people he intended to kill and then he did it. one of the world's most impressive car show has happened. adrian bar tell us so. >> the world's fastest growing auto market and this is arguably the stride's most important straight end dominated by certain car brands. >> i think it's still growing one of the most exciting plate in the worg, core surprise are world. many local officials don't want to be seen driving around in vehicles that could even be
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described vaguely as a luxury model. and that is denting the market for premium cars. sales of electric cars also remain at the time slow lain. as part of efforts to curb pollution and promote a domestic car industry, the government wants five million energy you saving vehicles since 2020. so far the number is fewer than a thousand but the manufacturers are optimistic. >> when you see the interest we are getting think i think the future is brighter in china than the other plays. >> with the government now promoting austerity and discouraging success organizers
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are pushing another area. the focus on auto than show. adrian brown acknowledge al jazeera, shanghai. >> monday on our website in the event of any emergency, let us know through coms. >> high above the artic circle >> stand by.... >> in some of the world's coldest waters, canadian military divers are preparing for a search and rescue training mission. >> the bottom is about 40 meters, 120 feet down, the water is about 2 degrees below zero celsius. they can stay down there 40 minutes