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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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♪ >> hello i'm lauren taylor, this is the news hour live from london. coming up, more migrants arrive in italy. e.u. leaders are considering military action to stop people traffickers in libya. [ gunfire ] fighting rages on in yemen and airstrikes continue. saudi arabia said its ready to stop more houthies entering aden. closing in on boko haram nigerian forces say they entered the group's last stronghold.
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bail is sit for 8 million-dollar for the british trader accused of wiping 8 trillion-dollar from the dow jones in minutes. >> and the nfl payout. a judge who approved a settlement to football players who have suffered the effects of years of concussions. >> european union leaders are set to be launching a military operation to stop people traffickers from libya. they're discussing the idea on thursday of how to stop more people from dieing in the mediterranean. hundreds of migrants have lost their lives in the last week while making the perilous journey from north africa to europe including 900 people on sunday. barnaby phillips has this report. >> reporter: these are the latest arrivals in the great
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movement of people across the mediterranean. they set off from egypt libya they're brought here to the port of augusta. italian authorities do their best to save lives but they do not welcome these arrivals. and so they've made it, hundreds of young men but as you can see now many women and some very young children, they risked everything to come to europe. yet the government here in italy and governments right across europe are desperate to stop this kind of migration. >> they try to finds out where all these children have traveled with their parents railroad orr if they're alone. >> many are arriveing.
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>> it is unbelievable. >> then they're led away to a reception center. i caught a quick word from yaha from sudan. >> i'm looking for a safe place to live. because our country is so dangerous, and there is--there is a war. >> in catania i met two young africans who maids that journey across the mediterranean one year ago. nino from senegal and wack from gambia. they found support at a charity their lives are in limbo. >> i miss my mom. i miss my mom now. i don't have anybody else. at the time i came here, i don't know yet what is my future now? i don't know yet my future now.
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>> we talk of this as an immigration crisis. but the people of the docks of algusta are also relieved. they've escaped wars and crossed a sea without disaster. they would rather be here than the troubled lands they left behind. >> italy's prime minister has called for e.u. nations to come together to stop migrant trafficking. the e.u. has agreed to invest more money in paroling operations, and they want the e.u. to have a more visible role in sub-saharan countries. >> when a person is ready to put his life at risk because he needs to get out from a situation where he could be beheaded you cannot discourage the departures or the simple statements. you can do it by enforceing unhcr officers. you can do it by taking action in the countries and keeping
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ourselves even more human avoid avoiding demagoguery as oppositions are doing. >> paul brennan in catania. he has more on what e.u. leaders are going to discuss on thursday. >> according to one u.n. official, it's down to a monumental compassion. there was a 10-point plan which the leaders will now consider. and we've seen a draft communique which has been leaked. and seems to flesh out some of those ten points. at least doubling the current number of resources which has been put into searching and rescuing the mediterranean but even doubling the level of resources would not match the
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resources put into that operation last year. the other issue is whether or not the root causes are going to be addressed. matteo renzi talked about oppositetalked about oppression, poverty, issues that are causing people to leave their homes and make this perilous journey. without addressing those root problems then you're only looking at the symptoms. the idea that they can traffic target a trafficker, well, they said that they have been tasked with the following to begin preparations for possible operations. you can see the language is a little bit woolly, and the fear is they have.
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>> so this talk war with migrant traffickers and the use of military intervention, how useful is military intervention? >> i'm concerned about this rhetoric it places a political narrative. what we need to hear is emphasis on search and rescue, the saving of lives and tough issues on asylum seekers. too much emphasis on possible intervention traffickers arresting traffickers. fine, deal with traffickers but too much of that narrative is a
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real concern. we want solutions tomorrow, we want solutions to trafficking but i'm getting worry now as to the kind of rhetoric we're starting to hear. >> and is it your understanding we understand that the ten-point plan are going to be search and rescue and kaling thatting back up. but how far is that going to be scaled and is it going to be enough? >> i oppose and now my concern is tomorrow this operation will be expanded which is not good enough because it's not the kind of program that we need to save lives more urgently on the kind of numbers that we're seeing. that's my worry. that's my second big worry. what does it mean? thee need to make search and rescue top priority. >> part of the problem is that the past there has been a push
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back because there has been this idea that if you scale up the search and rescue then people will get into dodgy boots and make it attentive. how do you stop people from getting in boats in the first place? people are desperate. they want to go. >> this should have a baseline and they should say look, these are mixed boats where some people are fleeing libya and syria, and they're desperate there are no push factors any more. we should end that kind of narrative and basically understand that we have to save lives and we have to have a comprehensive program and dealing with some illegal migration, but in syria and libya we have major crises along the mediterranean. if we don't have that baseline we're going to be in real
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trouble. >> they're struggling, never trying to sort those things out. we're just going to be discussing this again in a year's time. >> but it's all these channels knows because of your reporting that some perspective is needed. you have millions going into jordan syria and turkey, and you have hundreds in some e.u. countries of syrian refugees. so some perspective is needed. of course there is austerity in the european union but some perspective of how we deal with this problem is badly needed. we need management, too. at the moment we have a chaosty policychaosic policy. we need something that is transparent to citizens that can be seen through to what is
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happening with the membership union. the member states are toying around with this kind of deterrent idea that is ending in terrible death and tragedy. >> thank you very much, indeed. thank you very much. well amnesty international has covered a brighton beach with hundreds of body bags. campaigners zipped themselves inside the bags to protest. amnesty said that european governments need to take urgent action to stop more people from drowning on the way to europe. on the measures that the e.u. will take to stop migrants that are determined to reach europe. >> this is a school in a has been turned into a holding officer. there are a thousand people here. it's overcrowded. the people here come from
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ethiopia iretrea. senegal, a group of egyptians some somalis and they all have that same dream of reaching europe. now i asked several of them if they had heard what happened to the hundreds of people who died in the mediterranean. some said yes some said no, but all of them said that despite the threat from the danger they would still take the chance if they can to try to make it to europe. for many of these people it is the only hope for a better life. one guy i was spoking to, he said i cannot go back home. there is nothing for me. at least with that trip i do have some hope. otherwise, by staying here i have no hope whatsoever. now, their situation is very dire because they don't have anything any more. the trips to reach this point are extremely dangerous. they love their passport. they don't have money any more.
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some people told me that they have not spoken with their families in months. it's a dire situation. not only for them but for the libyan authorities especially in this particular moment when the world attention is on this crisis. some of the people responsible of this holding center told me what do we do with them? well we let them go. when they go, others will come. and in this situation they will keep on continuing until there is an international mechanism put up in place. libyans do feel now that the fingers is pointed at them, but they also say that it is really not in their hands to control this flow of migrants who are only trying to get a better life. >> the saudi air coalition has launched more strikes into yemen. houthi leaders have scald for an immediate halt to the attacks. fighter jets struck taiz and aden. this is where fierce battles took place on the ground.
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there have been political talks. >> hundreds of houthi supporters are taking their anger on to the streets of sanaa pledging their loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh. many vow to keep fighting after the bombardment. saudi arabia ambassador to the united states has warned that more houthi groups may enter aden within hours. >> we're seeing movement that is very disturbing into the city of aden where we see skirmishes, and we see movement of houthi troops in aden from three different directions. we expect they'll be entering aden within hours if not sooner.
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and we are determined to respond to the request of the legitimate government of yemen to provide assistance to them to free then the from happening happening. >> mohammed vall on the border of yemen mass more. >> it does not mean a complete fighting and a stop to war. it means less intensified airstrikes but there will be intervention every time there is necessary for the saudis and their allies. the houthies began immediately after the announcement to remove their attacks.
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not far from aden there was another strike. fighting is raging between the houthies and the loyalist to abd rabbuh mansur hadi. they've been shelling positions of hadi's troops. yes, there is a new phase, a new name but operations are continuing across the country. >> u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon is concerned about the fighting in yemen. >> i hope this phase will lead to the ends of all fighting in yemen. this morning when i read that report that fighting was resumed, i was very much concerned. i hope that there will be an end
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to fighting as soon as possible. >> joining me from washington, d.c. a former u.s. ambassador to the e.a.e. and works to improve relations betweenrelations--thank you for your time. they believe that houthies will move in to aid from three directions. what do you think is happening on the ground? >> well, it's all very murk can i,y, and it's hard to figure out what the saudis declared what they did when they did. now there if there was any tacit understanding, the houthis are not honoring it, therefore some of these allies much abd rabbuh
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mansur hadi are feeling abandoned. as you indicated the houthies have moved heavy equipment into the arrests from which they've been driven before. >> in that context what hope is there for a political solution, and who would it involve? >> well, we always have to keep hope alive for a political solution. i mean, really even though the characterization of this struggle i lived in yemen for two years in the 80s and nobody talked about whose a shia and who is a sunni, it's a tribal society in a very rugged land and people depend upon their tribes for support. the houthis will have to learn that they can't impose their will on the entire rest of the country. there will be too much opposition and push back even if they do have the military upper
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hand. it could very well be that we can see the u.n. restarting reconciliation talks at some point. >> what kind of role will there be for the u.s. in all this? >> well, the u.s. obviously the u.s. has moved an aircraft carrier and some other military ships off the coast of aden in order to show the audis and our gulf allies that we're not going to allow the iranian ships to resupply the houthies. if that's what they're up to, we're not sure. and the u.s. is obviously a member of the security council a country with close ties with the gc, and closer associations with iran.
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those being captured were supplied by the u.s. >> thank you for taking the time to talk to us. >> coming up this news hour. syrian government bombs rain down on damascus. we look at how families displaced inside the country are coping. >> protest against isil's in ethiopia. >> and the belt that floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao will fight over coming up. >> the u.n. says more than 110,000 people have fled fighting between iraqi government forces and the islamic state in iraq and the levant in the city of ramadi. aid agencies are warning that many of the displaced have
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nowhere to go. we have more from the capital of baghdad. >> the iraqi government said that there are forces making gains by pushing out isil fighters were areas surrounding the government compound in anbar's provincial capital they have pushed isil in the eastern parts of ramadi. that's because a number of reasons including reinforcements sent from baghdad's. the humanitarian situation there is getting worse. the number of people who have fled ramadi and the surrounding areas have reached 100,000 people. they live in tough conditions in baghdad on the outskirts of baghdad. there has been a car bomb in baghdad and a roadside bomb to
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the east of baghdad. there were a number of people killed and dozens injured. >> at least 17 people have been killed in bombings by syrian government planes. activists say that seven of those killed and dozens more injured. northeast of the capital in the rebel held area, ten people have been killed in six attacks. opposition activists have accused president assad's forces being behind 1700 strikes across syria in the past three weeks. around 100,000 people have been displaced by fighting in the country. alexi bryant reports on the families fleeing the violence. >> this abandoned mosque is damaged and cold, but it's a safe haven for this family. >> i don't have money to pay rent so hopefully i can find a job. but i look and i look and i can't find anything. >> even though it's roof could collapse at any moment, and the
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windows have no glass abo youssiff knows he's lucky because he and other families like his flee the syrian force who is battle opposition fighters. the city has been targeted by regime barrel bombs and no one is spared. abo youseff's family has escaped the violence. but he and his wife worry go their future. >> we keep moving because of the heavy bombardment but life is just as hard here as it was there. i'm looking after my brother's three children who are orphaned, and i have 12 children of my own. we have no jobs and no way to get money. >> other families nearby have no shelter at all. rent here is ten times higher than before the war and food is
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increasingly hard to come by. this part of idleb may have escaped the violence so far but life here is far from easy. >> trial against al jazeera journalists mohamed fahmy, baher mohammed has been adjourned in egypt and they're being retried for allegedly harming national security and aiding the banned muslim brotherhood. they and al jazeera deny the accusations. proceedings will resume on april 28th. reporting that nigerian forces have invaded the forest the last known stronghold of the armed group boko haram. nigeria niger chad, attack the stung hold where they believe were the 200 girls kidnapped from the chibok school who may
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be held there. >> it sounds accurate. over the last few weeks we've seen a significant decrease in the number of attacks by boko haram in the northeast where they've been active. it has been so quiet. now in the last few minutes we managed to speak to a member of the civilian joint task force those are ordinary nigerians who are supporting nigerian military operations against the group and they've been fighting with nigerian soldiers in the very reliable source we spoke to confirmed this profession that has been give by unnamed military forces. they went so far as saying that thefieding that has ensued, members of the task force has been killed and two soldiers, however, they say that the battle is still i don't know going. that the road 207 main camp where boko haram are is littered
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with bombs than that's what he told us. it is a difficult picture. it's not 100 clear. all of this is underscored by the fact that access to this area is incredibly limited. there have been huge constraints on civil society, and the media to try and independently verify what's going on. president goodluck jonathan, who leaves offense at the end of may, has said that boko haram by the time he leaves office that has been his aim. that's been his goal. he has constantly said that the group is facing extinctions. in these reports are correct that simply could be the case. >> just going back to sanbisa itself and the idea of nigerian forces taking control of t if that is the case, if it is, indeed true, how significant would that be? >> well, it's hugely significant significant. first for president goodluck jonathan who is leaving office
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in may analysts feel that he lost the election because of a perception that he was unable to deal with boko haram that he had failed to deal with the groups group's six-year insurgentcy. it's part of his legacy that he deal with the group. but the return of 1 million nigerians has been displaced by the fighting that has gone on. we have camps across the country for people who are internally displaced. now if this is true, and this information can be relied upon, and this can be the end of the boko haram insurgency, that raises the prospect that people will be able to return to their homes, and there will be some semblance of normality returning to the northeast region, which has been at the center of this terrible violence that we've witnessed over the past few years. >> thank you for that live update from abuja. still to come this hour.
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broken promises. we need struggling south africans who blame the government for recent takes on foreign workers. >> i'm in brazil where the petrobras scandal is costing thousands of jobs and people are scrambling for work. >> and scoring for barcelona.
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>> it's a new day. >> another chance. >> i will be strong. >> i can't get bent down because my family's lookin' at me. >> i will rise. >> i will fight. >> i will never give up. >> you're gonna go to school so you don't have to go war.
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>> hard earned pride. hard earned respect. hard earned future. >> we can not afford for one of us to lose a job. we're just a family that's trying to make it. >> a real look at the american dream. "hard earned". premiers sunday, may 3rd 10:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> welcome to the top stories here on al jazeera. european union leaders are considering a military operation to stop people traffickers in libya on thursday. saudi coalition forces continue to launch airstrikes on houthi targets in the city. and the u.n. said that iraqi
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forces are fighting isil in ramadi. >> many are protesting against their fellow citizens. >> people's grief and anger turns into violence on the streets. people began gathering at dawn on wednesday. it's the seconds day of a three-day national mourning period for isil's victims. a video was posted online on sunday that appears to show the armed group shooting and beheading nearly 30 ethiopian christians. two-thirds of ethiopians are christians. many others are muslims. >> i want to say to eye success that they are not with us. and we're not with them. they do not represent us, and
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we're muslims so stop what you're doing. stop stop. >> relatives say that two of the victims were friends who traveled to libya together to get an illegal boat together. they wanted to find work. to them isil and those who smuggle people across borders are the enemy. >> i don't want international community to rest until these devils are destroyed and these human traffickers are rounded up you within by one. >> a large number of ethiopians have threat of left the country because they can't find jobs at home. if they come home they'll find many people angry with what has happened with their fellow citizens and hoping that their government will respond. caroline malone. al jazeera. >> south african police have arrested 11 men suspected of carrying out attacks on migrants. the government has deployed
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soldiers to the city to help stop attacks against foreigns. at least seven people have been killed over the past two weeks. many of the anti-migrant protesters accuse foreigners of taking their jobs. the failure to create work has been blamed for fueling the unrest. >> when he was eight years old when apartheid ended. he was too young to predict that two decades later he and many south africans like him would still be struggleing to survive. he has seven children and says he has not had a proper job in three years. >> it makes me feel like a failure in life. i'm a failure. the things that men are supposed to do i can't do. i'm supposed to support my children. the first priority is to support my children. i can't do that. >> he lives with his two sisters
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in this tiny house. he takes whatever low-paid part time work he can find. >> only foreigners are getting jobs. these foreigners, they take less money than you expect to get. that's why they have the foreigners make it in south africa. >> ihe said he's shocked about the latest wave of attacks. >> it is not their fault they get a job here. they came looking for jobs. so i say no to violence. >> literally since the end of apartheid more than 20 years ago, his story is shared by millions of south africans.
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that's why we believes if the government is serious about putting an end to zenophobic attacks, then it has to start delivering on its promises. >> he condemns the attacks on foreign workers and calls for calm. they continue to promise services and jobs. >> the president has promised jobs and infrastructure. job creation. >> for millions of unployed unemployed south africans have heard this many times before. >> a farmer's protest in an indian capital has hanged himself to bring attention to the cause. there was a proposed land acquisition law and they say it
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helps big business not farmers. they said that narendra modi has done little to help farmers and their communities. >> protesters who brought part of the city to a standstill last year said that the beijing backed proposals won't allow free and fair elections in elections in 2017. we have more from hong kong. >> the government's electoral reform plans that deeply divided parts of hong kong. now today the protesters returned for another round of demonstrations. security was forced to step in as protesters both for and against verbally clashed. central to the government's plan is rule out a free election in 2017 instead of allowing for china or the national people's congress to vet those
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candidates. they say this is a milestone for hong and they need to support democratic process. >> this resolution is a huge step in the development of hong kong. >> they have vowed to veto the plan and walked out of the legislative council in protest. at this stage the government does not have the numbers. today it launched a two-month publish police the campaign where they'll visit various districts across the city to try to get the public on board before a vote in the legislative council in july. >> an about stillan judge has convicted a member of the petrobras company but he'll only serve one year in house armed group. the investigation. >> the scandal has forced the
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layoff of thousands much employees. >> this man wants to work, but now he says the one vacancy has 500 people chasing it. with payments from petrobras flowsen during the investigation into bribery allegations they can't pay wages. thousands have been sacked. >> i have a child. school nursery to pay, bills to pay. we're trying to survive. i work when work is available. even in this construction area it's been hard. >> the vice president of the construction workers union. he has a pile of papers from people looking for unemployment benefits from the government. his day is spent with workers giving advise. >> at the end of last year there were 15,000 workers. now there are 4500 workers.
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>> petrobras is one of brazil's biggest companies. many that may have taken bribes are linked to the government. the investigation is called operation car wash. one that economists say while it causes pain brazil has to do this. >> should enterprises change their rules in order to follow a much higher standard of values? also the private sector has to be much more transparent. especially in relations with the government. >> it's estimated that 35,000 construction jobs have been lost and there is no sign that things are going to get better every single man had a job until a few weeks ago. now they're unemployed. they all hand their details in to the company behind the white fence because they heard that it's hiring, and they'll wait here all day because they
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believe if there is a job they have a better chance of landing it here than if they just hand in their details and walk away. >> unfortunately, i have been here since 7:00 in the morning and i have not gotten anything so far. all this crowd is in the same situation we're trying to get our jobs back. >> petrobras scandal will hit the entire brazilian economy this year. >> rival gang members could find themselves locked upside by side in prison. in an effort to break up gang structures they have based on their crimes not gang affiliation and this move could create gang violence in prisons.
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>> russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov said that the european union has unfaired back dated that's charges that what it's doing is applying recent regulations to old gas contracts. they say that it is all unfounded and obeys the laws wherever it operates and hopes that it can be resolved at an inter governmental level. it has ten weeks to respond to the charges. it can, of course, appeal to the courts. if it's unsuccessful its looking at huge fines running into billions and billions of dollars. now the european union is taking a big gamble in doing this. as it well knows russia's main export is fossil fuels and if you go after the companies that are responsible for those experts then in effect you're going after the russian state itself. >> russian opposition parties
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have formed a coalition to if field candidates in regional elections later this year. they have pledged to contest next year's parliamentary elections, too with the party of progress working with the party. he says there are barriers to overcome but he's sure they'll be able to attract support. >> it has come into being and boris nentsov was the behind it. i think this will help us to take more action. >> a man has been arrested in france who police say was planning an imminent attack on one or more churches. simon mcgregor wood has more from paris. >> french authorities has "v" named the suspect. he had been living in paris for many years. they picked him up on sunday morning after he apparently
5:44 pm
called an ambulance after he accidently shot himself with one of these weapons. the police on the scene traced a blood trail to his car. and in the car according to the french prosecutors on wednesday they found more weapons. police armed found incriminating evidence. they went to his apartment and found more weapons of war is how they described it rivals and literature linked to both al-qaeda and isil. according to the french authorities. the prosecutor gave a press conference with more details on wednesday. >> his home was searched, and we found three assault rifles, ammunition bulletproof vests police arm bands yellow police vests, a camcorder and a still camera computer and hard drive
5:45 pm
200 euros in cash. >> they said that the man was in some kind of contact with someone in syria who was directing him to pursue these attacks on a church for more than one church. the police are also linking the suspect to the killing of this french woman a 32-year-old mother of one child who was found dead in her car also on sunday morning. it appears that the police have some pretty convincing evidence linking that death with this man as well because they have found a dna prints inside the car and also they've made a ballistic link with the bullet that killed her to one of the weapons found in his possession. >> a london trader accused of broad that briefly wiped almost 1 trillion-dollar off the u.s. share market and is the at bail. it was set at $8 million and his passport was taken away. he was accused of making
5:46 pm
millions of dollars for himself before his arrest. >> making his first court appearance in london, he was told he was face a full extradition hearing. he was released on bail of $8 million. the 36-year-old financial trader is charged in the united states with commodities fraud and market manipulation that significantly contributed to a multi billion dollars wall street crash on a single day in may 2010. according to u.s. regulators and the department of justice, he operated a one-man trading company from this anonymous west london house opposite his parents' home not far from heathrow airport. here it's alleged that he used computer algorithms to manipulate share price on an active scale. analysts say this was not an isolated incident. >> i would suggest that most
5:47 pm
high frequency traders operate on a scale far larger than one individual in the west of london. we know that regulators have been looking at the way they manipulate markets. but the problem is that they trade in fractions minuscule fractions, thousands of a thousands of a second automatic trades and their orders get put in again and pull back in tiny fractions of a second. it's almost incomprehend softball. >> he would make fake trades sometimes thousands of them in a day. and this would cull the market believing there were many. at the same time driving shares down and then would buy shares at a lower market as the market would improve. it's known as spoofing, and it resulted according to the u.s.
5:48 pm
charges in enormous profits. there is little to show for any that have on this unassumeing suburban road. he said he'll fight against extradition to the united states. >> coming up the final in the champions league.
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>> type oftime for sport. >> we begin in the u.s. where the national football league is prepared to may millions of dollars in compensation after a judge approved a settlement of former players who accused the league of covering up the dangers of concussions. 5,000 former players brought the case against the league and have now won $5 million each for serious medical conditions links to repeated concussions. another 200 players opted out of the proposed settlement looking to sue the league on their own. well, the nfl's lawyer issued a statement following the judge's decision. we look forward to implementing the terms of the settlement, and continue to work with our players, coaches and medical staff to enhance the safety and benefits of football. well joining me now on skype from florida is the lead of the nfl report. how much will they pay out. originally we thought as much as
5:51 pm
$675 million or more. is that the case? >> that amount is certainly going to go up. the numbers thrown out are close to $1 billion. however, it is not capped. there is no floor or nor is there a ceiling. it depends on how many people file suit and it depends on the illnesses they got from their playing days. this could be an incredible amount of money that the nfl has no idea the limits they'll be paying well into the future. >> where does that leave the others who opted out of the settlement and those who who will find themselves in the future. >> a settlement is never what somebody wants. it's more in the middle. and the informal frankly had more leverage in the negotiations because they are
5:52 pm
people who have opted out of the settlement or who are in the settlement who need that money now. they are alzheimer's disease and various brain deceases are so advance that their families need this money for expenses now. this is. >> they were able to get a sweet hard deal and not pay nearly as much money as these people might need. but the need for money immediately has worked into the what the informal would need to pay. >> there is no way to cover everything that it needs to cover. because no one knows exactly what it needs to cover. and i latch but i don't say it at this point plantly because people argue all the time that nfl players should know the risks of playing the game.
5:53 pm
but when i talk to people at john's hopkins, yale harvard they don't know all the extensive things that could happen to the brain as a football player. the research is zoo fan and the game changes so much that there is no way that the league could know the players don't know because frankly brain scientists don't know. no one knows the extent of how that would effect a person. somebody has mobility issues that are not necessarily motor functions but as neuroncal will not get the same support. >> thank you. >> the defending champions real madrid there was just one goal on the night. only in the side after injury
5:54 pm
scored a late winner against atletico madrid. they broke the deadlock just two minutes from time. in the night's other match in monaco enough to send juventus through, the four semi-finalists real madrid, atletico madrid monaco and juventus have won each between them. a rare clay defeat on saturday losing to djokovic in the semifinals. but he's into the last 16 after beating nicholas last. nadal calls this event his home tournament and he has won it on no less than eight different occasions.
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>> it means leading players who play in the french league will now be able to play for the wallabyies. the world cup takes place in england in september and october. well the club versus country debate is not confined to rugby union low the balance of power does tend to defend on the support. we have more. >> well, footballers are made
5:56 pm
available for friendlies although clubs get compensation if a player is injured on much international duty. well in last year the owner of the dallas mavericks said that the nba should start it's own world cup instead. and cricket makes more money playing in domestic tournaments like, and as a result many have chosen the ipl over their country, although some clubs reflectable alloware athletickible allowing players to do both. >> floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao will be meeting and they have unveiled a special
5:57 pm
championship belt entrusted with 3,000 emeralds. larry holmes was on hand and was happy to give his expert opinion on the fight. >> it will be a great site. i can't wait to see it. >> still playing granada day two on the cricket test on a day that was interrupted several times from breaks of rain. but he was out two balls later for 103 and west indies was dismissed at 299. >> that is all the sport for now. >> jo, thank you very much, indeed. that's it for me. more news in just a couple of
5:58 pm
minutes. bye for now.
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
>> more migrants arrive in italy. e.u. leaders are now considering military action to stop people traffickers in libya. >> i'm lauren taylor. this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up fighting rages on in yemen and airstrikes continue. saudi arabia said its ready to stop more houthies entering aden. closing in on boko haram nigerian forces say that they've entered the groups last stronghold. mexican authorities launch into claims that police kill