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tv   Real Money With Ali Velshi  Al Jazeera  April 29, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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the ultra orthodox church. in the climate of east-west tensions, that is why they make some european states nervous. . >> more on all those stories on the website. it's doves versus hawks in the republican party, foreign party is the democrats weakness in the presidential race. republicans are split on how much muscle flexing the u.s. should do, will misreading the national mood cost them the election. new questions about the money paid to bill clinton by companies lobbying hillary clinton during her time as secretary of state, which companies paid out and how the clintons defend the pr has science gone too far. chinese doctored it the genes of
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a human embryo raising fears of selective breathing. i'm david shuster in for ali velshi, and this is "real money". 19 months until the 2016 presidential election, and already foreign policy debates as old as the republican itself are guiding the field. freshman senators ted cruz, rand paul and marco rubio entered the republican presidential race. g.o.p. big wigs like judd bush chris christie are expected to join the fray. all they can agree on is policy is out of whack and the next president needs to fix it.
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>> the best thing is a new president. everyone on our side except rand paul could do better. >> these people are lap dogs for president obama, they are sensitive about that rand paul thinks america should isolate itself from the world's prospect and cut off foreign aid. ted cruz would intervene more forcefully, so forceful he'd ord the united states to bomb iran. marco rubio would break off ties with cuba that had been restored in december. jed bush insists that he is his own man on foreign policy, different from the current policies of president george w. bush. speaking of bush 43, over the weekend the former president lashed out at president obama's foreign policy for the first time since leaving office in 2009. in a closed door meeting president bush cited lindsay graham who could announce a
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candidacy, saying the pull out in 2011 a strategic blunder. critics from the left accused president obama of his policies being a continuation of president bush from the middle east. republican candidates call it absurd. a former secretary of defence during the regan administration and senior fellow at the american center for progress focussing on budget and nags although security. continuing president obama's policy, is it as g.o.p. candidates insist, absurd. >> no, he's acting like ever yi post world war ii republican president, except bush 43. you know, when i worked for regan, and he sat with gorbachev he said something to the effect "i bet you the right wingers and hardliners are bleeding about this. when he met
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gorbachev he said look, we are not going to change your social system, we recognise you as a super power, is that worse than what obama has done with iran?" after all the soviet union was an existential threat the republicans suggest that what president obama has done with iran and other hot spots, it's infective. regardless of what it is, it has not worked. >> it has been effective. he got the iranians to so far a bunch of concessions, you can argue whether we'll get the final deal by june, to cut the centrifuges by a third, stop enriching iranian at the reactors, this is unbelievable in terms of what you could get another country to do. and the president not only put the sanctions, but we got the international community to work with us. russia and china to put the sanctions on iran. >> that's true the international
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community is working with the united states to put the sanctions on. put senator cruz says cin can't be trusted. at the end of the day there'll be proof that iran will not live up to the agreement and the negotiations have been worthless and the united states has just lost time. >> again, the soviet union lived up to the agreements that nixon made, and regan, and the first president. they are much more closed society than iran is. we'll allow the inspections at least in the preliminary group, much more intrusive than we had against the soviet union. president regan had it right. given the new technology, if you don't get everything you want on the ground, you'll be able to find out what is happening. never mind the way the republicans want to compare
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policies, what do you make. divide between the lindsay graham wing on foreign policy, and senator rand paul who thinks the united states should pull back the money spent around the world and be more circumspect entanglements. >> it's interesting, i met with rand paul. he asked to see me. he said i'm an eisenhower republican, he didn't go to vietnam, each though the lindsay si graham's of the day said "you have to go in and save the french." when the soviet union went into poland and hungary, there were a lot of hard-line people saying "no, you have to roll back the soviet union", and when castro came into cuba they wanted him to innovate and they complained about bomber gaps and missile gaps.
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eisenhower knew not only was it not true, but he complained about raising fence spending. what was eisenhower's major accomplishment. an interstate system. >> lawrence koch is the senior fellow thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me next, new accusations about the clinton finances. former president bill clinton was paid millions in speeches from companies lobbying the state determinate when hillary was secretary of state. doesn't appear laws from broken, does it pass the smell test. stay with us.
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do they represent us, do they answer to us or a handful of powerful and wealth special interests?
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another day, another story about access, influence and potential conflict of interest involving bill and hillary clinton. the international business times reported that bill clinton accepted $2.5 million in speaking fees from 13 major corporations and trade state department while hillary clinton was secretary of state. you see the list includes dell, national retail federation and oracle, paying the former president $200,000 in the same three month period they lobbied the state department run by hillary clinton. dell received $28 million in state department contracts after hillary clinton took the top job at state. joining us from denver to talk about the article and what it says about the clintons, as an author. david schroeder international editor at "the business times." the payments to the clinton, bill clinton, what is different
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is this is money going directly to bill clinton as opposed to the foundation? >> that's right, this is money going into the clinton's personal bank account, money from companies actively lobbying hillary clinton's state department for government policies, most of the d companies that gave the money gave it to bill clinton in the same period that those companies were lobbying the clinton state department. as you alluded to major state department contracts, lucrative contracts came out of the state departments on the other end. >> were these contracts that some companies never received from the state department? >> yes, that's a key point. the contracts in most cases, the size were larger and they had never gotten contracts from the state department. an crease
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-- increase in the contacts understand hillary clinton as secretary of state. >> did you get a reaction from the clintons, any reaction from dell to the story? >> no, there was no reaction from the clinton campaign or bill clinton. he declined an interview with international business times, dell and the other companies that paid bill clinton while they were lobbying the state department said that they paid bill clinton in a way that was separate from their business before the state department. there was nothing to see. but 13 companies that were actively lobbying hillary clinton's state department paid bill clinton, and money going into the clinton's bank account, not the philanthropic enterprise. >> there is nothing wrong with a former president like bill clinton accepting fees for speeches, no matter how much he wants to charge. is the issue that because at the time these married to a
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high-level official, that that is where the conflict of issue may come in. >> that's the key question, where was the line drawn, was a line drawn. the state department was supposed to have a conflict of interest agreement to avoid bill clinton's speaking fees for firms that presented a conflict department. you may think a firm actively lobbying hillary clinton's state department for various policies, it could be seen as a conflict of interest for that firm to pay the clinton family. >> tell us about what some of the companies were hoping to get department? >> sure. i mean you have tech companies that were lobbying on visa reform, h1-b. high tech visas. other technology based firms lobbying on cyber security and privacy, and the contracts come into questions with firms
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looking for government procurement contracts. >> we have been promoting parents on social media. someone on facebook accused you of being a water boy. conservative billionaire koch brothers, do you have an agenda interest. >> it's the first time i have been accused of that. our reporting focussed on jed bush, chris christie, our reporting led to an investigation of chris christie, we looked at hillary clinton and ron emanuelism. real journalism, not partisan, looks at saul candidates and is equally. >> what do you make of the assertion by the client defenders, whether this story or money in general that there's no smoking gun. no evidence to link any payments either to the clintons or the foundation with any influence
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over hillary clinton. >> well, i'm at a lose for that. we know money wept into the clinton family, and in many cases contracts from the clinton state department came out. now, if you say that there's no such thing as corruption, unless you have literally an email saying give me the money and i'll give you the contract. that can be your position. that was not the democrats position when it came to brad gushue. -- george w. bush. there was talk about him taking money from oil companies. suddenly all of this is not a problem to democrats, and there's hypocrisy there. for journalists we have to look at intersections of money going in, and policy coming out and shine the right on them so the voters can make an inphotographed decision. >> is this what makes emails
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deleted controversial because of expectations that there may have been information in hillary clinton's emails about some of this? look, any time a government official is hiding something, you have to ask the question why are they hiding something. i have no indication saying there were or weren't emails about money coming into the clintons personally and policy coming out. again, if the emails don't exist. if they are gone, not open to public scrutiny, yet you have the evidence indisputable of money going in, policy and contracts going out, the question is why were the emails omitted. i'm not saying there was something. it's a question worth asking. >> david schroeder seniored tore for national business times, thank you for coming on we learnt that the for profit education company corinthian colleges is shutting
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down 28 campuses nationwide displacing 16,000 students. the decision comes less than two weeks after the department of education fined corinne thiian $30 million after misleading job placement data, of they agreed to close or sell all of its campuses last july. patricia sabga has been following the story and joins us with more. >> david, that deal with the department of education to sell or wind down corinthian schools was not without its critics, including former students who say they shouldn't have to pay back federal loans for degrees they say are worthless, they are not just talking about it, they are taking action, by declaring strike. >> i felt exuberant. i was excited. i was exhausted. i was happy. >> reporter: natasha gratuated three years ago with a paralegal
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associates degree from an everest college in california. part of the for-profit education giant corinthian. today the 26-year-old is back in native missouri, working part-time at a grocery store for minimum wage. honest work, not the career that everest promised her. >> they told us we'll have a job in the field that we studied within no more than six months, and that we would be paid above minimum wage. >> reporter: horn says her degree commanded so little respect she couldn't get a foot in the door or transfer her credits to another college. >> i tried to take my yet its and transfer to fullerton. they said they wouldn't accept credits from everest. >> reporter: she has nothing to
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show buts $28,000 in federal student loan debt. >> reporter: do you think you loans? >> no, i don't think i should have to. >> reporter: horn and dozens of others that attended corinthian colleges are on strike, refusing to pay back the loans and demanding the regulator, the them. >> we didn't have the proper education and were charged way too much. charges that underpinned lawsuits filed by ryan callahan, wisconsin, massachusetts, and the bureau accusing corinthian of misrepresenting job placement and transferabilitiy of credit and other unlawful practices. the evidence was compelling enough to underwrite state and federal lawsuits, but not enough
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to convince the department of education to shut down corinthian, or pay back loans for students that are saddled with degrees that mean nothing and life-altering debt. >> reporter: the for-profit announced it would have to declare bankruptcy. the u.s. department of education department let corinthian go under, a move that would have cancelled loans for existing students. the department of education kept the funding cabs open and broker said the sale of 56 campuses to a student loan debt collection agency. a move that prompted a dozen democrats, including consumer fire brand elizabeth warren to urge the department of education to cancel loans incurred by thousands of students. >> they are a failed business, why support or fund them. >> ann larson is with the debt
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collectors, an off shoot of the occupy movement that helped to organise the strike. >> the department of education has been a partner in crime with corinthian. they have been complicit in a debt scheme, supporting and funding it. doing everything to make sure the top officials, investors don't suffer consequences. >> reporter: the department of education declined a request for interview to discuss the handling of corinthian, a spokesperson gave a statement saying: . >> i think the department of education does not want to set a cancellation. once the students get what they deserve, in this case, others that have been scammed and defrauded by schools will want
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the same thing. >> reporter: as for defaulting on student loans, natasha understands the consequences. >> i'm not afraid of it. you can take my taxes, you know, you can garnish my wages. you're not going to break me. >> reporter: a message see hopes will be echoed by others. >> coming together, creating a collective, i think we have i know we have something. we can make the department of education sweat while natasha and other debt strikers fight op, students currently enrolled in 28 carin thian schools shut down are eligible to get student loans forgiven as for the counter 16,000 students affected by corinthians closure, the institution says it will work with other schools to place students in other colleges to help them continue their education.
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next - chinese scientists ignite an ethical debate. they have re-engineered a human embryo. critics say they have crossed a line, heading to scary, unchartered territory. >> sunday. pop-rock, new wave icon kate pierson. >> woo! woo! woo! woo! >> revealing the secrets behind her biggest hits. >> i can express myself in a different way. >> her latest controversial track. >> i was very taken aback. >> and making a long lasting impact on the world. >> i have to just be myself. >> every sunday night. >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping. inspiring. entertaining. "talk to al jazeera". sunday, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america.
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researchers in china are going where no scientist has gone before - announcing that they have altered the d.n.a. in human embryos. possible applications are wide-ranging and for scientists in medical ethizists is scary. >> clustered readily interspaced palay drome research. small stretches of repeated d.n.a. don't worry about that. worry about what it could mean.
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it's the basis of an exciting and frightening gene-editing tech feek, one that can change people and a way of hacking evolution. here is how it works. it is a defense mechanism inside d.n.a., that can destroy an attacking virus, cutting up the d.n.a. like a knife. researchers figured out they can trick the mechanism cutting where they want, along d.n.a. secondses knocking out certain genes and can tuesdayuse it to add other genes. all of this means we can manipulate d.n.a. and not in random tests, but any common organism, including human being. it could be a remote control for altering a foetus inside a pregnant women. it's been used to modify human
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embryos to cut the genes of a blood disorder. it could be used to cut out common aye applications like diabetes or parkinsons, and genetic immunity to things like hi itself. parents could pick eye or hair colour, or determine height or body tight. it's amazing technology and potential. research into humans is the line that no one dared cross before now. if we fiddle around with d.n.a., we are changing not just the one person's body, but the genetic inher tense of all of that -- inher tense of all of that person's descend aned, kids, grandkids can inherit. it could be a good thing, knock out skits frepia genes, everything you
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do to one person occurs in the line. it's not perfect. the technique worked about half the time. any mistake made is permanent alteration to genes passed on to the next generation, that is why a group of leading researchers, and the scientist that discovered it called for a global moratorium, feeling that we are not ready to play around at this level. it. they are editing the basic material of human being. this makes it a major moment in science. now, in the literal and good. >> jacob ward in san francisco. tomorrow night, catch our special report on the price of . >> do they really represent us? do they answer to us? or do they answer to a handful of very powerful and very wealthy special interests? from clinton to bush and all
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the contenders in between. we'll investigate the ludicrous cash that candidates need to win and answer the controversial questions about where that money is coming from. that's here at 10:30pm eastern tomorrow night. that is our show for today. i'm david shuster in for ali velshi. from everyone at "real money", thanks for watching. >> monday on "techknow". the agricultural community is in crisis. >> more prolonged drought could become the new normal. >> desperate for solutions. >> we can make clean drinking water, just using the sun. >> conservation, science and hope. >> the snow is really a critical resource. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is my selfie, what can you tell me about my future? >> can affect and surprise us. >> sharks like affection.
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>> "techknow". where technology meets humanity. monday, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. > the nigerian military rescues nearly 300 women and girls from boko haram. psh psh welcome to al jazeera from doha. also ahead - the saudi king names a new heir and replaces a foreign ministers in a major government shake-up. frustration in nepal as survivors of the earthquake wait for aid and relief australia recalls its ambassador to indonesia after two of its citizens are executed by firing squad