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tv   Real Money With Ali Velshi  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2015 1:30am-2:01am EDT

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bring the people together, pop culture might. robin. al jazera. and a reminder that you can keep up-to-date with all the news, on our head loin, on our website. many are preparing for nest-eggs, and we will explain,. well high drama over low air pressure, nfl has been caught between a rock and a hard place, between some football and, one of the game's biggest
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stars. i'm david shoeser and, this is real money. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ 18 months before americans vote and already huge divide has erupted under one of the most difficult issues. this week, hillary clinton ignited the debate, and she strongly embraced that citizenship for 11 million undocumented immidprans and her move, with a large latino population could help her secure it and a crucial voting block. republicans, are in disarray, in their efforts to appeal to latino voters and the candidates can't see to grow on how to approach it.
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likely candidates have packed away from their own positions or attacked offers for going soft on securing borders and, marco rube bo oh, who once sponsored, a bill, now says that approach was a mistake. once upon a time, jeb bush and scott walker supported a path to citizenship and, in you some legal status which is something far short of citizenship. of all the republican candidates ted cruz has been the most consistent and the other are stuck trying to make amends with the parties base which remains dead set against amnesty. all that flip-flopping has left an opening for democrats be too lure latinos and, that's why
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hillary clinton made her move. in her first visit since announcing her campaign, she called for 11 million people, in the united states to be given a pass to citizenship. i will fight for comprehensive immigration reform, and a path to citizenship for you be and your families and i will fight to stop partisan attacks on the executive action. she spoke at a round table discussion where 70% of the students are hispannick. she attacked the proposals to give them what critics call second class status. when they talk about legal status, that's code for second class status. and she jabbed at gment on will p. candidates including jeb bush, who have backed away from previous promises. if we claim that we are for
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families we have to pull together and resolve the outstanding issues around our broken immigration system. nevada has a large latino population and, they will play a key role and the state is a crucial battle grounded. and hispannext, have been frustrated with clinton. last year, during the surge of central american children, clinton's response was unforgiving. they should be sent pack as soon as it can be determined who their family are. during her last presidential campaign she supported giving them driver's licenses. they are driving on the roads, the possibility of them having an accident, that harms themselves is just a matter of odds and then, the idea that
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we're going to extend the privilege is trouble some. she hedged in the same debate. i did not say that it should be done, but i recognize why the governor is trying did it. we have failed. no, you said, you suggest. you thought you made sense do it. the point is, what are would he going to do with all these illegal immigrants. but drivers licenses, go too far. clinton is starting her outreach again from a position of strength. according to the latest news poll they profear her over jeb bush 71-26. but groups, insist they're looking for consistency from clinton. and these organizations want to make sure, is also something that's shows saying in iowa and new hampshire again, it is a lot easier to promote a path to
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leadership. now, from los angeles,. first of all let's talk about timing and then the policies and all about hillary clinton talk about her, other than the clinton cash. yes, the speech she made came on the exact same day the book was released. it's the kind of thing, i'm sure the campaign to the together, they're very savvy and figured out what they could do to take a little bit of this thunder and it worked better than they expected many because the immidpraition debate has been taken away from the republicans she with what she did. it was very, very savvy and in your piece it will be important. and one other thing there's political, but brian sandoval is a governor in nevada, and if he
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runs for that senate seat, which many are trying to get him to do, the latino voter could be at may. that voter can swing nevada, the ultimate swing state so the democrats come in, and hill harry is trying to get the magic number. exactly. it is already forgetting sandoval and, that's a reach and it's already a state the democrats want to make a play, and the numbers are overwhelming there, and the popularity of this issue. i mean, you also remember a couple of things that she talked about. path it citizenship but you know, the voters him to hear more and she talked about reunifying families and making over the tension centers. and, that's a big issue. it's not a big issue in america not a lot of voters are thinking about. so to that extend, she did
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a a marvelous job to be able to comn indicate that. what she is communicating how much is feasible, in washington dc where so much has to be done, or is she saying, these are my proposals these are my propossess always and i'll use executive action. well, that's something that she has teased before, and you know hillary clinton has a long history of promising thing, as a senator, and, secretary of state and, hard to keep all your promises and she has made big ones and this is about saying, you are, i will in your corner and you're important to mo. and if the row public cans don't meet her she'll use executive action. a number of the republicans running for president they support the legal status, less
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than full citizenship. how does that may? well what they're saying is that, you know, they're dancing around an issue, in the same way that the clinton's danced around day rights, there are ways of appealing to a certain segment . speaking nicely and it's short of path to citizenship. it's short of saying you will be citizens. you have to master english and take tests and pay taxes and back taxes and, that's what marco rubio was saying, so it is short of that, and it is a way of being different from the republicans and that's what they are doing and what clinton has done is taken that away from those left leaning policies on immiphrasing. is there any chance that,
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clinton, going so far to the left that she gets hurt in the general election, where there's battles to be put to. and likewise her republicans who are doing it to the right, how much does this impact, whoever the republican nominee might be? what clinton differently than many other candidates, most people have their minds made up. there is a small group of people that don't to whom, they don't have an opinion of her. sheds trying to impact those people in states. so will this issue hurt? yes. but the democrats are already on that side of that issue. so it's not going to be as doe viive as a general election and what she's trying do, for next 500 some odd takes is appeal to voters who don't know her, and have not formed a negative opinion and start with a newer
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latin voter. how is that cutting in the republican primary? well they don't know yet the thing about the republican primaries is 31st two stops iowa and new hampshire and wore way ahead of ourselves. but those are two states where i am make grations is not a big part of the conversation. south carolina it becomes that. already, as you mentioned bush and rubio are taking some flack for the positions that they have taken. they're much more specific than they need to be. mike doll, great stuff as always thanks. dpaifd thanks a lot. up next, how safe is your retoir men plan? if you're couning on a state pension, your golden yearsmy not be as rich as you thought north carolina seals to be the
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exception, what is she doing right? tom brady on the defense will be nfl punish one of his biggest stars? stay with us?
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>> welcome back. the u.s. economy added 223,000 new jobs, and the ut unemployment rate dipped, and it followed dismal numbers in march, they say it should be blamed on the cold winder weather and the weadges pick up and they are 2.2% higher than a year ago and, it is something that the need needs to see more of. one thing that cons to make americans nervous is their retirement savings and that includes millions of public workers who rowly on state pension plans and, there's been
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growing scrutiny, and who is running them. the 90 billion state pension system is highly rated and it's not without controversy and, it is controlled . one person. the state treasurer will and she is running for reelection. and she spec at the conference. and he asked her about the way the pension system is overseen and here's what she said. i don't think there's a silver bullet structure to solve any issue for pensions. they are complex systems and it takes a . of expertise to manage them and what we did to address the concern nothing this an unusual is, to put together a blue ribbon commission, and republicans, democrats and taxpayers and, to say what would be the i dole and they couldn't agree and, we have taken it to the general assembly, saying, i
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am open to a board. they think that the system has worked very well, triple a. rated state and they have been very supportive of me and the office and givens changes and they're reluccan to make a big change. we like you and we like the office and it's doing well, and, hesitant it change. so, i don't see them going to a board structure and, i will also just throw in, all that's new regulations out. s.e.c. if they were to go to a board, you have house speakers, subject to them, and that's a did her rent, to changing the structure. as i read it, the crimecism fall fees two buckets. one is the malfeasance of having one person, and the other one is whether it would improve the performance. and you have it on your side,. and yes. for the process of having
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one person make decisions over $90 billion, a lot of that is process. so we have strengthened, i do have an epvest men advisory committee and, we have folks like neil triplet, and we have some good private investors on there and it's invaluable, for decisions. and we also have very strong process, and with checks and balances and legal teams and lots disclosures and, have increased, transparency, and all of that is to address some of those concerns with a very sound process, would he think the pension is operating very well with the structure and is only going to at the time better sphvment you have joined up with some overstate treasure rushes, to write to the s.e.c. and write for better disclosure. yes. that seems like a no-brainer. you would think that that sort of transparency, would be
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welcome, i met a.c. i.o. from texas, and who has a strategy to invest with companies in large lobby expenses. so, i mean, you could say, is that important enough fact to disclose but income there are people investing off of that strategy and making money. and they said there's a 4-1 return, because they have large lobbies. right. so that is already an invest men strategy, and, are they making wise political donations and i find this discour ranking. and i think it's important information. some of the pension then vest meant money and using it to finance inno vision, new companies, north carolina based companies. i was elected to this office in 2008, and in 2009, a, a lot of
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mistrust of finance and pensions and one way to make what the pension is doing to let people know that we are contributing to the economic future of the state was to invest in companies in north carolina. and university system, and dollars that would he get. we have a lot of goodbyes opportunities and we have invested in 21 companies and, we have a 20% on that and 400 jobs off the dollars that, we have invested and we just announced that we'll be launching an enno vegas fund, too, with a similar make up and structure to invest. illinois has the nation's most troubled pension plan, with 109 billion. but today the supreme court said the overall law is unconstitutional. that law lowered cost of living and increased
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retirement. and they say it is not an excuse to appan don the rule of law. up next, quarterback tom brady is used to facing plits and but he may not dodge a suspension. when we come back. we'll examine the fallout from deflate game
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>> a liar and a cheat. those are just some of the charges that sports fans are now applying to new england patriots quarterback tom brady, the winner of this year's super bowl and a sport icon is getting hammered in a be controversy known as deflate-gate. a 240 page report commissioned by the nfl, indicates brady was probably aware that equipment managers were lower the inflation rate of footballs. deflation would have made it easier snore a quarterback to grip and accurately throw a football and it's a violation of rules. before the super bowl brady denied any wrongdoing and last night he appeared at an event in
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salem, massachusetts and basically punted. he said he hadn't had time to digest the report, had not detracted from his joy in winning. reporter jim gray asked brady, why not? brady responded with this. >> because we earned and achieved everything we got this year as a tale and i'm very proud of that and our fans should be, too. >> we are joined from connecticut by espn reporter jim trotter who covers the nfl should brady be suspended and if so for how long? >> he absolutely should be. cheating is cheating and roger goodell said he wanted to come down harder on onfield violations. if you add that to the fact that tom has not been completely compliant in terms of presenting his cell phone to the nfl to have these records related to this matter researched there is no doubt that if the commissioner wants his words to
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carry any weight he should be sanctioned and it should be multiple games. >> in this particular case i mean the patriots won this game 45-7, would have have made any difference? >> no, it wouldn't have made any difference, that makes no sense here. brady played better after the balls were properly inflated rather than before. some say this is a minor rule from the standpoint of rolling through a stop sign, it didn't change anything. the rule is there for a reason if it is violated somebody has to be held accountable for it. roger goodell says not only will the persons be responsible, but the organizations. this is not just how tom brady is going to be dealt with it's about how bill belichick and robert kraft are going to be dealt with. >> you how do you think the
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patriots ought to be dealt with? >> they should lose draft picks and should receive a substantial fine. if you look at the personal conduct policy it says in there very clearly that if you are guilty or if you are involved in certain activities, including among other things fraud, you are subject to discipline from the league. well we've had two owners who have been involved with fraud cases one that was convicted that is ziggy wolf of the viking and jimmy haas lam of haslam of cleveland, it is any guess how the commissioner's office is going to react to this. >> what would jump out at you when you saw the texts between equipment managers and phone calls that tom
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brady had. >> clearly it didn't look good. as i've said before, these two employees were not going to do this on their own. they didn't just wake up one morning and say you know what i need to deflate some of these footballs for tom brady. the fact that they did this after the officials examined the footballs and then they took it into a bathroom one of the employees took it into the bathroom and let some air out, clearly it's incriminating. the report is very strong, while there is no smoking gun there is circle circumstantial evidence, they have enough evidence to go after tom brady and the patriots. >> tom brady's father said this is frame-gate and the colts operation. what is your view of that? >> i think it's laughable, no other word for it, it's laughable. let's play along with it for a moment and say that it was you
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know frame-gate or that it was a sting operation, if you are not doing anything wrong, what do you have to hide? what are you worried about? so i don't buy that at all. i think it's people who are close to tom protecting tom. >> what he was worried about at the time is this was right before the super bowl. he wanted the focus to be on the super bowl not on a blow-out game the week before. what about the overall argument that if you look at the super bowl, and we could see hall of fame pinch pitcher after pitcher who play have had vaseline in there, this is part of the game they're trying oget an advantage with the equipment. >> rules are rules and tom brady is still going to be in the hall of fame. that is not an issue here. there was a rule, the leak has found that the patriots and tom brady violateit and now they have to take some kind of action. >> what about the argument that
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the patriots are only getting hammered, for example spy gate in 2007 that there is some sort of perception about the patriots because they are going to have to pay a greater penalty because of their past? >> prove it. i don't see any other allegations brought against other teams that they're doing it or need to investigate any other team because they're doing it. we are focused on the patriots and tom brady and this investigation and from the words of this investigation it is pretty clear that there's wrongdoing. >> jim trol trotter an nfl reporter for espn, we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> the team behind ali velshi is proud to bring you a brand-new program. next week, mark $the interview of ali velshi on target, interviews you will not get anywhere else, 10:30 eastern and 10:30 pacific, tune in.
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that is our show today i'm david schuster in for ali velshi for everyone here thanks for joining >> the agonizing wait is over.
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