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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 11, 2015 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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increasingly globalized word it is difficult to have drown out international sounds. >> and you can keep up-to-date with all the day's news on our website. the address, >> people missing and dozens hurt after storms tear through texas. actions taken to stop migrants were crossing the mediterranean. and yemen's houthi rebels are claimed to have shot down an iraqi fighter jet just before a cease-fire is supposed to take
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effect. this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm stephanie sy. at least ten people are missing this morning in texas in the wake of violent and powerful storms that struck near dallas. the greatest damage where one-third of the town is destroyed. in nearby cisco one person was killed. >> this is the first images coming out of texas after a likely tornado hit the area. officials say two dozen people are injured. >> there goes the school. >> in lake city, iowa, a tornado ripped through a school top sledding shredding it to pieces. >> i lived in cisco for ten years now, and i haven't seen
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anything like this in a long time. >> homes ripped in half. telephone poles on the ground. the farming town was evacuated on mother's day after a twister demolished this church. >> we huddled in the basement in the bathroom. we were on our knees and said the lord's prayer. we could hear the bricks falling, and we knew it was not good. >> golf-ball-sized hail dropped down on wind shields. these people were hoisted to safety after rescuers could not get to them. >> pretty nerve racking. >> more tornadoes and even flash floods are in the forecast for today. let's bring in nicole mitchell. which areas may get hit next. >> it's a long corridor from the great lakes down to the gulf coast. we're dealing with that still this morning.
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one of the things interesting to me and you can see that widespread distance. we had severe weather in the northern midwest. places in south dakota and other area that went through oklahoma and texas. you can see that continuing through this morning. mostly wind and hail reports what i thought was interesting there are 130 reports almost 20% of those were tornadic. the red is flash fooding and the pink where that potential exist exists. a widespread risk, anywhere in this area we could have the risk for wind, ail and tornadic events from anywhere from the great lakes down into the southern region and as this moves along starts to bring a little more rain into the northeast for tomorrow.
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but the tail end of that front really staggers out in texas. so a couple of days of the heavy rain is what we could be dealing with. here is how all of that builds up. over the next couple of days, widespread areas could see three to five inches out there and right now i actually talked with the weather service in the area. they have three crews going on in the sight to confirm the tornadoes all of those are tornadoic, sometimes they're straight-line winds but they have survey all the damage. >> thank you. in the u.n. they're calling for military action against migrant smugglers. >> let me say that the european union is finally ready to take it's own responsibilities, saving lives welcoming refugees addressing the root causes of the phenomenon, and
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dismantleing the criminal organization. >> the e.u. foreign affairs head addressing the security council. patricia sabga joining us now. >> is this fair to call this a bold action? >> more than 1800 people fleeing conflict abuse and poverty are believed to have died attempting to cross the mediterranean from libya to europe. the e.u. wants to seek and destroy vessels who smuggle people. libya would command the mission. now the aim is to undermine the business model of the networks that profit from moving human cargo by seizing vessels before
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they embark with migrants. last month 950 people are believed to have died when vessels trafficking them capsized off the coast of italy. it's not just military solutions that europe is seeking from the crisis. they're set to unveil a new migration agenda that will include quota refugees among the e.u.'s 28-member state. >> when it comes to this military operation how likely is it that the u.n. security council gives it the go ahead. >> as you know when we're talking about the u.n. security council there is always horse trading go on. and discussion going on and wildcards. the e.u. foreign minister was in beijing and she's hopeful of china support. there is a question mark over russia, of course, don't forget that the e.u. has economic sanctions on russia right now. so that is a definitely a potential wildcard.
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>> patricia sabga, thank you. as she mentioned a quota system to distribute the responsibility more fairly across the e.u. members. >> we'll hear more details about this contentious plan the e.u. commission has come up with to enforce by legal--by mandatory legal enforcement, a so-called quota system. a system by whereby the migrants are redistributed to all 28 e.u. member states. and the numbers that go to each state will be worked out according to that state's strength of the economy, how many unemployed people they have, and the track record that that state already has in voluntarily taking in these migrants. germany and sweden, countries like that who already take the
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lyon's share of migrants are keen in supporting this, not surprisingly eastern european countries like hungary and others are set dead against it. and the e.u. wants to attack the infrastructure run by these human traffickers lots of military experts are pointing out weaknesses in that system, and libyaens themselves are popping up and saying legitimately hang on, the e.u. has not consulted with us on that issue that's a sovereignty issue, and we're not in support of that, and that will be proposed by the european union and the u.n. and i can assure that you will run and run as well. >> malaysia is dealing with its
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own migrant crisis right now. hundreds of people from bangladesh and myanmar has landed on their shores this weekend. they're mainly from the rohingya minority. many have been traveling on overcrowded boats for months and arrived in desperate need of care. >> police confirmed for us that a thousand rohingya and bangladeshi migrants arrived in shore last night. many of them were women, they were extremely hungry thirsty and in need of medical attention. the ministry has not confirmed any of these details yet but the boat these migrants were traveling on appeared to be abandoned by the smugglers perhaps because of the crackdown on their activities by thai authorities. they have been cracking down on the slave camps on the
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thai-malaysia borders where mass graves were also discovered. this is not just a problem for malaysia. across the waters in indonesia authorities said that they rescued around 400 people migrants that were trying to make their way off the coast of the province. now the concern amongst authorities is that they're going to see an increasing number of these migrants heading for their shores in the coming days. the malaysian government has not reacted to this latest news of migrant arrivals. however, they have said there are no slave camps in malaysia, and there is no evidence of mass graves here. but they also believe that these migrants are not victims. they say that they have been cooperating with people smugglers to flee myanmar and they do not consider the migrants to be victims of people
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smugglers. >> there are heightens security concerns this morning in yemen despite promises of a cease-fire said to take evacuate tomorrow. saudi state tv said that they're positioning tanks along the saudi-yemeni border. there was exchange of heavy fire just weeks ago. mohamed vall joining us. it appears that they're not taking steps from that cease-fire. what are you hearing from saudi officials? >> there was the daily briefing by the saudi spokesman, and according to that briefing, and we're expecting one today the latest one in which he said that saudi is ready for a truce but it does not mean that it's not
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ready to fight as well. and they have been intense intensifying their air campaign, particularly in the north near sadaa. overnight think managed kill one person and wound four in the city and they have killed another this time a saudi citizen and four others wounded. every time the houthis do this, this means nor intensification of the airstrikes. as this happens as the houthis repeat those attacks on the saudi border, the saudis also increase those attacks. this is going to continue apparently until the truce comes. and there are now doubts about whether the truce will happen or not. >> yes and of course that truce comes also from pressure from the united states.
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mohamed. another development houthis say they have brought down a fighter what do we know about that and are there casualties reported? >> it is confirmed that this moroccan fighter 16 jet was shot down over yemen after 6:00 local time yesterday and the houthis have shown the wreckage of the aircraft. what is not proved whether it was a rocket that was--the aircraft was hit by rockets or if it was a technical failure. this is something that we're still waiting for. it is very difficult for the coalition to verify this at the moment because the aircraft apparently crashed over yemen. and it's difficult to have access to that place to know the real details and also the fate of the pilot is unknown. >> finally before i let you go, the saudi king skipping the key
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meeting with president obama and other gulf leaders, why is he deciding not to attend the summit? >> well, the official explanation given by saudi arabia is that the king is too much buzzy now with the truce coming up and also with the humanitarian supplies sent to yemen. he'll inaugurate a center here in saudi arabia for those supplies. but we know that the relationship between the gulf countries and the united states have been strained since talks began with u.s. and iran and spearheaded by the united states. the gulf countries to the detriment to the traditionally strong relationship between the u.s. rand gulf countries. probably it is a message by the saudi king, and also the king of pa rain bahrain probably a
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message there that the gulf countries are still suspicion about the intentions of the united states. >> mohamed vall. thank you. greece's financial future is the topic of a meeting today with eurozone finance ministers. >> on greece it's what you know. we're not expecting a conclusion, but we expect that there will be steps forward and the dialogue continues both at a technical and political level. >> officials are gathering in brussels to talk about the terms of financial aid for athens just days before the greek government is scheduled to pay $148 million to the monetary fund. jonah, good to see you. greece has written a handful of big checks this month. are they on track to make this payment? well the word from athens on that is is that they're willing and able to make that payment to
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the imf on tuesday. there have been rumbles in athens saying that payment should be main on contingent to unlock the bail out program. but remember this, $840 million is just a small amount that greece is going to have to pay over what is a long and fraught summer. another $3.1 billion to be prayed out in june and september and $3 billion owing to the european central bank in july and august. and so it will go on and on and on. and without these bailout funds there is no real way that greece is in any position to make those payments on an ongoing basis. bear in mind one missed payment does not necessarily a default make. more than one almost certainly does and more than that it will be for the markets to decide. if the markets decided that greece was not able to carry on
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its debt they could trigger a default. and a default is game over for greece in euro zone. and i think everybody is well aware that the crunch time on a possible default is very close now. >> and the markets seem to be bearing that out as well. jonah, to your point does greece greece's government want to reach a deal with its creditors and could one come out of a meeting in brussels? >> i can tell you again what government spokes people are saying in athens is that there is no plan b. i know there is a plan on the table. i don't think anybody is expecting a break through here, but maybe in the coming days. there is a plan that greece hopes to convince it's creditors and it can become viable. they will find a great deal of skepticism around the table. the plan that they've already shown to their counterparts is
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met, as i say with skepticism and, quote bafflement according to one who says it's a fine plan with a country with no financial difficulties. but of course, greece is a country with emother enormous financial difficulties, and they're coming to a head. >> thank you. south korea is urging north korea to stop its development of a submarine-launched ballistic missile. north korea test fired a missile this weekend, a move that has south korea concerned. >> there thanksgiving can be seen in the kind of meetings taking place on monday. the government and the ruling party discussing this issue, and briefing the national assembly and giving a news conference in which south korea's ministry is saying this is a serious development, urging north korea to halt development of submarine
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missile. the ministry is trying to play down the success of this one test saying it was unlikely to have been a long-range missile that emanated from the submarine. more of a test of the launching capacity, and it probably didn't fry very high above the surface of the water. and the five other countries that have slbm technology, as it's known to have a fleet of submarines to launch missiles and it took a number of years. this is equivalent to having a time bomb strapped to the back of its enemy. that's the worry. the tactic of having a kill chain to identify a missile on the launch pad and strike it before it hits anywhere near south korea territory could come under threat if north korea is able to develop enough
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submarines that could remain undetected underwater and fire at will. >> harry fawcett reporting from seoul. a family remembers. >> four people set to appear in court after being charge in the killings of two police officers.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. taking a look at today's top stories. syria's main opposition groups say it will not attend talks with bashar al-assad's government. the war in syria is now in its fifth year and has killed upwards of 300,000 people. at least two inmates have been found dead inside of a prison in nebraska. guards this morning regained control of the correctional institution south of omaha.
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riots started yesterday leading to fires. two prisoners and two guards were injured in the chaos. jimmy carter was in guyana to monitor the day's national election. he said he wasn't feeling well and decided to return home. four people are due in court charged with the killings of two mississippi police officers. it's the first time in 30 years that a police officer has been killed in the line of duty. as morgan radford tells us, their families are asking for justice. >> the mother of lacory tate. grieving the death of her son killed saturday night while on duty. tate and another officer gunned down during a traffic stop. within hours of the shooting three people were in custody. marvin banks and jonical joni
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joni callaway charged. they have both been charged with crimes before. late sunday a fourth suspect cornelius clark was charged with obstruction of justice. they shared songs and prayers at a vigil for the two officers. >> two officers are fallen. we need to grief with them and for them. >> sphere dean was 34 years old and officer tate was new to the force. joining the police department was a lifelong dream. >> he said, that's what i always wanted to do. i said yep sure is. >> the defense rested its case in the penalty face of the boston marathon bombing trial. they presented their final
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witness sister helen prajon. she argued that tsarnaev should be given life in prison instead of death penalty. and the cuba's president said he may return to the catholic church. what provoked the shift?
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>> it's two days on this boat just to get there... >> unspoiled... unseen... under threat... >> macaws, they're at risk of disapearing in the wild. >> the new fight to save a species... >> we're looking at one of the most incredible wonders of the natural world. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is my selfie, what can you tell me about my future? >> can affect and surprise us. >> don't try this at home. >> "techknow" - where technology meets humanity. only on al jazeera america. >> my name is imran garda the show is called third rail, when you watch this show you're gonna find us being un-afraid. the topics will fascinate you, intrigue you... >> they take this seriously... >> let me quote you... >> there's a double standard... >>...could be a hypocrite >> you're also gonna get a show that's really fair bold... never predictable... >> the should be worried about heart disease, not terrorism... >> i wouldn't say that at all... >> you'll see a show that has an impact on the conventional wisdom
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that goes where nobody else goes... >> my name is imran garda i am the host of third rail and you can find it on al jazeera america >> an investigation is under way in southern china after a stage collapse during a performance. someone in the audience was recording when it happened. an 80-person choir was performing when that happened. the whole group fell to the floor. two people reportedly suffered severe injuries but they're not life-threatening. cuba's president said he may return to the catholic church after meeting with pope francis. the two held private talks for nearly an hour. castro thanked the pope for bringing washington and havana closer together. >> i said if the pope continues
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talking like he does i may start praying again and return to the catholic church. i'm not kidding. i'm a communist, and the communist party does not allow it. but it does allow it now and it is a step forward. >> taking a softer line on religion, it was long banned in cuba. well perhaps the most expensive painting ever is up for auction tonight. one of 15 versions of picasso's picasso's. we have more on why this piece is so special. >> impressionist, modern and remember those terms. they're very important in the art world. they say that art collectors are keen to broaden their horizons. there is this sale. this could go for $20 million.
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next to me, this is very famous andy warhol painting ever elizabeth taylor. and the star of the show is right here. this is a picasso. he painted it in 1955. if it goes for the full estimated sale price of around $140 million it will become the single most expensive painting ever sold at auction. >> most of these young collectors who have become billion billionaires are not collectors in the traditional sense. collectors in the traditional sense would spend a lot of their living hours working studying, looking at art. these collectors tend to be more impulse shopping. >> christie's tells me if all the works of art here sell for their full recommended price they'll bring in $500 million. but who is buying this stuff and what does it mean for the health of the u.s. economy.
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join us this evening to find out the answers to those questions. >> thanks for watching. i'm stephanie sy. the news continues. 7-eleven >> this is al jazeera. >> hello there, and welcome to the news hour. coming up in the next 60 minutes minutes. our priority is to save lives. e.u. policy chief addresses the u.n. security council on the mediterranean migrant crisis. a desperate journey for the rohingya. hundreds of migrants are rescued off thest of indonesia. and thousands more appear trapped. on the eve of a