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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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if they don't get the final tranche of the payments it's due from europe. thank you mohamed. that is the program for today i'm ali velshi, thank you for joining us. a royal snub? a surprise move from some key american allies in the gulf. the saudi king and other leaders skip president obama's camp dazed summit seal of approval. the white house starts a plan to drill in the arctic. environmentalists say exact on the region could be devastating words of remorse. a well-known nun stakes the
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stand to defend the boston bomber, saying he expressed regret and sorry and losing ground. >> i wouldn't have to work so hard the struggle the to survive in the city of angels sparks a push to raise the minimum wage good evening i'm antonio mora this is al jazeera america. president obama will host leaders from six gulf countries this week at the white house, and camp david. the summit is expected to cover the iran nuclear talks and other issues in the region the the rulers of several will not attendful perhaps most notably king salman, saying it coincides with a humanitarian assess mire in yemen. others believe the king is sending the white house a message. >> reporter: many see it as a blatant snub of barack obama, as a key ally. the white house down played a
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risk. i know there was some speculation. this change in travel plans is an attempt to send a message to the united states. if so, that message was not received because of all the feedback we received from the saudis has been positive. >> reporter: as of friday, when secretary of state john kerry met with the saudi foreign minister, u.s. thought king salman was coming and a meeting was organised between the king and the president. by saturday the trip was off. despite what the white house said some see it as an expert of an ally upset with president obama's policies. >> it doesn't really surprise me a lot of things have been building up in relateses between the united states and saudi arabia that are coming to a head. >> at the top of the list anxiety over talks with iran over the nuclear programme, and
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what they regard as iran's destabilizing action throughout the region. when i spoke to leaders, i heard time and again that the united states doesn't understand the extent to which the iranians are involved. the real threat is not the narrow nuclear deal, but broadly with iranian behaviour. >> does the president understand the anxieties on the part of the gulf nations. >> he does frankly he shares them. >> reporter: the president tried to show his concern, adding a stop in riyadh to a european trip. and this year cutting short a visit in india to met with the new king's son. now the saudi-led campaign in yemen may be another source of friction, after u.s. concerns led to calls for a halt in the bombing. overall, many in the region have doubt about u.s. guarantees for
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their security. >> they want to see reliability and credibility and willingness on the part of the united states to demonstrate that they have mutual and corresponding national interests. >> reporter: the decision to skip the summit could have broader implications. >> realistically his presence would have added prestige to the event and propelled it into an historical event that may impact the development of event in the region in the future saudi arabia says it's assembling a force on the border with yemen. the saudi-led coalition targeted houthi rebels weapons debbos hours before the -- depots hours before the start of a truce. a ceasefire will begin tuesday night. all sides agreed to suspend fighting to get relief to the people. >> a ceasefire will take place
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tomorrow and as iran asked for an immediate ceasefire, followed by urgently needed humanitarian assistance. also houthi rebels say they shot down a fighter jet during a bombing run a decision by the obama administration is delighting oil companies, but angering environmentalists. the federal bureau of ocean energy management conditionally approved a plan to allow drying for oil and gas off the alaska coast. they would like to begin this summer. the impact of a spill, say critics, would be more damaging. >> there's no proven way to clean up spilled oil in icy arctic conditions. none of the techniques has been proven successfully in the arctic ocean. we learnt the unfortunately, in
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2010, that exploration drilling can result in a catastrophic accident. the deep water horizon was drilling in the gulf of mexico triggering a large spill history the american petroleum history had this to say: today's decision puts shell oil on a collision course with environmentalists based in the north-west calling themselves kayak-tivists, and hope to use paddles to keep the oil rigs out of their harbour. >> reporter: there's something big headed for seattle - really big - the polar pioneer. shells floating steerable rig. it's 80 miles away and is greeted by protesters. the welcome in elliott bay should be on a larger scale.
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>> our capacity shouldn't be underestimated, neither should our resolve. >> reporter: they are calling themselves kayak-tivists, planning a water borne protest when shell brings two rigs and support vessels to the port of seattle's terminal. >> they are drilling near seattle, but in the sea 2,000 miles from here. >> the community in seattle is upset that we'd use our public court as a base station for an arctic destroying climate-cooking project. >> shell's arrival will bring hundreds of water front jobs and tax revenue, the port a separate entity agreed with a 2-year corroborate a local marine company that will do the
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work for shell. >> reporter: does this fit with seattle in 2015? >> it depends who you talk to. a lot of people i talk to it fits with the value of the sea. i hear from others that they feel that there's a misalignment with where the city is headed. >> environmental groups are challenging it in court as inappropriate use as space for no final ruling. shell turned down a request for an on camera interview, but answered questions in detail. the company plans for staging and loading in seating remained unchanged, writing: >> i have a picture in my mind 100 larger crafts.
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>> reporter: clearly spoiling for a fight, hoping for a turn out. >> can you stop the rig with kayaks. >> we can, there's no doubt. we come to seattle. we'll stay in seattle. >> reporter: they are going to blockade them in. >> absolutely. >> told of the fans the spokesman replied dash: expect a collision between small boats and big i will soon. fosz marine service, a local company that does the work released a statement saying that 417 jobs have been created specifically because of this project, and hundreds more will follow emergency officials in
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arkansas say five people were killed dozens injured. in one part of the area the tornado siren went off for so long the battery was drained. meteorologist kevin corriveau is here with a look at the storms. it's been a rough week. >> it has been all the way from tuesday to tonight. we've seen 140 tornado. now the throat goes to flooding. here west of dallas is a complex responsible for the van tornado going through the area there. look at the aerial video that has come in today, showing what we have seen with the damage across the region, we are two casualties confirmed across the region, and we are looking at people that are missing and unaccounted for in that area. extensive damage 30% of the town, destroyed or damaged because of those tornado across the region it was confirmed it
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was an ef3 tornado in that area. that means the winds were 136 to 165 miles per hour. the big threat now is the flooding. heavy rain showers are pushing up to the north. you can see over the last six hours they are making their way to the north. areas flooded will be getting more rain across the region across parts of the north, we are seeing the thunder storms coming into play across pennsylvania. believe it or not, 27,000 are without power in pennsylvania this evening. >> thank you. the suspects accused of killing two pacific police officers made an appearance in court. the three men and a woman are facing a slew of charges coming from a saturday night shooting during a stop at headies burg. first benjamin deen and liquori tate were killed. the suspects were arrested as they used the patrol car to make a get away lawyers for dzhokhar
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tsarnaev try to keep their client off death row. they brought in a big name. testimony from a famous nun next. the n.f.l. has punishment for deflate-gate. what it will cost the new england patriots and star quarterback tom brady.
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a milestone meeting in cuba, cuban president raul castro and francis hollande from france. he met with fidel castro and spoke with student at the university of havana the obama administration is refuting a report that contradicts its version of the obama administration killing. in an article published late sound in "the london review of books" well-known journalist seymour hersch alleges the white
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house concocted a narrative about the 2007 navy seal raid that killed osama bin laden in pakistan. al jazeera spoke with hersch, and he laid out what he claims is the truth behind osama bin laden's death. >> president obama did authorise the raid. the seals did it. the rest is hokum. he did do that, the rest of d... ..we did work with the pakistanis, we got d.n.a. the seals went in uncontested. remember two helicopters, the second was redundancy, they needed one one do no in -- one to go in and do it, the second to watch he was tracked to his complex after four months of testimony in the boston marathon the first sign of remorse from dzhokhar tsarnaev
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emerged. a popular nun asked jurors to spare dzhokhar tsarnaev's life saying he was genuinely sorry. john terrett joins us with more. >> yes, more of the popular catholic nun in a second. first of all the court has a day's recess tomorrow wednesday, closing arguments begin in the second phase of the trial, the sentencing phase, after which dzhokhar tsarnaev will find out if his life will be spared or not. >> reporter: a decision on whether or not boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev lives or dies comes soon. the final witness for the defence enters the sentencing phase of the trial and did her best to persuade the jury to spare him. >> i can't comment now. after the verdict we'll talk all you want. >> reporter: before being mobbed by supporters sister helen
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prejean, author of the book that led to a film... >> movie reel: do you know what you're getting into. >> reporter: shared with the jurors what many said he lacked - remorse for his role in the bombing leaving 266 wounded and three dead. he said it emphatically no one deserves to suffer like they did. a nun told the jury that his response was so spontaneous: the prosecution fought hard to keep the anti-death proponent from testifying. sister helen prejean revealed she met with dzhokhar tsarnaev five times, her recent meeting days ago where she concluded: both the defense and prosecution rested their cases monday. closing arguments to begin on wednesday. helen prejean was the last of
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dozens of witness, including family members flown in from russia, called by the defense to save dzhokhar tsarnaev's life. >> the defense is trying to show humanity in a person that jurors would believe there's something there words saving. >> that decision is in the same hands of the jury which convicted him last month. it must be unanimous. it takes a juror to vote for a non-death penalty resolution and he gets life yisent. >> he would likely spend the rest of his life in colorado. home to notorious inmates like the uni bomber. the mastermind behind the 1993 world trade center bombing dzhokhar tsarnaev asked a prison warden if he may face death threats killing a child. the warden replied and confirmed that dzhokhar tsarnaev's mail will be read and a book he
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might write reviewed before publication. patricia weng is a reporter for the boston globe, and is a supporter and has been at the dzhokhar tsarnaev trial. was it a smart move by the defense to close with a celebrity, a well-known proponent of the death penalty? >> that's a good question. i suppose it ended on a note that fulfilled a question that i am sure jurors have. has he shown remorse, is he contrite at all. whether they are convinced that her words reflected feeling, i think that's unclear even though sister helen talked about dzhokhar tsarnaev's private expression of remorse, he hasn't done it publicly, he's
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shown no respect. the prosecution showed notes, how he raised his middle finger to a surveillance camera do you think it's likely that his testimony could counter all that? >> you know i have to say i do think the jury will probably evaluate him more by what they have seen every day for more than two months and his demeanour in the court does not necessarily - does not reflect remorse in terms of how we would view it. when victims have gone to testify to family members about loved ones dying. he does not look in that direction, he looks straight ahead. i think probably jurors will use their own understanding of the world, and use that to guide them in how he feels. one of the few moments where that sort of stoic bland affect that he showed in the courtroom
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somed to break was -- seemed to break was when an aunt of his was crying on the stand. aside from that did the defense manage to humanize him in any way? >> i think the most defensive thing the defense did wasn't so much humanizing him, but to portray his holder brother as very aggressive very violent, probably mentally unstable, and that came through loud and clear. i think tamerlan tsarnaev, his older brother was not humanized in a good way. i feel people jurors can go through the mind and say i know someone like a tamerlan tsarnaev, and see him as a tremendous force in dzhokhar tsarnaev's life. the question is did that go far enough where they'd say that he had to obey him or he was seen
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as a dominant force, but he was his own voluntary person and he decided to join the anti-american violent mission. >> what do you see as the strengths of the prosecution case for the death penalty. >> i think the prosecution did a good job of conveying that these are lone wolf terrorist, but examples of two brothers who had a - embraced an ideology, embraced jihad, muslim ideas, and this event on bolson street was like a war. to the extent the state was anti-death penalty, they have succeeded in making it look like it's not just a crime in an ordinary way, this is a war situation. and then thereof, in a sense, our society can kill someone
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else because this is like war. >> patricia - good of you to join us and give us your perspective from inside the courtroom. thanks. >> you're whim. >> george zimmerman is back in the new, after being involved in another shooting. he suffered minor injuries after being shot at in a car by another driver. george zimmerman and the man that shot at him had been in an ongoing dispute. george zimmerman was acquitted by a jury in the shooting of trayvon martin the n.f.l. suspended tom brady without pay for the first four games of next season after the investigation of the deflate-gate scandal. investigators say that the star quarterback was probably aware that the team's staff let the air out of the footballs for a play-off game. the n.f.l. is slapping the patriots with a $1 million fine. the patriots will lose two draft
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picks in 2016. >> the minimum wage debate is coming to a head in los angeles. the plan to hike pay above $13, and the reaction from the business community. google opens up the books about crashes and self-driving cars. [beeping] ooo come on everybody, i think this is my grandson. [lip syncing] ♪little girl you look so lonesome oh my goodness. ♪i see you are feeling blue ♪come on over to my place
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♪hey girl ♪we're having a party happy birthday, grandma! ♪we'll be swinging ♪dancing and singing ♪baby come on over tonight in a story we covered, st.
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louis police are vetting a string of -- investigating a string of decades old cases of newborns stolen from their mothers. 70 women all black, came forth saying they were told their children this died. d.n.a. showed one of the women's daughters was put up for adoption. the mayor's office said it would put up records. an effort to raise the minimum wage to $15 gained widespread support in los angeles, and attracted stiff opposition from business groups. we have a look for workers earning the minimum wage. >> reporter: there's mothaths homework dishes. >> it's bad enough i'm away from my home but to pick up another
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shift. >> reporter: this woman works tirelessly on $30,000 a year. half her pay check pays rent on a small one bedroom apartment. >> i don't think there's anything out for dinner. >> reporter: in the kitchen, the never-ending question of what to feed the family. what do you think you'll pull out the freezer. >> i didn't think about it. >> reporter: she is one of a million angelinos living in poverty. if l.a.'s poor was its own city it would be the tenth largest in america and third-largest in america. anderson has it better than most. she earns a little more than minimum wage but barely gets by. in the city of l.a. minimum wage workers earn $9 an hour. the mayor wants to raise it.
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in subsequent years it would be indexed to keep pace with inflation. raising the minimum wage is not without controversy, some argue it will increase unemployment, because small business owners that can't afford a higher wage will be forced to close. he has the support of a number of raise the wage coalitions as well as u.s. labour secretary thomas peres. recently in los angeles, to push for a minimum wage. when you talk about raising the minimum wage why do you think there's resistance to it. why do you think we have not raised the minimum wage talking about los angeles. sooner. >> you look at polling, and the majority of businesses support an increase. >> if it does not go up what do you think will happen to the people that you are talking about, working 40, 50, 60 hours, and have to go to a food pantry? >> they continue to - we don't
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have a society where people work a full-time job and are living in poverty. that's not who we are. >> making a little more every hour. what difference would that mean for you and your family? >> making a little more would be a lot, because i wouldn't have to work so hard. i could still be able to be professional. take care of my responsibilities at work, and come home and show my kids that i'm there for them i can take care of them besides the necessity google says humans were to blame for a series of accidents involving its driveless cars. four have been in accidents since september '14 and "11. nobody was hurt and all the crashes occurred at speeds of less than 10 miles per hour. a work by pablo picasso has become the most expensive.
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$179.4 million, for "the women of algiers." i'm antonio mora thank you for joining us, have a great night. appear in the british elections nothing the pollsters predicted happened. the conservatives, led by david cameron, have a majority in the new parliament. the labor party lost not by a whisker, but by 100 seats. the u.k. independence party got a lot of votes, but one seat and the scots got a landslide to a party that wants out of the u.k. with big questions, is this a kingdom divided.