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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 17, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> we will be able to see change. >> gripping. inspiring. entertaining. "talk to al jazeera". tuesday, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> hello very warm welcome to the news hour from doha. an extension of the ceasefire enyemen as the expresident meets his allies. >> the president of burundi makes his first public appearance in the captain only since the failed suh attempt. tens of thousands take to the streets of maddon i can't's capitol demanding the resignation of the prime minister.
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>> pope francis canonizes two palestinian nuns in the middle east. >> the u.n. envoy in yemen called for an extension of the ceasefire due to end sunday. yemeni and tribal physician have been meeting to try to end the fighting. houthi leaders are not attending. >> emmen's vice president said he supports the truce extension but it dependency on the situation on the ground. >> we want to send clear mentales, the first to the great people of yemen who have surfed
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a lot because of the war and atrocities by the militias that seized cities and court innocent women children and elderly. they also shelled civilian buildings by heavy artillery. they seized oil to use as a tool to -- our people. history will remember the heroic actions of our people against the militias and their allies. we feel sorry to see four people under the siege of these militias. we feel very pain to see the scenes of displacement from skis that these militias have furnished into ghost towns. >> tell us about the talks and what they hope to achieve. >> basically this is a sort of united front against the houthi rebels. you have the different key
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faction ins yemen gathering all loyal to president adou rabbo mansour hadi. they say that they reject the houthi use of force to gain more territory and would like the international community to support them. basically, they will come up with a roadmap for the future of yemen and they would like to extend a message to the houthis that they have two choices join the government led by adou rabbo mansour hadi or they will face further isolation. as you said, the houthis are the one who control more territory in yemen. >> there are calls for an extension to the ceasefire to allow more humanitarian aid into yemen. given that the fighting didn't he previous ceasefire, do you think this is something that will happen? >> the nhl community is pushing for that. i spoke earlier with united
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nations envoy who said that during his recent visit to sanna, he saw aid trickling in and get to different areas but he's of the view and his colleagues that aid should reach most of yemen. he needs that ceasefire for that to be extended. the problem is that the saudi-led coalition and government are concerned that the truce could be used by the houthis to regroup and more reinforcements to taiz and said we are patient but our patience runs thin. we don't want to see the houthis further expanding south. i think the international community is going to negotiate with the houthis -- >> making his first public appearance after a coo attempt failed, the currently leader
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faced weeks of protest over plans to run for a third term. opponents say this view lathes the terms which a peace deal that ended civil war in 2005. what did the president have to say? >> well, it was meant to be a big moment, a lot of people were waiting to hear from him. when he did appear, he seemed to want to appear back in control he was overally, chirpy, cracking jokes. when he started speaking, it left people confused about what he had to say. >> we are very preoccupied by al shabab's attack. as you know, burundi has sent troops to somalia so we contacted our friends in kenya and uganda, which are target for al shabab. the agenda is to put in place
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proactive measures. >> everyone wants to know about the attempted coup. we've seen several arrests after that attempted coup. does that mean that the president is back in control the crisis is over? >> well, people are confused. they're not sure which way things are going now. the critics are saying thatner trying to deflect attention. the citizens don't want him to run for a third term. the ruling party supporters of the president are in the streets and having a rally campaigns for the elections. opposition supporters are saying why are they doing this, they shouldn't be campaigning. some don't want the elections held don't think they are credible. the big worry in most people's minds is monday, opposition supporters plan to go back on
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the streets. >> thank you very much indeed. >> egypt has hanged six men convicted of carrying out of the attacks on security forces last year, saying they belonged to a group that's pledged loyalty to isil. they were sentenced to death by a military tribunal. >> amnesty international egypt researcher said the men didn't receive a fair trial. >> this was a despicable act. the men were executed, they shouldn't have been tried by that court in the first place. the security forces falsified the facts of their arrest. they weren't able to challenge their conviction. this looks like cold blood murder and payback for the shooting yesterday of several
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judicial officers. i think the international community is going to do what it always does, say it's concerned and then may even say it condemnles what we saw today but that's simply not good enough. what we need for the international community is to look at human rights crisis. they are treating life very, very cheaply indeed. we don't need words we need actions. the international community is signing lucrative trade deals and arms deems with the egyptian authorities, sending a different message than in public statements. the truth is if the international community wants to do business with egypt it should wash its hands afterwards because it is going to have blood on them. >> mohamed morsi was convicted for taking part in a mass jail break. the u.s. state department said
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his trial was inconsistent with the rule of law. coming up, we'll report from afghanistan's province where people displaced by the taliban's offensive are sleeping to the regional capitol. >> southeast asia's refugee crisis thousands remain stranded at sea in what the u.s. calls floating coffins. >> a suicide bomb attack killed three in the afghan capitol including one traveling in a european union vehicle. the taliban said it's behind the attack. >> fighting has displaced families as fighters have taken positions in homes. they descended to the city where
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refugee camps have sprung up. local officials say they are not getting enough support from the government. >> the latest arrival at the camp in the city, the tents began going up a few weeks ago when the tag ban started fighting in the area. this week it reached their village. goof there was fighting, houses were destroyed. i took my children and ran. >> he and his wife have 12 children. she says the taliban forced her to feet them, but the villagers were caught in the middle. the taliban occupied the whole village. the government forces were attacking them. we would have died if we stayed, so we left. >> across the camp, people tell similar stories at that the summer heat keeps growing. there are no barmes or running water here and many people are
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angry. >> we've lost everything and no one helps us. >> we've been here six days in the sun without a piece of bread. why doesn't anyone care about us? >> people left their homes with what they could. some had time to lock up, others didn't. government announcements on t.v. urged people to leave before afghan forces engaged the taliban. >> we told them that these people should leave the area, yes, the government, but it was only for one or two days, not to stay longer time. >> this camp keeps growing. in most areas fighting continues. homes are damaged or destroyed. at least one village, alan fighters tore down walls so they could move between homes without going outside. the village is destroyed civilians are the ones who
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suffer most in this fighting. >> thousands of anti-government protestors are rallying, demanding that the macedonia president resign, demanding an end to corruption and police brutality. our man on the scene joins us now live. robin, tell us who's there, how many and what's happening behind you. >> welcome to a very loud, boisterous atmosphere here in the center. i'm reluctant to guess how many are here, but a lot certainly in excess of 10,000, we think maybe 20. they've come to call fortress i go nation of the prime minister and of course his government to stand down. this looks like the largest opposition rally in macedonia
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since this good morning coalition came to power in 2006. >> tell us about this political crisis. why do they want the government to step down? >> this is all about corruption, isn't it? >> yes, it is. in terms of the political crisis that has reached a boiling point. the opposition has been coming out almost every week with tape recordings revealing if they are true, that is one has to bear in mind that these are phone conversations allegedly between top ministers and the prime minister himself in which allegedly, they are discussing all kinds of things, corruption to the cover up of murder to control of the media and the justice system. so these are extreme abuses of
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power that the population who have been listening to and making up their minds about the situation. there have been threshes i go nations including the intelligence service here. in some ways, one would expect that this government was in a lot of trouble a lot of difficulties. as those phone conversations appear to reveal the extent to which this government and the party has managed to control the media and we don't know really just who you secure his position or insecure his position really is. >> i hope you can hear me, it's obviously very noise behind you there. but alongside this crisis are escalating tensions with the albanians, following that shootout of the weekend between ethnic albanians and the police. why is that suddenly a problem
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as well? >> well, very quickly i think we should be very came to use the word tension because yes there is a substantial percentage of the population in macedonia and ail bain i can't about 25%. last weekend was a very serious incident in which people were killed at that terrorists, the government was describing them as. this took place in the albanian quarter and the government claimed they were albanian separatists. for the first time, we have albania flags raised alongside the albania flags the community saying we are not going to rise to provocation the opposition making the dramatic claim that this incident that took place
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may have been orchestrated by the administration. they of course completely deny this, but for now it seems albanians and macedonians on the street together on the street are calling fortress i go nation of this government. >> thank you for that. very noise demonstration there. >> the malaysia prime minister will meet his indonesia counterpart about migrants. thousands are stranded on boats on the sea most of them rohingya escaping persecution in myanmar. boats have been turned back while myanmar said it is not responsible for the crisis. we have more from kuala lampur. >> authorities are keeping a tight control on this developing situation, even on the information about migrant vessels that are arriving in malaysian waters, and then leaving again presumably escorted by naval ships from the
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malaysian navy as the country puts in place this controversial pushback policy of not accepting any vessels if they are seaworthy and if they can continue their journey only those vessels in danger of sinking are allowed to come here and migrants taken ashore. of the hundreds brought ashore in the past couple weeks, they are kept secluded in detention centers being processed presumably for reap pat reaction back into myanmar as malaysia takes a tough stance with these new arrivals. this is empathy here with the polite of the rohingya in myanmar and way they are percent cute and facing extreme poverty and there has been in the past a leniency with the arriving coming from myanmar but that has now changed and the government making it clear that this prop
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has to be sorted out back at source and laying the blame for this very much firmly at the doors of the myanmar government. >> more than 130 fisherman rescued in indonesia are being sent back to myanmar. they were trapped in slave labor on finishing boats. we talked with one man who already returned. >> even the simple things give him a sense of pleasure. he's finally home after three and a half years away, away from his loved ones, who he thought he'd never see again. >> when i was in indonesia, i was always thinking when will in able to go home to see my family. >> he returned to myanmar several days ago together with 124 others, and got this reception. they are some of the hundreds held captive and forced to work
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in appalling conditions on boats. their nightmare ended when they were rescued by crimean officials in april. >> it is not unusual for people to leave for better work opportunities abroad. sometimes they enter countries without the right papers, making them vulnerable to exploitation. >> going to thailand to work illegally, then he went to indonesia because he was told he'd make more money. he never saw a single cent. there were long hours and frequent beatings. >> everyone, myself included were not all right mentally. i can't concentrate, i try not to think too much. >> at least he's home. for his mother, his return is a prayer answered. >> i am so happy. i'm crying when i saw him. i thought he had died, but now he's here. >> he's not sure what his future
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holds. he's only sure he's never working abroad again. al jazeera myanmar. >> the libyan coast guard detained 400 migrants from somalia and ethiopia who were traveling by boat to the italian island of lampedusa. libya is the main crossing point to enter europe for the migrants. weakened by civil war it's unable to stem the flow of migrants. >> thousands in china have taken to the streets demanding a proposed high speed railway line should pass through their county. the railway will by pass the area in the province. video posted by the protestors on social media appear to show fights with police. andrew brown has more from beijing. >> state media confirmed there was a serious protest in the town in the central province on
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saturday afternoon. on sunday, images were circulating on social media which al jazeera cannot verify, but which appear to bear testimony top the scale of the unrest. according to some reports up to 100 people were injured many of them remain in hospital. the protests began after these demonstrators marched for some flee kilometers. clashes broke out in the center of the town. a police tactical unit was apparently deployed. why did this protest begin? well apparently, the towns people were angry after local media reported that the government had decided to reroute a planned rail route through their town to pass through another town, which just happened to be the birth place of china's leader. the people say they need a rail link because they never had one. they don't have an airport and access is very poor. this was a demonstration over
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pour infrastructure. protests in china are not uncommon, but not on this scale. the government allows protest acting as a safety valve allowing people to let off steam. the danger as we just appeared to see happen is occasionally they spiral out of control. >> two nuns have become the first palestinians in modern times to become roman catholic saints. >> hope francis cannonnized the women in the vatican. one died in 1878 and the other in 1927. their sainthood is seen as support for christians in the middle east, who face increased persecution. we have more from west jerusalem. >> the congress of praise in
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honor of the palestinian nun who built this church and founded the sisters of the most holy rosery of jerusalem convent. on sunday, she along with another sister born in galilee and founded con vents have become the first palestinian saints in modern times following the announcement by the value ken that it would sign its first treaty of the state of palestinian. she traveled from brazil to take part in prayers. she says the lives of both nuns and their legacies are inspiring. >> they are incredible, for what they did. >> a sentiment shared by many here. >> the decision by pope francis to bestow sainthood to the two palestinian nuns is seen as an attempt by the vatican to give
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hope to the middle east christians after years of war and as part of refocusing attention on their playing. >> this sister now runs the convent. she shows where the saint's remains are kept. she attended the ceremony and said all palestinians regardless of faith should find comfort in the sainthood. >> the palestinian people are frustrated socially, intellectually nationally, no matter where you turn, people are frustrated. they need someone to lift them up. >> pope france is widely seen at sympathetic to the palestinian cause. on his first visit to the occupied west bank as pontiff he offered prayers at israel's separation wall and easter called for the peace process between the two sides to be resumed.
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palestinian president attended the ceremony along with palestinians belonging to the catholic church, many no doubt who prayed for a better future. >> it's time to get the weather now with richard and stormy weather across the u.s. >> it's that time of year where you get the big storms and tornadoes, if you look at the satellite imagery this area of cloud has caused a lot of the problems across the united states. as we run the sequence here, we've had significant rainfall further toward the east, mobile, alabama, they have significant rainfall louisiana and new orleans seeing heavy rain. this system has yielded the biggest of the storms. these shots come from nebraska where they've had big thunderstorms developing saturday and also significant
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hail storms. across oklahoma, we saw significant storm development including this tornado formation, you see the capitol here don't know their fate, but nevertheless impressive foot am coming from there. as we look at the forecast, then we can see that the area at risk is moved further north through the course of sunday, so we're looking at iowa, minnesota wisconsin is the main area for significant storms, but that will change as we move sunday through monday, it's toward the south. the risk of tornadoes continue and away toward the east coast we are going to see nasty storms developing. >> thank you very much indeed for that. >> tomato farmers are struggling in nigeria customers are paying low prices and farmers can't get bank loans to build storage for their produce. this are breaking even. >> the tomato season is coming
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to an end. this man and his family should be looking forward to this moment, but this year, the harvest has been poor, and more bad news awaits. the market price of tomatoes has crashed. >> when it is ripe, you must remove it from the farm. if you don't it will rot. you have few options. you pay for labor and packaging and take the produce to the market and sell. at the end of the day you lose and the cycle beginnings all over. >> the lack of capitol storage facilities and poor pricing are gradually killing agriculture across the country. he faces stiff competition. all around him farmers are harvesting their crops which means they must quickly sell
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their tomatoes before they start going bad. >> many farmers cut losses by drying tomatoes and other vegetables, but they reduce the price and nutritional value of the products when they are eventually sold to customers. >> he spent $4,500 planting tomatoes on his farm and so far has annual been able to recoup half of his investment. he is preserving the produce the only way he knows and can afford. >> if we do not do it, you can end up, maybe losing everything, but at least by doing this, you can reduce the cost loss, because maybe at the end, you can sell this product to buyers at this situation so we have no alternative. >> farmers were hopeful of change when a new tomato
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processing factory was built but after three years, they are still waiting for it to open. while they wait, their losses continue to mount. al jazeera nigeria. >> still to come, this heavy fighting in the iraqi city of are a maddy as the government struggled to stop isil's advance. we'll have the latest on that. plus find out why these farmers in peru are calling the president a traitor. >> a storm could dampen one horse's quest to make history.
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>> yemenese and tribal figures meet to try to end the fighting, but houthi rebels around in riyadh. >> more than 10,000 anti-government protestors are rallying to demand the resignation of the prime minister, call for an end to corruption and police brutality. >> burundi's president has made his first public appearance after a failed coup attempt. the current leader has faced weeks of protest over his attempts to run for a third
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term. >> let's go back to our top story now the war in yemen. the he had door of the yemen post joins us now from sanna on skype. tell us what the atmosphere is like there now in sanna given that it is the last day of the truce. what's it like? 95% of the aid has not reached those in need. right now thousands, tens of thousands of cars are still lined up since four days ago outside stations throughout the country. fort two straight days of blackouts. the food has only reached certain people. the ships are still on the way to yemen or the lack of
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experience of the houthis in politics is making them move very slowly and not using wisely the five days, as of now the five days has been useless and aid not reached. >> there are now talks going on in riyadh, involving political civilian and tribal parties from the region, but no houthis why is that and what will it mean for any agreement? >> the riyadh summit is the new alliance against the houthis very powerful today, you have hundred was top politicians representing many of the top parties in the country so very huge vote for the houthis. they are able to convince factions to ally with them. this also is because the group
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without experience in politics. it's a very big blow and the conference will be the next alliance against the houthis when the talks begin in the next couple of weeks and we do expect that the houthis will not get their way because the people who attended and are now supporting the so you had push do not allow the majority of the political factions and this is basically a big blow to the houthis who are now in sanna to convince people that they were bombed by saudis and now convince to go in the first place but at the end road, they were there with the houthis and that's what counts. >> thank you for that update, speaking to us from sanna on skype there. >> there's been heavy fighting in the iraqi city rimadi. isil fighters captured most of the city, including a major government compound.
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let's go live to baghdad. there's been more fierce fighting in rimadi. what's the latest? >> the islamic state of iraq and the levant is trying to overrun the last government stronghold in the city of are are ramadi. isil used suicide bombers and killed up to 22 iraqi army and police officers in that attack. the government also controlled an adjacent neighborhood, that is now under isil's control. isil is taking more ground. the government fighting is back but we do not know whether the government can actually repel this advance and hold on to this compound p.m. like you mentioned on friday, the rimadi compound fell into isil's control. isil released video showing its fighters walking in the streets sending a message that the provincial capitol of anbar is
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in their hands. you can see it's an empty city, hundreds of families have been forced to flee the fighting and we understand that the human suffering is only worsening because these people have nowhere to go. we know that a number of families, scores of families have reached the main crossing between anbar and baghdad but the security forces are not allowing them in. they're making it quite difficult, strict security measures telling them that they have to have some sort of a guarantor in baghdad to allow them to enter. human suffering the government promised to recapture loft land, but isil is taking more ground. >> many sunni's blaming the iraq government for that. what are they telling you? >> undoubtedly sunnis in anbar as well as tribal elders are blaming the government, they believe that the government is responsible, because they have been warning the authorities that this is going to happen and need to send reinforcements.
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they believe they can win this fight, but the government was reluctant and now we hear from the provincial compound of anbar asking authorities to send the iranian backed shia militias to wage the fight in anbar and this is a decision that's going to in flame sectarian tensions. we've been speaking to people of anbar and they've been saying if the government uses these militias, it's not going to help. we don't want them here. we're afraid of them. in tikrit they were accused of human rights abuses and looting. right now the government is on the defensive in anbar. >> the president of ramallah is
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called on to resign. one of her top aides was linked to a bribery scene. >> braving the rain, more than 10,000 descend on the pack saturday. it's the third time in less than a month. many say they won't rest until guatemala's president steps down. >> what we all want is for the president to go, and that he faces prosecution stealing from the people. we want him to lose his immunity. >> guatemala's in the midst of its biggest political crisis since 1996, the end of the 36 year long civil war. >> these protests started in response to a multi-million dollars corruption scandal that led to the arrest of dozens of officials. people say they are waking up to their political power.
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>> one week ago the president announced that his vice president was stepping down. prosecutors accused his top aide of being at the center of a corruption scan and say she herself could face investigation. >> in her letter, she said she's willing to collaborate and if that submit to all investigations that will allow her to clear up the situation. >> congress scrambled to elect a new vice president but it may be too late for the presidency. >> the government has struggled strong blows. they are in damage control mode instead of planning for the fiscal future as they were a few months ago. considering the revelation of corruption at the highest levels, the damage done to the party is irreversible. >> with presidential elections four months away, protestors are pushing hard for political reforms. if it gross the voice of the
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people will become increasingly hard to ignore. al jazeera guatemala city. >> opposition parties in venezuela are holding primary elections. they want to form a common front against the socialist government. as virginia lopez reports opinion polls suggest they stand a very strong chance of regaining power. >> change is coming. phrases like this one are heard more and more often in venezuelan streets where support for the late hugo chavez and his self styled socialist revolution were once a given. by making the first cut in the primary elections this sunday, this can't date would be able to run for parliament. opposition comes sometimes from his open ranks. >> the opposition has yet to understand that the change we
9:41 am
all want starts by turning to these popular sectors and trusting leadership. bringing in larger than life figures doesn't work. >> this is seen as the first step that must be taken before regaining power. chronic food short ones, crumbling infrastructure have eroded the pop lars of chavez's successor, maduro. polls suggest the opposition stands a real chance of winning but to many within the opposition, they have yet to stop the growing disconsent over the mad did your row administration. >> the majority of venezuelans have a disfavorable opinion of the government, but the opposition has yet to galvanize support because they lack a proposal that inspires people. they protest but they don't propose.
9:42 am
>> street protests right fielded population's discontent at soaring inflation and rampant crime. they also saw crucial opposition figures jailed, and revealed deep fissures within the coalition. in addition to lack ago leader and concrete message the opposition can often appear disbanded. >> >> there are those who criticize the coalition because they say we have too many leaders abthose who say we have no leaders. what we don't have or want are messiah figures. >> for the first time in 16 years, the opposition has a chance of controlling the national assembly. primaries are the first step to regaining power. virginia lopez, al jazeera caracas. >> protests against a new copper mine are spreading across peru. farmers say it would poison their land and accuse the president of betraying them. we have more on the growing
9:43 am
anger. >> the women of the valley marched in the streets of the small town. they say the president is a traitor. four years ago he told them here he would never support the copper mine project. >> he promised he would respect our position and he stabbed us in the back. he betrayed us. >> the president will let the project go ahead because the country could be exposed to lawsuits. he also said the company must explain their vision to these farmers. >> i demanded the mining project increase concrete actions creating the understanding needed in order to achieve social peace and also development. these are the foundations for
9:44 am
the implementation of any project. >> the mining company said there will be a 60 day pause for solutions and it will comply with the highest environmental standards, but farmers here don't believe in it. >> we don't want them. they have to go because they have a history of not protecting the environment. the company has been fined before. >> more than seven weeks of protests have left three dead and many wounded. >> this protest is having an effect in other parts of the country. in five regions people are demonstrating in support of these protestors, but also for their own demands. >> mining unions will have called for an indefinite strike starting tuesday. mayor and farmer leaders are discussing what to do next. >> we're determined to go now until the end. if we stop demonstrating we'd
9:45 am
have to top all over again people have died. we hope the government and company understand we will not accept it. >> there are nearly 150 around the country now. four years ago the $4.5 billion gold mine project was suspended because farmers said the mine would ruin their water. the farmers in the valley believe that will happen here, too. mariana, al jazeera. >> key i can't say have taken to protesting in the water. >> joining in protest against the polar pioneer the first of royal dutch shell's two rigs it plans to send to the arctic to drill for oil.
9:46 am
the area has 13% of undiscovered oil and gas. shell has been pushing to drill off the coast for years and a week ago u.s. president obama gave his approval. it's expected other approvals will go through. obama put a hold on all new oil exploration after deep water horizon spilled millions of barrels of oil in 2010. activists say approving arctic drilling goes against his policy of slowing down the exploration and use of fossil fuels to reduce global warming. drilling in the arctic has never before been possible, but because the ice has been melting at a record rate, ships and rigs now have a clearer path. she will hopes to have rigs in place by july, but it's a risky operation. bad weather harsh conditions and rough seas meant a previous attempt in 2012 was postponed.
9:47 am
activists say an oil spill would be disastrous for the already declining arctic. those promoting oil exploration say moving into new resource frontiers is crucial given our countries like russia are purr shoeing arctic oil. bureau of ocean energy management insist strict safety procedures will be followed when drilling starts. until it does, the rigs docked in seattle are likely to be the target of more protests. >> still to come on the program: ♪ ♪ >> our music is uniting the hearts and minds of cubans and americans. >> more on rory mcelroy's latest achievements, coming up after the break.
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>> welcome back, music is playing a part in thawing relations between cuba and the united states. the orchestra is the first to perform in havana in 50 years. we have more from the capitol. ♪ >> in havana, music is everywhere. this weekend music is the universal language that many hope can reunite the hearts and minds of cubans and people of
9:50 am
the u.s., even for a brief moment. it's the first time an orchestra from the states has traveled to the communist island in 15 years. >> they are performing as part of the international festival. this is the group's first visit to cuba since 1930. the maestro said the ensemble is performing one of the same pieces performed 85 years ago. >> they have played and that was the reason why the local organizers wanted to have this, yeah, you come back to play the same as i symphony you did like 85 years ago. >> the trip takes on even more meaning since the recent evolution of u.s.-cuba relations. in december, president obama took steps to renew formal
9:51 am
diplomatic ties with havana. diplomats from both countries do their work while tours like this help build a relationship phon a person by person level. >> i want you to get more what i call core to the sound. >> u.s. musicians like tony ross are playing with music students. >> they seem to have a huge appetite for our music which is our cause to bring that to life. >> we talk about the relationships between nations and countries and in this particular case, this is beyond symbolic. it's very, very important. >> this is incredibly exciting, to be the first major orchestra in this hopefully new era in relations and to make friends through music is the easiest way, we both love the same thing. >> it is this greatness artists
9:52 am
here hope will help build momentum to bring the divide between cuba and the united states through the sound of music. >> let's get sport now here's sanna. >> thank thank you very much. one of argentina's football clubs have been kicked out after their fans attacked rival players with pepper spray. it is south america's biggest club competition. the round of 16 match with fierce rifles had to be suspended after the violence. the football federation fined the club $200,000 and ordered them to play four home games behind closed doors. they will also have to play another four away games without its fans. >> this was the latest in a series of violent incidents in
9:53 am
argentina's football this year. this player was hit by a stone. another was hit by a missile by fans. later that month a game with arsenal was suspended after a fan riot and a sanity fay fan was killed during fights between rival groups after a win march 30. >> barcelona will become champions later if they can beat athletico win away. these games are taking operation after a spanish court ruled that a planned player suspension couldn't take place. barcelona on course to win. they're in the final of the champions league and copa
9:54 am
delray. >> we know of the difficulties. as of today we haven't won any title. this is the first time we can start winning something. >> chelsea won the english premier title. manchester united can move a third if they beat arsenal later on. second and third place secure passage to the group stage finishes fourth will need a playoff to get in. manchester city are currently in action. >> the french league champions
9:55 am
are crowned. i'm very happen to be fighting for this club for our philosophy to play football and try to win every match. i'm very happy. >> these were the teams on the streets of paris. police keeping a watchful eye on the festive crowd. these kind of celebrations have led to violent confrontations in the past, but it was calm and peaceful this time around. >> misery continued the german team falling to a third straight defeat. it comes after a champions league approximate exit.
9:56 am
>> didn't go entirely to plan, the 84-year-old fell off the stage. he received treatment but recovered enough to return to the stage and handle the championship trophy. >> world number one rory mcelroy has broke his own course record. he also set the world record in north carolina, hitting an 11 under par saturday. the course is where mcelroy got his first p.g.a. tour victory five years ago. >> one win from claiming the
9:57 am
triple crown of thoroughbred racing, a major storm has crossed the racetrack in baltimore just in time for the preakness stakes. he was favorite, having won the kentucky derby in his last outing. the 3-year-old colt was unfazed bid muddy trick winning by seven lengths. he now has the chance to become the first winner of the triple crown since 1978 and only the 12th in history. >> thank you so much. this is unbelievable. i couldn't be any happier not just for my family, for the whole racing world. we need a star. he is indeed the real deal, please god let's continue, let the fun start. >> very excited owner. >> thank you very much indeed for that. that is it for the news hour, but i'll be back straight after the break with more news, so
9:58 am
stay with us. see you in a moment.
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