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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 30, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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population grows. but apparently a lot of chinese don't like potatoes. and they should they are great. you can find out about potatoes and everything else we have been covered on the news so far at the address a this is a conduct room you will conduct yourself at all sometimes. cheering in a packed cincinnati courtroom where a commute police officer was arraigned in the killing of a black driver. a new lead in the search for malaysia airlines flight 370. investigators examine what looks like part of a plane's wing that washed ashore on an island off the african coast. plus three girls swindled isil out of thousands of dollars. how they did it.
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and why they could be facing fraud charges. ♪ ♪ this is al jazerra america live from new york city i am erica pitzi. a former university and cincinnati police officer indict today killing an unarmed black man pleaded not guilt this morning to first degree murder charges. >> the defendant is facing the possibility of life in prison. it's the court's duty to insure his appearance, the bond will be 1 million. [applause] >> 25-year-old ray tensing shot and killed a man during a traffic stop last month. prosecutors call that killing a senseless and intentional act of violence. >> do you have a license on you? >> you yeah, what happened. >> reporter: newly released police body cam video captures the last moments of samuel's
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life. >> okay, i am going to ask you again, do you have your license on new. >> i have a license. >> reporter: it's july 19th and the 43-year-old black man is stopped by a white university of cincinnati police officer. for a missing front license plate. seconds later officer ray tensing shoots him in the head, killing him. >> stop. stop. >> reporter: wednesday, tensing was indicted for murder. >> i have been doing this for over 30 years, this is the most asinine act i have ever seen a police officer ever make. totally unwarranted. >> reporter: hamilton county prosecutor joe deters appeared emotional announcing the indictment. >> it's an absolute tragedy in the year 2015 that anyone would behave in this manner. it was senseless,. >> reporter: officer tensing initially told investigators
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that he was dragged by the car before firing a fatal shot. >> he's dragging me, man. >> reporter: but the body cam video tells a much different story. tensing fell back after shooting but he was never dragged. >> he purposely killed him. he should never have been a police officer. >> reporter: the family spent over a week pressing authorities to release the footage. >> seeing that video let me know that my son did absolutely nothing. not -- nothing. nothing to even provoke this man. >> reporter: a few hours later, tensing, an 8-year veteran was in police custody. he had been on administrative leave. the university fired him wednesday afternoon. the school also canceled classes in's participation of a grand jury's decision. in 2001 riots erupted in cincinnati after a 19-year-old unarmed black man was shot and killed by a cincinnati police officer. >> sam was peace. , he lived peaceful.
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you know, and in his death, we want to remain peaceful. you know, like my mom said, you know, let god fight the battle. you know, i think a lifetime cincinnati residents. i remember 2001, you know, we don't want none of this. the city and university of cincinnati said they will both lawn were reviews of the school's police department. cincinnati mayor said in a subsequent news conference that there will be an independent review of the university of cincinnati police department. al jazerra. we spoke earlier with former baltimore city prosecutor debby heinz, she says the indictment of the officer happened so fast because of the body camera. >> that just goes to show the importance of having body cam nationwide because without those, it's just the officer's word that i fear for my life. i thought i was going to die. versus the reality that is shown on the body cam.
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they are absolutely crucial. we cannot be relying on innocent bystanders taking video, such as wwe saw in the eric garner case in new york and the walter scott case in new york. there need to be body cam on every police officer whether it's college police officer, such as in cincinnati and every other police officer, that's the only way the true story will be told. that's all everybody really wants is a fairness in this system and the truth. if the video and the body cam shows that the person, the suspect was doing something to place the officer in danger, then it will be shown on the body cam and the officer rightfully will not be charged. if i were his lawyer, yes, i would try no work out a plea agreement with him because i think that the video, the body cam video, is just irrefutable as to what happened. >> some in the community are demanding a second officer be charged after he agreed to tensing's version of events.
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the body cam video contradicts what he said. jurors today could begin club eighth the punishment for colorado movie theater james holmes. closing arguments are set to get underway soon in the penalty phase of his trial. on wednesday, holmes' mother took the stand and contradicted earlier testimony that she was warned about her son. >> did she ever tell you she had concerns because he had expressed homicidal ideation? >> no. never. >> do you wish she had? >> of course i do. i -- of course. we wouldn't be sitting here if she had told me that. >> would you have been out here the next day? >> i would have been crawling on all fours to get to him. he has never said that he wanted to kill people. she didn't -- she didn't tell me. she didn't tell me.
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she didn't tell me. >> jurors will decide whether james holmes should be put to death or serve life in prison without parole. he was convicted of killing 12 people and injuring 70 others at a moved i near the a wore roar a, colorado back in 2012. it may may be the best clue yet in the search for a jet that went missing more than a year ago. it disappeared last march. now what looks like part of a wing has washed up on reunion island off the coast of africa. both says the debris does appear to be from the wing of a both 777. that's the same model as the doomed flight that had 239 people aboard. more from john henry smith. >> reporter: experts think the tiny fragment that worked up on reunion island might be the first glimpse of wreckage from malaysia air flight 370. it disappeared last march with 239 on board.
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>> the flat which is in the rear of the wing, evens it fits to the boeing 777. and, of course, which plane is missing in this area. >> reporter: 40 minutes after leaving koala los angeles purchase for beijing mh370 lost all contact over the also gulf of tie latched the massive search that followed focused on two possible corridors to the north and the south. eventually concentrating on a 23,000 square mile off the coast of western australia. now experts are headed west off the coast of madagascar to exercise that piece of degree. >> both and other experts are travel to go the site so that they can see first happened and confirmed whether or not this is a parts of a 777 aircraft and then a further step whether there is anyway of linking that wreckage to the missing aircraft. >> serial number, if it does match up with other serial numbers that presumably malaysia
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airlines have in their database, then it will give us a first clue that this does, indeed, come from the aircraft in question. >> reporter: everybody if the wreckage is conclusively linked to the missing plane that, may do little to solve the mystery. over nearly are you year and a half the debris is likely to have drifted thousands of miles and may offer few clues as to the location of the actual crash site. what it may offer, though, say small bit of information to grieving families. >> if the wreckage is identified, what that does is give some degree of closure to the families who are waiting for information about what has happened to their loved ones. >> reporter: john henry smith, al jazerra. let's go straight to tania page now who is live on reunion islands. that i can't, how willow visuals identify this part? >> reporter: well, pretty much
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begins and ends with those serial numbers. once they have been able to match it to a make and model, they believe aviation experts just in reviewing the video footage and the still photos that it is from a 777. the wing part, the bit as you look out of the plane window down the wing the bit on the backside of it, if you like that helps with the lift and with the plane slowing down when it comes in to land. they think it's that part. and if it's got a serial number on it, they are really hoping that that will be the easiest and fastest way of linking it back to a specific plane. >> so if investigators link the plane part to malaysian airlines flight 37. what can they really learn about what happened actually happened to the flight? >> reporter: well, it can fortunately realistically i think because this is a part of the wing, it isn't a part of the engine, it isn't the black box flight recorders which would be sort of the golden ticket as far
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as investigators are concerned, there isn't much it's going to be able to tell them about exactly what went on in that heaven, what went disastrously wrong to this now we know doomed flight. so what they will be able to tell from it, though, is really some sort of confirmation of the area that they have been searching because some of the original modeling showed that some parts of the debris may have, by this time, drifted as far as this island. and, of course, it will help dispel some of the really quite wild conspiracy theories that have swirled around this plane's disappearance, which in tourney think leads to some of the families getting some kind of a closure so many months on. >> okay, tania page, for us live on reunion islands, thank you. western leaders are promising families connected with another malaysia airlines disaster that they will see justice. wednesday russia vetoed a u.n. security council draft
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resolution to set up an international tribunal to investigate the crash of flight mh17. >> no veto will stand in the way of this heinous crime being investigated and prosecuted and no veto will weaken our unshakeable commitment to you, to insure that you and your loved ones have the justice that you deserve. >> the plane went down in eastern ukraine last july, killing all 298 people aboard. western countries accuse pro-russian rebels of shooting down the plane using a russian-made missile. russia denies that accusation. police in jerusalem say six people were stabbed during a game pride parade. the injuries to two of the victims are described as critical. an orthodox jewish man was arrested and witnesses say that he was carrying a large knife. there are reports he might be the same man who stabbed people at the parade back in 2005 and was only recently released from
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jail. activists are starting to descends from a bridge in oregon after failing to block a beat from leaching port. 13 greenpeace climbers spent all night hanging from the st. john's bridge, but a shell oil ship they were trying to block was able to pass beneath the bridge anyway. a toss shell it's eliminating 6500 jobs as part of a restructuring program. the cuts should trim about $4 billion from shell's operating budget. the oil giant says it is planning for a prolonged downturn in oil prices. oil currently goes for about $48 a barrel. down from $110 last year. the taliban today is confirming the group's lead, mullah omar is in fact dead and they have selected a replace. the afghan officials say he died from hocket officials in 2013. the taliban gave no cause, he was a close presents of osama
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bin laden,nest last seen in public in thousand one, the taliban has named mullah mansoor as his successor. turkish authorities say three of its soldiers have been killed by turkish fighters. it happened during an assault on a turkish battalion. turkish stepped up attacks against kurdish rebels inside neighbor be turkey and iraq. it has also carried out airstrikes against isil. earlier we spoke to a former member of the turkish parliament and a fellow at the foundation of defense of democracies. he says the latest moves are complicating turkey's role in the fight against isil. >> turkey has been a reluctant ally, reluctant nato ally in the fight against ice ic isis and sr refused to allow u.s. force to his use their air base, only after the suicide attack in turkey, turkey allowed u.s. force to his use the base.
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and this involvement will probably bring turkey, u.s. and pyd in to conflict. because p.y.d. is one of the main allies of the u.s., literally the boots on the ground in the fight against isis. however, a.k.p. government and especially prison under juan had been skeptical. >> turkey allowed the u.s. to use one of its bases to launch attacks against isil. three cheap en girls apparently swindled isil fighters out of thousands of dollars, they made the men think the girl would travel to syria to be their brides. we have the story. >> it's a twist of the typical isil bribe recruiting story. you usually hear about women being lured there to traveling to syria to join the fighters. in this case, three chem en young women turned the tables on their recruiters. this is one of the three chechan
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girls, her face obscured to protect her identity, who allegedly scammed isil fight force thousands of dollars. the trio made the fighters think they would be their brides. the plot went like this: the girls would meet recruiters online but them that they had no money to travel from chechnya to syria. that's what isil would off tore send them the funds. >> translator: he tried to pull me in. asked me if i wanted to come to syria and that i would like it. i said i had no money and he said he would help. >> according to the russian website news life. girls received the mon but never travel to syria, instead blocked the isil fighter they were communicating with and moved on to the next target. police say the trio made about $3,300 before getting caught by police focused on suspicious online activity. >> the young woman you just saw now has no been charged but has confess today everything. the other girls were detained on charges of fraud. it's unclear whether they will receive any punishment for the
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scam. he's a man on a mission. up next burn y sanders upends te field for president. while he says americans are ready for political revolution. a new snapshot of the economy how the latest figures could help the federal reserve make a decision about interest rates.
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>> a good spring for the u.s. economy. numbers released this morning show solid growth thanks in part to people spending. patricia sobga has the details. the economy grew a steady 2.3% in the last three months. not quite as much as economists were picturing but any disappointment should be offset by revised read from the commerce department on first quarter g.d.p. turn out the economy did not shrink in the first three months of the year. it grew. modestly at .06%. growth in the second quarter was driven by consumer spending which accelerate today 2.9 2.9%,
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consumer spendingth were roughly 2/3 of u.s. economic growth and the strong showing in the last three months does reflect a strengthening u.s. jobs market. in another positive sign, exports of u.s.-made goods and services rebounded strongly in the second quarter. growing 5.3%. this despite a strong dollar making u.s. goods more expensive to buy a broad. but there is still spots of weakness, namely business spending which continues to be weighed down by low oil prices, sapping investments in the u.s. energy sector. now, after this report. all eyes will turn to the next reading on the u.s. jobs market that is due out the first friday in august. and, of course, the federal reserve will be looking for signs that the pace of u.s. jobs growth is continuing, they'll also be looking for any signs that wages are improving. and this is critical because many people are expecting the federal reserve to raise interest rates later in the year. the question is whether they
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will pull the trigg never september or december. >> and that was patricia sobga reporting. another republican is in the race for president. former virginia governor jim gilmore has filed his paperwork, he is a former army intelligence special i felt. prosecutor and state attorney general. person-y sanders is taking up the brace for the nomination seat for that party. he held a massive online rally last night connecting with 10s of thousands of supporters and more than 3500 homes across the country. david shuster sat down with the candidate and joins us now. >> the event looked likely typical house party, people were eating, drinking and talking politics and we have the video to set up the people eating and drinking there they are, eating and brinkineatingand drinking. and there was a short speech from the candidate himself.
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>> it's wrong huh people are working 40 and 50 hours a week and still living in poverty. enough is enough. we have to raise that minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> now, the difference with this sanders speech is that it was delivered as you can see, live over the internet, over 3500 similar bernie sanders house parties all across the country. and the campaign says based on the rsvps in advance, more than 100,000 people participated in this events last night. it means this was the biggest organizing events of the 2016 presidential ca campaign. before the party and away from the crowds we spoke one on one with senator sanders in the bowels of the senate office building and explained the significance of using the internet and video conferencing to help organize and build his campaign. >> we need to develop a grassroots movement and the way do you it is people kwan indicate with each other, determine what has to be done, who will be knocking on doors, who will be making the phone
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call, who will be passing out the literature, et cetera, et cetera. >> while we were talking about senator sanders we asked him about some of the passions that are fueling his supporters, the most popular partne hashtag youe it there. it says feel the bur bern. >> i have no idea where it came from. there are a lot of things happening spontaneously which excite me a whole lot. literally i read in papers about meetings that took place in some cities someplace that we had nothing do to organize. >> now, sanders acknowledges the key for him and his campaign is to turn the passions in to votes in the early caucus and primary states and hope the early victories will bring in the windfall of money he needs to compete over the long haul with hillary clinton for the nomination, but the passions are clearly there. there was one image that caught our eye last night. and it involves a young man who came to the washington house party and was literally beaming because of this. take a look at chris getting a photo of himself having a beer with senator sanders.
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he shared the photo with all of his friends and support ores line, people drinking and eating. again, the #beerswithbernie is unique and considered cool. and it's another reason why the sanders campaign and supporters are feeling so optimistic so early in this presidential campaign. >> that's one heck of a selfie there. >> beers with bernie. >> all right. david shuster, thank you. and you can catch more of david's sit down with bernie sanders tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern. it. it happens about every three years and tomorrow is the day. up next the chance to see the phenomenon known as the blue moon. plus it's the oldest baseball card in the world and it's for sale. we'll tell you how much money it could cost i next.
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wisdom, that goes where nobody else goes. my name is imran garda, i'm the host of "third rail" - and you can find it on al jazeera america. all right, you have heard the phrase often once in a blue moon, it means something that is rare and to some people something that jess tick. tomorrow there is actually going it be a blue moon. paul mitchell explains. >> so there are a couple of definitions of a blue moon, tomorrow we are using the modern definition which means we have two full moons in the same mon
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month. not the actual color blue. so if we look at the calendar from this month. we already had a full moon on july 2nd. we went through all the phases then and tomorrow morning at 6:45 eastern time we will have another full moon. the second in a month. now, if we look at this long-term the reason it's considered rare it happens about every 2.7 years. the last time we had two full moons in a month was 2012. the next will be in 2018, extra rare because we will have two of these occurrences in the same year. but we can also have moons that are actually blue in color. that's much more unusual. much more of a so-called once in a blue moon events. now, if you remember the visible light spectrum, we have different colors that relate to different frequencies, certain things did he fact the red light leaving us seeing blue. so in those conditions the moon will appear bluish and sometimes greenish.
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what causes that? well, usually it's volcanos. they have large dust particles in the atmosphere from the ash and almost one micron big that filters out the red, one of the biggest ones was in 1883, in indonesia, blue moons around the world, but they were also seen locally in events like mt. st. helen's back in the 1980s. another event that can trigger a blue moon is forest fires, micron sized oil droplets get in to the air, one of those big events was in canada in 1953. made the moon look blue all the way to europe. of course there can also be localized events closer to smaller forest fires as well. but either way, we are looking at that full moon tomorrow morning. back to you. and as nicole says there will not be another blue moon for three years in 2018. and finally, what is thought to be the world's oldest baseball card is being talked off tonight. for the last 150 years, it was tucked away with a family who
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had no idea of its value. john terrett visited the woman who brought this piece of history to light. >> everybody was kind of just spell bound. i just said, oh, my god, that was it, you know. and then we read more. and then somebody said put it in a safe deposit box right away. it's really like a dreamy keep thinking i am going to wake up examine it didn't really happen and i wish my mother and father were here. >> this card featuring the brooklyn atlantics predates the civil war and could fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction, we'll have more on the story and how much it goes for tonight at 7:00 eastern. that does it for us, i am erica pit is a the news continues next live from london. remember for the latest headlines you can go to our website at have a good day.
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this is al jazerra. ♪ ♪ hello there, i am barbara sa r.a. this is the news our live in london, coming up in the next 60 minutes the afghan taliban confirm its death of mullah omar and announces his successor. this is obviously a very significant development. >> is this first trace of missing malaysian flight mh370. we head to where it has washed up. praying for ways out of camps in france