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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  August 1, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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the eldest is, like, 16 and i have to get an appointment to talk to her because she's, like, teenager, you know. but-- hopefully if i go back with some--. >> and do they--. >> --chocolates and--. >> do they-- do they all love chocolate? do they all love the family business? >> yeah, they do. yeah, they-- they really do. the u.s. reportedly launches air strikes in syria against al qaeda-linked rebels. hello, this is al jazeera live from doha i'm jane dutton also in the programme - international condemnation after a palestinian baby is killed in an arson attack trade ministers fail to agree on a controversial deal that would free up markets for 40% of the world, plus a chance of a new life. chaotic scenes in calais as
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migrants try to get into britain we begin in syria where another front line in the war is emerging. two groups that have been fighting on the same side against i.s.i.l. are battling each other. the al nusra front, which is syria's al qaeda affiliate attacked the headquarters of a group called the vision 30. the armed group says it kidnapped a group of division 30 fighters and its commander on thursday. division 30 fighters were trained to build a moderate force to fight i.s.i.l. on friday there were reports that the u.s. responded with air strikes against al nusra front. division 30 fighters called on al nusra front to stop spilling the blood of muslims the iry commander went to
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sir -- iry commander went to i.s.i.l. safe passage was granted to fight i.s.i.l. and the security of the people. we are shocked by this attack by our fighters. rumours that we are american agents are not true. our fighters are syrians, fighting i.s.i.l. and the syrian regime for the security of the syrian people. >> live to zeina khodr. tell us what is going on as far as the fighting is concerned and these groups taking each other on. >> well nusra did attack the headquarters of division 30 in the northern countryside of aleppo. they also abducted its commander as well as several of its fighters. well we understand that the u.s. coalition tried to help their allies division 30. there was an air strike. it has not been confirmed from the u.s. military but what we understand from opposition
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sources on the ground the air strike killed a number of nusra fighters but they already targeted division 30 and abducted the rebels. like you mentioned, there is a new frontline, there are many front lines in syria, and nusra sending a clear message to the united states and groups who are willing and ready to work with the united states. nusra saying - warning them not to do so. nusra accusing them of carrying out corey washington's interests and plans. division 30 is a group that was trained by the united states to fight i.s.i.l. and not fight the syrian government. and this is why the issue is very sensitive. agreeing just to fight i.s.i.l. and not the syrian government makes you enemies in syria. the opposition believes that these people are puppets of washington and are no longer concerned with the real cause,
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the real cause of syria, and that is to oust the syrian regime. >> what does this mean for the programme to train syrian rebels now. where does it leave it. >> undoubtedly it's a setback. the actions follow the programme. there's months of delays before the programme started in may. it's part of a turkish american agreement, the fighters are trained on turkish soil. the pentagon hoped to train the fighters. it's difficult to find recruits. they were specifically fighting i.s.i.l., not the syrian government. it's hard to find recruits and we understand that washington that is strict vetting requirements so a lot of people who wanted to participate were
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denied - they weren't allowed to participate. a lot of questions is what are the u.s. going to do. they need a force to ache on i.s.i.l. turkey made it clear. if you want the operation, we don't want the kurd to be the only partners on the ground. they believe they have their own agenda palestinian president mahmoud abbas says he'll ask the international criminal court to investigate the killing of an 18-month old baby. the boy was burnt to death in an arson attack blamed on the settlers. thousands protested. two palestinians were killed by israeli forces in the last 24 hours at the demonstrations. israel and the united states condemned the attack as an act of terrorism. they called for calm saying in a statement:
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the u.n.'s food agency says the humanitarian situation in yemen is catastrophic. the world food program is delivering aid in the port city of aden supplying enough food to kill 4,000 or 5,000. many getting aid have not been helped since the coalition began in march transpacific talks ended without agreement in hawaii. it's a disappointment for the ministers from 12 countries involved hoping to announce the biggest trade deal. some are pleased that negotiations have broken down. >> this was supposed to be the moment to announce the biggest trade deal history. overall, trans-pacific
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partnership negotiations have been going on for five years. the minister's claims of meaningful protest rang hollow. >> this was certainly anticipated to be a make or break summit. are you, therefore, disappointed that you are not able to announce a deal in principle. >> there are reports at the end of a day, a limited number of issues that require attention to be resolved. i feel gratified about the progress that has been made. >> each country had its own priorities. it was accessed to markets for agriculture, vietnam, clothing japan and mexico - motoring industries. >> i am sure you are aware that the auto industry in mexico is anexporter. mexico has a deep interest. probably if you accuse me of
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putting myself to the front. >> deadlock in one area prevented progress in others. tariff productions were in play alongside general discussions on common regulations. not just for trade but others. that's where critics were concerned. ministers, environmental standards or labour regulations, if they got their way on reductions. big business would be given power over consumers. the lengthening of copyright, banning the drugs from repeating the brand name for longer. concern that the poorest couldn't pay the highest costs. with no deal campaigners are celebrating. >> this is it a victory. we have seen several countries, australia comes to mind, standing up saying we are not going to trade away health this week no matter how hard you lean on us. glad to see that outcome.
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>> the staff to the u.s. presidential campaign - say january is an u.n. official deadline for the t.p.p. a deal that needs to be ratified by the congress. without president obama pushing it. it could disappear. >> no deal in hawaii. some appointments on the stage with the ministers. there's no date set for further talks. the minister says it will go on so far china, the largest economy in asia has not taken part in the talks of t.p.p. it's largely better than president obama, a pivot to asia and in light of moves by beijing. >> the sense of chinese satisfaction even glee is almost palpable. for beijing the deal has been about more than trade.
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it is the strategic significance fashioned by the united states with their allies on this side of the pacific seeming to stifle the ambitions of the world's second biggest economy in what it considers to be its own backyard. as america struggles about its grand plan china has been busy with its agreement. less ambition but agreements that have to be put into effect with south korea. as the t.p.p. is delayed. it's relevant. >> debris that investigators believe could be from missing flight mh370 arrived in france for testing. it will be sent to a military unit in toulouse to be analysed by investigators. a piece of a boeing 777 washed up. the discovery is a potential breakthrough in a case that baffled aviation experts for more than a year. tania paige has more from
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reunion. >> reporter: this rocky beach is where the wreckage was found. police walk its length. and watch from the sky, perhaps there's more to find. the workers discovered the debris while cleaning the beach. now he thinks the bottle made in indonesia could be another clue - he's taking it to police. >> i have 30 workers. every morning we will check the sea and if we find something, we'll call the police. >> the discovery of wreckage made the small island in the indian ocean an important place in the search for the missing malaysia airlines flight mh370. a flight that disappeared from radar while en route from kuala lumpur to beijing. aviation experts saw the footage, saying the codes show it's from the wing of a 777. the man who found it is
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relieved. >>. if it's from the plane, i'm happy for the families now they know for sure. the wreckage is wrapped for france. it may not be revealed while the plane changed course or anything about what happened on board. it firmed they are looking in the right place. >> looking out of the vast indian ocean it's a miracle any debris made to this far. if it's from mh370 it could be the only part found. now the beech is attracting locals watching and speculate. the wreckage may reveal some answers, but the mystery is far from solved. jooch for lots more coming up
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top stories on al jazeera. fighter jets thought to be from the u.s.-led alliance bombed al nusra front rebels near aleppo. nusra, linked to al qaeda, attacked the base of a group
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called division 30 palestinian president mahmoud abbas says he'll ask the international criminal court to investigate the killing of an 18 month old baby. the boy died in an arson attack blamed on israeli settlers. talks to secure a free trade deal intended with no agreement. ministers from 12 countries negotiated the trans-pacific partnership in hawaii. britain's prime minister drew up plans to tackle the migrant crisis in the french city of calais. 3,000 migrants are living in the camps, and are making attempts to cross into britain through the channel tunnel. barnaby phillips reports. >> reporter: they got through. migrants cling to the top of a lori as it clings to the channel. it is causing roads to clog up. bad news for the british economy and anyone hoping to cross to france. so the british prime minister is
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under pressure. >> we'll take action across the board. starting with helping the french on their side of the border we are going to put in fencing, resources, more sniffer dog teams and assistance in any way they can, in terms of resources. >> over in calais the situation is complicated by the french ferry workers. they are on strike blocking roads into the port. meanwhile, more chaotic scenes as migrants in calais succeeded in getting around security. they dashed towards the terminal. it's these pictures that alarmed people in britain, but the numbers of migrants trying to get into britain, a few thousand are small, given how many are going elsewhere in europe. >> what we are seeing is that a symptom of the fact that the world is in a grip the worst refugee crisis since the world
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war ii. a vast majority are hosted by the world's poorest countries. a small proportion is risking their lives crossing the mediterranean. a tiny proportion are trying to reach the u.k. . >> europe's politicians are in a quanedry. desperate people deserve compassion. politicians are not sure of their own electorates. it's shaping up to be a long safe summer hungary says its immigration problem reached unprecedented levels. it's building a 4-meter high fence along the border with serbia for a political block that has been critical the european union is looking good at closing itself off. this appears to be the start of a fence, shutting down access to the e.u. apt its border between
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hungary and serbia. it's a safe bet that none of the syrians or iraqis or afghans that might want to across the boarder have any intention of staying. for the government the member states were asked to decide how many refugees they were prepared to resettle. hungary is bottom of the list. the government says it was prepared to take precisely no people. >> the nearest town volunteers offer advice and coffee to those that got through, like the young men that told us that in syria, they had heard of the fence, and thought it was on irrelevance. >> he want to find another way. if it go this way, they go to another way. >> it will work. >> it's not to stop people. it will not stop the people. they kill my children or my mother or wife. i see my wife. someone kill her, i will not
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stay there in my country. and my government he kill this people, i will not stay i will go to any country. >> loads of others arrive. a group of afghan children devouring the small amount of food volunteers offer. they hope in this piece of paper, written in hungarian, they are asylum seekers. once alone, they are put on a train to budapest. what will happen to them - some are so young. >> what we do is a substitution of government effort because the government - the hungarian government is not willing to have the people so they are lacking these information. they need to rely on what they need. trying to show a human atmosphere.
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>> does hungry believe it's a political gesture to public opinion. on the ground they are sent on their way to europe for another country to deal with. >> every culture or community has its own identity. we believe that europe's identity goes back as a cultural identity. it is posing a major threat. >> every day the game of cat and mouse goes on. a motor way from the family of iraq try to hide in the ditch. when the police arrive they are forced to scatter. dad goes over the road the boys over the ditch. others up a side road. will they see each other again? it's not clear. trees come down as they prepare for a great fence. the message to refugees - go somewhere else. an inquiry into the
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poisoning of a kgb agent in london nine years ago ended with damning statements from a family. they support the british police that the president ordered the killing of alexander lit vein yenko in november 2006. >> doctors treating alexander were mystified. only after samples went to the laboratory was it revealed. that he had congested polonium 2010. the inquiry was to find out how and why he was poisoned. his widow's lawyer said that had been proven. >>ism when all the evidence is proven it establishes the responsibility for mr mr litvenyenko's murder. if the russian state is
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responsible, vladimir putin is responsible. not on some anna logical version of via carious liability, but because he ordered the liquid eights of an enemy bent on exposing him and his cronies. >> alexander was a former kgb man that fled russia becoming a critic of the vladimir putin presidency. the evidence focused on two russian agents. andrei luca voi. they travelled to london more than once to meet litvenyenko, scientists found a trace of the material. at the mallenium highlight, he met komp phone and luca voi and drank the dose in a cup of tea. lugavoy sits in the parliament receiving an honour from
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vladimir putin in march. >> three government have come and gone in u.k. vladimir putin is in power, in the last 15 years in russia. such has left an deniable mark of international relationship. and will be remembered for years to come. >> the conclusions of the litvinyenko inquiry are due to be published this year. they were in the public domain some contained in this book. although russia portrayed alexander and his friends as liars, his family says the inquiry proved who killed him, and why. and joon there has been rioting and loolting in venezuela as people struggle for shortages of food and supply. the government took over the warehouse of a food distributor
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in caracas, accusing them of hoarding goods as alexander reports. >> reporter: dozens of people looted the supermarketle warehouse and other stores in eastern venezuela on friday. another sign of the worsening shortages with locals struggling to get their hands on every day product such as milk rice and power. demonstrators clashed with the police and the national guards. a 21-year-old was shot in the chest and died. demonstrators say he was killed by the police but the government said it was an armed protestor that pulled the trigger. the situation is under control. it's clear that the looting was politically motivated. a looter shot one of the workers in the store, working in the section. he died. we arrested 27 people and are investigating further. >> venezuela is a major producer but is suffering
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shortages and triple digit inflation due do a cries vis that critics say is the failure of socialistic policies. the president blames it on the economic war raised by his right wing opponents. >> translation: today we had an unfortunate event. a planned attack. there are 60 prisoners, a worker is dead. we checked events like this and other states. we have kept our eyes on the right wing. they want to fill the country with violence. >> thursday the government imposed a crackdown on distributors accused of harding goods. soldiers occupied the warehouse of one of the country's largest food prifers. the economic problems affect people's ability to call abroad. telephone braitors cut services to more than 100 countries, because they can't pay for providers. >> i have a friend in ecuador,
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we were in contact constantly. now it's impossible. she said she has a lot of problems calling me. >> last year there were protests across the country, and with president madura's popularity sinking and frustration increasing the government may be left struggling to keep control lobby groups in the u.s. are spending millions of dollars debate ght the recent nuclear deal with iran. congress has 60 days to re view the agreement before sanctions can be lifted. the obama administration is putting out all the stops to shore up support for the deal u.s. secretary of energy ernst monees is considered an obama secret weapon a nuclear scientist and a man that helped negotiate the iran deal. al jazeera was given an extended interview. he painted a dire picture if
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congress doesn't vote to lift u.n. sanctions, warning iran will get a nuclear bomb and sanctions will fall apart. is there evidence that they have a nuclear weaponization programme. >> in the past the i.a.e.a. put out reports identifying activities that were undeclared that they reported that up to 2003 at least. there was a structured programme in iran looking at various technologies of relevance to a potential weapon. and so obviously that is why we have all the actions. that's why there is a tremendous amount of distrust. >> the obama has until september to shore up support in congress. in an unusual plov president obama -- move president obama joined a conference call with the grassroot sporters that get -- supporters that got him elected. >> it's squishy, we are feeling the political heat.
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you have to counteract that. >> reporter: next week they'll leave for an extended res. the white house said groups are expected to spend 20 million. and the lobby group is pushing behind the scenes. >> congress should reject a bad deal. >> apec is threatening the democrats with a cut off of jewish money, pro-israel possibly a primary opponent. they make a lot of trouble. supporters of apec have a lot of money and influence. >> the deal prevents iran from producing a nuclear weapon. some groups are running adds but they are outspent. the president has some star power showing up on the internet. >> we could be forced into a wall. >> the white house has a 2-pronged plan. the head of the i.a.e.a. is going to try to sell the deal. the second part is to pressure the american public to put
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pressure on congress. the president will try to do that with a speech next week that ends the bulletin. the news never stops. if you want to find out more log on to the website. the address


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