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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 4, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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would not give al jazeera his name, and people at the rally had him removed, but it's scenes like this that is adding fuel to the debate. much more about that and all of the other stories we have been covering on our website, the source. scrambles to find fire firefighters battle in a new front in northern jumps fire jumps the containment lines. now officials are trying to figure out why a tent came
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crashing down. ♪ this is al jazeera america, live from new york city. i am randall pinkston. new york mayor surging caution today amido a outbreak of reege marries disease that has claimed seven lives so far. there is no risk to our drinking water, there is no risk to our water supply. from legion marries disease. another crucial point, it is treatable, it is crucial that each case be identified early on. and that treatment will be
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achieved quickly. another 86 people have been diagnosed with reege nears in new york city. they are as fielding questions from hundreds of people that live in the area. >> prongs residents pack this town hall meeting tries to get'ses from health officials over the outbreak of reege marries disease in their neighborhood. reege marries is a form of pneumonia. the search for the source is focused on local cooling towers. >> more than 15 cooling tours have been effected, at least five tests positive for the bacteria. the illness attack the lungs
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with flu like symptoms. certain people are at higher risk. it can be quite deadly in certain patient groups. smoker whose have underlying lung disease, like emphysema, people who have weaker immune systems. >> me being a pregnant woman, i am going to panic naturally, coming here i would rather take precautions than sit around and not do inning about it. others say they have nothing to go on ohave to work in the neighbored, so, have to make a living. local officials later this week are set to propose more comprehensive inspections of cooling units. otherwise lit face fines.
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>> thank you. air force reserves are now jointing the fight against wild fires. those crews are now battling 21 active fires in the northern part of the state, the largest call the rocky fire is twice the size of san francisco. earlier we spoke to daniel burrland from the fire and forest protection department, he says the state is putting all it's resources towarding containing the places. he brought in a lot of extra firefighters. so we have a lot of additional resources disa large fire, there's plenty burning up and down the area. wild fires is a natural disaster that we deal with every day. question prepare for this, even more this year, with these drought conditions. >> authorities say the years of drought in california have
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made these wild fires worse. the largest fire is the rocky fire north of san francisco has now consumed more than 55,000 acres. of a circus tent collapsed, two people were killed and more than 30 others injured when a tent was picked up in a wild storm. the investigation will involve the documentation of the scene, which includes exactly where things are located. after the collapse, and examining the actual set up of the tent, to determine how it was set up and all the tables with it connected and things of that nature. >> john harry smith is joining us with more. >> about 100 people were gathering underneath a tent on the lancaster fairgrounds for a late afternoon circus performance. witnesses say over ten minutes into that show, high winds caused chaos.
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i don't thinkly go to the circus again. >> the fair drowneds was swept uhm by a sudden violent storm. >> according to the national weather service, there was one inch hail. 60-mile per hour winds and severe lightening. >> the next thing you know, the wind picked up, and from there on took the tent with it. >> witnesses say the real terror came from the suddenly air born metal spikes that had been holding the tent down. >> people who were part of the circus just yelled run. and in the same motion, i just see stakes and stuff coming up out of the ground, the next thing you know the tent is coming over. >> i see these very large metal poles in the grown and go through the top of the tent, i see them coming out of the ground and fly up in the air towards us. so i took my son, and we were
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on the second tier on the bleachers and i took him, and i threw him underneath the bleacher and threw myself on top of him, and anywhere from ten to 30 seconds later, this huge pelt that i saw coming toward us slammed on to the bleacher right where we had just been. >> the injured were transported to four local hospitals, officials confirm that the dead are a father, and his daughter. both spectators. officialofficial are not releag the name until next of kin are notified. the weather service had issue add severe storm warning about 20 minutes before the 5:30 start time, no word yet on whether or not walker brothers international, the organization that put on the circus will be facing any charges. >> that was a chilling story
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that the mother said. thank you john henry smith. the final stage of sentencing is getting way for colorado theater shooter john henry holmes. on monday, the jury rejected. >> a woman that died in a texas jail last month has filed a lawsuit. the family just announced that it is taking legal action against the people involved in the case because bland's family has not received answers to many questions they have asked. surrounding the 28-year-old's death in police custody. they also say they want the justice department to intervene in the investigation.
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the investigation as it goes forward is one that we are unclear about. there are ever inconsistents. there are questions that we don't know have been asked right now concerning this. to that end, we believe that the deal that is involved in this situation. >> the texas rangers and fbi are looking into bland's death. baltimore police have a partnership with federal agency to help curb crime. the spikes in recent months, a lot of people were killed in july, to the highest ever since 1972. special agencies from the fbi. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is bringing his message directly to the american people. netanyahu is hosting a webcast where he will encouraging americans to
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oppose. >> netanyahu has called the iran deal a mistake of historic portion portion. >> more reported provisions in the taliban after the political office has resigned. he said he could not take sides in the debate. over who should be running. this resignation jeopardize it is peace talks between the taliban and leaders. jennifer glass has more from kabul. >> the afghan government doesn't want to talk to a divided taliban, and that is what we have. we have talked to a number of taliban commanders over the last couple of days and there are divisions over whether to accept who says he is the successor. of course says he will not accept that successor. so divided taliban, more difficult to deal with in
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terms of peace talks and of course on the battlefield this has been a fierce fighting season for the taliban, also difficult, if they are not talking with a unified force. so it is a complicated time, which was hoping the peace walks were really started to get underway, and gain some momentum, now the death dividing the commanders one of the complaints was that he was chosen by what he said were outsiders and the new taliban commander, the new leader should be chosen by afghans inside of afghanistan. >> well, capitollism has arrived in cuba, but it has nothing to do with the u.s. what is being done to help farmers with the cube boone government's blessing. and protecting history, what a town in oklahoma is doing, to remember their heritage.
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the aclu is suing a sheriffs deputy for hand cupping
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disables children in a school. you can do what we have asked you to. >> it hurts. >> this video shows the little boy after he was handcuffed he is said to have adhd and was accused of misbehaving in school. it calls on a federal court to declare the incident unconstitutional, and a violation of the americans with disabilities act. so far no comment from the deputy or the sheriffs office. >> an antiabortion group says it is releasing a fifth video today that slows inside planned parent hood, that is despite a federal judge's order blocking the center for medical progress from releasing more recordings. the group is already published controversy videos that it gathers secretly. the allegedly showed planned parenthood doctors discussing the sale of fee tale tissue for profit. planned parenthood denies the allegations. it is a forgotten part of the american past. all blacktowns settled by
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freed slaves in the late 1800s. they have a rich history, but there are have few left. heidi joe castro visited one of them in oklahoma. >> this rodeo was accomplished to honor the plaque cowboy tradition, held here in this historically all blacktown once a year this town of justifiable swells with thousands of visitors. many are the decedents of families that once lived here, it has long been kept out of the history books but it is a story of overcoming incredible trial as deadly 1,000-mile march from the deep south, slavery, the civil war, then at the turn of the century, established nearly to be a utopian black society, where african-americans can come to buy property, go to college, and live without fear. >> the idea was that they wanted to start all blacktowns for individuals that can move into the state, and start a new life.
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freedom from the prejudices of the south, with they could come and worship on their own. have an education, begin their own education, of their own people. and just start anew. but other the years the town would shrink from a thriving community to a town of just a hand full of houses. the people who still live here call rodeo day christmas, the one town when the town comes back to live. more oadvertise radioand decline. al jazeera, clear view oklahoma you can watch the full report tonight at 7:00 eastern. clang is happening inside cuba, and it's been taking place long before the island began normalizing relations with the u.s. the communist government there is taking a very capitalist approach to farming.
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you are looking at the first and only wholesale market in cuba. you might call it with capitalism with a cuban touch. >> it is an experience. something new, and we are still in the process of organizing the market, yes, we can say this is a free market. it is available for anywhere, sellers and buyers. >> farmers used to lose a lot of money, thousands in product, plantains, because we did not have a place to sell them. until recently, farmers like all cubans as part of the country centrally planned economy. but then she says she sells 70% of what she grows to private buyer. >> this time of the year you have mangos plantains they tell us about 900 farmers, groups of farmers and different organizations have registered to sell at this market here.
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analyst estimate half a million farmers now own or lease private land, the reforms have invigorated susanna. when we heard the news, great joy. any clang would be an i improvement, it was excellent, it was freedom. >> farming remains a tough enterprise. the machines use redirect examination far past their expiration date, still, life has improved and her family, they can afford more household items, she worries less about money, now that she makes more. it represents an immediate improvement, everyone wants to see improvements and be in a better situation. once upon a time, cuba exports sugar, and citrus, these days the island imports
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80% over it's food. >> al jazeera, cuba. >> some call it the mount rush moore of the south, but just what stone mountain represents is highly debated. but some people in georgia want to do with the controversy monument to the confederacy, plus, his grandfather dropped anatomic bomb, now the granderson is on stand by, if the order is ever given again. we will meet him.
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over a major symbol of the old house. now some, want it changed in the wake of the charleston shootings. over 800 feet high. just inside of the city of atlanta. the huge stone outcropping was the site of the rebirth of the ku klux klan in 1915, when several members of the
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then secret society gathered there and ignite add flaming cross to proclaim it's revile. since then, many have seem the mountain as a symbol of racial hatred. >> in history, is only related to white supremacy. >> the carving which took nearly 50 years to complete, depicts jefferson davis, robert e. lee, and thomas stone wall jackson, all leaders of the confederacy. atlanta councilman has proposed keeping the monominute, but adding natives like martin luther king jr. >> yet the con fed rassey was only four years of that. and so the confederacy seems to dominate the perception of what is historic georgia, and that's really far from the case. the naacp has a very different approach, the group wants the monomoment completely removed. >> for people that claim that
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it is art, they are a lot of artistic expressions but that arth is not worth another black life. over the weekend hundreds gathers peacefully at the stone of the mountain. >> you are not offended by it. >> not at all, people with use it for bad or good, it is just a symbol. others a t the rally came with other intentions. are you with the kkk. >> i am. >> and i am very proud to stand up for my heritage, if these people now what they were talking about they would know that the kkk was started by six con federal soldiers. >> so what does the flag mean to you? >> but the kkk means hate. >> what do you get this at?
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>> let him go. >> this clan member would not give us his name, and people had him removed put it seems like this that are adding fuel to the debate, over all symbols of the confederacy. >> what they celebrate is treason against the united states of america. and those people that wave that flag, apparently are not patriots. >> the removal of it is not useful. for councilman bond it is all about compromise. >> you know, the current memorial doesn't represent me from a cultural perspective. it's history call. the event happened so it isesn't -- i don't think anyone benefits from erasing it or attempting to erase any part of our history. >> his proposal of adding
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other figures could take decades to come to fruition. >> robert may, al jazeera. >> thursday marks the 70th anniversary of the bombing of hish row sema. john helped ron reports on the man who flew the bomber and the granderson that followed in his footsteps. brigadier general went from the cockpit of the most dangerous plan on earth to the commanders office, it is a familiar path in his uniquely nuclear family. this was the crew that flew. >> 70 years ago his grandfather, unleashed the age of nuclear weapons when he opened the bombay doors of a plane named for his mother. he dropped a payload that devastated hiroshima. >> there was down there, in what was a black boiling mes. and that cloud up above it was just tumbled and rolling
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you could see the energy it. >> the wisdom of that has been heavily debated be uh the younger turned commander of the united states fleet of nuclear capable stealth bombers says his grandfather never doubted it. >> if my grandpa was here today, he would look at you and say i had a job to do, i never lost one night's sleep after that mission. not one. >> and the reason is not because i am a warmonger, it was because i knew that this mission that i was ordered to do was effective in bringing this war to an end. and in the long running saving must bees of thousands of lives. >> who fly the b toll stealth bomber carry on. >> we realize every day, our job is to show up and provide safe, secure, and effective deterrents. to our allies, and obviously to deter those bad people around the world, that wish to do us harm. >> the end of the cold war
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means fewer sigh lums. >> . >> the planes have changed a lot over the last seth years the mission remains the same. the redness to carry out an order that everyone helps will never be given again. >> if you think ythe younger tf faced with an order, he would ensure that pilots carry it out. >> as president has said, as long as nuclear weapons exist, we will main train a safe, security, effective, and credible nuclear force. so if that demand comes from our leadership, we are ready to go. >> ready to go, but like his grand power, far from the eager. al jazeera, whiteman air force base, missouri. >> for 27 years national
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geographic has held a contest for amateur and professional photographers. they have announce this year's winners. john segenthaller has that story. >> the winning pictures from the national geographic take you an journey. from a burst of sand kicked up during a traditional style of racing to romania, where frost glazes the landscape of a small village, the pictures range from emotional, travel workers peeking through window glass, to light harded boys from thailand standing in a stream trying to catch a duck. here, stars from two dwarf galaxies sparkle over 900-year-old trees on the dry sands. nearly 18,000 pictures were submitted, but it's images like these that call the eye of the judges. some of the stories behind them are just as excelling as the breathtaking snapshots themselves. photographers stephon says he
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tried all day to get the perfect photo of this endangered white rhino, but he didn't get the shot until the next morning. when he woke up to find three of them grazing right in front of him. in india, allen schroder cut the aftermath of a traditional wrestling match. the mud figh fight in a mud pia demonstration of mutual respect. the judges say they are looking for photos to take them someplace they had never been before. line a mountain top sauna at the top of the eastern italian alps, or rural poland where hey makers still use apish fork to get their job done. just one photo, of course, can win the grand prize, and this stunning image was it. and photographer went diving with a humpback whale. she said the image wasn't planned by she could feel the power behind it.
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thank you for joining us, the news continues next, lye from london. why a senior commander has become the latest member to speak out against the groups new leader. hello there, you are watching al jazeera live from london. >> this country and it's people, it is not for violence, so why shouldn't they be coming over in the first place? >> we have a special report of the frosty reception received by some migrants travelling from france to the u.k. as the number of people threing fighting in yemen p toes 100,000, will the u.n.