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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 5, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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>> techknow, where technology meets humanity! only on al jazeera america the cost of the war, the ♪ ♪ you are watching al jazerra live from our head quarters in doha. also coming up, two passenger trains di derail in central inda killing at least 27 people. we'll be live from new delhi with the very latest. pro-government forces in yemen say they have recaptured three provinces from houthis. and a footballing breakthrough inned middle east as a west bank
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team it allowed in to gas for the first time in more than a decade. ♪ ♪ the unites nations is saying that nearly 5,000 civilians have been killed or injured so far this year alone in afghanistan. in its new respect the u.n. says a growing number of women and children are among the victims think the u.n. says a thousand 592 civilians were killed between january and june that's an increase among the same period last knee. another 3,329 afghan civilians were wounded. that's already surpassing last year's casualty figures which were considered the highest ev ever. a number number of women and children. 23% more women and 13% more children are getting hurt. jennifer glasse spoke to one family mourning the loss of their son.
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>> reporter: he says his days are full of suffering now. his only sun a 14 year old was killed by the blast wave of a nearby su suicide bomb attack. >> translator: he was a good, smart and brave boy. he told me all the time that he wanted to be a lawyer. >> reporter: the attack that killed him was on the main road to kabul airport. the target was a military convoy of far en soldiers, but afghan civilians were injured and died. >> translator: when these suicide attacks happen, the poor people suffer because in every suicide attack, many people die, many are injured. it's all civilians, poor people like me who are working for their families. >> reporter: the united nations says is salient carl a at sal ce
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rise. while anti-government fighters including the taliban are responsible for 70% of all civilian casualties. the use of mortars and other indirect fire by pro-government forces meant they kill and injured 60% more civilians than last year. the main causes ground fighting, roadside and other planted bombs, suicide attacks, and targeted killings. amid the continuing violence, the u.n. is calling for renewed commitment by all parties to protect civilians from harm. it's too late for this family. trying to cope with the loss of a brother, and son. jennifer glasse, al jazerra, kabul. while in india, two members of the border security force have been killed and several others injured in an attack. gunmen fired on a convoy off the soldiers in the indian administered region of kazmir
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near the disputed border with pakistan, one of the began men has been killed and two others captured. in kenya, two children have died after a teri carrying 23 passengers capsize ed in lake victoria. the vessel was travel to go an island in the inland lake. where when it collided with a fishing boat. the united nations body assisting palestinian refugees in the middle east says it's facing its mo severe financial crisis yet. workers at the u.n. relieve and works agency are staging a sit in outside the head quarters in amman jordan and protesting against the possible closures of schools catering to palestinian refugee children, the u.n. says it's running out of funds and might have to suspend glasses for four months across the region, if it goes through with that decision half a million children will be affected. many of those that could be
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affected are in fact in gaza. the u.n. has 245 schools there with over 200,000 students. in the occupied west bank, close to 100 schools will have to close their doors. 69 schools with 30,002 students operate in lebanon in. jordan the u.n. runs 172 schools teaching 115,000 refugees there. in yellen pro-government forces seem to be making gains anti-houthi fighters say they have taken control of two provinces. this comes a day after they recaptured the country's largest air base. this could being mar mark a sigt turning point in the 4-month long war meaning pro hadi forces could push to the third large he have city of tice that has been under houthi controls since march. the houthi forces remain in the
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cacontrol of the capital sanaa. ' at this houthi forces have made gains they have bigger fights ahead. >> what we have seen happen over the last few days, is that the anti-houthi fighters have been pushing up from the south from aden, which they took several weeks ago and have gradually been consolidating control over would now appear to be control of air base, the largest military installation in yemen. it appears to be a houthi retreat in the face of the onslaught and in the face of the arrival of large amounts of military equipment from the united arab emirates. it does seem like the pla plan s for the an i houthi fighter to push up in to taiz.
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but to say this will be the end of the fighting, it is perhaps a little premature given the base if the toot utah is. houthis isd where their fellow fighters are and loyalists of saleh who have been fight ago long side them are also based. we are we are seeing the anti-houthi fors doing well at the moment in areas where the houthis have suffered the most resistence, but if they want to go back and take the capital sanaa, i think a much bigger fight will come in to play. the supreme court in pakistan has upheld the establishment of military court. now, what this means is that terror suspects can be tried by military courts. crossing over to kamal hyder who is joining us live from islambad. a controversial topic in the past, kamal now this decision has been taken, what's the reaction? >> reporter: well, as far as the reaction from the activists,
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civil rights activists is concerned they say this is a major setback. however, it must be understood that after a deadly massacre and attack on the army public school, parliament moved a special session came out with the 21st amendment allowing for the formation of the military courts. however, it was a civil rights activist that challenged the ruling and therefore a stay order was issued by the supreme court which stopped the executions of at least six convicted criminals who were tried bite military court that was ratified balls by the military chief. so the whole process was put on hold. deliberations were underway and the court then decided that the 21st amendment was legal and it was the doctrine of necessity that pakistan had to do something in order to crush this rising wave of terrorism. so the court basically threw
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aside the objections and upheld the government's decision for the formation of the military court which means the military courts can now start doing their work. >> and when you say start doing their work, kamal, when do we expect them to start doing so? >> reporter: well, it should start pretty soon because if you noticed in the past few weeks, executions have been going on for heinous crimes. yesterday also pakistan hanged. [ inaudible ] despite the controversy behind testimony the government on the other hand, said it was a major victory. that the world needed to understand that pakistan was in a deep crisis and there was no other way around it. so the court's decision is seen as a major victory by the government for parliament, however the critics say that this is in continue vision of the constitutionality and against the people's civil rights. >> kamal, thank you for that
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update. kamal hyder reporting from islambad. two passenger train have his derailed after being hit by flash floods in central india killing 27 people. rescuers have been searching through the night for trapped passengers. crossing over to faiz jamil who is join from us new delhi to tell us whether there has been an official statement by the government on what exactly caused that crash. >> reporter: well, no official statements from the government as yet. but local officials, railway officials on the ground are saying that they strongly believe that the tracked were worked away. this is the monsoon season in india after all. heavy rains in the last two weeks caused weakness below the tracks which caused it to collapse. and they say this was a cumulative effect. that section of the tracks is use odds a daily basis by dozens of trains, in fact, the last train that went by before the derailment was just 10 minutes before. and they are saying that a nearby damn which also
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overflowed added more without to the tracked which is why both the trains derailed. now, they are still looking at -- there are still several train cars that are flooded and are checking to see whether anyone is still in there. the rescue efforts are still under way at this time. but the government hasn't said any official statement on the exact cause though they have announced compensation for the victims. >> not the nurse time that safety has come under the spotlight in india, faiz? >> reporter: no, not at all. incidents involving the railways has become a semi regular thing. now, in some cases it's because of some mechanical failure, in this case it's a force of nature. but these things are regular. and critics say something like the monsoon rains and the weakening of the soil underneath the tracked is something that should be expected. since it is a yearly occurrence. and as i said the government is giving compensation. but that's another criticism.
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that's all the government does, investigate and compensate. the last railway incidents that happened several people died. government announced compensation. said they would investigate. the same thing has happened here inow. the country's railway minister is expect today address parliament which happens to be in session on the derailment but people say it will be a lot of con dole edges messages, promises of more compensation but they don't believe that what needs to get done will get done. and that's to improve the infrastructure and safety of railways across the country. >> faiz, thank you for the update from new delhi. in iraq 15 society jeffs killed in i a all side attack believed to be carried out by isil. military sources saying the car bomb went out north of ramadi. 10 other soldiers were injured in that attack a tanning. let's find out more. joining us live from baghdad tell us what more you know about this attack that took place near
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ramadi. >> reporter: yeah, doreen this wasn't actually the only attack today. the attack that you mentioned happened in the northern part of ramadi an isil suicide car bomber attacked a configuration of soldiers. the bomb went off, 15 soldiers were killed. 10 more were taken to hospital. they have been injured severely. this is according to the iraqi government officials. there was another attack that happened about an hour earlier than that in the southern part of rah made, this was also all suicide car bomber. iraqi officials saying this was an isil suicide car bomber as well. this attack was foiled the bomb went off and none of the troops that were targeted in that configuration, none of those troops were injured. all of this going to show just how tough the battle to try to retake control of ramadi has been going and how many challenges lay ahead for the iraqi government in their offenses. >> why is it that the battle to retake ramadi has taken so long after the government said they expected the offensive will be over quickly? >> reporter: yeah, it's a good question. time and again since this
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offensive started about 15 days ago, we have seen iraqi prime minister abadi come out and promise iraqi people this offensive would be over in a matter of days, two weeks plus on and still it has not happened. the iraqi government has actually addressed this in the last few days, they have come out on several occasions and said, look, this is taking long than we would like longer that the people of ramadi would like and the people of or ban would like the reason for that they say isil is hide being behind human shields they have ensconced themselves in civilian neighborhoods and because that have the iraqi government is taking it slower than they would like. they are trying to limit civilian casualties. there has been a lot of criticism directed by the iraqi people especially in that province toward the iraqi government saying that they are being targeted in the attacks on isil think so even though they want isil cleared out of the area they are worried about more saville casualties now it seems that the iraqi government is taking that criticism to heart but, again, how much of this is prop began tax how much of the "the stream" is reality of the logistics of what's going off. it is a tough battle.
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analysts and others say before they started this offensive it would take longer than they promised killed tack i can all of this going to show how tough it is to try to retake that city, that province, back from isil. they are in control of 90% of that province and it's really going to be a tough battle in the days and weeks ahead. >> mohamed reporting from baghdad, thank you for that update. still ahead on a al al jaze, we report from guyed mall a about a new video that has brought back bad memories from the country's brutal civil war. and it's back to school in puerto rico the teachers face an action i can challenge like never before.
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top story on his al jazerra. the united nations says nearly 5,000 civilians have been killed or injured in afghanistan so far this year. a growing number of victims are women and children. two passenger trains have derailed after being hit by flash floods in india. at least 27 people have been killed. and around 300 have been rescued. the u.n. body assisting fall tip general refugees in the middle east says it's facing its most severe financial crisis yet. it's running o out of funds to keep schools open. without the money the u.n. says it might have to suspends classes for four months across the region. in the syrian city rebel have his reportedly killed 20 government soldiers. it's on the outskirts of damascus and it's close to a vital regime military inning station los angeles. gerald tan has the details.
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>> reporter: going on the offensive. opposition fighters in syria target the positions of president i assad's forces in dh try a. they attack a building and show al jazerra crew the identification cards of soldiers they say they have overpowered. daraya city has been a constant battle ground since 2011. it has changed hands several times but rebels are eager to control the city because of its proximity to one of the government's biggest center. >> daraya is adjacent to the airport and i think it shows the rebelrebels continued ability tt in to damascus even if t even ie core of damascus and upset the rah jeep's base of power. >> reporter: in response of tuesday's attack, the regime
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military dropped rebel barrel bombs on the city. but facing immense pressure, the army is has estimated to be half in size because of seth and deflection following the accidents the president relently acknowledged the lack of manpower but insist he will win the civil war that has already killed more than 230,000 people and driven millions more from their homes. gerald tan, al jazerra. libya's state prosecutor wants to identify guards shown in a video apparently beating the son of the former leader muammar qaddafi. he's in prison accused murder and other crimes. ed video was posted after his eldest brother was sen tended to death last week for war crimes during the uprising which toppled his father four years ago. the u.s. secretary of state is calling on countries in southeast asia to preserve peace and stability in the south china sea. the ors and china has been
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invite today the asian meet in asia even though they are not members of the block of asian neighbors. china's neighbors are alarm at the building of artificial islands and air field in disputed waters. we have month from koala lumpur. >> reporter: while the countries speak to their extra teen i believe partners those that are not part of the economic block such as russia, japan, south korea, and australia, what everybody really wanted to hear were comments from the united states and from china. now, the chinese foreign minister very briefly spoke before his closed-door meeting saying he was very encouraged by the way the united states want today try to find a diplomatic solution to the rising tensions that he said were perceived in the south china sea. in a way that would be -- see a peaceful resolution. the united states for their part want to also encourage support china as developing strong, economic partner with the group
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without dominating them. now these are conversation that his will continue behind closed doors, we are expecting more significant statements to be made, including how ace vinnie in the long-term will deal with a country like iran that may be just coming out of those sanctions, having agreed to a civilian nuclear deal. it need to know how to work with the united states and the u.n. without getting in to trouble. the a government investigation is being held in guatemala after a video showing soldiers beating two teenagers in the streets went rival. the army says teenagers were gang accomplices. david mercer has more. >> reporter: they are images that have shocked gout mall actual soldiers savagely beat two men and the department 80-kilometers west of ga wayed mall a city the sale jeffs asked them why they are running and warn them this is how they were trained. the video went rifle after it
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surface odd the internet over the week end. and has called in to question the military's role in helping to police the country. guatemalan human rights workers clearly show an abuse of power, she has requested police protection for the young men and their families. >> using violence against violence isn't watt i to resolve thing, that's why there are laws, procedures and laws that need to be respected and human rights need to be respected by all people. >> reporter: in the department capital people were shaken by the video. maria says the soldiers act the like drunk fighting in the streets. rather than government authorities. >> translator: i felt their pain inside me. i have children and it makes me think what would i do if something like this happened to them. it's wrong. they were doing it for fun.
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>> reporter: street sellers like francisco sanchez are also victims of extortion but rumors that the young men might have been part i've gang hasn't hardened his opinion. >> translator: this is not the correct way to treat a person. we all have our rights. even if they are delinquents, i think they should, judged according to the law. this is not with the way to resolve anything. >> reporter: while the people we spoke to here say they condemn the violence, comments on social media show some agree with the joels' actions here in a country with one of the highest murder rates in the world, an iron fist approach to crime is a popular one. it was this promise of law and order that brought retired general otto perez to power in 2012. but for a country still recovering from a brutal 36-year civil war, many people still view the army with suspicion. and while the military has identified the soldiers, and say they are continuing their
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investigations, images like these will be hard to forget. david guatemala. economists are trigg to come up with a plan to dig puerto rico out of its debt crisis. some have suggested raising taxes or even closing schools and firing teachers as a way to balance the books, andy gallagher reports from san juan. >> at the elementary school just outside the capital san juan, staff are getting ready for pupils to start a new school year. but educators in puerto rico have never faced an academic challenge like this before. island in is in massive debt. schools emerging and teachers' pensions are in real danger of being wiped out. like many teachers here, monica cruz has real concerns about her pupils, her cool and her own family security. >> i have to take care of my debts torque i have to pay for
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my house and my bills it, will be for me a big problem. i don't know what i am going to do really. honestly, i have no idea. >> reporter: but a report from a group of hedge funds who own much. island's debt claims the government is over spending on education. and needs to close more schools and lay off more teachers. it's a solution that won't find many supporters here. in the last year alone here, over 100 schools have closed their doors, partly because so many people have left for the united states. but across this island there is now a sense of impending doom and uncertainty that all the cuts and job losses that people have talks about for so long are finally boo t about to bite. for puerto rico's health percent cesc too a crisis is looming. more than half of population relies on federally funded medical programs that are facing big cuts. and already overworked doctors predict things will only get worse.
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>> i was happy with 25, 30 patients a day practice. we are up to seve 70, 75 patiena day. i am hot gelling any younger. i don't know if i am going to be physically be able to maintain such a high volume practice. >> reporter: this doctor is fighting against the proposed budget cuts but says the effects of a deep economic crisis and reduced funding are already being felt. >> everybody is cutting corners, the hospitals get paid 25% less. you only have two nurses for floor instead i've nurse for every four patients, you go to doctor's room and there is 40 people waiting when you get there. and now there is not going to be any transportation support. >> reporter: it's estimated that almost half the population here lives in pop at this. but if health services and schools are hit as hard as some predict, they could be about to get a lot poorer andy gallagher, al jazerra, zaun juan puerto rico. football fans in gaza are looking forward to a rare game. israel has allowed a team from the occupied west bank to play
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their palestinian rivals in gaza for the first time in 15 years, zoe cummings reports. >> reporter: rarely can a football team have felt such a sense of achievement. at just arriving at the right place for a game. nicholas and the careers of from the occupied west bank is in gaza to play a rival team after israel gave permission for them to to travel across its territory. >> we are come here for sports, i don't know to speak politics it's very important if us to come and show all the world that the pal tip stun year pal stun d together. >> i hope it's if the gales for a long period. the pollsbility to play together this is my dream. >> reporter: palestine have long accused i israel of unfairly restrict being the movement of its players. the israeli football association say they have no control of the
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country's security forces. earlier this year palestine dropped its request for israel to be suspended from international football amid hopes of greater cooperation. while the team arrived in gaza 24 hours later that were plan today this palestine cup game due to travel permit delayed. that they are there at all say sign of progress. >> we are happy and proud of this visit and it's it means a lot. it's the first for our west bank brothers. the visit sit a victory for palestinian sport and we hope the next unity is a political one. >> translator: being in gaza is an achievement as a player it's a great op or to play. the match should be a strong one. >> reporter: close to 10,000 fans will be in the stadium in gaza for thursday's game and then comes a further test of this new spirit of collaboration between the two football associations. the return leg of the pal spine
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cup is scheduled to be played in the west bank on sunday. zoe cummings, al jazerra. you can read much more about that story as well as the day's other top stories on our website you'll find them all at >> this week on talk to al jazeera: stand-up comedian mo amer. >> it's like, "are you a terrorist"? like literally, "are you a terrorist"? i'm like... "who says yes"? like seriously, "who says yes"? oh... you got me! you're so tricky... here's the bomb, be careful! >> he's one third of the trio "allah made me funny". >> look at this stage master allah. this is a lot of room for a palestinian, you know? >> the group uses humor to combat islamophobia and challenge misconceptions about muslims.