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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 5, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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this is al jazeera live from london. hundreds rescued off the coast of libya after an overcrowded fishing boat capsizes.
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and a new plan to cut down on poaching. >> french experts have confirmed a link with a missing boeing triple 7 which vanished 16 months ago. it strayed off course with 239 people on board. malaysian prime minister was the first to break the news of the findings. >> today 515 days since the plane disappeared, it is with a very heavy heart that i must tell you that an international team of experts capsizes have conclusively confirmed that the
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debris found on reunion island is indeed that of flight mh 370. there are very strong presumptions that the flap belonged clearly to mh 370 for two reasons. boeing representatives confirmed that the flap came from a boeing triple 7. secondly malaysia airlines communicated technical details about the flight. on that basis, it was possible to establish a link. >> right now it's early morning in malaysia. we have this update. >>reporter: most people will wake up to this news first thing on thursday morning but in terms of what the prime minister did say, he was very careful. there were certain things that i noted in what he said and one of the issues that he mentioned was
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however tragic and painful, it will at least bring certainty. obviously nobody really knows where the plane is but there have been wild conspiracy theories for several months now pertaining to what could have happened to the plane. and families have been saying that the government have been hiding the facts and they knew what was going on on the plane or in the cockpit. the airline has always denied they know no more than the families do. they don't know what happened to the plane.
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>> whose bodies have been taken aboard the various naval assets which capsized as soon as an irish vessel approached to rescue those in distress. migrants stood up while the naval vessel was attempting a
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rescue. they all moved to one side causing the boat to capsize. according to witnesses on the scene who are sending tweets and also communicating with other agencies there are reports the sea is strewn with life vests and pieces of wood floating on the water and the scale of this tragedy is seemingly one of the most tragic in the mediterranean after the incidents that occurred in the same area five months ago triggering a session of european leaders to come up with a way to tackle illegal migration in libya. >> i suppose one thing that speaks to the inability of europe to really come together and find a political solution which is what to do when the
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migrants reach the shore. hundreds have been rescued from this particular operation. what happens to them now? >>reporter: it's to be confirmed what nationality the migrants are. most are from libya. there are also an increasing number of syrian refugees. they all have refugee status and the right to be taken in by europe. however, many european governments are strict on the amount of migrants they will willing to accept. this is going to be discussed here in malta coming in september where the european leaders are expected to reach african leaders to find
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solutions. until then the migrants will keep oncoming. >> thank you very much for bringing us up to date on the rescue operation ongoing. doctors without borders is employed in this operation right now. >> what's important is to understand that there are no other routes for these people to take to flee from the conflicts and violence they're fleeing from. over 60% of the people are making this journey across the mediterranean. they're risking life and limb for this voyage. so these large rescue operations out there, the drivers of this problem are still present. there's no political solutions
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to these ongoing crises in the world. so it's not search and rescue that's required. it's channels for them to access refuge that don't entail them to risk life and limb to fit so many people on a boat that carries so little that capsizes right after its journey. >> let's continue to get more on this story, actually go on a vessel, the mi phoenix and speak to christopher miller. can you tell us more about what you have seen what's been happening on the boats in the course of your time there? medical examinered -- >> our boats -- we weren't actively participating in the operation. [audio is breaking up] >> we arrived at the tail end of
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the rescue operation. [audio breaking up] >> we'll try to strengthen the connection to you later on but for now, thank you very much christopher miller who is currently on board the mi phoenix. that rescue operation still taking place after a fishing boat carrying over 700 migrants overturned in the mediterranean after leaving libya. the president of the united states is appealing to americans to back the nuclear deal with iran or there will be a war. we are following this story from
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washington d.c. >>reporter: it was the most blunt speech we've heard yet from barack obama defending the iran deal and attempting to get americans riled up enough to call their congressman. >> israel is not just the best choice among alternatives. this deal is the strongest nonproliferation agreement ever negotiated. and because this is such a strong deal every nation in the world that has commented publicly with the exception of the israeli government has expressed support. >> he went on to talk about prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying that he disagrees with the deal but he disagrees with him. the people opposed to the deal are the same people he says who
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got us into the war into iraq which is still deeply unpopular. he talked about u.s. credibility saying that it would be damaged on the world stage. even warning that it could hurt the u.s. economy. so the president taking several different angles to try to get the american people worried enough that they'll actually write a letter or pick up the phone and convince their member of congress to stay with the president and not the israeli prime minister air strikes are being carried out in northern syria. it was carried out by an unmanned drone but details have not been released of the target or impact location. turkey granted the u.s. access to bases along the border after a suicide attack last month. washington has promised to cover air cover to syrian rebels in the area to iraq now where several
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people have been killed in baghdad after a bus loaded with explosives detonated in a crowded street in an shia neighborhood in sadhr city. france has reimbursed russia after an order of warships it canceled after the conflict over russia's role in the current ukraine crisis. rescue teams in india are searching for survivors trapped in the wreckage of two trains that derailed tuesday night. at least 27 people have died. here's the latest. >>reporter: it happened in 2 dead of night when many passengers were sleeping.
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several carriages derailed here followed by more from another are train coming from the opposite direction a few minutes later. some carriages fell into a flooded river. others flipped over and filled with water. it could have been worse. >> the area was filled with water. suddenly we heard another train coming and somehow we managed to run and escape the train. >>reporter: rescue teams had to arrive by special trains as roads to the remote area were washed away. >> in ten minute's time suddenly the flash floods which have cut away a portion neither the track which consequencely caused caused -- consequently caused
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the derailment. critics condemn the government for giving out money instead of looking for ways to prevent deadly accidents saying it should be prepared for heavy monsoon rains that occur every year. critics say this double derailment is further proof that improvements need to be made soon or further tragedies are inevitable still to come courts in conflict. the u.n. says civilian casualties in afghanistan are at their highest ever despite the war officially ending six months ago. and train drivers in london strike for the second time in a month.
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investigators are confirmed a section of the plane wing that washed up on the shores of reunion island are part of the malaysian airlines flight mh 370. u.s. president barack obama has urged america to get behind the iran nuclear deal describing it as the strongest
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nonproliferation agreement ever negotiated despite the war in afghanistan officially ending six months ago. afghan forces are struggling to stamp out the conflict for good. civilian casualties in the first half of this year reached a record high. the number of deaths fell just slightly from last year but the number of injuries have jumped 4%. in total, almost 5,000 afghan civilians have been killed or injured this year since records started being kept in 2009. last year 37% more women were hurt and 13% more children. jennifer glass spoke to one family mourning the loss of their son. >>reporter: he says his days are full of suffering now. his only son was killed by the blast wave of a nearby suicide
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bomb attack. >> he was a good smart, and brave boy. he told me all the time that he wanted to be a lawyer. >>reporter: the attack that killed him was on the main road to kabul airport. the target was a military convoy of foreign soldiers but afghan civilians were injured and died. >> when these attacks happen the poor people suffer because in every suicide attack many people die and many are injured. it's all civilians are all poor people. >>reporter: with the rise in children and female casualties the report documents the devastating consequences of the conflict upon afghan men, women, and children. this destruction and damage to
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afghan life must be met by a new commitment by all parties to the conflict to prevent civilians from the harm. casualties the use of morter used -- in the first half of this year. the main killers are suicide attacks, targeted killings and road side bombs. it's too late for this family trying to cope with the loss of a brother and son. jennifer glass, al jazeera. kabul. the afghan interior ministry says the government's priority
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is to protect its people but that the tal ban uses people as human shields. >>reporter: a suicide attack in front of a bank in the middle of a sports field, these are all the signs of violence extreme violence against civilians. it's very unfortunate but at the same time we diffuse lots of mines. we were able to defuse 6,000 mines across the country planted by the at that ban in villages and roads and everywhere. we're doing our best to save lives. the afghan people wish for an
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end to this conflict but at the same time we're going to keep our pressure on the enemy and the peace process will continue and we hope the at that ban leaves and joins the peace process. pakistan has approved secretive new military courts with the power to place death sentences on civilians. earth comesh earth comesl earth comesi earth comesi earth comesi earth comesi earth comesi earth comes >> several soldiers were injured. there's been no comment from the government of pakistan at least 90 people have died
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after multiple landslides were triggered by heavy rain in nepal. here's the latest on the rains. >>reporter: this is a village steeped in grief. in the early hours of july 30th an entire section of the mountain came crumbling down sweeping away part of this village in western nepal killing at least 28 people. a week on the smell of rotting animals is still heavy. every year monsoon season in nepal brings such tragedies. just this year more than 90 people have died and more are missing. villagers here say they've never seen such a disaster before. but studies from 1995 shows the soil over here is very loose and this area of nepal gets the
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highest amount of rain increasing the risk of landslides landslides. people have been told to move as this area is too dangerous but they have nowhere to go. the government has a plan for risk management but it has more to do with after the disaster has happened rather than prevention. >> monsoon season is not over yet and many say had there been an early warning system this type of tragedy could have been prevented. monsoon rains have killed 69 people in myanmar and the rains continue.
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london unions saying overnight shifts are being brought in unnecessarily. the chaos caused to commuters is beyond dispute. >>reporter: a month ago there was a 24-hour stoppage. traffic into central london was almost at a stand still with many walking long distances to get to work. as the latest strike causes chaos, many wonder why it causes such congestion. >> this are old streets and so the capacity of forms of transport to make up for the closed underground is very limited. >>reporter: leaving scenes like
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this. commuters waiting hours for a bus. of course, all of this has an economic effect particularly in terms of lost business for central london service industries. last year the london chamber of commerce said the cost to the economy due to the tube strike was $75 million a day. the greatest impact perhaps is simply the headache caused for the 4 million people who use the underground network every day to get around. >> i'm going to get home and pick up my little boy from child care. there's congestion crowds of people. very hard to get home. >> i can't get into work tomorrow so i've had to make other arrangements and take my work home with me >> i've been a teacher on strike before so i know strikes are important. so of course it's inconvenient but that's the point of a
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strike. commuters commuters. >> they're asking people to cover more nights and weekends and people are just not having it. nobody who runs the underground was available for comment. they have apologized for the disruption but this may not be the last time for this type of chaos across the capital. the u.k. government is making more money available to fight the illegal wildlife trade. >>reporter: despite recent efforts to
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>> it got up to about 4,500 in 2010. countries like uganda have turned around their elephant population so there is hope. >>reporter: it involves dealing with demand in consumer countries among populations of millions of people with long entrenched beliefs as well as poaching communities who virtually have no other way to survive. >> if you can get it right it is possible to recover these
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populations. for more on that and everything else in this bulletin and much more right on our website, al >> for 300 years, the most powerful nations on earth grew richer and stronger on the profits of the slave trade. over twelve million men, women and children were forcibly transported from africa on slave ships like this, to the colonies and plantations in north and south america. today slavery is illegal on every country on the planet. but the truth is, slavery did not die in the 19th century. it is alive, it is thr