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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 6, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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he says his old school friends convinced him to paint the horrors he carried in hi mind before it was too late, now he says they are all dead, and there's nobody left to tell him that he did them proud. >> more as in syria, rebels train by the u.s. military are now refusing to fight, and it is a major embarrassment for the obama administration. this is a big night for the republican field the candidates are gathering in cleveland and then the main clash in prime time. plus. >> he was too good for this wicked world. >> an al jazeera exclusive
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interview, tony harris' conversation with michael brown's mother one year after her son was killed in the ferguson. >> the obama administration is just suffering a major set back in the push to get rebel forces to fight for u.s. interests in syria. the u.s. military officials have now been forced to acknowledge that rebel troops trained by the u.s. are refusing to go into battle. jaime mcintyre is live at the pent gone with the latest, jaime. >> david you take a very complicated situation on the ground and an incomplete understanding by the u.s. military and that results in a major miscalculation. and an embarrassing set back, the u.s. sent the first of it's trained and equipped
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fighterred into northern syria, the so called 54, that were going to embed with moderate syrian opposition forces but never thought that the front, linked to al quaida would engen those forces that turned out to be a very flawed assumption, and on friday of last week, there was an attack, it had to be repelled with u.s. air power and what happened a lot of those u.s. trained fighters took a look around and said hey, we are not here to fight them, we are out of here. and a lot of them left, some of them didn't even make it there, what has happened now is the u.s. has suffered an embarrassing situation where these fighters that they touted as being the anti-isil forces are not in a position to carry out that mission. and it calls into question the whole strategy. the pentagon spokesman navy captain said we have -- we
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never had any illusions about the challenges that we would face on the ground there syria, he said it is a very difficult situation there. it's a war zone, we do remain committed to the success of the program and the success doesn't hinge on any one incident or any one group. he also said we acknowledge their challenges but the idea that we were caught flat footed by the idea that we would be sending people into a very dynamic and rapidly changing situation is not accurate now the pentagon will have to regroup and decide what to do with these fighters as we have another couple of hundred in the pipeline that they were hoping to send in soon. >> the 54 that have decided to split, do they know where they went. >> not exactly as i said, 18 of them look like they are stuck in turkey and never made it to the fight a small number seem to be still with the division 30 that they were embedded with, the
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moderate syrian forges one was killed but there are a lot unaccounted for and officials concede deserted. jaime mcintire reporting. >> today mark as new phase in the 2016 presidential campaign the republican candidates are now gathering for the first debate, and tonight, in prime time, the top 10 will participate in the main event. the potential for clashes between front runner donald trump and the rest of the field make this depate particularly intrigues but the issue with the most lasting political significance can revolve around how the top republican candidates talk about women's health concerns. the message can be especially important given the location of tonight's debate. michael shore reports from cleveland. by holding not just their national convention, but their first debates tonight in cleveland the republican party is being anything but cavalier in it's effort to win the swing state of ohio next year. >> the party has never won
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the white house without winning ohio. >> an analyst at the university of virginia center for politics. >> are people going to vote for the republicans over the democrats at the convention here no, probably not but maybe it helps in organizing and getting enthusiasm getting up enthusiasm among women is one critical challenge. closely mirroring his deficit nationally among women. of 54-45. now concern over remarks by jeb bush hasn't helped the cause. >> i am not sure we need half a billion dollars for women's health issues. >> democratic candidates wasted no time responding via twitter. >> at jeb bush you are absolutely unequivocally wrong. the bush comment came days after senate republicans failed to get the 60 votes they needed to end federal
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funding of planned parenthood former ohio state senator sees this as a problem for the party. >> to me by extension their war against planned parenthood is really that disrespect of women. when you scale it down. >> the release of video showing planned parenthood executives talking casually about fetal tissue donations has created a debate before the debate. >> the abortion issue is a big line of demark case between the parties. and the planned parenthood piece is part of that, and it is going to come up a lot. >> from clevelanders we talked with it already is. >> as a roman catholic i have strong issued on planned parenthood, as religious believes would lead me to believe it's much i am for women's issues my religious beliefs would agree with them to defund it. >> what about women's rights and what about women's health issues in do those mat tore you?
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do you want to hear that. >> i do, because obviously it is important to me, and to other members of my family, and how the health costs for women healthcare issues are covered. >> do you think you will hear that from republicans tomorrow. >> i do not. >> why is that? >> i don't think they care. this play present an opportunity for the candidates tonight ashes chance to stand apart with a softer line than that of their party. but that's risky. >> if you are a command day particularly one that may be regarded as being not sufficiently conservative like a chris christie or john kasich, do you want to poke your party in the eye on another issue. >> it has become an issue there won't be a woman on stage, but women's issues almost certainly will be. >> michael shore, al jazeera cleveland. according to a survey earlier this year, terrorism ranks as the highest issue for voters.
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the reporter for foreign policy magazine. >> there's no doubt that the. out of -- >> out of weariness that existed. in the aftermath of iraq and afghanistan. >> how macho each other when it comes to talking about very aggressive steps they would take to counter the state militant group in iraq and in h syria. the donald trump has said that he has a beautiful plan for defeating isis, but we haven't seen any specifics. the only candidates that has offered specifics that said he would be up for at least 20,000 combat troops in iraq and syria he didn't poll well enough to even make the debate so we won't be hearing things like that. >> john hudson noted that the
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other international issue likely to come up is the iran nuclear deal. all the republicans have come out against the deal. in texas a federal appeals court has struck down the strict voter identification law. the court ruled the measure violating the voting rights act and is there are unconstitutional. they passed the measure four years ago to show photo i.d. before casting ballot, greg abbott says the state will likely appeal the ruling to the united states supreme court. this morning president obama published an add in many newspapers urging the public to defend the act. but several states including election phrase, have been trying to chip away at the law, it is costing minority voters. >> 50 years ago president lindon banes johnson signed the voting rights act it outerrerred states states to start
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discriminating against minority voters. one of the reasons was a serious of bloody, sometimes deadly protest that took place across the south including here in the alabama. today, some civil rights advocates say voting rights laws are under attack. >> the events that are going on in north carolina, in texas, in georgia and other jurisdictions are reminder that these struggling are not only the struggles of the civil rights movement of the 1960's but they are contemporary. that each generation has to be vigilant. the fact is that there's still those who would like to deny the right to vote, to certain people. i will have details on the challenges to voting rights as an agent observes the anniversary of this law. >> congress is accused the u.s. state department of
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playing politics. >> if it is true that the administration politicized this report, there are questions about whey they choose to significantly diminish the tool that been effective in fighting slavery around the world. he is a republican, the reuters news agency claims the report was watered down, by the state department with false claims that conditions improved in countries including malaysia, cuba, and india. rosalyn jr. daen has more. >> the state department official in charge of dealing with human rights issued and the trafficking of persons report appeared before the senate foreign relations committee on thursday. however, the testimony did not appear to persuade the members of the foreign relations committee that the state departments efforts this year in producing the trafficking and persons report was done so without political influence
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particularly from other members of the obama administration. both suggests that there was political influence in changing the status, of certain countries such as cuba and malaysia on this year's list, because of on going foreign policy priorities for the obama administration. and even though the senators noted that she was basically saying what she had been briefed to say by her superiors at the state department they also basically have threatened now to continue investigating whether the report was improperly compiled and whether political influence has anything to do with it. in fact, the chairman of the committee republican senator bob corker basically said, that the state department should not try to change the record or destroy emails, because he wants to get to the bottom of what happened with this year's trafficking and persons report. >> rosalyn joe dan reporting.
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today the nation and people of japan mark 70 years since the united states dropped an aatomic box on hiroshima the events today were emotional particularly for survivors who visited the epicenter of the attack. the city held a ceremony there to call for peace and honor victims. the bomb killed an estimated 140,000 people. and hiroshima today the crowds at the memorial event were estimated at more than 40,000 the prime minister used the sol lemn occasion to call on the united states and other world powers to work harder for a nuclear free world. coming up, on al jazeera america exclusive. >> when i mentioned the name darn what comes to mind. >> tony harass isn't down with michael brown's mother, they had a candid conversation, one year after her son was killed.
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plus the latest violent attack at a movie theater police say the suspect had major psychological issues.
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police in nashville tennessee are trying to piece together an attack of a manage swinging a hatchet inside a movie theater. he had a history of psychological issues and a criminal past. john henry smith has more. >> he had at least one arrest as well as multiple commitments to mental health facilities in his past, now two weeks after the theater shootings in louisiana he had movie goers in tennessee ducking for cover. >> that's the sound of the latest theater shooting suspect being shot dead by police. >> it was a lot a lot of shots. it was coming from the side of the needer. >> police began receiving emergency called just after 1:00 p.m. from the car mikes hickory eight in the suburb, witnesses say 29-year-old david monotan know walked into a screening of mad max
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fury road, wearing a surgical mask, and carrying two backpacks as well as weapons. >> he was armed with a hatchet, and armed with a weapon that strongly resembled a semiautomatic pistol, as we know now it is an air soft gun. >> he was also allegedly armed with pepper spray. >> the gunman apparently unleashed this pepper spray throughout the theater. as additional officers the swat team, entered that theater, it was very thick with chemical spray. >> police say officers arrived in minutes and ended the threat. afterwards they blew up one of his backpacks and found the bomb inside was fake too. >> records show he was a diagnosed paranoid skins friend thetic who has been committed four times in the last 11 years. he had also been arrested for assault and resisting arrest.
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the 58-year-old man also suffered a superficial hatchet wound. >> i am very grateful that no one else got injured today other than the person that perpetrated this. >> given that his most deadly weapons were in fact fakes and given that he attacked a theater room with only seven other people in it, there has been speculation that he did not appear to really want to kill anyone, although his true motives motives are as yet unknown. police say his mother had reported him missing just two days prior to the attack. a pant hunt is underway for a suspect wanted in the killing of a shreveport police officer. officials say the officer was shot while rotted to a report of a suspicious person inside home. >> the death of the unarmed black teen by white polices
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spark as national outcry and raised questions about racial bias and policing. tony harris sat down for an exclusive interview with his mother she says she is not ready to forgive. >> they shot my son. and when i got there i found --. >> and the next 72 hours i felt like -- i said -- i know i did. but i can't -- i don't know. i can't remember. >> what do you think when i mention the name darren wilson. >> what comes to mind? the devil. that comes to mind. easy. you know, if he is somebody's son.
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so getting a peek into his life with his mother, is something i would like to know. he hurt my child he hurt him bad. >> he may be someone's son but he doesn't think of your son, even to this day. >> even to this day. >> there was a new interview. that i don't think you will aware of. of darren wilson. in the new yorker magazine. >> here is what he said. >> do i think about who he was as a person? not really. because it doesn't matter. do i think he had the best upbringing, no. not at all.
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>> take that in for a second. what do you think. >> just what i said, that he is evil. hiss acts were devilish. and we definitely know he didn't have the right upbringing. because those are words you just don't use especially after you took somebody's life, and you know you had no reason to. he had no reason to do that. and he did last year. so those words mean nothing to me. >> have you forgiven him? >> never. >> never. >> in new mexico two al burke police officers will no longer face involuntary manslaughter charges for
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shooting and killing a homeless man last year a judge threw out those charges against the now retires officers. including voluntary manslaughter and aggravated battery. >> threatened police with fives, prosecutors say the officers escalated the incident unnecessarily. >> . >> the moss income saudi arabia this morning the mosque was attacked in the uncan's southwest officials say at least 15 people were killed interior ministry says ten of the victims were security officers. >> rescuers in the sea now report that the death toll from a nigh grant boat that capsized may number in the hundreds. the incident happens off the coast of libya just as ships were approaching as many as 600 people may have been onboard at the time, rescuers say many of them, but so far crews have polled 25 dead bodies from the water and
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more than 2,000 migrants have died this year in the mediterranean trying to reach europe. just ahead signing off after 16 years john stewart ends his daily routine.
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>> in new york city the death toll from ledge legion nears disease now stands at eight. those who dies from the disease were elderly with apparently underlying medical conditions. it will forever be linked to the past. the years ago hurricane katrina forced patients into the streets later more than 100 bodies were found in
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nursing homes and hospitals. as jonathon martin tolds us this new -- >> it is one of the largest and perhaps most vital additions to new orleans. >> the hospital functions as a level one trauma center, for the region. >> the new billion dollars university medical center, is being celebrated as full scale healthcare finally returning to the city. in hope it will stay true to it's mission in caring for all patients. >> i am thrilled that i am here and we that. it is a bit shameful that it has taken ten years to have it. >> for chief medical officer opening the doors as the city mark as decade sense the storm, makes it tough not to reflect on that frantic week in 2005. he was among several hundred staff and patients trapped in charity hospital, when the levied failed and the waters started rising. >> so we moved our patients
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from the emergency department to a second floor auditorium. >> it wasn't long before water knocked out basement generators and the temperatures soared above one run degrees. question didn't have power food. >> dr. ben was in the charge of 50 intensive care patients. >> we ran out of sedatives so many were airlifted shortly after the storm. >> at least 30 deaths in all, more than 100 people died in new orleans hospitals in nursing homes in the days
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following the careen that. >> . >> and other darkest hours it is rah hospital built using lessons learned from the storm. >> the emergency room and generators are now above the flood lines. >> while most agree the new hospital is safer, -- and the city must keep healthcare as a priority. >> we have a lot of work to do was we have made great progress. >> jonathon martin, al jazeera, new orleans. >> tesla drivers now have to watch out the car can apparently be turned off remotely. cyber security researchers took control of a tesla model and turned it off at low speed, all the screens went black, and the car lurched to a sort, researchers say this
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is one of significant flaws that can allow hackers to take control. tonight, television host john stewart says so long to the daily show. stewart took over the comedy central show 16 years ago he has a satirical finger at politician world events and news networks. last night gave stewart some friendly advice. >> i will miss watching you on the show, but i think the most reliable way to take a good thing and make it go bad is hold on to it too long. so you have to let it go, and also it is time to go. [laughter] >> and let stewart gone the daily show set will have a new home, it is going to the mow seem in washington, d.c. of the news business, who get everything, the desk, the globe, and all the props the set will join exhibits that trace five centuries of news gathering. that's our show for this half hour, thank you for joining
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us our news continues next live from london. >> this is the al jazeera news hour with me, david foster, good to have your company. these are stories we're looking at in detail in the next 60 minutes: >> isil says it carried out a suicide bombing at a mosque in saudi arabia that killed 15 soldiers. >> hundreds of refugees rescued from a boat that sank off the libyan coast on wednesday arrive in sicily. >>