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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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>> prepare to vote in long awaited elections. hello, the father of a palestinian baby burnt to death in an arson attack last week has died of his injuries. suffered second degree burns to 80% of his body. when his home was burned in the west bank. his wife and elder son remain in critical condition. imtiaz ta'izz sends this report. >> 32-year-old father of 18 month old allie d duabsha.
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the death of sav duabsha raises concerns about his wife and four-year-old son who remain in hospital suffering very serious burn wounds. whatever the case, the killing of now two members of the duabsha family by suspected israeli settlers has set off a very fierce debate here in israel. it coi coincided with the deatha 16-year-old girl who was attending a gay pride event here in jerusalem when she was stabbed odeath by an ultraorthodox jewish man. that led to benjamin netanyahu saying he had an issue with
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ultraorthodox demonstrations. many in the west bank don't believe they will see any meaningful charges pressed behind the fire bombing of the home. in a recent report by the israeli human rights organizations yasteen, it found that 91% of the complaints never led to any charges. so as we've been saying very little hope in the west bank that we will find justice not only for allie but this is fame as well. >> imtiaz tyab now. foouftyphoon saudi legislator hs
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smashed into taiwan. the storms now move to the taiwan strait and is expected to make landfall on mainland china later on on saturday. 80,000 households now have no water. more than 7.5 thousand people have been told to leave their homes. veronica pedrosa filed this report. >> the strongest typhoon soudelor pass he by. there is also a real risk of signs falling down. all night we've been hearing sirens blaring as emergency services goat work. but the people and authorities here are well prepared for these kind of events. typhoons are a regular event. the thing is that might be the
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situation in the city. in the country there is very mountainous terrain and there is a strong likelihood of landslides and flash floods there. so the full extent of the damage still isn't known, particularly as we've seen 300 millimeters of precipitation fall across 95% of the island over the last seven hours alone and there is still the tail ent as i end as it wers accredit the country into china the mainland. however, transport has been suspended and as much as can be done has been taken care of. >> the u.n. has pledged $9 million in aid to step up the devastating flooding in myanmar. more than 9 million have been
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affected by the rains. almost 90 people have been killed so far. aid agencies estimate that $47 million is needed in order to cope with the emergency. is a jury in the united states has convicted a former russian military commander in 2009. guilty of planning and leading the attack which led u.s. and afghan forces. to destroy a u.s. aircraft and use a weapon of mass destruction. the 55-year-old is the first military prisoner from afghan to be tried in a u.s. military court. worst day of violence so far this year. three explosions within 24 hours have killed more than 40 people and injured hundreds more. jennifer glasse has the report. >> reporter: the taliban
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claimed responsibility for a suicide attack outside kabul's police academy targeting cad et cetera and staff of the academy. the bomber was trying to get into the academy. across town there was another attack near kabul's airport. not far from a u.s. special forces base and an antinarcotics police camp. it was a complex attack, first an explosion followed by small arms fire. >> translator: a powerful explosion struck this area, shattered all the windows of my pump station, i don't know what's going to happen now. >> reporter: early morning hours, a truck bomb exploded make buildings collapse. in what president ashraf ghani said the worst ever attack on civilians have said was asleep.
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>> there was glass everywhere. everything was full of dust and smoke, they put me in a car and brought me here. it was a very bad explosion. >> reporter: he said the blast in the middle of the night didn't differentiate major rich or poor. the dead and injured were mostly civilians. there has been renewed concern, after the death of the taliban commander mullah omar. whether the spaif spate of attas will resume. jennifer glasse, al jazeera, kabul. another massacre in northern iraq, 200 people in the province of nanveh have been killed, tool
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government can't confirm when the deaths occurred. >> the be cursed community of daesh carried out a horrible massacre against our people in our beloved ninevah. whoever carried out couldn't be considered human. citizens were killed because they believed in a concept of a united country. air strikes against u.s. on iraq, but i.s.i.l. has gained more territory since the offense began. as the white house correspondent patty culhane reports it says it just needs more time. >> as u.s. president barack obama addressed the people a year ago, he described a very limited action in iraq. >> today i announce two actions,
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to help iraqi civilians trapped on a mountain without food and water and facing almost uncertain death. >> initially, the air strikes had some limited successor, and six weects late weeks later it o hit syria. a year in the plan is working, critics say it just isn't. >> if you look at any of the data based matrices, you'd have to say no. i.s.i.s. has on their side it has surged by the thousands. in terms of territory they've had they've held onto enormous territory and taken more. >> this is what i.s.i.l.
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controlled prior to the campaign in the skies. this is what they have now. iraqi troops that refuse to fight to hold realm. and the penalty gone says almost immediately after joining the fight, five were captured, one killed, many more desserted. the training program is having some problems but the strategy had some success. is. >> fighting vehicles, bombs acknowledge factories and training camps. i.s.i.l. has lost the oibility to fight in northern syria over the course of the last year. >> the pentagon said they have spent $41 billion, just in the
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first year of a fight that the president said would tie generation to win. they insist they will succeed, the strategy will work, it's just a matter of time. >> still ahead, his death at the hands of a police officer, sparked years of debate. ferguson remembers the black teenager michael brown, one year later. and cock fighting accommodationr scrutiny.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target
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>> okay a reminder of the top stories now on al jazeera. the father of a palestinian baby boy who burned to death in an arson attack has died. jewish settlers have been blamed for the attack. typhoon soudelor has battered taiwan, leaving four dead and four more injured. storm patsed over the island and headed for mainland china. >> security has been, afghan taliban has claimed responsibility for one of the attacks. the u.n. security council has vowed to investigate who was
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responsible for chemical attacks in syria. the u.s. has blamed the atrocities on bashar al-assad's government. the action could pave the way to u.n. actions. >> now the what, the u.n. security council want to know the who. a unanimous vote to set up a panel of experts known as a joint investigative mechanism to finally point the finger of blame for the chemical weapons incurring attacks in syria. first time blame could be assigned to the perpetrators. >> this sends a clear and message, the situation will identify you if you gas people. it bears repeating that we need to bring the same unity that we have shown here today to urgently find a political
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solution to the syrian crisis. >> reporter: the organization for prohibition of chemical weapons, known as the ocew, notes that chemical weapons have been systematically and repeatedly used in syria. but have no way to assign the blame. syrian president bashar al-assad was responsible. >> translator: the question of who used chlorine is still unanswered, partly because the existing mechanism of the u.n. does not have a mandate to identify those participating in such acts. more overwe became part of the political statements in this regard which were clearly meant to be propaganda. >> the attack in damascus which
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killed hundreds spurred the situation over syria's chemical weapons program. could lead to sanctions but it's not automatic. the u.n. security council would need to take that up separately at a later date. blame won't be assigned but it may happen later. ing u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon has 20 days to determine, and everybody hopes that will be one step closer to bringing justice to the victims. gabriel elizondo al jazeera at the united nations. >> sunday marks a year since a white police officer in the united states in the state of ferguson shot and killed michael brown an unarmed black teenager. brown's death sparked weeks of often violent protest.
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kristin saloomey is in ferguson for what has changed sidge sinc. >> a tribute to one of their own. marking the anniversary of michael brown's death. this benefit one of many this weekend was organized by his father, mike brown, senior. backstage, there was reflection of what changed michael brown's life and eventually this city. >> in every city, whenever a cop kills a black person that's unarmed unjustly people are going to respond. >> reporter: around ferguson, reminders are everywhere. it was right here that michael brown was shot after being confronted by police for shoplifting. it's a makeshift memorial. federal authorities have cleared
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darren wilson for any wrongdoing. but there was an investigation of the city, fueling sometimes violent reaction to brown's arrests. sympathy marches spread around the country as did stories of other unarmed black men killed by police. the slogan black lives matter, brown's mother reflects. >> my son's death has a bigger purpose but it has given me a voice to let people know we are dealing with some social injustice. >> i'd like to introduce
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mr. anderson. >> ferguson now has a new police chief and manager, both black, and new system which limits the amount of revenue can be extracted. >> what i hope they realize is the city of ferguson has from day one tried olisten. >> there's a lot of work to be done. still one year later the call for change that started in ferguson has grown too loud to ignore. be kristin saloomey. al jazeera, ferguson, missouri. james holmes has been convictof a murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole
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parolparole. after several years of delays, haitians will be selecting new government officials and even president by the end of the year. last january elected representatives terms expired. now on sunday, every seat will be up for grabs. in march more than 800 candidates said they would run for the 120 available seats. current president michelle
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martelle. rob brown has more from port-au-prince. >> citizens of this caribbean nation will vote sunday for members of parliament and local officials and not all potential voters are quite as enthusiastic as these ones. each morning, michelene josette sets up her plates of rice with vegetable sauce for sale. the election is low on her list of priorities. >> i voted in the last election, and all that happened was the price of beans and rice went up. i can't see how elections can help anything. >> unemployment is at 40%, the average income is just $840 per
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year and most people live in severe poverty. >> i'm doing everything to leave this country. i can't stand to live here. >> reporter: elections were supposed to happen four years ago. but political rang ling led to repeated cancellations. these modest buildings are the temporary home of haiti's parliament. the original was destroyed in the devastating earthquake of january 2010. this is the chamber of deputies. as you can see it is not a buzzing hive of political activity. the elections have been delayed for so often and so long, none of the regular legislators are in office. there haitian been a single alleviate session since july. since then, president martelle has been ruling by decree, much
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to the consternation of legislators. security at the polls is a major concern in several regions. >> translator: historically all these places have violence, that's why they're in red. >> on the street, michelene has a customer. >> if it happens it happens, doesn't concern me to be honest. >> a plate of rice means more than a slate of politicians. rob reynolds, al jazeera acknowledge port-au-prince.
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>> on friday italian police said they arrested five crew members of a fishing vessel believed to be carrying over 600 migrants that capsized off the coast of libya. now officials saved 300 from drowning, are locked 200 migrants in the boat's hull. after most of the migrants in the deck rushed to one side to take olook at the boat that came to rescue them. crew members and smugglers from libya and algeria will face charges of people smuggling and
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multiple manslaughter. they are realistic about finding anyone alive at this point. more than 300 migrants are being distributed through reception centers in northwestern tilt, those who drown are still receiving psychological assistance. >> the french territory of reunion has been in the spotlight since a missing part of mh370 was founded on its coast. now for another reason. cock fighting, a local court wants it banned. >> cock fighting is a popular transition on reunion island which is a french territory. it's how these men spend their weekends. those banter and fighting.
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well, cock fighting won't allow any news venues from opening and eventually wants to stop the practice immediately. >> we don't force the cok the co fight. if they want to fight they fight. >> to some people this is animal cruelty but here it is an important part of life. a strong proud tradition. these men don't think they should change for anyone. although reunion is much closer to africa than europe, this could be any street in france. these men may like the benefits of europe they don't want all the rules. another this cockpit owner
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believes it's inevitable. >> i can't move the venue so it would be difficult to continue the tradition. in time, france will succeed in closing all the cock pits. >> but the sound of one tradition that is flourishing fills the air at night. maloya was the music of slaves. it used to be banned. it's important that islanders used to be able to practice their sport. >> my ancestors fought for the right to play this music that's why i have to play it. >> island streets may look european but prearpse appearance deceiving. people move to their own beat,
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whether it's to the drum, are tanya page, al jazeera, reunion. >> we've got the latest. america's economy is cruising, 215,000 new jobs added in july and the unemployment rate steady at 5.3%. this is lowest level since the 2008 recession. but even president obama's administration admits there is still slack in the labor market. after all those layoffs. later in the story, i'll speak with christopher lew. meanwhile, the republican party debate, the first of many for a presidential election that is still 17 months away, we didn't hear much from the gop about jobs and economy but a


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