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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 10, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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>> four attacks across turkey target security forces and the u.s. consulate in istanbul. hello there i'm felicity barr. and this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up: syrian rebels say they've made more advances against government forces. the man who led the hunt for the 43 missing mexican students is himself shot dead. plus. >> i'm nicole johnston.
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coming up we'll report on the biggest child abuse story in the country. is. >> hit by four separateattackedt two fighters were culd i killeda gun fight. elsewhere, two women fired shots at the u.s. consulate, she's a member of a banned left wing party. and in the mainly kurdish southeast, others were killed. bernard smith's report contains strong images from the start. >> reporter: chased down to a back street near the u.s. consulate in istanbul, a woman who earlier opened fire on the building refuses to surrender.
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i did for my party she shouted. her party is the extreme left wing and revolutionary dhkpc. a second attacker also female escaped from the area. in 2013, dhkpc said it was behind a suicide bomb on the u.s. consulate in ankara. now behind this attack. >> they fired warning shots then someone in an apartment threw a chair from their balcony at the woman so the attackers shot at the balcony. >> earlier a van with explosives detonated, an attacker was killed. several civilians and police officers were wounded. then as forensic and bomb squad search the scene, they were
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fired upon. there's been further violence in southeastern turkey. four police officers were killed by a road side bomb and a soldier was killed when a rocket was fired on a helicopter. attacks blamed on the separatists, pkk. military has carried out air strikes on position he of the pkk and i.s.i.l. across the country, security forces have arrested hundreds of people suspected of being members of banned organizations. the government says it faces security threats on a serious of threaa series ofthreats not jus. the past several hours seem to back up that statement. bernard smith, al jazeera, istanbul. >> pushing towards assad
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family's ancestral stronghold of asakea. osama ben javad reports. >> this is the elrab 19 in. syria. the coastal city is home to bashar al-assad's alloite sect. >> there is no red line on our advance. the next fighting is at the coast. now we are almost at the coast. >> reporter: the alliance which calls itself the army of conquest has been making steady gains against the assad government in recent months. u.s. considers a terrorist organization but it is also the most effective force fighting against the syrian government and i.s.i.l. also overtaken most of idlib
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province and says it is moving towards latakia as well. video villages and towns, iranian state tv says the syrian earmd backearmy backed by hezbos pushing forward, as position position tanks roll in, signs of fighting are everywhere. war is now in its fifth year. some of those who came back says their homes have been destroyed. >> they left nothing for us. they have damaged the houses and stolen belongings. thank god we have returned safely. >> beyond he's mountains there is rare discontent in latakia.
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syrian war began with a crack down on protests and opposition. as the assad government's control shrinks over the area. osama ben javad, al jazeera. a total of 1052 migrants have been rescued on monday from the mediterranean. they were found north of the libyan coast and brought to sicily by a croatian ship. >> we announced the release of $2.4 billion in our funding to help member states deal with the
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migratory pressure. eyes wide open we continue to act closely with the member states to address this challenge as fast as we can. >> rwanda's intelligence chief wanted for reprisal killings after the 1994 genocide. warrant issued for his arrest in spain. he'd been accused of ordering the killing of three spanish volunteers in 19navy. 1997. demonstrations have been held in the u.k. calling for his release. one of the main activists searching for agroup of 43 missing mexican students have been shot dead. miguel angel jimenez. he led the search for bodies of
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the students presumed dead. he said local police captured the students and handed them over to a drug gang. >> translator: the only concern we have now is for the family he left behind. he left are his children and wife and they'll need support. this happens to everyone looking for a change in our country. >> al jazeera's john holman is located in the mexican city of vevera cruz. >> he had been spearheading the attempt to find bodies in the state of guerrero. the vast majority of their bodies have still not been found. but while jimenez and others
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were searching they found other bodies buried in graves in the state of guerrero. this is an important leader in civic society especially in that part of the country that has been gunned down. he said to al jazeera about a month ago, he was being threatened and intimidated. he was definitely an uncomfortable figure for the drug gangs and also the government, who hoped this situation would go away with the students and the situation with organized crime and impunity in that part of the country. so he was an activist. he was also a member of the community police which was an organization which was set up to police towns that felt they weren't being given enough security by the government. so this is another case really in mexico in which someone from civil society was taking on the mantle that perhaps in another
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country the government should take on and is now gone. >> reporter: police in east pakistan said they have arrested seven men accused of child pornography. nicole johnston reports. >> he says he was raped by four men seven years ago. we're using a different name to protect his identity. >> they made a video out of it and started blackmailing me and they told me to bring them more kids. my family is poor. i have nothing to pay them so i left school and worked in the fields. i gave them everything i made. >> reporter: over the last months reports have come out at least 284 children in the small village in punjab state were
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sexually abused. people in the community say 400 videos of the attacks were made and sold across pakistan and overseas. you wouldn't normally see such a large gathering of people from the village in the middle of the take but all of the neighbors are coming out, they're talking about the case and they're all demanding one thing. they say they want justice and for anybody who was behind this abuse to be either stoned to death or to be handing. >> he started a protest march with victims' families. it was stopped by police firing tear gas. he has been charged under pakistan's 18th terrorism law. he says some of the child abusers are well-known. >> translator: they are influential people. they work for courts and are drug inspectors. because of the threats everyone was afraid of them. they harass people every day. >> some people in the village say police were paid bribes not to investigate.
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the police deny it. >> translator: when we heard about the allegations i sent out an officer to the village and we announced on the loudspeaker if there are any knowledge of abuse they should tell us but no one came forward. >> he said he received injuries when the police beat him for publicly protesting against the abuse. >> translator: because of dig it this and honor, some people are not coming forward. they worry they'll lose the respect of society. >> reporter: he says after what has happened he has nothing more to lose. nicole johnston, al jazeera, pakistan. a car bomb has exploded outside the airport in kabul. at least five people were killed and another 20 wounded. taliban says it was behind the attack. police guarding the area were
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among the dead and injured. jennifer glasse has the story. >> foreign military convoy, nato says it was not one of their convoice. the attack happened at the civilian entrance at the airport, right where people must get out of their vehicles to be physically checked. among the dead and injured are afghan civilians, afghan police who are at that checkpoint as well as foreigners. this came just three days after deadly attacks across the afghan capital killed more than 55 afghans and injured more than 250. attacks outside the airport as well as an attack on the eastern edge of town in the middle of the night that brought window-shattering and businesses collapsing. afghans on edge about security in the capital.
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police tell al jazeera the reason these attacks are going on is that al qaeda wants to show pakistan that they can attack in the capital. still to come. bloody conflict drags on. an invisible enemy. we have a special report on the effects of malnutrition on the lives of indonesia's children. children.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the sound bites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. >> ray suarez hosts "inside story". only on al jazeera america. >> a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera.
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turkish security forces have been targeted in a number of attacks across the country. attack on u.s. consulates building. syrian rebels say they've made advances against the assad government. car bomb exploded outside the airport of afghanistan's capital, kabul. at least five were killed. pro government forces in yemen have retain sections of seefned sa nap the head of the international committee says the situation in yemen is catastrophic. on sunday he toured damaged buildings in the historic old city of the capital sanaa. dozens of yemenis have arrived in jordan for much needed
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medical treatment. many of them are struggling with injuries that are months old. health officials say more will be arriving in the coming week. >> reporter: the first 80 yemeni nationals arrived on sat night to receive treatment for injuries caused by their country's conflict. they have been admitted to three hospitals, the government saudi arabia is paying their medical bill. fighter who was injured during an attack by republican guards in aden who are allied with houthi rebels. >> translator: i was shot by a sniper from the republican guard with an m-16 rifle that the u.s. had given to yemen for purpose of fighting terrorism. not for killing citizens. the bullet shattered my thigh and left me disabled for more than three months. >> reporter: most of their
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injuries are months old. health deteriorated because of lack of services in yemen. admitted to this private hospital in aman. ail men, some are in intefns -- all men -- all men,some in inte. fought against houthi rebels in aden. medical sources say two civilians including a woman and a child have also arrived in aman for treatment. fully was in the resistance in aden. i was defending my faith and my honor. the shia militia came to destroy the country. we did not ask for it to happen. >> reporter: according to eight medical facilities in yemen the country's health care service is close to collapse. called for all sides to respect hospitals and allow people to
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get to them. >> a whole lot because they couldn't function under bombing and under shelling. those who remain are coping with extensive difficulty. the reason although they are less now. because there is no fuel. there is no medicines to the provided. >> reporter: as the fighters continue to receive medical many of them believe jordan is likely to receive more as the conflict drags more. al jazeera, amman. >> jason rezaian has dual iranian american citizenship and was arrested last year. authorities have not released details of his charges. u.s. president, family members
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and rights groups have called for his release. his family has been critical of the trial and says his release is politically motivated. >> iran's judiciary claims to be dependent but this has all been behind closed doors and i have no idea what has happened. i can tell you that jason's rights as an iranian citizen have not been fulfilled because he was kept in prison more than one year. and many times his trial was delayed. i'm challenging those, those people who arrested him and are trying him, to show the evidence that they are using accusing him of espionage. i want them to publish that information. >> iraqi prime minister's plans to reform his government have been backed by his predecessor
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nuer al-maliki. nouri al-maliki. expressed his anger at what's been suggested. >> translator: there were some big constitutional breaches but i do not like to talk about the distributions and he's not qualified to give instructions but only to hold us responsible of the shortage due account. but this did not happen and it has gone beyond the constitution. we're with reforms and are asking for all the steps to be taken against the administration and the corruption which took place and we are giving the government three months to get things like for iraqi people. failing to do so we will call for the iraqi people to go to the streets and call for new elections. >> mohammed jamjoom is in baghdad and sent this update. >> reporter: discussing
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decisions by the prime minister haider al-abadi, in baghdad we have spoken to many people who say they support the prime minister's decisions, that really the government must implement these reforms and yet there's a lot of si cynicism abt how long it should take to debate these issues. when it comes to political issues the ugly sectarian issue of secular politics has raised its head. nonetheless, parliamentarians under immense pressure to get these programs passed, air conditioning, clean water, and energy, massive protest planned once again for this upcoming friday. that despite the fact that parliament is expected to take up the issue on tuesday.
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we are hearing that thousands upon thousands of people will be coming out on the street across the city. >> police say was an exchange of gun fire with officers in ferguson. the violence on sunday happened at the end of a day of peaceful demonstrations. brown was unarmed when he was shot by a white police officer. now, there were fist fights reports of fraud and plenty of frustration in haiti, after the country's long delayed elections. rob reynolds reports from the capital, port-au-prince. >> reporter: there were problems but there didn't appear to be serious or wide suppress violence. at this voting station, many people complained that their
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names were not included on lists of eligible voters. that led to shouting anding angry confrontations between disappointed citizens and election workers. and many people ended up going home without casting their vote. >> i feel i'm not haitian. what difference does it make? >> several polling places were trashed. haitian police say dozens of the 1500 polling places nationwide were shut down due to various problems. most expected a low turnout. elena valenciaga headed the international election group. >> one voter who had no trouble
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was haitian president michel martelly. >> mr. martelly, a lot of problems, people say they're not able to vote. >> he isn't taking any questions. he's not able to run for another term, haiti has many problems. without political stability, the country will not be able to attract foreign investment to grow the economy, suffering if the political situation deteriorates. many polling places are in the remote parts of the haitian country side and must be taken to port-au-prince. six to ten days before the results of this election are known. there's expected to be a second round, a run off version, and in that month as well the first votes will be cast for haiti's new president.
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rob reynolds, al jazeera, port-au-prince. four years ago, u.n. officials set a target of this year to cut the world's hungry in half. subsaharan africa is the region with the highest prevalence of hunger. 100 million children in developing cungs ar countries ae underweight. stefanie dekker reports from western java. >> his tummy hurts but at almost three years old he should be bigger and he still can't talk or walk. four of his siblings have already died of malnutrition, a condition caused by lack of
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nutrition. >> translator: i often wait for my husband all day to bring money. he often comes home empty-handed. asking for food. but we cannot give it. >> reporter: what they can afford, steal rice full of ants we're told -- stail rice ful stf ants. >> malnourished children are stunted, spaller than other children. we need to teach them it needs to be addressed. >> one of the main causes of malnutrition is poverty, lack of education. it is something that affects millions of people and what that
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means here in indonesia is that children under five years old are stunted, that is according to world bank report some e, what that means is they're not developing properly. what makes people worried. as such the world bank has been pushing indonesia to take seriously. >> of your position, as simple as that. you're having people out there these people are doomed to fail. in society they are not going to contribute to generating prosperity, right? >> reporter: the government has programs in place but the situation has not improved sings 2010. mall nutrition has meant a lack
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of physical and mental development. you worry that if nothing is done about this issue, a third of indonesia's children could suffer this same fate. stefanie dekker, al jazeera. >> still other stories you can check out on i. >> gun fire at rallies in ferguson, cast a shadow against the celebration. u.s. attorney general condemning violence. >> not only on secures any message of peaceful protest, it places the community as well a