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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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boko haram suspected as an explosion kills dozens of people in nigeria. ♪ ♪ you are watching al jazerra. with me david governmenter live from london. also coming up, the u.n. says it's dismayed by murder and rape allegations made against its troops in the central african republic. pro-government forces prepare to march on ib province as houthi rebels lose more ground in the south of yemen. fighting among frustrated migrants as thousands continue to arrive on the greek islands. ♪ ♪
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♪ at least 47 people are known to have been killed in a blast in northeastern nigeria. military and witnesses there have confirmed the explosion was in a market in the town in borno state. 50 people were herd. there has been no claim of responsibility for the regions where hundreds have been killed by suspected members of boca huh think rah. ahmad idris is there and september this report. >> reporter: the female suicide bomber was looking cause maximum damage and that's exactly what happened. 47 dead if 5 52 injured you can hospitals are saying the fatalities may go higher because of the severity of injuries. she targeted a very busy market. today's market lies between areas that have been attacked severely by boko haram in the past this. at that attack was coming at a time when the nigerian military
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alongside traps of niger, chad are stepping up their operations against boko haram. although boko haram did not claim responsibility for the attack but finger are being pointed to them. we have seen how they are resorting the use of suicide bombers and the planting of improvised explosive device on his highways and busy locations like markets, churches and mosques killings hundreds of people over the last two months, the president of nigeria came to power on the promise of competing boko haram. and the military alongside troops in cameroon, chad are stepping up. and what many people see as the final onslaught against boko haram. we have seen also over the los t no months thousand they resort to bombing that thisser than taking the military directly. especially in the northeast of nigeria where he have we have seen increasing pressure the military on boko haram.
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since coming to power in may or rather assuming office in may, nigeria's president promised crush groups such as boko haram. nigerian analyst and risk consultant anthony goldman told me that boko haram switched us s folk to us hitting soft targets. >> it's been clear over the last few months the towns and villages that boko haram controls have been all taken back now by the military. but i don't think that yet when you talk to security people that they are look at this as all over. i think the feeling that when you talk to security people boko haram is down but certainly not out. and that the challenge for the security forces is it's very difficult to protect all of the towns and villages against an enemy that is ready to use improvised explosive devices,
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female suicide bombers, children in some cases. to attack soft targets without any real strategic value like markets or bus stops and so on. and i think that this is the pressure on a government that was elected massively by people in the northeast of nigeria because they were desperate to see improvement in security. ♪ ♪ ♪ amnesty international is calling for an investigation in to allegations that u.n. peacekeepers carried out rape and killings in the central african republic. amnesty says the troops have been link today the alleged rape of a 12-year-old girl and the killing of a 16-year-old boy and his father. in the capital earlier this month. the rights group says it interviewed 15 witnesses and one of the alleged victims. the u.n. says the claims will be thoroughly examined. >> we are very much aware of the latest, very troubling allegations of abuse by
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peacekeepers in the central african republic. which were raised today by amnesty international think. the secretary general is personally dismays made and disappointed not just by these reports but the series of allegations that his is have surfaced in the central african republic mention in recent months relating to both the period before u.n. peacekeepers were deployed in that country and since. we would like to emphasize once more that no misconduct of this nature can be tolerated and that every allegations will be taken extremely seriously and investigated vigorously. pro-government forces in yemen are making major gains, it's thought against houthi rebels have now pushed them out of a town, their last strong hold. it means that most of the south of the country is now held by forces loyal to the exiled president. we have the latest. >> reporter: government troops are on the offensive. soldiers backing exiled
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president hadi have launched an tack to capture ib. recapturing the province in central yellen will rewave th re way. >> translator: our message to the huge is is following, you have 40 hours withdraw from ib or you will be killed. >> reporter: the push north follows a series of gains made in the south. fighters trying to defeat houthi rebels have gained an edge in southern yemen. they are now in control of aden, and others. it's a boost for the fighters who were forced from their areas in may. when the houthis backed by soldiers loyal to deposed president saleh swept across southern yemen. >> translator: we imagined the claim the city of militia supporting the houthis and sal saleh.
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we have achieved a victory the popular resistence has saved the country from going deep in the unknown. >> reporter: the last passion of the south for the houthis. the latest gains made by government troops come after months of air strikes. led by saudi arabia against houthi positions. recently saudi arabia and the uae shift weapons and vehicles to hadi and his loyalists. gulf countries accuse eye rap of using the houthis as a proxy to destabilize the region. taiz is another city where they have fighting continues. the third longest city in yemen is a crucial battle ground for yemen's warring factions. if the houthis lose taiz, they will have no option but to retreat north to sanaa or sadder their strong hold on the border
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with saudi arabia,. turkish military says it has launched attacks on 17 kurdish fightinger targets. they began targeting the p.k.k. last month. the latest strikes follow an tack on a police station in istanbul on monday which the p.k.k. says it carried out. >> translator: our fight will continue until terrorist organizations stop posing a threat against our country. until guns pointed at our state and our people are buried. a fight won't stop until not one terrorist is left in our boarders and until concrete is poured over their weapons. the united nation is his your honoring fighting parliament in libya to reach a deal on forming a unity government by end of the month. the u.n. is sponsoring negotiations in geneva between the internationally recognized parliament in tobruk and the triply-based general national
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congress. the partial dealed was reached in july after months of talks but more work is needed to lay the foun foundations of a new government. u.n. special envoy wants the deal to be finalized for a vote in september. >> we know that we are in a very complex process. a lot of actors, a lot of challenging issues. and so at this stage, let me leave it as an ideal timetable, but we will see in the coming two, three weeks whether this is a possible timetable or not. let me also say that we are glad to see that all actors are around the table. >> parliament in iraq has approved sweeping reforms proposed by the prime minister to cut out corruption and reduce spending. among the measures is the abolition of key positions including vice presidents and
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deputy prime ministers. al jazerra's mohamed jamjoon sent us this. >> reporter: a rare show of unity in a chamber notorious for bitter debate and long delays. it took less than an hour for iraq's parliament to approve prime minister al badi's proposals aimed at cutting corruption and spends. not only was the session televised once the announcement was made parliamentarians even applauded. tv pictures that are meant to showcase a spurts of optimism which resonated with sit sense in baghdad. some felt it was a big step forward. >> translator: we hope this is a good omen for the iraqi people and we hope that with this step all the corruption people will be held accountable. we ask for even more reforms. >> reporter: in the past week, the number of protesters have only increased in various cities nationwide. huge rails where demonstrators called for a return of the most
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basic services. electricity, air conditio air-cg and clean water to name just all knew. now with citizens emboldened further even more demonstrations are being called for. >> translator: we have to start fresh and serve once and for all the iraqi people which is the foundation of this country. a government that doesn't enjoy the support of its people is a zero government. >> reporter: not everyone is satisfied. some politicians say despite the extraordinary actions taken by parliament so far, the hard work has yet to truly begin. and they are beginning to be pessimistic. >> you have to remember these are just principles and wide titles. to enter the details, details of these principles, i think will create a problem. >> reporter: important constitutional matters will now arise. such as how exactly the country will move forward now that
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m.p.s have decided iraq is better off without three vice presidents and three deputy prime ministers. many question whether that may disrupt a fragile sectarian balance iraq has been fighting hard to achieve. whatever happens next, analysts don't expect less pressure parliament as iraqs feel their voices are finally being heard they are not expected to quiet down at a time when so many are suffering from record summer temperatures it's politicians that should expect to feel the heat the most. still to comma. at the understand of the rainbow. the large-scale mural that's transformed a poor mexican neighborhood. and what some would consider beautiful to some that. [ inaudible ] the toxic spill in colorado that's turned rivers orange. orange.
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>> good to have your company watching al jazerra. these are the global bed leans at left four testify people kid in a suicide blas in nigeria in a cattle park in borno state according to ones and the military. pro-government forces in yemen are go ahead to be making major gains against houthi rebels. the houthis have been pushed from the last town that they still had under their control in one province. most the south is held by forces loyal to the exiled president mansur hadi. amnesty international is calling for an investigation in toup troops who have been implicated
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in rape and apparent killings in the african republic. some of the men arrested in pakistan for enlargedly are youg a child section ring have have peered in anti-terrorism court. families say 300 children were abused across the years. nicole johnston reports that this has left them to question the country's ability to pro they go children. >> reporter: less than an hour's drive is the village, it's a quiet place. but for years many people here have kept a terrible seek relate. children under the age of 14 were enlargedly sexually abused by a gang of men, filmed and then blackmailed. the mohamed family is missing their young son for years he had been stealing from them, including the entire contents of
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their small shop. it left them broke so they told him to leave. now they have discovered what really happened. >> translator: now that we know after the video was released, we are very upset that my son was sexually abused. i want justice. i want my son to come home and the culprits hanged. >> reporter: parents say the abuse and extortion started nine years ago. some are accusing the police of brushing off their complaints, which the police deny. >> the local police officer was not cooperating with them, they must go to the higher one. if they are not there, then they go to the other one. so one parents was infielder, the third was under fear, second under fear for a long time for the years and years and yearses. >> reporter: so far, 14 people have been arrested in relation to the pedophile ring. rather than being tried in a regular court, they'll appear in an anti terrorism court. this lawyer says part of the
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problem is pakistan's legal system. >> pakistan is not that strong. the police -- that is the part of the police. the police is very much corrupt. they are nonprofessionals. [ inaudible ] political bases it is very big effect in our police stems. there is no accountability for the policeman who is not working honestly. >> reporter: the state of punjab asked the high court for a judicial up choir i in to the case, the court refused. saying a police investigate was enough. so the state is forming a separate committee to investigate. this case is putting the spotlight on the issue of child sexual abuse in pakistan. activists are staggered by the numbers. possibly hundreds of children abused for years. and they say it's rife across the country. activists hope public outrage will force the government to finally get serious about stopping it. nicole johnston, al jazerra,
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nepal. a far right jewish settler organization has given-y vision notices to four palestinian homes in occupied east gentleman russ leam. the residents set the tents to protest any attempt to force them out. imtiaz tyab has mere from jerusalem. >> reporter: well, very stressful time for this family who have been fighting for years to stay in home that his they have been renting since 1948. since the creation of israel. now, their homes are in the area of occupied east jerusalem. this is an area that has been the focus of israeli settler groups for style. dozens of israeli settlers have moved in to buildings right around that area in the past several years. according to human rights groupings and pro palestinian groups. in their view it effectively tiers apart the fabric of these palestinian communities in occupied east jerusalem which they, of course, hope will be the capital of the future
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palestinian state. whatever the case, the concern with this specific case involving this family, is that it could lead to even m my visis possibly hundreds of families. but in the background we need to kerr the tolconsider the politin netanyahu has a coalition government made up of pro-settler parties on so there will be no doubt be a lot of political pressure to allow these settler groups to move in to the area. but as we have been hearing this family is refusing to leave and will continue their protests. the european union has warned after an h escalation are fighting in ukraine violates a peace deal that was agreed to on february. the confrontations have intense fight in the last week between pro-russia separatist and ukrainian forces at least one
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person was killed in fighting in the separatist held town on monday. dutch prosecutors are investigating the downing of flight mh17 in ukraine last year say some of the debris may belong to a russian-made missile system. they say the parts are possibly from a book corves to air system and would reveal who was behind the crash. the plane went down over territory held by pro-russia separatists in the country's east killing all aboard. the greek prime minister has called an emergency session of parliament for vote on a new bailout it will be on thursday after they reached a deal in principle. the deal is worth about 85 million euros if it goes through the funds will a rave in time for athens to make a 3.2 billion your owe payment next week. there has been fight ago wrong hundreds of frustrated migrants on the greek islands of cost. police straight the crowd with
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fire extinguishers they were demanding food and protesting delays in getting registered the u.n. now says within 24,000 migrants huh arrived on the island since the beginning of the year. more from neave bark h barker. >> reporter: it's a scene of panic and desperation. 1500 migrants were gathered in long queues to be processed. but after a long wait in the heat, scuffles started. a man collapses on the ground. this woman begins to lose consciousness. there are children here too. only a handful of police were on duty to carry out the registration and keep control.
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they were quickly overwhelmed. give us papers they chanted. many migrants have been camping in the main town's parks and squares. they are frustrated at how long it's taking to process their documents. it's anxious wait to know whether they can stay in europe or have to leave. >> i don't have money, please, help me. i want to go. i don't want to stay in greece. i want to go! >> i can't say we are in europe. i see we are in third world countries. no toilets, no water. people have been waiting for more than 10 days. what can say say. is this europe? if this is europe we are going back to sear kwr5678 the greek government, charity groups and local people are struggling to hem the migrants. every day more arrive in boat
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loads from nearby turkey. to more migrants escaping war in syria and afghanistan, a receiver here was meant to be the start of a new life. [ cheering ] for main europe's doors remain closed. neave barker, al jazerra. the head of the u.s. environmental protection agency has taken responsibility for a major tox spill in come. sledge from a gold mine hit local streams as workers accidently released it last week, parts of neighboring colorado and new mexico have been declared disaster medicals. my college is about 11 come teres from where it all started. >> reporter: that is the gold king mine. >> reporter: i am in the confluence of the animus river and cement creek. it was here last week in those
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hills over there where millions of leaders of toxic sludge suddenly emerged. they flooded down the creek in to the river. that amazing plume of neon toxic material moving downstream. it is still moving downstream. it moved through colorado, it hit new mexico. in to utah. it's still heading to the grand canyon. however it no learning looks neon it's been heavily diluted but there are still questions as to how toxic it is ask & what the long-term effects are. interesting here in colorado, from the governor downwards they were very upbeat on tuesday being they suggested that the p.h. levels, acidity levels in durango have already turned to norm. no discernible effect on wildlife or fish stock even the sediment is unlikely to pose a threat in the future. however they need to wait for the environmental protection agency says for them to be given the all clear to allow people back in to the river.
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that's not likely to come for another week or so. soon the united states a state of emergency is in force in the city of ferguson after a fourth night of protests marking a year since the unarmed teenage are michael brown was shot by a police officer. on monday night dozens were arrested police said demonstrations remember calmer sunday night which aaaron was shot and seriously hurt by police, kristen saloomey has more from ferguson in missouri. >> reporter: demonstrators are vowing to continue their fight until the reforms to policing are enacted that they want here in ferguson. but residents are taking a breath after another night of tense demonstrations right on the street here we mind. this is the business district of ferguson where there was rioting and looting last year. last night, demonstrators again took to the streets, some of them were throwing water bottles being frozen water bottles and rocks at police officers and 22 people were arrest right merely.
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but no major violence respected. case big relief after what happened on sunday which shots were exchanged on the street at first between two groups of young men, police say and then between police and a young man. they said they pursued someone who had a gun, he shot at the police and police shot back. that young man is 18-year-old tyrone harris and he remains in critical condition charged with assaulting police officers. $1 billion worth of drugs have been brought ashore by the u.s. coast guard. 332-tons of cocaine and two-tons of haren seized during a month-month operation in the pacific ocean they say the record row cane haul would are produced 33 million lines for snorting. you may be familiar with the phrase painting the town red think but in one mexican town there is a paint town painted ey
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color of the rainbow. >> reporter: it's the biggest knemural in mexico a rainbow-colored makeover for a poor barrio in the city. graffiti artists have spent more than a year planning and painting 200 houses. together with young locals like francisco, better known as monkey. inevitably he's the one climbing up the ladder. >> translator: i feel good. proud to be part of this. because in the future, my children are going to see this and how the neighborhood looks good now. >> reporter: the mexican government funded the scheme to turn around the neighborhood known for crime and violence. it's all about putting the youth for work and giving them a positive environment says enrique gomez, ex-gang member and now project leader. >> translator: art with social programs can change people's lives. empower neighbors and generate social unity.
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murals wake up barrios like this one and get us working for a better mexico. >> reporter: mexico's well known as the cradle of modern muralism and great artists like diego rivera used it to expose the social and political problems of their time. but in this case, the painters are looking to project harmony and unity. it's a brave color scheme. and some locals report too impressed. others see it as a multi-colored game changer. >> translator: we are all surprised by the new colors. this was a rough neighborhood. and now it's really calmed down. who knows how they have done it. the painters talked to the youngsters because they have come from difficult neighborhood too. so they understand them. >> reporter: 50,000 liters of paint later and new-look neighborhood monkey sees as a gift to his three young children is almost finishes. >> reporter: john hulman, al jazerra, mexico.
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and when it rains and the sun comes out, well, it still looks good. go to our website if you want for all of the headline stories and a great deal more all the background as well. that's >> this week on "talk to al jazeera" - john lydon, lead singer of "the sex pistols" - the band that ignited a punk rock revolution. >> pain, suffering, the disenfranchised, unnecessary poverty, class warfare, all of these issues bother me greatly. >> he was a man who generated headlines and controversy. famous, of course, for his hit "god save the queen". >> [singing] god save the queen, the fascist regime. >> taking aim at the british monarchy. >> they're an accident of birth, they were born in a birdcage and i feel very sorry for them... a gilded birdcage. >> he wrote "anarchy in the u.k.