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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> hello there, i'm judy mcdonald. and this is the news hour, live from london. coming up. hundreds of people reported injured by a massive explosion in china. >> enough is enough. >> the u.n.'s peace-keeping chief in the african republic, calling an end to rape and
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murder. >> held by yemen's houthi rebels for months. and the starlight express. when stargazers can expect an action -packed night ahead. >> the pressure is on in the nfl scandal, better known as deflate gate. one of the game's biggest stars headed to court, looking to clear his name. >> hello there. welcome to the news hour. at least seven people have been killed after a huge explosion in the chinese port, hundreds of people have been injured. the chinese state broadcaster is reporting an explosion just before midnight. posted on line, a series of major explosions. it was followed soon after by a shock wave that rippled through the city. hours earlier, an american was
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missing inty an gin. >> i was listening. >> i heard it and looked outside. these are development hours, mostly factories and banks, pretty close together. and so the area where the factory, to my knowledge, it's near a bunch of malls, and concentration of apartment towers. so initially, chemical factories, we thought it was one of those, but from what my , it was probably a chemical disposal site. but the media is saying that
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it's an explosive shipment. >> the central african republic, forced to resign after accusations that u.n. peace keepers have committed rape and murder in the country. amnesty international said that the troops have been link told the alleged rape of a 12-year-old girl and the killing of a 16-year-old boy and his father. 15 witnesses and one of the alleged victims, they forced his resignation. >> every always must be thoroughly investigated. as you know, i have appointed an independent panel to look into more closely into reports of sexual exploitation and abuse in the central african republic and our systemic response. i look to receiving their finds
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soon. i believe that the disturbing number of allegations that we have seen in many countries, but particularly in the central african republic, in the period before u.n. peace keepers were deployed and since speaks the need to take action now. enough is enough. i have accepted the resignation from my special representative. united nations, stabilization mission in the central african republic. >> amnesty international's allegations relate to the events on the 2nd and the 3rd of this year. that's when the violence from the mission in c.a.r., and the u.n. spokesperson said that the
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cameroonian forces carried on the operation there. and allegations over sexual abuse from last year. joining us live from the united nations in new york, evan, a research analysis at the global center for responsibility to protect. the human rights advocacy group, and welcome to the program. first, your reaction to ban ki-moon's speech earlier. >> thank you for having me. i think it's a very important and good step by the secretary general that sets an example that behavior like this, by u.n. peace keepers, by blue helmets charged with protecting civilians will not be tolerated. and the mission leadership has a level of responsibility, and ensuring that behavior like this won't be tolerated. >> the u.n. doesn't have the power to sanction these troops if the wrongdoing is actually
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proven, and do you think that that could change now? >> i'm not sure whether or not it can change. i'm not an expert in the process of what the u.n. can and cannot do, but they can certainly conduct thorough investigations into these allegations, but in terms of accountability, it's very much up to troop contradicting countries, and national authority itself to construct investigations and to ensure that troops are in fact held accountable for these allegations, against particularly the most egregious allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation. >> there are some of these allegations that go back at least a decade. and why hasn't the u.n. done something before now? what kind of training do they have on the ground? you've been there. >> a peace keeping mission
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united nations forces, french, african and u.n. peace keepers, and also u.n. blue helmets, and i think that the responsibility of member states to ensure that their troops receive adequate training is very important, and it must happen. and in the context of the central african be republic, these incidences must be thoroughly investigated and there must be accountability to see if they're true. >> ban ki-moon has reported some sort of person to look at these allegations, and is this the next move in your opinion. >> yes, this is an important move by the secretary general. and it is pirs and foremost a wrapid situation where we're dealing with the fallout from the allegations of these crimes have been committed. and that's important to determine whether or not they have been committed. and this review will be important for the united
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nations in the central african republic, but more importantly, the u.n. needs to stop the exploitation by its peace keepers and staff. >> thank you for joining us and sharing your point of view. thank you. >> our top story, what's happening with the u.n., and what do we know at this stage? >> dawn is break, and we're close to the industrial place where there were two loud explosions owner osh. the first the explosion equaled three tons, and the second, the
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force of more than 21 tons. so that's a very, very large blast. people have been taken to the hospital. and seven at the moment. and the authorities are doing what they can to contain the situation. but the government is calling it an industrial accident, nothing more sinister than that. and industrial accidents like this in china are sadly all too common. today, there was a mining accident where at least 40 miners are presumed missing, and in the southwest of the province, at least 10 are missing after another mining accident. industrial accidents like these happen, sadly, all the time in china. regarding this latest accident t
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in tianjin, they thought it was an earthquake, and we spoke to a teacher who said that's what happened. the whole area shook completely. and this was a shaking moment for people. and the authorities are still trying to do what they can to bring the situation under control. but it's still very fluid. and the authorities have set up a cordon. you can't get within two kilometers of where the accident happened. but what they're so worried about mostly is the air is so badly contaminated. >> live with the explosion in tianjin, thank you very much. >> . >> houthi rebels are strength thing defenses after suffering more losses. the rivals, loyal to the exiled
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government. >> reporter: pro government fighters in the city. the aim to capture yemen's third largest city. but doing that may take time. houthi fighters are still holding their ground. backed by the elite republican guard, an army unit, loyal to the deposed president. >> this isn't just about liberating areas controlled by the houthis. it's about a new yemen where the people can be free. >> fighters are also defeating another city. crucial fight for government troops. they are reportedly being supported by the saudi
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coalition across the southern saudi border. approaching the capital. one, primarily in the east. and the other from the south. they have managed to take it completely, and they face resistance in sanaa, where there's no support for the fighters. the other approach from dam ar where there's also fighting. >> i think that it will be surrounded. the coalition, i this i that they want to surround sanaa. and especially the troops coming from --. >> fighting also broke out on the outskirts of the capital, sanaa. where the president, i presidens
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are on the move. and taken advantage of the saudi commission to repel houthi fighters. broken by yemen's neighbor, oman, underway. and so far the united nations hasn't been able to help negotiate a ceasefire in the war which has already claimed hundreds of lives. these efforts fade in the past because of the huge differences betweeniem's warring factions. in the meantime, fighting continues, raising fears for more casualties, and more suffering and shortages for millions of yemen he's. aljazeera. >> iran's foreign minister has been meeting the syrian president in damascus. iran wants to offer the u.n. in
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syria's civil war. >> reporter: it has been another bloody day in syria. the rebel stronghold of dumas, one of the strongholds started by government strikes, and many were killed or injured. [ audio difficulties ] casualties were caused as rockets and bombs landed in the middle of damascus. rebels occasionally fire in from the countryside. [ audio difficulties ] iran, whose foreign minister was expected in damascus hours later. [ audio difficulties ]
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>> we extend a hand of coops to all neighbors in this region.
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>> it's difficult, there are many in the country with diverging interests. some believe that iran and russia are pushing for a deal as the syrian government is facing economic pressures and not showing any signs of compromise, at least until they secure what they consider to be their strategic goals. aljazeera, beirut. >> coming up at this hour. global markets as china devalues its currency g. and plus, migrants in
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northern france. and macalroy says that he's ready, but the final major tournament of the year. >> at least six people have been killed in a suspected boko haram attack. it follows the killing of seven people last tuesday, lunch time when the market was at its busiest. groups inside of iran say sexual violence against women has increased since civil wars two years ago. the rapes are often politically motivated. intense fighting has left women more vulnerable to the attacks.
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>> reporter: each day, the displaced women walk no the bush to collect firewood. they will spend half a day trying to collect enough to sell. some say that they're returning beaten and raped. >> they pointed a gun at us and told them to follow them. >> this girl, mary to protect her identity, said she and a group of women were gang raped by a group of south sudanese soldiers at gunpoint. >> after they beat you and rape you, you're almost as good as dead. you're useless. >> these women are faced with a choice, try to earn money when food is scarce, or stay inside of this camp where they're protected by u.n. peace keepers. the international rescue committee said that it has helped thousands of women who have been victims of sexual
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violence. they said they were beaten and raped here in the bush by government soldiers, who used them sympathetic to fighters, but all of the soldiers are guilty of sexually assaulting women. they encourage women to report rape and seek treatment, but some are accusing it doing nothing to stop soldiers from using rape as a weapon of war. an accusation that the government denies. >> we will not allow them to do that. we now actually -- you will find things that you know, will shock you. simply because the people want to see the truth. and complaining against the government. >> mary now worries that she has contracted a disease. she says that she's too
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terrified to return to the bush. other women we spoke to say they're afraid of being attacked too. but they're still collecting firewood and taking a risk to survive. aljazeera, south sudan. >> u.s. presidential hopeful, hilliary clinton, has handed her private emails to the justice department. the democratic presidential candidate has been facing criticism since the word that she used her private email to send correspondence when she was secretary of state. >> reporter: while hilliary clinton was campaigning for president, her lawyer was talking to the fbi about handing over her emails from the private server she used during her time as secretary of state. in a highly unusual move, clinton used a server stored in her home. she said she didn't want to carry two phones, but the move made it impossible for her to
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hand over her correspondence to congress. in a statement, clinton gave 0,000 emails to use. her team decided which to use. they deleted 30,000 personal emails, and they say like the server she has handed over. there's a good chance that the fbi can recover those. >> it's a lot harder to delete than people think. by default, when you drop something in the trash or click delete, the actual data isn't erased. >> clinton has been making one point. >> there's no classified material. >> she says that often. >> i am confident that i never received or sent any information that was classified when it was sent or received. >> but the inspector general said of the 40,000 emails that he was allowed to see, some had sensitive information, so sensitive that it couldn't be
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shared with foreign governments, and clinton says that it was a problem with labeling. mishandling classified information is a crime, a serious one. and it can carry with it ten years in prison. and the scandal is impacting her campaign. long shot candidate, bernie sanders, a self described socialist, is now beating her in a new poll. and the majority of voters say that she's untrustworthy. analysts say that she has time to turn it around. >> if there's not much there, people are going to view it as another media-driven scandal that the clintons are dealing with. >> the remaining question, is there much there? for the first time, someone from inside of the clinton camp will be able to find out and the answer could have an impact that's much more than just her candidacy for president. aljazeera, washington.
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>> former american president, jimmy carter, has announced that he's suffering from cancer. carter, who is 90 years old, had a small mass removed on his liver, and the cancer has spread to other parts of his body. four people missing in china after a landslide. it happened overnight. four people have been rescued. it sent financial shock waves around the world. china's central bank has devalued its currency for the second day in a row. why is that so important? lowering the value of the yen, it makes products cheaper. and they say that beijing has unfairly minted the currency and some fear that it could
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start a currency war where countries keet with each other to lower exchange rates. in malaysia and new zealand, they have already seen the currency tumble. joining us now, the author of a book called the public collapse of china. we welcome you to the news hour, and is this a one-time move from china? >> it might be a one-time move from china. devaluation on tuesday, 1.9%, but they also said that they were also going to essentially allow the rates to be afloat. and what we saw on wednesday, the currency come down, and we're going to see this for a very long time. because china didn't do a one big devaluation, which would scare away the speculators, but what it has done is play out. so this could be for months and years as basically, the chinese try to dump their currency and
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move into dollars. >> and what does this mean for the rest of the globe? >> well, the effect is what we saw. stock markets around the world tumble. occurrences fell. and also, commodities dropped. so this has basically affected all asset classes. the only thing that really survived were treasuries. because they're now the safe haven, and clearly, i think that we're going to see even a more pressed russian to the u.s. dollar. knock off for china, this could be the end of what we know as the chinese economy and the chinese miracle. the crises come one after the other, and i don't think that the chinese leaders can manage this. this is a very difficult situation for them right now. >> we heard chuck schumer accusing them of playing games with the currencies, and a currency war, and are we getting ahead of ourselves
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here? >> well, there's a currency war that started in asia. so that is a fact. that's not a prediction. so in terms of what china has done, for decades, it undervalued its currency and schumer is correct about this, but right now, the currency is probably overvalued. and the refine, they're making political decisions toy it high, and what has occurred in the last two days isort start of an adjustment to come back to sort of a market rate. but clearly, china doesn't want its currency to freely float, because that would really cause a problem. right now, for instance, you have in the last 12 months, $800 billion in capital has left china, according to one report. $520 billion according to another. and whatever it is, it's a lot of money, and so clearly right now, beijing is very worried about what could happen. >> and gordon, china is also under pressure and has been for
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some time, based on the stronger domestic demand. and is it anywhere near achieving that goal? >> well, the only way that it's getting to be near that goal is that growth from inspectors is falling, but in terms of the absolute value of consumption, there have been increases, but not that many. the real problem right knew, the chinese economy is not growing at the 7% that they claim. it's probably only growing at 1 or 2 if at all. and that's the problem right now. the devaluation of the currency and the falls in the stock market, those are symptoms of a much more structural problem, and beijing's leaders don't know how to deal with that. and going forward, i don't think that they will be able to rescue their economy x. six months from now or sooner, we're going to be talking about pretty horrific news coming out of china. >> from new york, gordon, thank you very much for joining us
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with your thoughts. still to come on aljazeera, how a social media campaign is fanning anger over tacks charged in uk airports. and also, the dirty secret that lies behind the centuries old facade. and the punches that hurt boxes more.
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>> welcome back, a reminder of the top stories here on aljazeera. people were killed in explosions, and hundreds of people have also been injured. the united nations secretary, ban ki-moon, has forced the head of the u.n. peace keepers in the african republic to resign. it comes as the u.n. troops committed rape and murder. yemeni president, the
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strategic city, they're being backed by airstrikes. houthi fighters are being strengthened by airstrikes. the italian navy has rescued a boat full of migrants off of the coast of libya. 50 people were onboard. and 50 others are feared missing. other migrants arrived in sicily after being rescued and sent ton aid station. people smugglers are being used to get them to uk because they can't get there legally. the buildup of migrants has caused a major problem for authorities in france and england. we talked to some of the migrants here. >> it's here, not in calais, but in dunkirk.
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they don't feel guilty for paying the smugglers. first of all, the west owes them for the problems in their homelands. >> they let them live here. and because we have no choices. >> doctors of the world are here, handing out blankets and tents, despairing of a system that forces the vulnerable to pay people, who have sometimes been known to harm them. >> last night, i met a young afghan man with a band amed arm. and he said that he had been pulled off of a truck by an albania people smuggler and attacked. and it's shocking, it has to stop. >> this type of camp has been around for years. the police say that the
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conditions are absolutely desperate. everyone said that they wanted to get to the uk legally, but had no choice but to break the law. they were all from the middle east, paying $1 a day for what the locals had to offer. and it's not surprising they want to get out of here. immigration is not a new thing, but they have let the situation deteriorate and some are profiting from it. back at the camp, the refugees demanded that we stop filming the car. for all of the violence here, they decided that paying is a better option than risking the railway line in calais, people who come out here with the target for the british media, but you have to ask yourself, what sort of choices the refugees have. this offers them a better chance of getting in. the authorities told us that uk
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has suddenly become the perfect vehicle, and it avoids any avoie question of the policy. >> airports here in uk have been accused of daylight robbery by keeping sales tax shore shipping. the passengers refusing to show boarding passes. >> picking up last minute bargains before catching a flight. for the last 15 years, they have demanded that the customers show their boarding passes before buying goods. and now retailers are identifying people flying out of the european union and reclaiming 20% in value-added tax, or sales tax included in
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prices. this is money that should either be going to the chancellor because you're flying in the eu, or it should be coming back to you. because you as a traveler want to get the best traveling without trying to get tax on your purchases. but now a revolt by customers, point black refusing to show their boarding passes. >> quite frankly, it's an outrage, literally stealing the money from the customers. in an underhanded way that's not transparent. >> they're just taking my money, and not paying it back. i'm not doing it. they're not seeing my boarding pass. >> retailers say that they're not doing anything illegal. and others say that it would be impossible to have a dual pricing system. but that's called rushish by
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consumer groups. it's a busy time of year for britain, and thousands of families are flying out on summer holiday. idea that they might be getting ripped off by shops at the airport is causing a consumer revolt. the spokesperson for heathrow, says showing boarding passes is not legally required. and customers don't are to share this information. they will be able to assist. the uk government has confirmed that it's meant to benefit travelers, rather than to increase profits for major retailers, but things will change if enough travelers decide to save their money for when they get to their destination. >> a visit to poland's second largest city can be breath taking in more ways than one. crack off is known for its
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architect, and the pollution is making people sick. trying to clear the air and it's pollution records. >> there are plenty of reasons to visit it in the sunshine, world architecture and centuries of history. but when the world is cold, it fills with toxic smoke. >> it stinks, it's dirty and the smoke goes down to the street. there's no visibility. everything is dirty and gray. >> household chimneys put out toxic fifth. filth. seven out of ten homes wrote it for heat. four times the world health's
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organization's safe limit. >> my nose started bleeding one morning, and it bled for over 24 hours until my doctor stopped it. my doctor is laughing at me when i am coming with problems. he keeps saying, move out of town. >> but who would want to leave this elegant medieval city, sparkling in the sunshine a magnet for tourists, it was once poland's royal capital. and now it's the most polluted city in the european union. coughing and wheezing and complaining of being prisoners in their own homes. a campaign group called the krakow smoke alarm, warned that they face pollution levels equivalent to 2,500 cigarettes a year. the city has been faced with
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mitigation efforts, but progress is slow. >> all of our efforts go to getting people to live in more ecologically sensitive ways, and we want to convince them that they're safe in krakow. >> this family couldn't wait when they discovered their four-year-old son was getting sick. >> because he had very strong a topic skin disease, and it was enough to go out of the city to another part of the country for three days, and the disease started to disappear, so it was the clean area. it was because of the city. >> they left for the capital of warsaw, with no plans to return. aljazeera, krakow. >> japan honoring the 20th anniversary of the deadliest air accident in history.
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japan's airline slammed into a mountain between tokyo. islamic parties in the most popular muslim country have called for a complete alcohol ban in tunisia. the government has already disallowed wines and spirits, and in other shops, they're banned, the potentially lethal homemade liquor. >> reporter: he turned blind two days ago, two days after drinking homemade alcohol bought on the street, he lost his optical nerves. it's estimated that hundreds of people in indonesia died after drinking lethal cocktails containing highly toxic macinol. >> the future is gone, it's hard. those who died don't suffer this much, but i know him, he
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always drove everywhere, and he was very active, and now he can't see. >> even people who -- they run the risk of being poisoned. he showed us how he gets whiskey and sells it as the real thing at one-third the normal price. an energy drink, a chemical substance and water. business is booming. he doesn't want his identity to be revealed. >> demand is increasing right now, because the price of real alcohol has gone up dramatically. so i try to reduce that cost. >> indonesia, spirit and wine association says sales of official alcoholic drinks are down by 50%. >> reporter: people will still look for alcohol though
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it's hard to get. if they don't find real alcohol and the government doesn't put measures in place, the use of illegal alcohol will increase. and more people will die. the fact that tourists have died is not good for our reputation. >> according to the world health organization, the illegal alcohol consumption is among the lowest in the world, but tough regulations are needed to protect its population. >> people can die of alcohol poisoning anywhere. just because a few people die doesn't mean that we can let 250 million indonesians drink alcohol. that's why our policy is undesirable for people in indibe nisha to drink. >> it's currently being discussed. and also being increased. >> a draft of the law said that it will be acceptable for tourism and cultural. but they say that it won't
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prevent an increase in deaths from alcohol poisoning. if the new measures save lives remains to be seen, but in the meantime, visitors are continuing to be warned about the dangers. aljazeera, jakarta. promising a dazzling meteorer shower on wednesday and thursday night. just as long as the skies are clear. a meteor every minute with the neighborhood eye. this happens every 130 years, and to join us with more, a senior researcher at the university college in london. a warm welcome. and we can just look out the window and see. where are people going to have to be tonight, what sets off the meteor showers? >> well, we're looking at
5:45 pm
objects, moving very fast in the sky. little particles of dust, [ unintelligible ] when the earth encounters these at the normal speeds, at the speed of the earth, we're talking about 60 kilometers per second, which is extremely fast. and at that speed, these materials disintegrate in the atmosphere, and at that speed, we see a line that pears very fast in the sky. very faint, most of them. and you normally see one per minute, as we're seeing now in your mirrors. we need to be in pristine condition, and away from the city. even away from here, we have a lot of light pollution, we need very faint one. away from the city lights, and very clear night.
5:46 pm
and as i told you before, though some of these grains are a little bit bigger, and they produce brighter light, they are called fireballs. and if they're a little bit bigger, they survive and crashland and become meteors, but those are very rare to come to the ground. but you can have fireballs, and even crossing the bridge, we see fireballs and they it disintegrate. tonight and tomorrow night, we could see one fireball every five minutes or so. >> it's like superman in my garden. and how often do these showers happen in general? >> there are or bits of comets and astroids in different places around the sun. so we have them in january, in april, and now in august. the ones that we're talking about, and maybe another one in october, and another one in december. and the ones in october are
5:47 pm
called the orion. >> is it part of a nowhere general cycle? >> no, not a cycle. we encounter them every year, so every august. perseus appears, and october, orion in december. and it happens every year. >> where are you going to be watching it some. >> well, i hope that i'll be in the outside of south london. probably not tonight because the weather is not very good. people in northern england and scotland have a much better chance because the weather forecast is much better, and tomorrow night, we still have the chance to look at them. if we go to the west side of london, it's very nice. people should be able to see them all the time. and people say that you need to make a wish to see this.
5:48 pm
but making one a minute -- >> it would be hard to keep up with it. thank you for joining us. and still to come here on aljazeera. it's set to be the first western rock group to perform in north korea. and a moment of madness that cost an international football coach his job. more on that later.
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>> a rock band has been invited to perform in north korea. it will be the first western band to ever play in the country. >> reporter: they rocked london, they toured the united states six times, and packed out stadiums from mexico city to moscow. next they will perform in north korea. the reclusive communist country known for its military marches and mass gymnastics. it's citizens have no public internet connection, no rock bands, and no idea what to expect. >> we love to play for people who have no idea who we are. because the reaction of the audience is much better. more honest, and they're not overloaded with information. >> reporter: the bands have
5:51 pm
always caused controversy, with live performances, and totalitarianism. but when it comes to the north korean regime, everything is relevant. >> they have a totalitarian system, and there's nothing more relevant than capitalism. >> the crowd will be treated to covers and music from the sound of music. >> we will play three songs, including a revolutionary song in korean, and classics, life is live. >> considering that this is a popular song -- ♪ the nation might be in for a bit of a surprise on august 19th and 20th. as for the performers, who will have their cellphones confiscated when they land,
5:52 pm
they promise to behave. >> a rock band that has promised to behave, what's wrong with the world? >> big time. and we're going to talk about nfl, the pressure is on in the scandal known as deflate gate. the dispute over-underrer inflated footballs, and one of the biggest names. quarterback, tom brady is trying to clear his name after being given a suspension by the nfl. part of a scandal of trying to deflate game balls, and the nfl said that it has hard evidence that brady was involved. >> don't expect the whole deflate gate saga to resolve today. short of tom brady standing up and shocking everyone by saying, yeah, i did it, this case will likely continue into the month of september. both the nfl and the player's
5:53 pm
union, they have asked the judge to render a ruling by september 4th, which, by the way is six days of tom brady's patriots begin their defense against the pittsburgh steelers. all indications are still that tom brady will be watching that game instead of playing it. >> another quarterback whose preparations for the new season has received a blow, from the jets, he was punched in the face by a teammate and he could be out for ten weeks with a broken jaw. the man who threw the punch has been released by the jets. >> one of them can tell you, i told them i wouldn't say anything, but i thought it was childish and stupid. but you have to live with the results. >> tiger woods says rory mcelroy is set for an uphill struggle with his return from
5:54 pm
an injury. he is set to defend in wisconsin. it's mac elroy's first tour since he hurt his ankle while playing football with friends. it willriest test just how fit mac elroy is. >> as far as his talent and being able to play golf, a problem. he understands how to play. it's a matter of physically, can he do it? i've had injuries where i blew out my knee and played for a good nine months before i had it fixed. so it can be done. is he probably going to be in pain? probably yeah. and swelling is probably going to occur, but that's what the physicians are there for, and i'll sure that they will get him organized. >> the pga has no plans to relocate the 2022 championship, donald trump, the comments on
5:55 pm
mexican immigrants did result from it being moved away from trump's course in las vegas. >> we don't talk about presidential politics, and don't agree with everything that has been said or done, but we're monitoring the situation, and we made a decision about the grand slam. and we haven't made more than that other than what is previously scheduled. >> costa rica, resigned after a fight. complaining about the referee during a olympic qualifier in pan ma. they said that he made his own decision to step aside. finding himself in familiar company, if he is t to retain hs football player of the year title.
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suarez from across the continent. the winner will be named at the end of the month. fifa has been fold that superficial changes made will not be enough. the warning comes from the u.s. attorney with corruption into football's governorring body. fifa hired the former general of the olympic committee. >> superficial changes to fifa in its staffing will not be sufficient. and likewise, personnel in positions without a general commitment to good governance will not be sufficient. and as our investigation continues, we'll be looking very closely at what reforms are adopted and how they're implemented. >> in an upset, number 7 seed, in three seats, by the unseeded
5:57 pm
ba remove olova. indian player, the best fight any indiiab in the first innings. 183, india now with 55 runs. boxing has been hit with a ghostly mystery. that of a possible phantom punch in the title bout. up against rodriguez. mart inis going down in the second round. he was barely touched by the incoming pumps. he only lost two of his previous fights, but on this occasion, he couldn't get back on his feet and the referee stopped the fight. plenty more for me later and that's it fo for now. >> pictures from tianjin in china, and we'll have an
5:58 pm
unanimous later. >> they're slamming a technology that could be used to solve problems for people who desperately need it. >> they get exited about technology whether it's in their phone or in their car, so why is it so weird on their plate? >> something's going into food that shouldn't really be there. >> techknow investigates. >> you could not pay me to fake data.
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>> 13 dead and hundreds reported i injured in a massive explosion in china. hello there, i'm julie mcdonald. this is the news hour live from london. coming up. >> enough is enough. >> u.n.'s peacekeeping chief in central africa republic i resigns after reports of rape and murde