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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  August 14, 2015 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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>> it isn't easy to talk openly on this base. >> and america's war workers. >> it's human trafficking. >> watch these and other episodes online now at have a good night. [ ♪ ] in the world of democratic politics, there are signs two candidates are heading in the opposite directions, one is turning over a personal email server to the feds and falling in the polls. the other is upgrading his new hampshire campaign headquarters after outgrowing the old one. and throw in a vice president who may be weighing in a run of his own. closing in on clinton, it's "inside story".
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welcome to "inside story", it's lisa fletcher in for ray suarez. former secretary of state john kerry hillary clinton is -- secretary of state hillary clinton is talking about her plan, ridding college loans, protecting voting rights, but much of that is drowned out by documents and email servers. on the left flank, bernie sanders's poll numbers are heading north. he is playing to packed houses from there to l.a. from voters who want to hear what he's saying. david shuster has more. >> tonight with the crowd, we are more than
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27,000 visitors. as senator bernie sanders drew crowds in los angeles, and seattle and portland, a poll was conducted in a crucial primary state of new hampshire, the result suggesting sanders overtook hillary clinton among likely democratic primary voters, 44% to 37. six months ago when clinton began her cam page, she was pound leading 44-8. the sanders surge has been growing for months. >> it's a billionaire class. all. >> earlier this month, away from the crowds, we caught up with . >> the beginning stages. we have a long way to go. >> whether it's a revolution remains an open question,
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southerneders is clearly gaining steam. in recent weeks his campaign says tens of thousands signed up as volunteers. campaign donations are up, and then there are the crowds. the portland oregon rally true 28,000, the biggest event for any candidate. >> that is what this campaign is about. it's bringing people together. many say they are united behind the calls for economic justice and end to big money influence over politics, others are intrigued by the democratic socialist who seems outside the washington political establishment. firmly inside that establishment is hillary clinton. >> thank you so much. >> the nationwide polls have her in front of sanders, but she continues to face questions on
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reliance on a personal email and servers used. tuesday night her campaign announced she'd hand over her personnel server to the federal bureau of investigation, a dramatic departure from a position she articulated for months. >> the server contains personal communications between my husband and me. i have met all my responsibilities, i believe, and the server will remain private. >> it may hurt her politically. when pbs arrived democrats if hillary clinton is honnist and trustworthy, 44% said yes, 55% said no. numbers are worse. this week clinton's captain manager sent a 6-page memo urging them not to panic:
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still, many urge joe biden to jump into the presidential race, he appears to be considering it. he reached out to several strategists and a decision is expected soon. meanwhile, the sanders campaign is intensifying. this summer he caught clinton's lead in the polls in half. in new hampshire hillary clinton is feeling the burn david shuster joins us. you had a chance to talk to bernie sanders, what is his view of the surge? >> bernie sanders has been talking about the issues for a long time. he feels there's an appetite for getting money out of politics and economic justice, he's not surprised by that. imagined.
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>> what is he saying is the biggest challenge wright now? >> the biggest challenge is the infrastructure can't handle, or until recently, the influx of intrigue and interest. they've been trying to build up through the social media, to take the tens of thousands that express an center and turn it into field organizers and volunteers, but keeping up, says bernie sanders, is the biggest challenge. if people come to the website and campaign, feeling it's not ready. bernie sanders is afraid they may not come back. >> david shuster, thanks. >> for more on the race for president. we are joining in washington by tom, a democratic analyst, and michael. an associate professor at howard university. in new york, bryan murray, a go. op strategist. i'll start out with asking you guys the same question. >> obama, the surge of support
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we see with sanders, is it anti-hillary or pro-bernie. >> david missed one thing, feeling the burn is supposed to be great. for hillary it's not. those supporting bernie sanders are feeling the burn, it's about bernie sanders. they are more elizabeth warren supporters looking for a home. it's not anti-hillary clinton. you don't show support if you are against someone else at this point pro-bernie. >> it appears to be pro-bernie, he's striking a core that is it resonating. it's showing in peoples turning up. for the overall, whoever is the good news, it's good news. it's firing up the base and people. we'll support if. >> at the risk of being redoes not and, it's pro-bernie, because he represents the latest challenge to the democratics
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establishment. we saw with howard in 2003, 1983 or 1984 with gary heart, we saw it there. the democratic wing looking, agitating, trying to find someone to rally behind. >> a question we'll talk about is if they are the fringe part of the base that has existed, how does the candidate move to the middle without offending the biggest party. >> it happened in '92, bill clinton did that, ran to the center of the party. >> right, but with bandrsh, i think what you are trying to get at is the eventual nominee will probably be the more moderate of them, as we see in most of our party's elections. if vaffed with a decision, and if bernie comes to the middle, nominee. lane.
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>> he's in his own, and that's a large lane. now u we don't know if it's a large enough lane to lead him to the nomination, there are questions about that. the democratic party, like the republic party is an an establishment operation, and don't take too well to insurgents. i don't think we should count on him as being a heavy influence. and nigh. >> next, david meets goliath on the presidential trail. how far can the political david take the fight. is bernie sanders's candidacy viable and sustainable. >> our american story is written every day. it's not always pretty... but it's real. and we show you like no-one else can. this is our american story. this is america tonight.
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>> [crowd chanting] hell no gmo. >> they're slamming a technology that could be used to solve problems for people who desperately need it. >> they get exited about technology whether it's in their phone or in their car, so why is it so weird on their plate? >> something's going into food that shouldn't really be there. >> techknow investigates. >> you could not pay me to fake data. . >> we are going to create an economy that works for all people, not just a handful that was senator band , recently firing up a crowd in los angeles. an estimated 28,000 people. welcome back to "inside story".
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and lisa fletcher. sensing anxiety among the rank and file. hillary clinton released a memo to as usualing concerns that clinton's candidacy is on fire for the wrong reasons. clinton's campaign manager said the hallmark is having a plan and ticking to it saying: a political analyst made a point about bernie sanders's campaign in a roundabout way saying: is bernie sanders's campaign a nuisance for a threat. we are back with our guests. michael, right now is sanders simply a thorn in the side of the clinton campaign. >> he's little more than a
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thorn at this point. i think if he builds the momentum, he'll have something to say about the direction of the campaign. i believe that he can do some of the things in the democratic party that you are seeing over the years with the religious right and the republican party in terms of moving the candidate in a direction he or she may otherwise not go. >> tom, at what point - what are the signals from sanders that nuisance. >> i think if - once you see senator sanders's report going beyond the white collision, his basis is not as broad as senator clinton. african-americans are tremendous. hillary clinton's numbers are
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higher than president obama. recent democratic primary poll says 73% of hist panics support. the coalition put together to win the primary is diverse. that's what they have. it's not just the coalitions, it's the operations. look at what rick santorum did. there's not a lot of black voters, if bernie organises a ground game and takes something away from hillary, and she doesn't meet expectations, that will be a problem. the campaign will push it to the left. we know politically that's what hilary is. i don't view the party as extremists. it's mainstream, not establishment. you need to get the most votes possible to win. oftentimes it's talking about
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issues that matter to everybody. a lot is made about the numbers of people showing up at the sandsers rallies, what is surprising in a field where two contenders, that one appeals to the fringe is getting big numbers in places where a majority of people probably support his sensibilities. >> i'll push back lightly, he's tracked into a vain of politics. he's pulling in big numbers in places that don't have primaries early in the calendar. i mean, he drew 28,000 in portland. portland - oregon is not going to make a play in terms of who wins the nomination. same in california, prime rils are later. in 2008, you know... >> that's my point. he's preaching to the choir. >> he's preaching to the choir. and he has the potential to grow the choir, but he is breaching
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be. >> is he doing that because he has to appear big, as the legitimate candidate. hillary is trying to appear almost dimminive. >> he's doing something, growing his name in recognition. the reality is most around the country have never seen or herd bernie sanders. and that explains the big splits that you saw earlier between secretary clinton and bernie sanders. i think that that ultimately is his only chance to get deep into the nomination fight. >> speaking of the i.d., name i.d., what about governor o'malley, he was in there before traction. >> less than 1%. >> what is points to is a short bench of the democratic party. if they have a strong enough bench, there'll be others out in droves. you have something unusual in
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politics, you have an open white house coming up in the next election. the democrats decided they have a person they want to put their name and money behind, and didn't have four or five other candidates coming forward like they did in "88. >> one thing on the bench, while he has some points, it's total contrast the republican side. 17 candidates all pulling him further and further to the debate. >> speaking of contrast, portland underscores the contrast. you have bernie sanders, big grass root effort giving thousands of donations. during the week hillary clinton is at a private dinner, where you have to pay $2700. which is the better strategy for the democrats - the grassroots gather everyone in campaign or the traditional big political machine that will fund a big
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staff and a big media campaign early on? >> i think it's both. the magic of president obama's campaign is he had the crowds and money and mobilize ailings. this is a -- mobilisation, this is a different campaign. hillary clinton is keeping the support, consolidate ght the support. she's ahead in almost every state. the one pole was an outlayer. >> in '08 the clinton campaign vastly underestimated president obama. what lessons did she learn, is she applying them? >> i'm not sure that she learnt the lessons, my suspicion is she has. the problem is she can only play the card she has in her hands, that's the experienced insider. that doesn't resonate with the same people bernie sanders is going after, and the only card ent. >> is he missing an opportunity
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to exploit her, with the fbi, and the email. >> i want to give him credit. we don't need politics and public discord around the controversy surrounding a candidate. bernie sanders is doing something i think should be done by all candidates, arguing for your position, and letting the other stuff take care of itself. >> who talks about whom first. brian, sorry, who talks about whom first, and what does that tell us? >> the best winning campaign, the best campaign is the one that wins. for bernie he doesn't have the opportunity to build a fundraiser. he's going where he can. when we look at hillary, she's talking about education. talking about speaking fees, and talking about what matters, and attacks to the democrats.
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bernie - there's one attack he could make, the computer issue, and she has broken the law. she has top secret emails out there that anyone can get to. that's a line that bernie could break, cross over when she breaks the law, it's a big difference to attacking someone on personal issue. >> the jury is out on whether the law has been broken. when we come back, the joe biden fact. joe biden has reportedly spent part of his vacation talking to >> they believed in what they were doing but they were not scientists. it wasn't science at all. >> there's a lot of lives at stake, a lot of innocent people. >> how many are still locked up? >> the integrity of the criminal justice system is at stake, plain and simple. >> "faultlines". >> what do we want? >> al jazeera america's hard-hitting... >> today the will be arrested. >> ground-breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> emmy award-winning, investigative series. >> we have to get out of here.
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welcome back to "inside story", i'm lisa fletcher in for ray suarez. tonight - closing in on clinton, as a former senator and vice president joe biden has the resume and name recognition to turn the race on its head if he decides to jump in. according to reports he'll make a decision by the end of summer, is that too late to enter the race. we are back with tom, michael and o'brien. what will it take to get joe game? >> that's only something he knows. he's dealing with a lot now. his family and his current job.
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he'll have to make up his mind soon to get in, and whether he doesn't get in. i think it's - having vice president biden in the field strengthens the developments. at least you have the civility on the democratic side, having joe biden in the race continues the civility, talking about what americans wants to talk about. >> how much of biden's decision hangs on whether hillary clinton is wounded by the email matter? >> i think she is getting seriously wounded and biden is probably now, if he's not on the beach, about to be on the beach relaxing. if he organised to run, the last thing you do is head in that direction and take a vacation, he knows now he has a chance to do this, and he has a month or six week before missing a deadline, which is self-imposed, frankly.
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really, i don't think there's a downside for him to get in, other than he'll be hated by the clintons if she will win the nomination. i don't know whether he cares about that. he doesn't need to be the secretary of state, he's not looking for an appointment of any kind. as much as we talk about civility, the clinton machine is known for going after people publicly and privately if they support someone like joe biden, that's is something that about. >> is there any indication that joe biden would have the support that would give him the momentum he'd need, particularly as a late entrant? >> i think so. here is a man with a substantial resume, that no reasonable person would look at and say this guy doesn't have a chance. he would be an underdog, but the only really deadlines that he faces. is those in those getting on the ballot. because he has the name recognition, and could raise
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money, he has time to decide what he wants to do. he could take it into october. >> if he runs, who does obama throw support behind. >> i think he will stay out of it. i think he's washed his hands of presidential politics. >> you really think that. >> again, who will he endorse. i don't think he'll endorse either one. >> what does he have to gain? >> ronald reagan sat on the sidelines until his vice president bush bail the nominee and did everything he could. it's not the president, it's the winks, nods and staff and other things that go in there. i think they feel in the white house that vice president biden is the best person it carry on the legacy of the failed obama presidency. they view hillary clinton as a threat to the legacy of president obama a little about personae. joe biden is viewed as a likeable side, working both
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sides of the aisle. the latest honesty and trustworthy polls - hillary clinton is not doing well. how would biden fair? >> he'll do better, but i don't think the polls at this point matter. if hillary clinton is the nominee running against jed bush, they both will have lower trustworthy numbers, it doesn't matter. what we have to focus on right now, in terms of the electorate at large is get a sense of what the candidates are all about in the context of campaigning and other things that they try to do to present themselves in a way that presents them in the best possible light, notwithstanding whatever candidates. >> hillary clinton's poll numbers are sky high. vice president biden's numbers may come down, similar to clinton's. keep in mind that secretary
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clinton's favour ability is candidate. >> what you'll see with joe biden is with trump. he's in the mid teens, and as people thought, trump was not going to run. if joe biden gets in numbers will come up, and that will come from hillary. >> what does it mean to sanders, every time hill lar yip has to share a slice of the pie? >> i think it means - i think it's trouble for him. because he's doing better than expected. it's ostensibly sanders and clinton. everyone else who gets in is it dividing the anti-client part of the.. that locks him in in a way that doesn't give him much space to make much of a dent. that is why it's - every day we don't talk about martin o-mallee or jim web or lincoln is a great .
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>> on that note. thank you. next time on the show, as the united states raises its flags over the embassy in cuba, we ask if the cuban people are ready for the change that it will bring. for "inside story", i'm lisa fletcher. have a good night. on "america tonight", doubts about rebuilding afghanistan. >> reporter: how much are you getting from u.s.a. d. stopped. >> reporter: 10 years, billions spent. what did the u.s. effort buy? also tonight - hiding in plain sight.


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