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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  August 16, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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"edge of eighteen". the powerful conclusion. >> iraq's prime minister orders army generals to face trial in ramadi. i'm shiulie ghosh in doha with the world news at al jazeera. worries that toxic chemicals are leaking. migrant frustration turns to anger. and protecting our natural heritage. we do on the trail of suspected poachers in one of senegal's
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vast national parks. iraq's prime minister haider al-abadi has ordered military commanders to face trial for abandoning positions in ramadi earlier this year. let's go to mohammed jamjoom who joins us from baghdad. mohammed this is a big story. what is the latest you're hearing on this? >> shiulie, military officers, anybody who is military grade or above, must now be court
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martialed. what's not exactly clear is when those court mart yals have marte on behind could closed doors. it was also previously recommended that those who abandoned their posts should be court martialed. shiulie. >> it's been soundly criticized for how it has crit handled or not handled i.s.i.l. >> that the correct. the iraqi government is making great gains against i.s.i.l, those claims treated as
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propaganda. don't think they are making that much headway against the islamic state of iraq and the levant. now we should mention that this move today by the prime minister was very much expected, in fact this is part and parcel of the sweeping reform measures that prime minister abadi has been introducing and has been met with agreement. to bolster the capacity of the military, it is unacceptable for officer grade or above military l members abandon their post. at a time when there's so much of a security threat in this country are dealt in as harsh a matter and as public a matter as possible, shiulie. >> mohammed jamjoom, thank you. migrants on the greek island of
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kos started over claims that syrian refugees have gotten preferential treatment. greek officials are struggling with the influx. anna hayward reports. >> it's unclear who started it. but there was no holding back. as anger, frustration and suspicion boiled over under the intensity of the summer sun. many have come hoping to get the papers to allow them to leave kos for mainland but the policing station was closed and disappointment and desperation turned into chants of freedom. some here say others are getting preferential treatment. >> no papers. what papers? please, please can you help?
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>> reporter: the situation on kos has become increasingly urgent. even a loaf of bread is precious. some have found a shelf and oshower but the situation is criticized. >> there is no electricity, no water and no food, no food. in camps, girls and boys, they're lodging and no food. >> this boat left for athens on friday. another passenger ferry where syrians will be given priority has been engaged, it will act as a floating representatio floati. greece was not prepared for this and athens has called for help from the outside world. it is though still waiting.
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emma hayward, al jazeera. >> meanwhile, 300 migrants rescued off the coast of libya are on their way to italy. at least 40 people were found suffocated below deck. believed they were overcome by oil fumes, they were trying to reach lampedusa. hundreds of migrants were trying to board a train, migrants are trying to are reach hungary before it builds a fence designed to keep them out. in china, 112 people are now confirmed dead from the explosion in the town of tienjin. a warehouse is said to have been storing up to 700 tons of sodium
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cyanide. more than it was supposed to. >> we are just inside the seclusion zone, about 108 kilometers from the epicenter. traffic has come and gone so it is not clear if the authorities have widened the seclusion zone as reported 50 state controlled media. certainly a school about 300 meters from here is now empty. up until yesterday hundreds of families who have been evacuated have been staying there. they have now been moved presumably somewhere considered a bit safer. so the death toll is continuing to rise, 95 still missing, 85 of them are firefighters. 21 firemen are confirmed dead. the youngest just 17 years old and of course 58 people remain in a critical condition in hospital. this is really shaping up to be china's worst industrial accident in many, many years.
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there is not just anxiety. there is also age are outside the news conference this morni morning. demanding the government do more to help them they say the only assistance they have received so far are volunteers giving them food and water. >> hopes are that somalia will hold full elections next year because of continuing violence. the government says some kind of voting process will be held but as mohammed adow reports, residents have to use the local clan way to choose their president. >> four presidential candidates makes their policies pitches for mps and ask for their votes. >> one man one vote needs
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logistics, security, and full voter awareness. so i think all these infrastructure pieces have to be built up. but in terms of the somalia people we are ready, we are willing. >> three years ago, the presidential was elected buy parliament whose members were selected by clan elders. the next president of somalia he said will be elected through popular elections. but he recently announced that it will be difficult to hold such elections after all. the decision to cancel plans for a full election in somalia next year means that progress on important issues such as security under threat from al shabaab fighters has not been as quick as hoped for and now the government is under intense pressure to come up with a system that does not rely on clan elders to elect parliament
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members. >> they have to come up with a different system, straight coalition leaders selecting the next parliament and then those electing a president, that system is no longer acceptable to the public. >> reporter: government officials say they are now electing an alternatively electioalternative electionmeth. >> instead of the number we currently have maybe we have 20,000, 30,000 who can elect the president. >> back in the parliament a winner is declared after one round of voting. interim president has retained his seat. members of the public in attendance celebrate the outcome. they may not have had a say in
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the polls but its results certainly got it right. mohammad adow, al jazeera. >> attitudes towards hunting have changed. the illegal trade in wildlife is worth billions. on our final series on preserving, nicholas hak reports. >> this is an exceptional operation inside a world heritage site. the park is under half the size of belgium so finding poachers is difficult. this morning rangers receive a tipoff. on the ground some clues. fresh bicycle tracks and signs of wild animals. these are the latest pictures from a nearby camera used to
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track animal movements. here the west african lion, virtually extinct. it's worth hundreds of thousands of dollars on the black market. now take a look at the last picture. barely visible, one of the poachers standing in front of the camera. local tribes were forced out of the area 40 years ago, to protect animals from being hunted. but some locals are working with hunters. >> we're not surprised. it's tempting to want to hunt here. >> we slowly approach spot where the pictures are taken. the poachers are probably armed. rangers worry about a gun fight as well as being attacked by dangerous animals nearby. suddenly he spots them. they launch an ambush.
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as expected, local villagers, on them weapons and food rations. he says he was hunting bush meat but the park rangers don't believe them. most of what they kill is smuggled out of the country to asia. poachers are after big cats like this, noko is a rare panther. rangers found him when poachers killed his mother and all siblings. rare cats like noko are on edge of extinction. wild elephants, lions, tigers, none are scared. rangers kill indiscriminately,
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even using automatic machine guns. >> it's disgusting. >> worth an estimated $19 billion a year the global trade in wild animals is booming and despite local efforts like this it continues to grow. nicholas hak, al jazeera, nolokuba park. >> still to come here on al jazeera. >> i'm fez jamil in india. coming up we'll see how construction is going, and why it's an important issue, for girls education. >> and can you beat too connected? down side of technology, that tracks what you do. it wasn't science at all. >> there's a lot of lives at stake, a lot of innocent people. >> how many are still locked up? >> the integrity of the criminal justice system is at stake, plain and simple.
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>> welcome back i'm shiulie ghosh. the top stories on al jazeera. iraq's prime minister, haider al-abadi has ordered military commanders to face trial for abandoning positions in ramadi earlier this year. fights have broken out among frustrated migrants on the greek island of kos, feeling that syrians have gotten priority or provisions. 112 are confirmed dead in the chinese port city of tienjin.
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one year ago, indian prime minister narendra modi mace a promise, all boys and girls would have separate toilets. fez jamil reports from hariana. >> they are learning the basic lfns. lessons. it doesn't look like much more than a hole in the ground with walls and plumbing but it's making a world of difference at this school. neha says the old toilet was unusable at times but this new one is even better than the one she has at home. >> translator: the toilet before didn't always have running water. this one does. the old toilet smelled really bad but not this one. it also has a proper wash basin.
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>> students don't skip class because of the toilets. >> girls had to go home to use the toilet before. that's why we needed one here. so they wouldn't have to leave the school during the day. girls have really benefited from this. >> reporter: it's a different story several kilometers away. at another school in the same district. here there are separate toilets for girls but a lack of maintenance makes them less than ideal to use. many existing toilets are in this kind of condition or worse. with unreliable plumbing and smelling of sewage. some organizations that for years have been building separate toilets for girls say the government's pledge is a right idea but hard to achieve in a year. sanitation experts say another year is needed to ensure no schools are left out and to guarantee the quality of construction. they say the prime minister's support has made a noticeable >> i never saw high officials
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running pillar to post to get bathrooms build in school. on the one hand it's encouraging that it is being built and taking place and that's important. but i certainly agree that this ought to be completed. >> reporter: studies show female attendance increases at schools that have a clean separate toilet for them, meaning the drive to finish building the rest and maintain them has as much to do with education as it does with sanitation. fez jamil deel, hariana. >> action aid international an organization committed to ending poverty joins us now live from new delhi, good to have you with us. this issue of separate toilets for girls, this is very important for girls education
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because without separate toilets a lot of girls were actually dropping out of school. >> yes, i feel in case of the girls being retained in school, access to toilets are definitely important. and if you really look at it, even if the toilets are there in many cases the toilets are kept under lock and key, sometimes even if they are open, they are unusable. and unclean. and hence girl children prefer not to use it. furthermore what happens in cases ever girls after retaining puberty, girls not having titles in their schools tend to skip certain days in a month. and in cases where the girl children have to travel a long distance to go to their school, tend to completely stop going to
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school during the monsoon months. so -- and also if they do not have separate toilets at school, they also stand the chance of sexual harassment. so i think it's extremely important that -- >> narendra modi made a promise last year that by this time this year, all schools would have toilets. now 98% of toilets have been finished which is great. but some states like arisa, haven't managed to finish and others haven't connected their toilets up to a water supply. so what do you think of the progress so far? >> see, to retain the girls of course while access to toilets are important there are other things that needs to be taken care of. and that includes the quality of education, ensuring that the girls do not face harassment in school. and discrimination at school, do not face harassment on their way to school.
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and they have -- are relieved of you know family level care that they need to provide to their siblings and also with the supplement their parents home based work. so the progress over the past one year, there was an interesting figure which shows that over the last one year, 109 toilets were built in everyday, from august to march 2015. there has been a substantial increase we are now 5,933 toilets are being built, that was the figure between july 27th to august 11th and i'm sure there's a huge increase in building toilets. but i think what will happen is, we will need to see the changes in retention in a little bit more we're not going to come so soon. >> thank you so much for joining
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us, good to get your thought there. sri lankans, will head to the polls on monday. rangapaxa wants to be the next prime minister. >> nothing usual about this parliamentary election. >> when we see what's happening in the country we are unable to take away from politics. you should question whether the actions followed by them are people-friendly. >> seven months out of being voted out, sri lanka's former president is attempting to come back, this time as prime minister. after years in the political shadows he built a common opposition which defeated the
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president. >> now you must decide your families and your own future. >> vickram singh urged people to carry forward the changes taking place. the new government has brought change, analysts say a level playing field for this election is one example. and new rules have empowered the election chief. >> if anyone tried to case falling agents or the waters from the polling station or tried to influence we will another falling. >> stability will be an important factor for waters. >> they wanted a single party to be able to have sufficient seats in order to be able to govern with stability. so i think that is a concern as
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far as the voters are concerned. that look we have to give a decisive result, we have to get on with the business of government with governance. >> the root causes of war and foreign policy are a number of areas that must be addressed. but they haven't been issues in this campaign. problems solutions and policies have taken a back seat in this election which has been dominated by formalities. for most sri lankans who go to the polls on monday, to continue to put their faith in the politician who defeated ragapaxa. several wildlif wildfires bg across the state of idaho, firefighters are facing heat and
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dusty conditions as they try battle the flames. the collection of online data from hundreds of millions of people around the world has proven very valuable to all kinds of businesses but it's also raised concerns over privacy. as part of our series cracking the code, tom ackerman looks at how people are finding ways to protect their online activity. >> a fitness monitor provided by nike provides lots of information not only for its user. >> you will be able to share your progress. >> that device, just one example of how interconnected we have become and how the personal data collect from hundreds of millions of people have provided valuable to all kinds of businesses. >> companies are creating single universal identifiers to track consumers across multiple devices to connect their online
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e-mail and digital interactions. >> aside from targeting their advertising, the monitors can help consumers make smart he choices. but others find a serious down side. >> it is totally under the hood and we as a society really have no idea about what's going on, what control we have and down the line what the implications are going to be. >> a recent survey found that when it comes to their online activity three out of every four american adults say they're not too confident or not at all confident that website browsers will keep their online activity, private and secure. bringing attention to ghostery, let's consumers track trackers, identify who's been watching their online searches and then if they choose to block that data. >> ghostery does not block anything, by default make their
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own decisions. >> among ghostery's fabs, whistle blower edward snowden. he uses it to block anyone checking his online activity. depending on web clicks for much of their income, some websites are using software to block readers who try to block their ads. ghostery ceo says that would be a bad idea. >> because privacy is inherently both subjective and dependent on the situation. what any one person would say is a dangerous privacy situation, someone else could find not to be a big deal. >> big deal or not, big data's continued growth is bound to make its treatment of privacy an issue for anyone who tump touche internet. tom ackerman, al jazeera.
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