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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  August 16, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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the devastation as hundreds are killed by syrian government air tribings on a market in opposition-held douma. it's good to have you along. i'm david foster. this is al jazeera. also coming up in the program, a taliban-linked group said it carried out a suicide bombing that killed a pakistani politician and ten others. hundreds of thousands on the streets of brazil protesting about the president's government. and the baby brought ashore to safety. hundreds of migrants are rescued
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in the mediterranean. a market blown apart. syrian activists say more than 100 have been killed by government air strikes targeting a rebel-held town. more than 200 others were wounded in the attack on a crowded square in douma just outside the capital of damascus. syria's air force has confirmed it did carry out air strikes in douma and in the nearby area of harafti. we have the latest. >> reporter: the opposition is calling it a massacre, dozens killed and wounds. douma is a rebel stronghold. it relly comes under attack. the air-raids targeting a marketplace. what we understand is after the first strike, people gathered at the site of the explosion and they were trying to help evacuate the people when more raids were carried out. so really that explains the high
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casualty toll. like i mentioned, the air strikes in this region, it happens regularly, but this is seen as a message from the syrian government. just yesterday opposition groups promised to, quote, ignite all front lines across the country. the reason why they decided to do that is because they broke off negotiations with the government on a possible deal. there were negotiations taking place that involved two front lines in syria. one in the damascus countryside and another in the north. there were negotiations, but what we understand from the opposition, they suspended the participation altogether because they accuse the government of wanting to carry out a population swap. according to the opposition, the government wants to move the shia villagers who live in idlib
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to government-controlled territories, and they're demanding that the sunni residents leave with opposition fighters to the north of the country. the targets were two besieged towns in the opposition-controlled northern province of idlib, a temporary ceasefire has collapsed. rebels have resumed an assault again against. thousands of people there are mostly supporters of president bashar al assad. it's become difficult for the government to protect them and they want to transfer them to safer areas as part of a deal. but the opposition pulled out of negotiations. the rebel group that was negotiating on behalf of the opposition said the government's main ally iran wants to partition the country. over recent days there were talks to give rebels trapped inside the town in the damascus
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countryside safe passage, but iran demanded the town's residents leave as a way to get sunni muslims ouft of the damascus countryside and areas across the lebanese border. >> it seems they've been focusing on securing the most strateg strateg strategically valuable territory and some of around the town and along the key transport routes west towards lebanon. we've seen it all the way since the summer of 2013 to that extent that policy beginning to take shape. >> reporter: for the government the up to is important. repap turing would further con saul late the controlled of the enclave that includes the region on the border, damascus, homs and the coastal cities home to many of the country's allowhites loyal to the president. the government and it's allies
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can no longer defend the entire country. their forces have been withdrawing to lines that they are able to defend. even president bashir al assad acknowledged a lack of manpower which means they have to pick their battles in areas of strategic importance. syria has been partitioned with front lines separating people according to sects and loyalties. the deal to transfer of the besieged sunni and shia communities may have fallen apart. the fact that a population swap was on the negotiating table shows there is a near syria emerges, one with different borders and where forced migration may become policy. al jazeera, beirut. pakistan's minister is
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killed along with ten others on a suicide attack on his office. the armed group claimed responsibility. simon mcgregor-wood reports. >> reporter: the attack took place as he hosted a local political meeting in his home. the force of the blast caused the building to collapsed burying the minister and trapping many waiting to meet him. local volunteers worked with special rescue team that is brought in heavy machinery to help in the difficult task of removing debris including huge concrete slabs, once part of the building's roof. >> translator: the explosion was very loud. after a while i knew the blast had targeted the home minimum ter. they were rescuing bodies and then the police arrived. >> reporter: he was a rehired military man and political ali of sharif. he was leading a crackdown.
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his tough approach earned him enemies. his name was on the hit list of at least one local group. al qaeda-affiliated and responsible for attacks against local shiites, its leader and two sons were killed in a recent police operation. the government condemned sunday's attack and announced a three-day mourning period. indian and pakistani troops have traded gunfire for the seventh day in a row in kashmir. the indian military says six yavlians have been killed in two days. despite a 2003 ceasefire, the two neighbors regularly trade fire. kashmir is divided between india and pakistan but is claimed in entirety by both countries. anti-government protests are taking place once again across brazil. here's rio's copa cabana beach
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demonstrating against president rouse sif. it's the third to be held this year less than a year in a second term and the popularity ratings are at historic lows. let's go to him joining us live from rio. what has president dilma rousseff done wrong? >> i've been protesters if there's corruption. it's between dilma rousseff and the petrobas skanlcandal that plagued this country. she was minister of energy under desilva, so she has surely has a hand in it. they say that that has also caused the economy to shrink,
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and all these ideas of brazilian economic miracles going on for the past few decades are completely dashed. people here are very angry, and they do say that her, dilma rousseff, and the workers party have to leave the government. >> i know two-thirds of people want her impeached. they can't call for an impeachment officially. what sort of process would there be to see her lose support but eventually perhaps lose office? >> reporter: well, there has to be some legal wrongdoing during her presidency. now, at the moment there is nothing that links her, as i said, to the petrobas scandal that really touched brazilians. petrobas is a state-owned oil giant and the pride of many brazilians. at the moment the court is
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investigating in government expenditures during 2014 around the world cup. that investigation has been now prolonged for another two weeks. if there's any wrongdoing in that investigation, if anything is found, then that could be a basis for impeachment. that said, when you speak to people, yes, they call for impeachment here during the protests. they have protests going on in so far 44 cities. sao paulo's marches should star briefly. huge turnout, and soem people here protesting saying we need more people on the streets. if you looked at this side where i am while the beach is complete reply packed. they say these have to come down to the streets. now, the opposition in itself, the political opposition does not really want an impeachment according to many people i spoke to. they say that that would really sort of cause more problems in the country. at the moment you need to
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concentrate on the economy, put forward these austerity measures that nobody likes but have to go forward. so yes, calls on the streets for impeachment, whether there's a real desire at the political level for that is something you still have to see what will happen in the next few weeks, if there will be more protests. >> that's good for now. i know we'll be back with you a little later. when we do, do show us that shot of the beach. it's fascinating to see the geography and the people as well. we'll leave it for now. an iraqi mrinvestigation sa he's among 37 people for the fall of mosul to isil last year. questions were raised about the ease with which the they took in last year and ramadi last may. they have ordered military commanders to be court-martialed
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for abandoning their posts in ramadi. we have more from baghdad. >> reporter: a parliament panel recommended that nouri al maliki be formally prosecuted for the fall of the city this past year. also, dozens of other officials and many former officials in the province where mosul city is, they recommend that they're also to be charged with and prosecuted for the fall of mosul. this is a significant development. this panel in parliament has investigated this for months. they made their recommendations and passed it on to the speaker of parliament. they have since passed on the recommendations to the prosecutor general here. it now rests solely in the judiciary what happens next. very much up to the judiciary here in iraq. nouri al maliki didn't make a statement since these accusations and recommendations were made and he's traveling in iran. this is significant because this is the first time that iraq's parliament has lobbed these kinds of abbing sglags towards
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nouri al maliki showing a deepening of resentment for the foreign prime minister perhaps for con saul lating too many power during his tenure here. it's interesting to see how it develops. this particular body in parliament doesn't have that much power going forward. there is resentment that built towards nouri al maliki. now that it's with the judiciary, this could be a lepty process. if there are to be formal charges made, if there's a case, this is something that could take months and possibly years to happen. stay with us if you can. this is coming up. the fires still burn and the smoke still billows at the site of the tianjin blast. anger over how it's been managed by authorities. hunger in america. the increasing number of people relying on handouts to get by.
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the global headlines here on al jazeera. at least 110 people have been killed in syrian government air strikes on a crowded market in a suburb of the capital damascus. the home minister in pakistan has died in a suicide attack on his office. he was a key figure in the campaign against the taliban in that part of pakistan. and going on right now, huge protests in brazil. thoug thousands here on the beach mro testing against the president and the state of the brazilian
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economy. the crash site of a missing indonesian plane with 54 passengers have been found in the papau region. the trigana airplane lost contact. the mountainous papau region has dense jungle, and there was bad weather at the time. they reported to see the plane crash into a mountain. indonesia's transport minister said the villages has found wreckage but official confirmation has yet to be provided. >> translator: according to the information, the trigana aircraft that lost contact was found in the mountain region. the information was provided by the local residents who said that it crashed. the detail of this is still under investigation. >> translator: the search will
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continue early monday. the officials at the national search and rescue agency will go there with the air transportations director general to facilitate the evacuation work and clarify things to the families of passengers on board. steph is in jakarta with more. >> reporter: well, so far as we know, flight il-257 has not been actually found. the plane has not been actually found. it's true that people in the area, villages have seen it crash into the mountain just ten minutes before it was supposed to land in the very small town with a very small airport. the weather was really bad in the area, and it's basically notoriously bad around papua for flying. conditioning are always very unpredictable according to pilots there. so most likely the 54 people on board have not survived the
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crash, but tomorrow morning rescue workers will go into the area and the mountains. apparently it's a 25-kilometer walk, so it's a challenge to locate the plane quickly. there will be a plane flying over the area, so hopefully in the early morning the first vision of the remains of the plane will be seen. >> steph reporting there. the number of people who are known to have died when they became stuck in the hull of the boat went up to 49 carrying migrants. hundreds were rescued in two different operations, and they've arrived in the sicilian port of augusta. they were picked up close to the libyan coast. more than 100,000 migrants have arrived on its shores since the start of the year, and they have called for international help. >> translator: we have rescued 320 people, but once again, he
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count the victims. we can say we rescued survivors, and that's a good thing. either the international community finds a way to solve of libyan crisis or it won't the last. staff aboard a passenger ship have started to process migrants. it was sent where hundreds of migrants and refugees arrive every day. the vessel should provide accommodation for up to 250,000 people and priority is given to syrian refugees. pro-government forces are battling houthi rebels we understand for control of yemen's third biggest city. fighters who are loyal to the exiled president say at least 50 houthis have been killed in fighting in tice southwest of the capital sanaa. the main security headquarters was retain by pro-government forces on saturday. in egypt a military court has sentenced 26 officers on charges of trying to overthrow
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the government. they were also charged with spreading muslim brotherhood ideas within the army. they've been sentenced to between 10 and 25 years in prison. two senior muslim brotherhood leaders have also been sentenced to 25 years in prison in their absence. there have been clashes between protesters and police in the israeli city of ashkalon. he lost consciousness on friday after a 60-day fast protesting about his detention without charge. demonstrations in rafah in the certain gaza strip where about 100 children marched to show their solidarity. israeli authorities say he's held because of his alleged activities with the islamic jihad group. in jerusalem a few dozen protesters occupied the international red cross building to show their support for him. he was arrested in 2014 and
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detained for two six-month periods which allows authorities to hold detainees for months without charge. south sudan says it will push on with peace talks to try and end the 20-month civil war. negotiators hope that the president will meet the rebel leader in the ethiopian capital. both sides are under international pressure to strike a deal before a monday deadline or risk possible sanctions. here's charles stratford. >> reporter: serious questions here as to whether this peace deal will be signed in time for the deadline tomorrow, monday. we understand that the south sudanese president has arrived here, but there are questions as to whether he would participate in these talks. he has said that he wasn't going to speak directly to mashar because of two rebel generals that seem to have split from the group. now, we have spoken to a rebel
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spokesperson here who says that this is evidence of the south sudanese government using that as a pretext not to sign the deal but to delay it. the spokesperson said there was only one person that he could talk to, and that was him. he described this split by these two generals as being an administration matter, something a lot less serious than certainly the president was suggesting. we know that the south sudanese government have had reservations about this proposal since the very beginning. they have serious concerns about the power-sharing in the upper nile region, the oil-producing states calls for this proposal. the rebels will get around 53% control of that area. also, the southern sudanese government having problems with this proposed demilitarized nation. this posed problems in terms of sovereignty and certain
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disagreements over the timing of the bringing together of both of the armed forces here, both the rebels and army into a unified army. so certainly a lot of pressure here to get this deal signed, a lot of international pressure. certainly at this stage it seems increasingly doubtful. the high neez government confirmed that large quantitieses of toxic sodium cyanide were kept in a warehouse in tianjin where explosions killed about 112 people. about 700 tons was stored, and that is 70 times more than the center was allowed to hold. adrian brown reports. >> reporter: some survivors compare this disaster to a nuclear explosion. close up that's what it looks like. the toxic pull from fires still shroud this industrial zone. the government confirmed the
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lethal chemical sodium cyanide was stored here. there was an added urgency to the search for survivors on sunday as the toll for the dead and missing continue to rise. along with the anger among families of the missing and those made homeless. for the second day they attempted to protest outside a hotel where government officials were briefing journalists. >> translator: we want a government to tell us the truth and help us to find a proper home. >> translator: what we need most now is the government to take care of us and keep us informed. >> they don't know what caused the multiple explosions, but officials now admit that sodium cyanide has been identified at two locations, yet, insist their readings show the air is safe for her those outside the exclusion zone. >> translator: if you are outside of the 2-kilometer zone,
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those numbers should be within normal standards. this shouldn't have any effect on people's lives. >> gas masks are now the most precious commodity in tianjin. even if there are, they don't protect from sodium cyanide. >> i don't think this is very professional. that would be very special material of protection. i don't think -- i don't know. i don't think that they can do that. >> reporter: china's well-oiled volunteer machine has moved into action. thousands of volunteers have come to the city from all over china, and here they're handing out water, food, clothing, all of it vitally needed. the list for the missing is getting longer. the majority of those yet to be found are firefighters and police. officials say the explosions were so powerful that so far only a few bodies have been identified. adrian brown, al jazeera, tianjin. the people in charge of the
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local environment say it has increased monitoring at the site. >> translator: the environmental protection department has installed 17 ambient air and checking the wastewater for water environment and one marine monitoring point surrounding the zones. among the 17 ambient air monitoring points, numbers 5 and 6 at tianjin port detected twice it exceeded the standard. people in sri lanka head off to polls if they so wish on monday. about 15 million are eligible as the poll is held ten months ahead of schedule. millions of people in the united states are living on food donations. according to a new study 46 million americans including 15 million children are in homes without enough food. john henry reports. >> reporter: here in chicago part of the american farm belt the hungry line up for food.
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>> we haven't got enough food today. >> reporter: how come? >> because they bring a little bit. >> reporter: this is the face of hunger in america. >> it helps me out with my groceries on a fixed income, and i have an 11-year-old and a 35-year-old to feed. >> reporter: in the largest food exporting nation not far from the illinois cornfields across town where the commodity exchange sets food prices for the world, 311 people wait for hours for free produce. >> this is not even feeding the people who are sleeping on the streets, at the bus stations, at the train stations. it's not feeding everybody. just feeding so much because there are people in need. >> reporter: the produce truck drops its load 50 times a month supplementing the free meals from food pantries, soup kitchens and homeless shelters here and across the u.s. this is an oasis this a se with many food deserts.
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here in cook county that includes chicago one out of six gets food donated from the greater chicago food deposary. one out of two households includes someone working and they have a roof over their heads. >> it's not a small problem. it's something in 2008 when the recession hit, we saw a huge spike in need, and unfortunately it hasn't gone back down. we're pretty busy, and we're doing a booming business. about 200,000 pounds of food per day is leaving this warehouse, and it's being distributed to food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters all across the quarter. >> reporter: that's just in chicago. across the united states 46 million receive food assistance. >> we have chronic hunger in america and across the world who tonight know where the next meal is coming from, but we have many other families across the u.s. who might experience hunger from time to time bay they run paycheck to paycheck. >> when times get tough, those
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americans join in lines like this, lines food security experts are growing longer. well, in about 30 minutes' time we will have the al jazeera news hour. we'll have more on those attacks in syria and on the migrants in the mediterranean. for me, david foster for now. thanks for watching. bye-bye. hello, i'm richard gizbert, and you are at "the listening post". here are some developments we have been tracking this week. the fight is on over the new year deal with iran, air waves


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