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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  August 16, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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rye this is al jazeera america. here are today's top stories calling for her ouster, tens of thousands of people take to the streets of brazil demanding the resignation of the president also, remembering the legacy of a civil rights giant, a look at the life of julian bond
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and the controversy of female ranger -- two female u.s. army soldiers in ranger training and how they could make history this week tens of thousands of people marched in the capital of brazil. this is the third time this year people have taken to the street. in march and april voters also called on her to step down. demonstrators denounced the corruption and the drop in the economy. we have this story from rio. >>reporter: the largest protest happened in san paulo.
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it's unclear whether the turnout has been as large as previous large scale protests that happened here in brazil back in march and in april. that number is very important simply because it raises the appetite for brazilians calling for impeachment. the economy plays a huge role ever since these corruption scandals erupted, the economy began to shrink, investor confidence also diminished, and people really want to make sure that, that can be stabilized as quickly as possible. so people here would rather see maybe some political fighting but measures that would bring the economy back on track rather
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go through a lengthy process of impeachment with no guarantees the outcome will bring the stability they're looking for donald trump outlined his immigration policy today. he wants to revoke automatic citizenship from those born in the u.s. >> we have to make a new decision. >> what if they have no place to go. >> we'll work with them. they have to go. you either have a country or you don't. >> he also said he would put u.s. troops on the ground to fight against isil and will
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charge countries like saudi arabia from protection they receive from the u.s. ben carson said people he met during a recent trip to israel feel the obama administration has turned its back on their country >> and the former governor of arkansas headed to israel this week for a fund raising trip. he said while there he'll meet with israeli officials to discuss the obama administrations nuclear deal with iran. he disagrees with the deal saying the government of iran is not to be trusted. and a recent interview with meet the press, bernie sanders says he does not owe an apology to the black lives matter campai
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campaign. in syria, government forces attacked a busy marketplace today killing and injuring hundreds of people. the plan to move thousands of people out of the conflict zone in syria has collapsed. >>reporter: the targets were in idlip. a temporary cease fire has not
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been -- renounced. iran demanded the town's residents leave as a way to get some new muslims out of the damascus country side and areas along the lebanese border. >> it's been around the town there and along the key transport routes west towards
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lebanon. we've seen all the way since the summer of 2013. to some extent, that policy beginning to take shape >> for the government and its allies, this town is important and recapturing it would help restore the international highway that links lebanon and syria and further consolidate their control of an enclave including damascus and coastal cities home to many of those loyal to the president. the government and its allies can no longer defend the entire country. their forces have been withdrawing to lines that they are able to defend. even the president of syria acknowledged there's a lack of manpower meaning they have to pick their battles in areas of strategic importance. syria has been petitioned with front lines separating people according to sex
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>>reporter: a parliamentary panel has formally recommended that the former iraqi prime minister and many others should be charged with and prosecuted for the fall of mosul. they made their recommendations and have passed it on to the speaker of parliament who has since passed on those recommendations to the prosecutor general here and it now rests solely in the judiciary and what happens here very much up to the judiciary here. no statements have been made. this is also significant because this is the fest time that
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iraq's parliament has lodged these types of accusations against al
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some survivors have compared this disaster to a nuclear explosion. close up, that's what it looks like. the toxic chemicals are still burning. there was an added urgency to the search for survivors on sunday as the toll for the dead and missing continued to rise. along with the anger among families of the missing. and those made homeless. for the second day, they attempted to protest outside a hotel where government officials were briefing journalists. >> we want the government to
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tell us the truth and help us to find a proper home. >> what we need most now is for the government to take care of us and keep us
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so far, only a few bodies have been identified since the explosion. >> president obama and former president bill clinton are fondly remembering a civil rights advocate tonight. julian bond passed away this weekend. he's a look back at the life and legacy of this towering figure. >>reporter: he says his moment of awakening came when he was a college student in atlanta. it was the early 60s, the civil
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rights moving was builting and activist sit ins were taking place at lunch counters across the street. >> a student came up to me and said have you seen this? held up a newspaper. he said don't you think we should make it happen here? >> i said what do you mean? >> he said you take this side of the drugstore and i'll take the other. we did and we started the
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movement. >> these young people have much ahead of them. they remind me i have to say very much of myself when i was their age thinking that i could change the world. >>reporter: he was a university professor, columnist, poet, and
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social commentator. through it all, known for being as down to earth as he was larger than life. julian bond helped change this country forever said president barack obama in a statement on sunday. what better way to be remembered than that mr. julian bond was 75 years old. on the verge of making history in the u.s. army. coming up, why gender discrimination would prevent two female candidates from serving in the elite ranger regiment.
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two female army ranger candidates are on the verge of making history this week by graduating from the elite ranger school. candidates must still pass a rigorous training program over the next two days. if they make it, there's no guarantee they will be able to actually serve in the famed unit. here's a look into this controversy. >>reporter: scan the faces of these soldiers completing the final phase of ranger training in a florida swamp and it is nearly impossible to pick out any women and in a way, that's the point. nothing is supposed to be different for female soldiers who aspire to elite ranger status. in the army ranger school, there's no womens obstacle course with shorter walls or any
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lighter loads to shoulder. the army says earning the tab for women should be just as hard for men. >> i think that's how we want to operate as we move forward. >>reporter: the army's outgoing chief of staff, a former top commander in iraq has indicated the army has no objection to opening up many more jobs to women. but integrating the women into these units is still being debated. a debate this class of ranger recruits and one more in the fall will help decide. it's a gruelling ordeal that many male soldiers also find too challenging. typically more than half the candidates drop out. less than 20 years ago, this was the stuff of fiction. >> the navy is still requiring to use the woman's name. >>reporter: the military is not
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identifying the female soldiers in training until and unless they graduate. >> many of her male counterparts in the elite navy program are said to be one of the most gruelling anywhere. >>reporter: unlike g.i. jane, the women in ranger training now is they're getting great feedback from the top brass. >> they've impressed all they come in contact with and they're motivated. >>reporter: these women may be the first female rangers but likely not the last. the army plans another course with women in october. . it's been two years since the
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pentagon ordered the military to integrate women unless the women cannot perform at the same level as a man. but so far these women are demonstrating they have what it takes to join the formerly all-men unit. >> watching the reporting and showing everything in this training, how significant is it that these two women are so close and they're right there at the final phase? >> well, it's ground breaking. it's incredibly exciting. i think over the last 15 years, we've seen women unofficially serve in so many combat roles. this is a chance for us to really cheer them on and really validate what it is we know that
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women can do. so certainly a lot of excitement around seeing this happen and i completely and totally expect that given the opportunity and time, many more women are going to pass these elite training courses. >> as it stands right now even they graduate, that doesn't necessarily mean they officially get to serve in a combat role and serve with the ranger regiment. how do you feel about that? >> i really that should be an equal opportunity. if they pass the training which is the same for men and women, they need the opportunity to join any unit they want to including the ranger regiment definitely. >> what role, if any, does gender actually play in a combat role? >> i think it's a lot smaller than we think and i think that's exactly what the top military brass discovered over the last decade and a half of war and
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that's why those jobs were opened up in the last two years. women were put to the test. it's the same for the men who are passing the ranger course. people are tested on an individual basis and if you can pass the training courses as an individual, you should be able to have the same opportunities to get the pay, the rank, the advancement, and the benefits that you've earned and you deserve whether you're a man or a woman. so i'm concerned that after two years after that opened, it's been a really slow process to get women into these courses and to get them into the units that once they've passed have a right to be in. >> and in fact, half of the men that try to get ranger training and drop out, there were about two dozen women who tried to get this bar and two did but half of
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the men also were not capable of completing the training. do you think that some of this is just politics? >> you know, we have top leadership in congress that can press top military leaders to make a plan to swiftly make these happen.
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across the united states, many of people are wondering where dinner will come from and you may be surprised who they are.
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>> [crowd chanting] hell no gmo. >> they're slamming a technology that could be used to solve problems for people who desperately need it. >> they get exited about technology whether it's in their phone or in their car, so why is it so weird on their plate?
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>> something's going into food that shouldn't really be there. >> techknow investigates. >> you could not pay me to fake data. welcome back. here's a look at your top stories. antigovernment protests held across brazil. tens of thousands gathered in the capital and elsewhere to demand either the resignation or the impeachment of the president. her approval ratings have fallen to a historic low to 8% civil rights leader julian bond has died. he was elected to the georgia house of representatives but it
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took two years and a congressional decision before he was able to take office in syria, government forces attacked a busy marketplace today killing more than 100 people. the air strikes also wounded almost 300 people. they hit the town of doma just east of the capital in 2008, law makers who wrote the u.s. farm bill defined a food desert as an area with limited access to farms or food. we have a report from chicago where more than 800,000 people rely on food donations. >>reporter: here in chicago part of the american phone bill the hungry line up for food. >> there's not enough food today. >>reporter: why?
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>> because they bring little bit. >>reporter: this is the face of hunger in america. >> it helps me out with my groceries when you're on a fixed income and i have an 11-year-old and a 35-year-old to feed. >>reporter: in the world's largest -- 311 people wait for three hours for fresh produce. >> this is not even feeding the people who are sleeping on the streets at the bus stations and train stations. it's not feeding everybody. there are people in need.
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in 2008 when the recession hit, we saw a huge spike in need and unfortunately it has not gone back down. we're pretty busy and we're doing a booming business. about 200,000 pounds of food per day is leaving this warehouse and is being distributed to food pantries and shelters across chicago. >>reporter: across the united states 46 million people receive food assistance from the united states government. >> we have chronic hunger from people who regularly don't know where their next meal is coming from. but many other families across the u.s. may experience hunger for a minute because run pay check to pay check. >>reporter: when times get tough, those americans join lines like this, lines that food
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security experts say are growing longer. >>reporter: this is called the donkey. it's where people come to get water. if we can afford to get water from a tanker, we will, otherwise we have to get it from here. yes, we get sick. right now, rivers supply the capital with its water.
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water is pumped from the river into tankers and then into the neighborhood where people bring their jugs and then pay to fill it up. sometimes the whole family has to drink untreated water. >> the problem is the government, the government knows how much we're suffering and
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living in a bad situation. >>reporter: aid groups say ending the civil war and building a central services for citizens must go hand in hand with better education. >> this is endless and has to improve if we should get rid of coa. >>reporter: for now, they will have to rely on the neighborhood donkey and risk getting ill. violence has forced officials in sri lanka. >>reporter: parliamentary elections
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people travel through it every night. that's down from 30,000 people taking it to get to london since
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july girls had to go home to use the toilet before. that's why we needed one here,
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so they would not have to leave school during the day. girls have really benefitted from this. s another school in the district does have toilets but they're in such bad shape, they are not used. some organizations for years have been building separate toilets for girls say the government's pledge is a good idea but hard to achieve in a year. sanitation experts say another year is needed to make sure no school is left out and to guarantee the quality of construction. the prime minister's support has made a difference.
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it's encouraging. a former top tennis players was one of hundreds of volunteers this weekend who decorated rio, one of the city's crowded slums. they arrived in the neighborhood with paint brushes ready to brighten its home. it was one of 200 celebrations to -- celebrations to mark the
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city's 200th anniversary coming up, containing the fires burning through the american west. and we'll show you what happens when traditional reindeer herders come against the oil industry in russia.
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>> everyone has a story... and the only way to see all of
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federal aviation officials
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say an automation problem as an air traffic control center has been fixed but it caused hundreds of flight delays and cancellations on saturday. flights from washington d.c.'s three airports were all stopped then. today they have received to full operation >> wild fires in idaho are burning. 30 homes and 75 other buildings have been destroyed. a 70-year-old woman died after falling while preparing to evacuate
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evacuate. >> on monday, we expect those temperatures to stay just about the same. in los angeles, the temperatures will come back to normal over the next couple of days. here across the northern plains we've seen a big change in temperatures where earlier on saturday. this cold front is coming through dropping temperatures about 30 degrees. billings on tuesday is going to see a high of only 69 degrees. but towards the east, those temperatures are going to be heating up. look at this, new york on monday, temperatures of 94 degrees and washington -- philadelphia, 95. back to you >> russia has recognized 40 groups of what they call small numbered indigenous people. many hold on to their traditional lifestyle despite
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government efforts to make them conform. >>reporter: they tell many stories, stoned peoples have been pulled from its deaths, the gods use it to reach earth. >> you just need to feel it and it changes
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the sad reality of this is that it's a case where it's one man versus a giant system and the odds are firmly stacked in the system's favor. his lawyer hopes to dismantle the charges before they reach the judge. russian courts have a 99% conviction rate. also, this is the region where state-owned oil companies have enormous influence. >>
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the magic kingdom will soon be a portal to the star wars universe. this weekend wall disney announced it's building
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expansions in disney world and disney land. it will make people believe they're on any planet in a universe far, far away. they can take the hand of millennium falcon. this is long overdue >> tracking poachers in africa's most important wildlife parks from poachers.
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as the presidepresidential
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flocked to the iowa state fair this weekend. michael shore was left with one question. what do you call people from des moines. >>reporter: you're from iowa? >> yes. >>reporter: so you must know what the word is for someone from des moines. >> i've got nothing. >>reporter: new yorkers from new york. washingtonian. >> an iowan? >>reporter: but more specifically. >> city folk. [laughter] >>reporter: we'll go with city folk. thanks very much. >> i suppose it's des monian. >>reporter: very nice. >> and i'm from arizona. how did i know that and you didn't? >>reporter: so you're with the fire department? >> correct. >>reporter: so when you save someone here from a fire you're
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saving a des moinite. >>reporter: and you know that to be true? >> no. >>reporter: nobody knows what it's called. calls for resignation, why thousands taking to the streets of brazil in an effort to impeach the president. that's coming up in the next half hour from new york senegal is a world heritage
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site serves as a safe haven for many species of animals. we go along with the rangers charged with protecting the park animals from poachers. >>reporter: this is a successful operation inside an important world heritage
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>> local villagers with weapons and food rations.
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he says he was poaching bush meat but park officials do not believe him. most of the animals killed are smuggled into countries like
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asia. the news continues now with dale walters. hello, dale. good evening, this is al jazeera america, i'm del walters, with a look at tonight's top stories. tens of thousands taking to the streets calling for the brazilian president to resign finger pointing after the fall of an iraqi city. baghdad making an effort to reform the iraqi government and more on the bomb, and civilian rights. we begin tonight with a possibility that the days of president dilma rousseff could be numbered. tens of thousands


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