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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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>> south korea on high alert as a deadline issued by the north to dismantle huge loudspeakers nears. from al jazeera's headquarters in doha. also ahead, the u.s. says it's killed i.s.i.l.'s second in command in an air strike in iraq. the u.n. says it's deeply concerned for thousands of refugees stuck along the border with macedonia. and stung beaches, why the island in kenya is struggling to
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attract tourists. hello, we begin with the latest on the brewing tensions between north and south korea. it looks like there's a last minute attempt to mediate the dispute. now large loudspeakers, ftc blare anticommunist propaganda. harry fawcett is in jimgakkak. harry, cease both sides are looking for a way out of this escalating tension. >> reporter: it does seem that way. within the last hour or so we had a message from the south korean's president's office, announcing these talks for 6:00 p.m. local time. for the ending of the
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loudspeaker broadcasting would pass at 5:00. an hour after that deadline was expected to take place. the pan munjong group, we have the head of the general political bureau of the korean people's army we have the head of the united front department which is the ministry which coordinates the relations between north and south korea, on the south side we have the head of the national security office of the president's office and the unification minister here in south korea who deals with are inter korean relations. all four are intimate in
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relations between the two sides. the southern side says it has restarted these broadcasts in response to a north korean land mine attack which maimed two south korean soldiers earlier this month. the north north said it wants them to stop. finding common ground and moving beyond the situation is going to be difficult. >> what about the situation on the border itself, what's happening there? >> well, the evacuation orders stay in force, some 15,000 people we believe have been evacuated on the southern side of the border from villages and counties near to the dill militarized zone. here we have heard engine speakers, blaring getting tourists out of this immediate vicinity as well. detected movements on the
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northern side of 76.2 meter artillery as well as that north korean side said it had the south korean's speakers in their sitesights. now we have news of these talks but the alert levels remain high here. >> harry fawcett live for us near the south korean border. now the u.s. says the second in command of the islamic state of iraq and the levant has been killed in an air strike. fadhil ahmad al-hayali was apparently killed as he flastled a car in the iraqi city of mosul on tuesday. the white house announced his death saying it would damage i.s.i.l. operations. his main role was to move weapons explosive vehicles and people between iraq and syria. zeina khodr is live in baghdad.
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zeina how important is this person? >> reporter: he was a high ranking military official in charge of i.s.i.l.'s military operation in iraq. he was a high ranking member who had military knowledge as well as knowledge of the area. at the end of the day, the man is an iraqi which gives hm some sort of credibility and legitimacy among the population. if he was a foreigner from teubs or saudi arabia it would be hard to interact -- from tunis or saudi arabia h it would be hardo interact. its strict interpretation of islam the fact that they don't accept any dissent, like i said
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he was an iraqi from the area who knows the ground and knows the people. we have to remember that i.s.i.l. yes it is a secretive organization but there has been intelligence reports that this organization does not have a centralized command structure. they learn from the past, many of these people were members of al qaeda in iraq, central command structure really lessened its control. allows overall operation to continue in case a top official is killed. >> he'll simply be replaced by somebody else in the leadership structure. what overall effect is this going to have on i.s.i.l.'s operations there? >> reporter: well, really it's too early to tell. at the end of the day, we have to remember the fact on the ground is i.s.i.l. still controls mosul.
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it has been more than ayear since they took over that city. more than a million people live under their rule. it's not just that. in may, i.s.i.l. captured yet another provincial capital, ramadi, in anbar province, 80% of that province is in i.s.i.l.'s hands and a counteroffensive have been launched by iraqi forces and shia pli replies yas. at the end of the day, i.s.i.l. ii.s.i.l -- shia militias. the alternative is a shia-led government had baghdad, shia militias, not a united iraqi army. that's how i.s.i.l. gains its strength. this fight cannot be won unless shia and sunnies come together in iraq. the very fact they can move
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between iraq and syria gives them strength. lack of partners on the ground especially in syria. >> schoard, livzeina khodr, livn that area. macedonia he police there have started to let in bands of refugees. hundreds of people still waiting to get through. on friday security forces fired stun grenades to stop them from crossing over the border. jonah hull, are on the greek side of the border any sense how many have been let in? >> reporter: to be honest, there hasn't yet been permission for 96 to cross over this formal
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border. they're talking about repeating what they did later in the day. as your pictures indicated there are hundreds perhaps a couple thousand at this point on a rail line. essentially, the last town in greece and the first town in macedonia. they are extending razor wire. in some cases even apparently beating them back. we met a man a short while ago who showed us apparent evidence of that. this crowd is growing all the time. a sort of unrelenting wave of humidity, making its way from the greek islands in the south, by the stif city of thessaloniki
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here. they will not be deterred. >> and people there of course have left desperate situations back in their home countries. what are conditions like there for people there right now as they arrive? >> reporter: not good at all. very, very ad hoc. some of them will be traveling with money, they'll be able to afford to stay in small cheap motels along their route. others simply don't have that sort of resource. they are living rough, on the side of the highways in tents. there's very little in the level of formal assistance, the man who showed me the apparent scars of the beating, saying, is this what the european union calls a warm welcome? they are desperate in many cases
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to get eventually to germany. >> jonah hull some live for us on the greek side of the border with macedonia. much more to come on the program. also ahead. >> it's surreal. >> definitely not for children. a theme park with a dark political message. message. all sediment, plant growth and decay... there's always a risk of flooding. >> now, new cutting edge technology that could help prevent future disasters... >> the system has really evolved. >> and what it means for new orleans. >> our big take away is new orleans is on a good track, but the job is not done here. >> techknow investigates 10 years after katrina.
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>> could normalization change cuba forever? >> i'm afraid for cuba. >> we ask cubans about their hopes and fears. >> i would love to see my business grow into a transnational company. >> hello again the top stories
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on al jazeera. senior officials from both north and south korea are to meet in the coming hours in an attempt to find a solution to the tensions there. north korea is demanding the south dismantle huge loudspeakers which are blasting propaganda across the border. u.s. says the second in command of the islamic state of iraq and the levant has been killed in an air strike. fadhil ahmad al-hayali was killed in a car as he traveled in the iraqi city of mosul on tuesday. mast doan yas havmacedoniang some people through their borders. doctors without borders are talking to yemen's fighting forces.
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it's become the focus of fighting in recent weeks as anti-houthi fighters try to retake, pushing north towards sanaa. this was the aftermath of sporadic fightin fighting frida, killings hundreds of children and adults. dissolution of parliament in gross, they're sick of power cuts, food shortages and violence. prime minister haider al-abadi recently announced an 18th-corruption push. prices of commodities are on the rise and that along with a series of corruption scanlts co.
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dilma rousseff is the most unpopular president in decades. >> ever since this woman's husband lost his job, this woman has become the sole breadwinner. even at countied prices, few of her clients are buying these days and she can barrel make ends meet. >> translator: i constantly have a headache, there is no jobs, no future, no end in sight. we need to choose which bill to pay every month. we also had to negotiate a discount at school. >> the brazilian middle class, flourished over the last decade and is now losing its privilege. at this market they sell almost everything at unbeatable prices but even here vendors are
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struggling. there are plenty of people but few are buying. emanuel silva has owned this kiosk for 15 years. he comes from the northeast, once a strong hold of president dilma rousseff. >> i wengt to the process, she is sinking the country. we cut many things. we cancel the internet, we don't call our parents that often, they live in another state and it's too expensive. there is no end in sight. it is like a mob monster behind the door and he -- a monster behind the door and he does not go away. >> he plans to return to a village with his are wife. they plan to have a baby. all social classes are feeling pinch and much of the blame is on the president. >> we have a lot of problems
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with the military dictators, i live that moment when i was 13 years old, i was very young but all the time i believe in the future. but now, with the city there is no future here. >> reporter: president dilma rousseff has started a campaign to win back her people, but hers is a struggle in which few politicians have succeeded. hoda abdel hamid, al jazeera. >> three soldiers have been shot during a borings issue. guatemala's president, rox roxana baldetti was arrested
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earlier in the day while receiving hospital treatment. she is implicated in a customs kickback scheme which led to her resignation in may. otto perez is also involved. passengers who overpowered an armed man on a train traveling from amsterdam to paris. he fired a shot and wounded one passenger before being tide up. one is being streeted in hospital for knife wounds. the man was stopped in the northern french city of arras. an american describes the scene. >> i had my eyes closed, i was sleeping, all of a sudden there was glass this my hair.
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my husband looked at what caused that, we saw a man with a very large automatic weapon. we were in shock. >> the news of the falling of the chinese economy, the dow jones in america had a drop of 500 points, also saw oil prices hit a six-year low below $40 a barrel. now, consumer confidence is lowest in six years as the lack of stable government and increased security concerns hit the economy. bernard smith reports from istanbul. >> reporter: turkey's consumers are nervous. the level of optimism they have has fallen to a six year low
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according to the turkey institute. now the country's currency is also suffering. >> as long as the dollar is strong business will be bad. people aren't investing their hard earned salaries into cheese and olives. they're investing them into u.s. dollars. >> businesses needing trading are bracing themselves for the fallout from a weaker lira. >> because we operate in the domestic market this automatically affects our retail priors. our goods are also in u.s. dollars. >> turkey has added domestic pressures. in order to yeel the turmoil in the financial markets first
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of all turkey needs a stronger base, makes turkish economy more fragile against external risks and also we already have huge current account deficits and high valuation. >> reporter: the lira has lost 25% this year. what happens to the lira and the economy as a whole, could play a significant question. bernard smith, al jazeera america, istanbul. >> a shooting case of an your honor armed black man. traitors were in a standoff for
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shootinshooting. kerr rick is one of several cases in the u.s. where a white police officer was accused of using unjustified force. evacuation orders have been issued for two more towns threatened by the wildfires in the american state of washingt washington. the national guard has been called out to help firefighters. in the town of twisp thousands of acres have been destroyed. hundreds of troops have been sent to the state of california where 18 wildfires have been burnlg, after four years of drought the state is even more vulnerable.
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the culima state in venezuela, the volcano has been exhibiting signs of eruption. it is part of the pacific's ring of fire. hotel operators on indian ocean country of kenya, hotels have been forced to lay off staff. from the island of lamu mohammad adow has this report. >> the warm saniti sandy beache. holiday makers have shunned kenya's beaches after attacks blamed on al shabaab fighters from neighboring somalia and
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western governments issued warnings against travel to the coast. it's the own, been coming here for last eight years. >> it's just unspoiled place on this planet. it has a magic, it's like paradise, you step off and you don't want to get back on. >> why lambo island has been primarily peaceful, they have chased away tourists. this man hasn't had a guest for a while. >> three months without even a single guest. we are just cleaning our pool, cleaning our rooms cleaning our kitchen but no guests. >> reporter: every morning along the waterfront young men
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wand in search of jobs. it is these lack of jobs that worry the governor the most. >> it gives me sleepless nights when i think of the number of people who are unemployed. when i imagine their families who are not able perhaps even to put food on their tables. >> there was good news when the lifted a travel advisory closing much of the coastal am region. i set the stage. but for many lamo still remains a no-go area. >> now the british street artist banksy has converted annal open air, this is no conventional
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theme part. paul brennan reports. >> reporter: the castle looks vaguely familiar. the attractions are reminiscent of the seaside. but the authors, creators of dismal land, the themes there between the keeply comic and aftermath of a catastrophic civil emergency. in another room the grim reaper wears a dodge emcar. outside, the radio-controlled toy boits are models of stricken ships with no hope to reach land. theme parse should have bigger themes. >> when i comes to the bigger household name artist, he tends to be one who is sticking his
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neck out for a political message, a lot more so than his artists who are on his fame level. especially what's interesting here at dismal land, he has brought a lot of other people in hi collection. >> banksy is rely. the locals were told it was being used as a hollywood film set but it was local residents who were given exclusive assets on the first open day. reaction has been positive. >> it's like surreal is the opening word for it. some of the rides were a little bit scary to go on. they looked like they were about to fail fall aparts it will. >> prop kahn ah needs this.
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>> groundbreaking architect plus the street residence 80 in 2009. and decimal land is expected to bring, shoppers to the western gallery. >> radio controlled tois. more than a financial shot in the arm for a rung down seaside port, it's a comment on commercialism and celebrity. requires the engagement of the mind as well as the hands. the dismal land show will run until december 27th. paul brennan, al jazeera. >> global search for two art thieves the man with the broken nose, sculpted by rodin, was
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stolen from a coap hain copenham in july. all the stories on our website, market slammed. what is next for a brutal friday for your investments who is an american, the term birth right citizenship is loaded with controversy, especially among some republican candidates running for president in 2016. before we start debating rights


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