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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> riot police try to stop refugees from crossing the boa border from greece. >> macedonian prisomacedonian police volleyed fir grenades as men women and children broke through their lines. >> s are coming up, an explosion hits the afghan capital killing foreign workers. french investigators
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questions a man who open fired on a train before being overcome by passengers who are called heroes. >> either you sit down and you die or you get up and you die. >> adeserted destinations, while holiday makers are staying away from scenic spots like this. >> hello, thousands of people mostly refugees from the war in syria are continuing to police the border. the government declared a state of emergency on tuesday. more than 42 house people have crossed over in the past two months. small numbers have been allowed to board trains going north, but others have remained trapped. thousands remain on the border. we go to the greek side of the
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border, so jonah, a harrowing see scene earlier, what is it like at the moment? >> some sense of order and calm has returned here such as is possible. behind me on the railway tracks hundreds of people are back where they were. many of them are new arrives pressed up against the bas barbed wires. earlier hundreds of people did get through simply running through the field evading stun grenades that went off all around them. international amnesty has described the actions as a breach of international law, and i heard shortly supplies of food, water, and tent sheeting will arrive here. >> 48 hours after macedon in a shut its borders to refugee the
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gathering crowd makes a break for it. they didn't come this far to be held back. [ yelling ] [ explosions ] >> hundreds do get through, sprinting across open fields as armed police units fire percussion grenades. in this case directly at a mother and her two children. until thursday this was an invisible open border. railway tracks leading from greece to macedonia, serbia, the e.u. and germany and beyond. now refugees have no idea why they're being treated this way. >> i'm not terrorist. this is not terrorist. this is not terrorist. we are human. where is the humanity. where is the world to see us? look everyone here, they are
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families. we don't need anything, just to cross. we don't need money. let us cross. let us cross. i want to cross to germany. >> among them are some who have been sent back from macedonia, alleging harsh treatment by the local police. >> you say that the police in macedonia were hitting you? >> see. >> the mother and her daughters are trapped and terrified. >> what has happened to you? tell us? [ crying ] >> your family got cross and you are stuck here? >> she begs to be allowed to cross. >> we just heard the sound of small arms fired going across the heads of these people hid no
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one buschs along side a field trying to get into macedonia. they've taken staggering risks to get this far. they've traveled the sea in plastic dinghies, they've crossed the borders on foot. they did not expect to be confronted by violence from armed police. >> it's all yet another sign of the european union's complete inability to deal with this vast movement of refugees. to these people seeking safety it must feel like heartless indifference. well, speaking earlier, here on the ground, watching as we were what was going on, the point was made clear breaches of international law, first of all, in denying access to the country to people who want to make a claim for asylum and giving them--failing to give them proper procedures to do that, and also enforcebly returning those people as they have done back to greece without examining
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their claims properly. of course, no one can compel the macedonian government to do anything about it, even as more and more people arrive here all the time, and they will simply keep coming. one question we don't know the answer to now is what will happen to the people who did make it across because of course in the eyes of the macedonians now they're illegal migrants. of course, the irony if you like is that these people really don't want to spend any more time inside macedonia than they have to. they want to get in. they want to pass through, and they want to leave as quickly as possible. >> jonah hull live at the greece-macedonia border. thank you very much, indeed. dozens of refugees have landed within an hour carrying up to 60 people. many of the refugees on board were women and children. they reportedly paid $1,500 to make the one-hour boat trip from
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turkey. about 3,000 refugees land in lesbos each day. >> when we come here, we've traveled from afghanistan to turkey, and then to greece. so we see lots of things. lots of dead bodies. lots of--don't ask. it's really-- >> in afghanistan there has been a deadly explosion in the capital. nato says that a number of foreign contractors are among the dead following the attack of a military convoy traveling through. it happened close to the airport not far from the u.s. embassy. jennifer glasse is in kabul. give us more details about this
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attack. >> it happened at 4:00 in the afternoon. a car bomb targeting military working for nato. but nine afghan civilians among the dead and more than a hundred injured, the interior ministry tells us, lots of those are minor injuries, lots of flying glass because it blew out the windows of many of the apartments in that residential area where the car bomb blew up. the taliban has denied responsibility for the attack as sometimes they do when civilians have been injured. it comes at a deadly time. three weeks ago three attacks in a 24-hour period killed 50 people and injured more than 200. it has people here in the afghan capital on edge, security tight and everyone on high a alert.
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the security captured a truck that had seven tons of explosive material in it, an idea of how series the security threat remains here. >> and this is making it more difficult to recruit people and work in the area because presumably there is work that needs to be done. has it had an impact on that at all? >> afghani, the currency, has dropped very much in value. many afghans are unemployed because as the afghans security forces took over in nato forces left much of the economy has been dependent on foreig foreign aid, aid workers, a lot of that has gone away. and last week we had a foreign aid worker kidnapped in kabul. that shut down the
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organization's activities and sent foreign workers home. it affects all aspects of life here. >> thank you for that update. ten somali soldiers are dead after a suicide-bomb attack on a military camp. the bombers rammed their car into the gates of an university campus currently being used to train soldiers to fight the armed group al-shabab. two of the attackers were killed in the attack and two more are in custody. a large explosion in mogadishu. witnesses say that they also heard gunfire explosion which some report was a car bomb was close to the internal security ministry and a large hotel. the french president france soy holland has thanked a group of passengers for overpowering a heavily armed gunman on a train in northern france. the attacker managed to fire a shot wounding one person before being tackled to the ground. we have the latest from paris.
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>> film footage shows a gunman who tried to cause carnage. he was confronted first by a french passenger and then tackled by american passengers. spencer stone was injured with cuts to his neck and hand, but his condition in hospital is not serious. >> he ran a good ten meters to get to the guy. we didn't know that his gun wasn't working or anything like that. spencer just ran any way. if anybody would have gotten shot it would have been spencer for sure. we're lucky nobody got killed, especially spencer. >> authorities say that the swift intervention of those passengers prevented a potential massacre. the gunman was armed with an ak-47 rifle, nine magazines of ammunition, spare bullets and a box-cutter played. >> my thoughts were that i'm probably going to die anyway, so let's go. i'd rather die being active trying to get him down than
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simply sit in the corner and be shot. >> the gunman's identity has not been formerly confirmed, but he's believed to be a 26-year-old moroccan man. spanish intelligence flagged him up to their french counterparts who created an s-file on him effectively placing him on a watch list. according to the french interior minister the man is a member of a radical islamist movement. >> i want to express our gratitude and admiration for the two american passengers, who were especially courageous. >> because the gunman boarded the train in brussels, belgium authorities have commenced a terrorism investigation into the circumstances of the attempted attack. once again the effectiveness of the intelligence services is under scrutiny, but also the security of europe's rail network. high speed rail passengers traveling between france and england must go through
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stringent security, including baggage x-rays. the reason being the channel tunnel, the stretch underneath the english channel. plus across the rest of the french network, including trains that pass through belgium and amsterdam and the netherlands there are no such security. >> they will raise the level of alert around the network. in the meantime the bravery medals have been awarded to the american and french passenger who is overpowered the man and president françois hollande has invited them to the presidential palace in paris. >> we'll be talking live to paul brennan in paris with more on that story. em's second in command has been killed. full details still ahead.
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>> stun grenades and batons on the border to push back refugees trying to cross greece on their way to europe. in kabul 12 people have been killed and 100 injured. passengers who overpowered a heavily armed gunman on a train in northern france are hailed as heroes. more now on the large explosion in the somali capital of mogadishu.
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mohammed, what more information have you managed to gather on this explosion? >> about three people killed, in that explosion, about a dozen others injured. rescue workers trying to help the people who were at a popular certify sho coffee shop. the car bomb exploded there, not far from the security ministry. this is a very popular place
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this is the second attack that we must face. earlier on there was a huge explosion. there were 14 deaths and several others injured. >> thank you very much, indeed. >> back now to the knu northern france. it seems that he was known to the spanish and french authorities, yet he was able to carry out this attack. >> yes, as the details emerge what the authorities are saying
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most of all is that they haven't formerly confirmed his identity. the gone man has given a game, and they're checking out whether or not that really is the gunman's own name. if it is, then it cam he came to the attention of the spanish authorities because of, and i quote, radical islam movement. it does appear to be fair to the french that this man was never a resident in france. remember he got on this high week train in brussels, that's why the belgiums have launched their part of the investigation as an anti-terrorist organization. while the french were aware of him and had been passed information about him, it does
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not appear that this 26-year-old was a resident in france. he was he was oalthough he was on a security watch list, to say that he was under surveillance by the french is misleading. >> what about trains and transport networks? >> yes, very difficult one. as i mentioned in my report earlier, there is a very distinction to be made in the service between france and england, for example, and the high speed train services which zip thousands of passengers across the mainland of europe. the fact is that you could walk in to a railway station, carry your bags directly on to the train with very little checks, indeed. now there was raising to the maximum level of the security state in relation to the
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transport system back in january in the wake of the charlie hebdo shootings. that state of alert remained at maximum. while they have been in contact with transport chiefs and reminding of their responsibilities in relation to that maximum state of alert there is very little that they can do in addition to what is already going on. that is extra baggage checks, patrols at the stations, visual inspections of baggage and announcements reminding people to remain vigilant. >> thank you. >> seven people have died after a crash at an airshow in southern england. witnesses say that the aircraft hit trouble when it tried a loop
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during an air battin arabatic display. in china flames located one kilometer away from a residential area, but so far no casualties have been reported. earlier this month 116 people were killed at an explosion at a hazar hazardous storage facility in tianjin. al hayali was killed while traveling in a car. >> he's isil's man in iraq in charge of overseeing the groups' military operations from lowies ticks to finance. his position was confirmed by the white house, which released this statement. al hayali was an isil council member and as senior deputy to
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leaders abu bakr al baghdadi was responsible for moving large amounts of weapons, explosives, vehicles, and people between iraq and syria. al-hayali's death will adversely impact isil's operations given that his influence spanned ill's finance, media, operations and logistics. he traveled in a vehicle with another operative, who also died. this isn't the first time the u.s. has claimed to have killed hayali. he was reported dead in an attack in late 2014 as well. a former officer under saddam hussein who served in an u.s.-ran prison, he played a role in the capture of mosul. while his death is undoubtedly a blow to isil, the group seems to be prepared for such eventuallities. >> isil is a secretive
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organization, but intelligence gathered over the years indicate that the group's power is not centralized. member leaders have a formal command structure, which proved to be a weakness. they're believed to have created a system that gives leaders flexibility so that overall operations are not affected if top official is killed. on the ground the coalition and it's local partners have few successes to claim. it has been over a year, and isil remains deeply entrenched in mosul, where it controls all aspects of life. there are those that the u.s. has no long-term strategy. >> the challenge has been who are we backing on the ground. >> in iraq iranian-backed militias are leading the fight in mainly sunni areas.
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opposition from some politicians in baghdad to the arming of sunnies has increased sectarian tensions. the lack of reconciliation allowed isil to capture another capital in may. a counter offensive to retake ramadi and much of the anbar province has mated little process. hayali' death may an short-term setback for the group given his background, but the defeat of isil will required a solution where isil controls significant territories. >> in iraq thousands of protesters have demonstrated on the streets of the capital of baghdad. according to the government to follow up on its promise of reforms, demonstrators want corrupt officials sacked and the parliament resolved. hyder al abadi recently announced an anti-corruption
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drive. several cease-fire violations are threatening to derail negotiations, we have more from pakistan. >> for the past several weeks the headlines across pakistan and india has been dangerous escalation of cease-fire violations. we've seen dozens of families who have had to escape their villages because of incoming mortar and light arms fire. they were terrorized and traumatized by the events unfolding. now india and pakistan will be trying to narrow their deferences. but the main crux of the problem will be how they will be able to handle the cease-fire along this line of control. the fear is that this conflict would escalate into a bigger confrontation if they're not able to control the skirmishes along the border. importantly it is the people of kashmir on both sides who are suffering. pakistan wants to talk about
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kashmir. the indians want that off 9 table. and are only willing to discuss terrorism. the pakistanis come to meet the separatist leaders. india opposes that. while it is not certain whether the talks will go ahead or not, the stakes are high, and without talks cross border independence are likely to intensify, and endanger peace between india and pakistan. so it is a crisis that needs attention, it needs also the attention of the world community to try and resolve this outstanding issue between two nuclear armed nations. >> the recent state of attacks by the al-shabab armed group is having a huge affect on kenya's torism industry. many visitors are simply too scared to go to the region after being warned by their governments not to go there, and resorts are becoming virtual ghost towns. we're in the indian ocean tourist region lamu island
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workers he had no problem getting a hotel room. >> the empty beaches tell the story of its troubles. in good times this beach would be full of tourists, and it's been this empty for a while now. holiday makers have shunned kenya's beaches after attacks from al-shabab fighters from neighboring so somalia. this family from england has been coming here for the last eight years. >> it's just the most beautiful place on this planet. it's like paradise when you step off that boat you don't want to get back on it. >> while lamu has been peaceful
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there have been scared-away tourists. this hotel owner said that he has not had a guest for a while. >> in the history of lamu we have hadn't not had the experience. we could go three months without a single guest. we're cleaning our pool, cleaning our rooms, cleaning our kitchen, but no guests. >> every morning along the waterfront young men wander in search of jobs. it's these unemployed youth that worry the governor most. >> it gives me sleepless nights when i imagine the number of young people who are unemployed, when i imagine their families who are not able to put food on their tables. >> there was good news for kenya's ailing tourism when recently britain, the source of half of the country's tourists, lifted a travel advisory, covering most of the coastal
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region. this will set the stage of recovery of what is a crucial sector to the kenyan economy. but still many parts of lamu remains a no-go area. al jazeera. kenya. many city homes here, young girls continue to serve as irls continue to serve as known as kamlari, they are the daughters of indebted farmers, sold to landlords for little to no money.


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