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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> crowds of refugee push by police over the border between macedonia and greece after an intense stand off. >> hello, i'm maryam nemazee. this is al jazeera. live from london. also coming up, a massive explosion kills 12 people in the afghan capital including afghan civilians and three american workers. hailed as heroes, france thanks a group of passengers for overpowering a gunman on a train. >> what else is there to do? either you sit down and you die
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or you get up and you die. >> macedonian police have allowed thousands of refugees gather at the border to cross into the country. it follows a tense journey for refugees who journe make their way to europe. >> they did not come this far to be held back.
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hundreds do get through, sprinting across open fields as there are percussion grenades, in this case fired at a mother and her children. this was an invisible open border. tracks leading through greece through serbia, the e.u. and germany and beyond. now families have no idea why they're being treated this way. >> i'm not terrorist. this is not terrorist. this is not terrorist. we're human. where is the humanity? where is the world to see us. look, everyone here. they are families. we don't need anything just to cross. we don't need money. just to cross. let us cross. i want to cross to germany. >> among them are some who have been sent back from macedonia,
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alleging harsh treatment from the police. >> you say that the police were hitting you? >> this is the police in macedonia. >> yes. >> the same mother and her daughters are trapped and terrified. >> what has happened to you? >> family. >> tell us. >> family, family. [ sobbing ] >> your family got across and you're stuck here? >> she begs to be allowed to cross. we just heard the sound of small arms fired going above the heads of these people hid no one buschbushs hiding to get into macedonia. they traveled the sea in plastic dinghies. they traveled on foot, they did
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not expect to be confronted by violence by armed police. the european union has so far shown it's complete inability to deal with this vast movement of refugees and the macedonians seem to be no better as night fell it was clear the police count stop them, so they stopped trying. for now this route is open again. jonah hull, al jazeera, on the border between greece and macedonia. >> well, thousands of refugees have landed on the island of lesbos in deflatable dinghies. eight boats landed on the shore on saturday, each carrying 60 people. many on board were women and children. in afghanistan there has been an explosion in the capital, the latest in a wave of attacks across that city. 12 people were reportedly killed in the blast including afghan civilians and three u.s. citizens working in the country.
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it occurred near the u.s. embassy, more than 100 people were injured in the explosion. jennifer glasse is in kabul with the latest. >> the car bomb went off in one of the busiest times of the day on a very busy street in a residential area just outside of a hospital not far from a school at a time when people were leaving work heading home. the car bomb, the target was an armored convoy carrying civilian contractors for nato. a number of afghan civilian cars were damaged in that. civilians and contractors among the dead. it comes as afghans are on edge. security is a very big concern here. three blasts, three attacks. killed more than 50, and wounded more than 250. that was the deadliest day in the afghan capital in several years. the security situation remains
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precarious. the taliban has denied responsibility for this latest attack as they often do if they are are any civilian casualties involved. the sense of how pre-care us the situation remains here. afghan police sound four rockets just on the outskirts of kabul province. they were destined to be fired into the city and the afghan intelligence service captured a truck and driver, that truck ladened with seven tons of explosive materials. the security services remaining on high alert here and afghan is very concerned about the security situation. >> now, thousands of people have taken to the streets in beirut to protest over the government's handling of rubbish disposal. police use water canons to disperse the crowd.
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lebanese red cross said that 30 people have been injured. >> now french president françois hollande has thanked a group of passengers being hailed as heroes but overpowering a heavily armed gunman on a train in northern france. u.s. president barack obama has telephoned the men to thank them personally. the suspect was able to fire off a shot before being tackled to the ground. >> tied up and subdued. mobile phone footage shows the gunman who tried to create carnage. pedestrian been confronted by a french passenger and then overpowered by a group of american travelers.
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spencer stone received cuts on his neck and hand. >> we didn't know if thinks gun was working or anything like that. spencer just ran any way. if anybody would have gotten shot, it would have been spencer for sure. we're lucky that nobody got killed, especially spencer. >> the swift intervention of those passengers prevented a potential massacre. the gunman was armed with an ak-47 rifle, nine magazines of ammunition, a pistol and a blocks cutter blade. >> my thoughts was i'm probably going to die anyway, so let's go. i would rather die being activity trying to get him down than simply sit in the corner and being shot. >> the gunman was a 26-year-old moroccan man. spanish intelligence flagged him up to their french counterparts, who created an s-file, effectively placing him on a watch list. the man is a member of a radical islamist movement.
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>> target with the prime minister and the president i want to express our gratitude and admiration for the two american passengers who were courageous. >> the gunman entered the train at brussels belgium has created an investigation into the terrorism attack. the effectiveness of intelligence is under scrutiny as well as the security of europe's rail network. high speed rail passengers traveling from france and england must go through stringent security, including baggage x-ray, but across the rest of the french network, including trains that pass through belgium and amsterdam and the netherlands, there are no such security provisions. >> a memo was sent to regional
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leaders to raise the level of alert around the sprains port network. in the middle east, the bravery medals have been awarded who over powered the man and french president françois hollande has invited them to the presidential palace in paris. >> and spencer stone, the man who first accosted the gunman, has left hospital. his finger was nearly severed when he tackled the gunman to the ground. now, we're getting reports that islamic state gunmen have killed 50 troops in iraq. the associated press news agency has quoted an official saying that's soldiers were killed in an ambush west of the iraqi capital baghdad. the u.s. said that isil's second in command mass been killed in an airstrike. al hayalai was killed in a car
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as he traveled on tuesday. >> he was over logistics and finances. his chain of command was confirmed by the white house, which released this statement. al hayali was an aisles council member and senior deputy to isil leader abu bakr al baghdadi, he was a primary coordinator for moving large amounts of weapons, explosives, vehicles, people between iraq and syria. ahe was reportedly killed near mosul in northern iraq on august 18th as he traveled in a vehicle with another isil operative, who also died. this isn't the first time that the u.s. has claimed to have killed hayali. he was reported dead in an attack in late 2014 as well.
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a former officer under saw dam hussein, who served in an u.s.-run prison, he played a role in the capture of mosul, iraq's second-biggest city. while his death is undoubtedly a blow to isil, the group is prepared for such eventuallities. isil is a secretive organization, but intelligence gathered over the years indicate that the group's power is not centralized. many of its leaders were members of al-qaeda and iraq, which have a form of command structure. it proved to be a weakness, and isil leaders have learned from that experience. they're believed to have created a system that gives leaders flexibility so that over all operations are not affected if top officials are killed. >> on the ground the coalition and it's local partners have few successes to claim. it has been over a year and isil remains deeply entrenched in mosul where it controls all aspects of life.
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there are those who believe despite the death the u.s. has no long-term strategy to defeat isil. >> i think that the challenge has been who are we backing on the ground? there is a larger issue in terms of having a regional solution being that all the players on the same stage. >> in iraq iranian backed militias are leading the fight in mainly sunni arab areas. and opposition from some politicians in baghdad to the arming of sunnies has increased sectarian tensions. the lack of reconciliation allowed isil to capture another provincial capital in may. an offensive to take much of the anbar province has made little progress. defeating isil will require solution to iraq and syria where isil controls significant territory. al jazeera, baghdad. >> there is much more still to come on al jazeera this half
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hour. seeking better treatment, why cuban doctors are protesting in columbia. and we'll tell you how brazil's once mighty middle class has fallen on hard times.
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>> welcome back. you're watching al jazeera. let's update you on the stories. after beating people back from the border with gas grenades and baton, macedonia police are allowing refugees to cross from greece.
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french president françois hollande has thanked a group of passengers for overpowering a heavily armed gunman on a train to northern france. now to other stories, seven people have died after a jet crashed into several cars in an airshow in southern england. the jet that dates from the late 19 50's came down on a main road to bryant. witnesses say that the aircraft hit trouble when it tried a loop during an arabatic display. in china there are reports of an explosion in the eastern province of shandong. about one kilometer away from a residential area, but so far no casualties have been reported. earlier this month 116 people were killed by an explosion at a storage facility further north in tiani.
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the border is just one of key refugee crisis points in europe. the mediterranean sea is another. italy's cost guard has launched a major rescue effort after receiving sos calls from 18 different boats carrying refugees. around 3,000 people mostly traveling on rubber dinghies are floating off the libyan coast. we have this update from sicily in southern italy. >> as many as 3,000 refugees traveling on at least 18 separate vessels are being rescued. the refugees traveling on 14 rubber dinghies and four actual shapes they sent out distress signals on saturday morning, which was picked up by the atoolan coast guard, which has september out a number of rescue boats. now this is not the first time we've seen so many refugees being rescued at the same time.
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this is a tactic by smugglers who wait for good weather before sending out as many boats as they can. sometimes with deadly consequences. these are optimal weather conditions to perform such a rescue operation, but of course it is still very dangerous as we've seen in the past many migrants die or risk their lives just as they see their rescuers approach. we've seen refugees who have died when they all move the same side of the boat to take a look or call out for help or send a distress signal to the boat causing the boat to capsize. we've seen this many times before. but this particular operation is going well. and it will be performed without casualties. >> these talks between india and pakistan have fallen before they even began. there has been rising tension
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between the countries over the disputed kashmir region. kamal hyder has more. >> over the past several weeks the headlines across pakistan and india has been a dangerous escalation of cease-fire violations. we've seen dozens much families who have had to escape thei because of mortar and fire. they were traumatized by the events unfolding. the fear is that this conflict would escalate into a bigger confrontation if they're not able to control the skirmishes along the border. the people on both sides are suffering. the stakes are high, and without talks the situation is likely to intensify. so it is in crisis that needs attention, it needs also the attention of the world community to try and resolve this
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outstanding issue between two nuclear armed nations. >> at least ten somali soldiers are dead after a suicide-bomb attack on a military camp in the port city o kismayo. the al-shabab group has already claimed responsibility. there was an explosion in the somali capital. mogadishu. the report was that it was a car bomb close to internal security ministry and large hotel. cuban doctors have held a protest against their visa status in the colombian capital bogota. they have escaped venezuela where the cuban government has sent them to provide medical assistance. they now say they are a me limbo without passports.
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we have this update from the protest in bogota. >> these doctors have answered th under this program, the 2006 cuban medical professional program, they were expected to receive an answer to their visa request within 30 to 90 days, but most of them have been waiting for months up to seven months now without receiving a response or having been denied the visa. now, these people believe that they are victims of the change of political environment of the renewed diplomat ties between the u.s. government and cuba. that's something, though, that the u.s. state department on thursday told al jazeera is not the case. it was very specific in saying that there is according to them no ties, no connection to what is happening to these people, and the renewed diplomatic ties between cuba and the usa
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government. be it what it may these people are still caught in limbo here in bogota, and they're at risk of being deported by the colombian government to venezuela, their last port of entry, or to cuba. they're hoping that that will not be their fate, but so far they have not received any answer, and they're wondering if this is the ends of their join. >> a supreme court judge in brazil has asked for an investigation into president obama dilma rousseff's 2014 re-election campaign. evidence may have been funded with money stolen from the state petroleum company. meanwhile, cunha refuses to leave his post. a series of corruption scandals has led to widespread
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public anger. we have reports from sao paolo. >> angela used to be a part time personal trainer. more for fun than out of necessity, but ever since her husband lost his job three years ago she has become the sole breadwinners will selling children's clothes from home. >> now. now even at discounted prices few of her clients are buying these days, and she can barely make ends meet. >> i saintly have a shak headache. i'm tired. there is no future. no jobs, no end in sight. we need to choose which bill to pay each month. we had to negotiate a discount at the school. >> the brazilian middle class, that flourished over the last decade, is now losing its privileges. >> this is the biggest market in
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latin america. it sells everything at unbeatable prices but even here vendors are struggling. >> there are plenty of people, but few are buying. emmanuel silva has owned his kiosk for 15 years. he comes from the northeast, once a stronghold for president dilma rousseff. >> i went to the protests. we need to remove the lady in charge. she's sinking the country. we canceled many things. we canceled the internet. we don't call our parents often. they live in another state and it's too expensive. i'm worried. there is no end in sight. it is like a monster behind the door, and it does not go away. >> he plans to return to his village with his wife. life is cheaper there. they then finally hope to have a baby. also, all classes across brazil
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feel the pinch, and a lot of the blame is on the president. >> we have a lot of the problems, i leave that moment when i was 13 years old. i was very young, but i believe in the future. but now there isn't a future here. >> president dilma rousseff started a campaign to win back her people, but with so much disenchantment hers is a struggle in which few politicians have succeeded. al jazeera, sao paulo. >> the president of venezuela has closed a major border crossing and declared a state of emergency after three army officers were killed searching for drug smallers. president nicolás maduro said that the crossing will be closed until the attackers are caught.
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the former vice president of guatemala has been taken under arrest to a military prison. as protesters chanted thief outside of her car, roxana ba baledetti wants takei was taken to jail. well, peru's congress has unanimously approved a law allowing it's military to shoot down any aircraft suspected of smuggling drugs. it's designed to attack the rising number of flights smuggling drugs abroad. this comes afte after a ban in 2001 when military shot down a plane carrying missionaries. >> until now the police and the
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army could only intercept them on the ground. in 2001 security forces were banned from attacking shipments of drugs in the air after a plane carrying american missionaries was accidently shot down, killing a woman and her baby. now peru's congress has reinstated a measure to allow suspected planes to be shot out of the sky. congress men say that the use of force is necessary because of the amount of crews coming out of peru is appalling. >> today, according to the united nations peru produces 320,000-kilos of cocaine. but of those 320,000-kilos there has been a phenomenon over the past three years. before it would exit the country through the sea. today, mr. president, it goes out by air. they estimate 180,000-kilos exit on these small planes violating our air space.
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>> peru is the world's top cocaine producer and exporter. experts say for the post part, planes airlift the drugs. the u.s u.s. embassy hearsay that they will not comment on the bill. >> however, some believe that the relationship between peru and the united states won't be effected. >> the job that we have to do is joint with the united states. we always have the support and effort of the united states government, and i think this relationship does not have to be damaged by something of this nature. to the contrary this relationship must be strengthened. >> the president has to sign the bill. most of peru's cocaine is produced in the region in central peru. as the army and police continue their combat against trafficking
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there, this measure would prevent traffickers from trafficking by road or by foot. >> with more and everything we've covered on this bulletin at our website. ♪ >> i'm russel russell in the pacific northwest. >> it's exactly the habitat that has been missing for 100 years and t


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