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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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hey, everybody, how are you? >> campaign playbook. some of the vice president's closest advisors say he's leaning towards launching a third bid for the white house. >> late day sell off. what looked like a rebound and as a route on u.s. stock markets as shares tumbled in the final hour of trading. joining the battle. turkey joins on to take part in coalition air strikes against
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i.s.i.l., as the u.s. looks to turkish forces to do more on the ground. >> saving the sharks. >> his fin comes out of the water and it's headed at me. >> great white - what the increase in shark sightings is telling us about the environment good evening, i'm antonio mora, this is al jazeera america. vice president joe biden is a step closer shaking up the democratic side. biden has told aides to lay the ground work for a campaign in primary and caucus states. david shuster has more. >> hey, everybody, how are you. >> forces close to joe biden tell al jazeera he is encouraged as top political supporters and advisors to build a presidential campaign. the outreach to donors and organizers is the latest indication of that joe biden has not made a full decision, staff
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and backers believe he will join the race. vermont senator bernie sanders says the vice president will be a strong and compelling rival. >> i have known joe biden for years, we served in the senate together. you will not find a guy more decent. >> at the white house on monday, the presidential spokesman praised experience and judgment. the president indicated his view that the decision to add joe biden as a running mate seven years ago was a smart decision. >> the president himself, at a private lunch encouraged the vice president to get into the race. the focus coming as hillary clinton conditions to deal with questions over the email system.
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and now with the fbi investigating clinton's actions, her approval numbers dropped. the latest poll suggests 46% of americans, and 25% of democrats think clinton should suspend her campaign until the fbi investigation is over. a joe biden candidacy could sifen support away from clinton and help bernie sanders, fuelled by progressive polls. the senator is leading clinton in new hampshire. >> the evidence is clear. we are gaining. i think polls indicate that hillary clinton support is receipting a little bit. we have a long way to go. joe would be a formidable opponent. i'm not sure who it would help. >> organising a campaign and attracting donors, and for all
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of biden's authenticity, it became law. the vice president is known for gafrs. >> i promise you the president has a big stiff. >> reporter: good afternoon, mr vice president, could i have a quick word. >> reporter: joe biden and supporters seem to think stars are aligning for them. they have not made a decision, before the first democratic debate in october. they are taking shape and preparing for him to run. >> we'll have more on how a joe biden campaign could affect the race with the political correspondent, that's coming up in a few minutes. asian stocks are off to a rocky start. tokyo's nikkei and the korean market are up, all threes of the chinese markets posting losses,
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despite a move from the bank of china to cut interest rates. it's a rough start for the week for traders on wall street, a day after the disastrous trading session. it rebounded on tuesday to give back gains closing down 205 points. investors are nervous about what comes next. john terrett is here now. it was depressing to watch the numbers plunge. >> i was there at the new york stock manying. there were cries of give me a raise and there was a big boom. >> there's no reason for it. in new york, they came roaring out of the gate this morning. in the last hour of trading, it sapped away over china, worried that they don't properly know what is going on with the economy. they wanted to be caught in the wrong conditions overnight, and
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so they were sold off. >> what a difference a day makes. 24 hours after the biggest point trop drop that the dow jones read, a calmer see of clean could be seen for most of the tuesday. until the final hour of trade, where things fell apart. at the bell, dow jones down 200 points, most coming in the final 20 minutes. the reason for the positive vibe, a move by the chinese government overnight, low interest rates. a way of boosting economy. >> there are problems in the stock market, reflecting problems that may be deeper than we are aware of. >> the chinese reckon the economy will grow at 7%. few believe them, it could be as low as 3-4% the cut lead to a wave of buying spreading through europe.
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why did the industrial average bounce back when there is so much uncertainty in the local economy. it's time for a reality check in three areas most americans focus their attention on - homes, investment and jobs. overall things are good, and in the global economy, the u.s. is in healthy shake. after the last few days, it's best not to speak of it until it dies down. as for houseing, the post 2008 financial recovery is patch yip. the sector is on its feet. home owners in florida, arizona and california remain under water. >> the housing markets is looking good. consumer confidence came out. we are getting news that it's reminding us that we have good fundamentals, and maybe we should thing about those, and not worry about the market. >> china is not the only problem
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on the world stage. $40 oil is starting to hurt. back at home, the unemployment rate is the lowest that it's been in president obama's time at the white house. that's good. for any of the jobs created are low wage and considered about time. >> so the focus moves to the federal reserve open market meeting in september. to decide whether to raise u.s. interest rates. it does, it is the only fragile recovery on the planet. if not, a signal goes out that the u.s. economy is yet to find confirm footing despite a six year struggle. >> yes, and antonio mora and i are saying 2.5, 3%, 2.5 - it's changing all the time. they are both down, between 2.5 and 3%. they are mixed. they have been up in the trading days. >> and the nikkei in japan is up. there's a lot of volatility. >> there's a great disappoint: i
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don't know exactly what is happening with the chinese economy. >> thank you. fire-dehli in washington state are making small gains as they battle a dozen major wildfires, but the dry air and lightening forecast. they may have more fires so deal with, covers more than 400 square miles, a sabrina register reports state officials are asking for more help. >> an historic first request in washington for volunteers to fight fires burning across the state. robert rusk returned to its home town, compelled to help. connected to the community and the people here. i feel responsibility to go what i can. >> an astonishing 5,000 people from near and far emailed. marching through the doors,
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asking what they could do. >> it was a hummable experience to go through, and see all the people offering up they aring they could. they can come on up. it was great. >> 50 volunteers have been helping fire crews since sunday. many of them farmers, special heavy equipment, unable to work now because of the fires. firefighters are grateful for reinforcements. >> there's not a lot of rer enforcement for the fires. >> 12 major fires ranging for washington. one fire is the largest history. the western u.s. is in the midst of a challenging fire season. the u.s. is looking to other countries for help. >> the battery-packed first aid kick. >> australia and new zealand answered the call, sending
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several fire-dehli, gearing up -- firefighters, gearing up. >> it comes out. >> reporter: the fight to save homes and property will be lengthy. >> if we can get a good rain, it will be hard to get. there's a chance we'll get rain in the next 30 days. >> until then fire-dehli on the biggest fire are wrestling. >> and as you heard, no rain in the forecast. and there's the possibility of lightening starting tomorrow. through friday, and the okanagan fire was started. >> the united nations is accusing soldiers in south sudan of committing rampant atrocities against the people they were supposed to protect. the u.n. says they have seen it for themselves. gang rape, killed, abducted,
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burnt alive. armed rebels and government forces are targetting specific groups. it came out of a special meeting. >> the u.n. is threatening south sudan's president. rebel leaders signed on last week, but many say they'll fight no matter what turkey is stepping up efforts to fight i.s.i.l., what the country is doing, and what the u.s. wants to do are not always the same thing. that's next. and with vice president biden exploring a presidential run, we'll take a look at what it could mean for the democratic race. per cent pass
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>> this was the worst civil engineering disaster in the history of the united states. >> 10 years after hurricane
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katrina. >> it was like a nuclear bomb had gone off - everything smelt like dead bodies. >> one constant. >> music has been the essence of this city. >> inspires a community to rebuild its city. >> we gonna bring this city back one note at a time. >> and overcome hard times in the big easy. >> we are bigger, we're better, we're stronger. prosecutors in france have opened a stormal terrorism investigation into last week's florida attack on a train. officials there say they are looking at a charge of attempted murder with terrorist intent against the 25-year-old moroccan suspect. the decision is based on travel history and international activity. the suspect is armed with assault rifle, 270 rounds of
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ammunition. i.s.i.l. has released images on social media showing the destruction of a 2,000-year-old temple. the pictures show dehli laying the explosives, the blast, and the rubble left in the aftermath. a palmyra resident told the associated press that a temple was blown up on sunday. it called the destruction of the temple a war crime. turkey will join the campaign against i.s.i.l. jamie mcintyre is in washington with the latest. >> the u.s. and turkey are calling this a significant step in the battle against i.s.i.l., privately pentagon officials concede it is more important. >> the agreement means turkish f-16s will join the daily air strikes targetting i.s.i.l. in syria, and perhaps in iraq as well.
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in ankara, turkey's foreign minister confirmed that talks were complete, and joint operations against i.s.i.l. will begin soon. >> in washington. it is limited to air strikes only. >> cooperation with turks, and the expansion that of that is in progress. it's a step forward for turkey and the united states to find what that cooperation looks like. >> what the u.s. wants is a major commitment to ground operations to sewcure the borde with syria and iraq, a 68 mile area, west of the river, reaching into aleppo. defense secretary last week pulled out turkey for failing to control the area.
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it is a boarder for which dehli are looking for them to do more in that regard. as well. >> the digs amounts so a small symbolic cribb use against i.s.i.l. they have a lot of air power, conducting 70%. the significant agreement was turkey said is allowing plains to operate. one reason there's no agreement on the reason to create a safe zone. it's something the pentagon is not easy to do. not necessarily because if suspects turkey's motives is
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more about keeping kurds? >>. >> joe biden arrived advisors to build a 2016 campaign. the staff said joe biden has not made a decision to enter the race, he's favouring a run to the white house. advise junior contacted donors, activists in early primary and caucus state. he is likely to decide by end of stept. joining us now on a bid for the white house is political correspondent michael shure. what are you agreed on whether joe biden runs. >> i knew you'd open with a big one. >> my gut says he will not run. it seems to me that joe biden does not want to be someone that brings on the party.
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he doesn't have to make it happen. if it was going to happen, if it will turn to him, what happened in september or march, there's no sign that that will happen. biden is a political realist. he'd love to be president. there's a lot of democrats that will be seen to be president from someone that has got a lot of grassroots. >> we have heard how top democrats are nervous. every poll on distrust worthiness seems to indicate how right to worry, except the most important ones. >> not only that, her popularity within the party, 60% of democrats like her, and seven in 10 have a positive opinion of her right there. the polls you are talking about are true. if biden were to run, we'd be looking at south carolina, they
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won't win in new hampshire, and probably he is too lates in the ground. >> polls in ohio and new hampshire are a significant place. if he jumps in, that could change dramatically. >> it wouldn't change dramatically in iowa. one thing that hillary clinton has that neither bernie sanders or republicans can do is talk to hispanic or black voters, one thing to look at is the dean of the south carolinans democrats coalition. he is not endorsed yet. >> you bring up hispanic voters, given what the campaign has been like, it's a question that needs to be asked. there was an escort out of a
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press conference, ramos kipt trying to arriving a question, trump said he was not called upon, he was allowed back in later. was it mishandled. >> it's probably a win, win for frump. ramos says he doesn't have to tell you. he is immensely popular. within the hispanic community, people that watch the news and follow it. he gets to go up against donald trump. he doesn't care at all about that thing. gets to earn his bona fides. not deferring. >> i should say that i consider horhay a friend. would we make a bigger deal if it had been an english language journalist, insisting on asking a question when we weren't called upon. i think when you have ramos there and donald trump, taking the strident shift.
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expelling someone from his own press conference. you pay closer attention to that. good to have your perspective on that. >> a partner with arizona, developing technology in cars. they announced the project, calling it a long-term collaboration. uber is offering a 25,000 grant. the governor prayed the move to embrace the technology. more sharks than usual off the coast. sightings are presenting them with opportunity and protecting them. watch four step after a 12-year-old boy punched a hole. as the
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a popular beach in hawaii is closed after a sewerage spill. heavy rains backed up the sewerage system. tests are under way to determine when the beaches will reopen the worldwide shark population made a comeback in recent years. swimmers and surfers may not be happy. wildlife experts are. jennifer london has the story from the coast of southern california. >> southern california surfer kelly french may not be the best guy to get in the water with. >> the fin comes out of the water, headed at me. >> a great white shark encounter. not one, but three times.
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>> basically he broadsided me on my surfboard, and knocked me sideways a couple of feet. >> reporter: what are you thinking now? >> i'm holding on for dear life. >> most never tangle with a great white shark, they are being seen more often. >> but for marine biologists, the shark is one of the greatest conservation stories. >> i look at white sharks, the recovery that we have done amazing things. >> we met low on a sunny morning, and headed out to the sea with a team of researchers from the shark lab from california state university of long reach. they are known as a nursery for young sharks. they are known to hunt. on any given day they swim below the surface. once of the sharks mature and
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water temperatures drop, they leave and head south to mexico. over the past few years, they decided to stay. scientists want to know if warmer ocean temperatures are a reason. the only way to do that, tagging the great whites to learn more about their movements. off the coach of the beach, life cards sit in the court, the beach police department shot sharks from the tide. we have met up with the two life guards. they'll try to tag the sharks. they've had one sighting. yesterday there was seven. >> graduate students slip into the water side by side, alongside the predator. the goal to place tags on six juveniles. >> we hope the more we learn and share with the public, the less safe they'll be. >> the staff, the odds are attacked by a shark are low.
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you are more than 3 million times likely to die in a car crash. kelly, you had two shark encounters, one shark attack. i'm sitting here thinking "i don't want to go in the water." i had those encounters. it would be astronomical for me to have another shark attempt or encounter. >> so you think that you are probably one of the safest guys. >> absolutely. let's go surfing. >> finally tonight, this surveillance video shows what happened when a 12-year-old boy stumbled in a museum in taipei. he wound up putting his hand through a 400-year-old masterpiece by paulo. an art restorer is trying to repair the damage to the painting, worth $1.5 million.
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the boy apologised and is not facing punishment. >> i'm antonio mora, thank you for joining us, with the latest news any time head to luis suarez is next with "inside story". have an agreed night. -- have a great night. reat night. [ ♪ ] if educators found out they were doing something that made it hard for kids to learn, you'd think they'd stop, right. years of research is piling up spo pointing to the effects of early start times for high schoolers, greater chances of car accidents, but schools are still insisting on early starts. growing body, sleeping