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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 27, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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headlines go to dead in austria.s found >> in the beaches as wow can see, covers in life jackets and the remains of rubber boats. >> hello there, you are watching al jazeera live from london, also coming up, 12 people are arrested in china in connection with the chemical blast that killed more than 140 people. ten years on, after hurricane
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katrina,. ♪ >> cam inpaers saying new orleans is more divided than ever before. and. >> reporting from northern ethiopia, where conservationallist are struggling to save over 1500 years of christian heritage in the churches. >> . >> hello there, thank you for joining us. of the thousands of refugees arriving on the shores, the vast majority are fleeing the conflict in syria. european countries are not the only ones effected, turkey's ambassador, to the e.u. has warned that the country is at capacity and says that up to 1 million more people may flee syria if the fighting intensifies. according to the united nations, by mid august, 158,000 people have reached
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greece by sea. that's puts arrives ahead of italy, where so far 90,000 have come ashore. now leaders in the western nations are meeting e.u. poll sixes in a bid to define a common strategy. to deal with the worst crisis since world war ii. the conference dozens of refugees have been found dead in a truck on an austrian highway. many ever from vina. >> a very grim discovery by a motor way south. >> an abandoned that mite have been part of an accident but as they got closer is that saw the blood was seeping out of the seal's back of the vehicle, and there was a terrible smell. and they discovered they don't know when these four people suffocated and it wasn't possible even to count the numbers of bodies. they are saying anywhere between 20 and 50.
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now, the austrian police are calling this a terrible crime, and it brought urgency to today's summit in vienna, which was already dominated by the question of migration. angel merkel and herman chancellor said the leaders here were shocked by this news, but what are they going to do about it? well, she was talking about the idea for solidarity, for a quo that system, where e.u. countries agree to take in thousands of refugees according to their economic capabilities and she was backed up by fredrica the european union head of foreign affairs that said we cannot go on like this. the problem is they run into hard opinions. firmly opposed to quotas set by the e.u.
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al jazeera is on the greek island some major gate way into europe. >> they emerge in the thin light of dawn. now arrivals some still in life vests on the greek island. where do you come from. >> syria. >> from syria. >> yes. >> how was it coming over. >> not good. >> why. >> because the waves. so it was quite hard. >> what are you looking for? >> police station. >> i think you probably have two or three hours more waughing. >> okay, thank you very much. >> good luck, where are you from. >> syria. >> we are from syria. refugees. >> ciao. >> we went 45 on a boat, a rubber boat, inflated so it was going up and down, and it was during the night, children, women, pregnant,
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that was the worst part. i believe for everyone. >> we have been on the road for an hour now traveling from the capitol towards the most popular landing spot. and as you can see the sun just coming up, we have past five groups maybe 150 new arrivals all together, groups that multiply throughout the day, more than 1,000 newcomers on this island every day. men, women, and children, the beaches covered in life jackets and the remains of rubblier boats. relent less waves washing up on the shores of greece. >> you happy to be here in greece. >> yes. >> do you feel safe now. >> yes. >> what do you think you will find here on this island. >> real life. or normal life. >> help. >> do you think you will find
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help? yeah, maybe, yes, we need help. >> at a bend in the road, waiting for buss that may or may not arrive, it is as if some natural disaster has occurred after the relief and joy of landing these faces belong to people who thought they'd left disaster behind. they thought they'd find more than this. al jazeera, greece. >> well many of those refugees who land in greece, and make their way north and further along the west balkins migration rout, andrew simmons is at a boarder post between hung barry, serbia, and romania. >> this is the 3 1/2 meter separates hungparates gar from serbia. it is 175-kilometers long, and you can see the razor wire attacked there. but there's a problem, because it comes to an end just here, and it is totally open. i am stepping back now into romania.
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and there's no separation between romania and serbia, you can see this is a monument. now the prime minister has been criticized for putting this fence up, simply because there are so many anolllies. it is many say to cut through the fence, and also well you can sigh criminals can easily exploit this open ground to smuggle people through. one of the many problems the e. tu. faces in trying to proct it's borders. >> while the e.u. may be protecting it's border ms. of the countries bordering syria say they are at capacity. one of them is turkey. near the syrian border. the population of syrians here, 110,000. turkish population, 100 rate thousand.
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it is more than double in just four heres since the civil war started and there are another nine or so turkish towns in a similar position. turkey's e. tu. affairs minister has warned that his country is at capacity, and he fears that if fighting continues intensifying in aleppo in northern syria, and maybe another 1 million syrian refugees could be headed this way. and a reminder that the country has spent $6 billion helping the syrians here. so far, turkey hasn't even received a penny of that offering of assistance. >> the dell to from the china
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explosion is at least 145. 115 of the fires and police officers who responded to the blast on august 12th, are dead, or still unaccounted for. the former head of the harbor management office, has been detained along with ten other local officials and executives of the company, that rang the port. all of the government officials are accused of dereliction of duty and abused their positions. adrian brown sent this update. >> in a sense, those you would expect to be arrest have had now been arrested. they include the claim, vice chairman, as well as three deputy managers of the warehouse with all those dangerous chemicals were scores and where those twin explosions happened just over two weeks ago. on wednesday, it was announced that the man who headed the country's work safety regulator had himself
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been sacked. now, he is a former deputy mayor, a post he held for 12 years. you sense this investigation will be more open than previous similar inquiries in the past they tended to have been very opaque, but this time, the authorities are being much more open with the information they are releasing. but with we still don't know the eanes to several key questions, one, why is it that so many dangerous chemicals were stored less than 800 meters away from'm for living. >> most -- other questions. >> and why is it so many fireman. >> the investigation because the governing the storage of such chemicals.
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>> ten years since hurricane katrina. more than 1,004,000,000,000 -- the city has since made a steady recovery, but as andy gallagher reports many h challenges still remain. and signs of recovery obvious. the street is once again a tourist hot spot, and on the banks of the mississippi, the sound of music hails the rebirth of new orleans. it is all a fry cry of the desperate day when 80% of the city was under water. over one thoraceses died, more were displaced many never to return. an entire community in ruinings.
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>> the businesses hailed as a symbol of recovery, there is lingers criticism. this time drove his family for ensyrian races he says greedy developers people are still left without homes, education, it is getting better. it is nowhere it needs to be. >> influx of new arrivals eager to buy cheap homes have also made things worst for the city's poor, this community is now so expensive, that many have been forced out to the suburbs. the crisis in this neighborhood have are risen 75% in the last few years. wealth disparity in this city is growing faster than anyone else in the united states. proof say cam panners that new orleans is now more unequal than it was before. >> in the upper 9th ward, two
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thicks have changed. damien grant has deep roots here, but he can no longer afford to buy a house, and says he feels like his community has been ignores it could be a resouse center, it could be a learning facility. where they come after school, and get tutors and stuff like that, they don't have that. >> it is clear that new orleans has a long way to go this with the whole discussion of income and equality. >> hurricane katrina and the they recollects reaction to it remains a shameful chapter, the inequalities this and i is now facing may be it's lasting legacy. al jazeera, new orleans,
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louisiana. missing for 500 days the families of the abducted nigerian school girls refuse to give up hope of finding them. plus. >> in central london, the anniversary edition of the records book which itself, is breaking records. ♪
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welcome back. a reminder now of the top stories. the bodies of at least 50 refugees have been found in the back of a truck on an
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austrian motor way. the discovery comes as leaders discuss the crisis at a summit in vienna. the death toll from the explosion at china's port has now risen to at least 145. it comes as police detain 11 people includes the president over state owned port company, and government officials for abuse of power and dereliction of duty. >> the u.s. p t is expected to arrive in new orleans shortly. ten years after hurricane katrina, the storm left more than 1,000 people dead. every day, we are seeing the fall out from syria's civil war, with thousands of refugees now arriving in europe, as they try to flee the violence. and the united nations security council is being briefed on the humanitarian crisis. about 220,000 people have been killed since the civil war started. four years ago, let's get more now from gabriel who is at the united nations for us. gabriel, just remind us, what
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did the security council hear about the situation in syria? >> well, they heard a very grim and dark report on the situation in syria from stephen o'brien, the top humanitarian official, host just in syria a little bit over a week ago, so he has a very recent and front and center view of the situation there in the country. he said that there are 4.6 million syrians living in hard to reach areas or besees areas and the country is having a very hard time getting aid to those people. he told the security council that the u.n. has only been able to reach about 12% of those 4.6 million people to give them food aid, and only 3% to give them medical help so a very very difficult situation there. 7.6 million internally displaced people within
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syria, 1 million people just this year alone, he said, have been pushed from their homes. but behind all these numbers, are really cases of human suffering happening in the country right now. and nowhere can you see it more, listen carefully to what o'brien told the security council specifically about that. >> over 4 million people have fled across borders in the desperate search of survival and the future. facing host countries and communities under pressure, which is now stretched to breaking points. we may all be living on borrows time. o'brien also told the security council in reference to the ref use crisis that the international community must do more in the name of security, and humanity to come one a better way to help neighboring countries dealing where all of this. now last wier the security council issues a statement
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endorsing a new plan of a working group that has been set up by special envoy, this is a small but first step that the u.n. hopes might eventually down the road bring some of the parties back to the negotiationing table, but so far thats han't happened, meanwhile, the crisis in that country continues to get worse absolutely, let's hope it is a positive step, thank you. the ngo group human rights group has leveled accusations at the saudi led coalition, saying it killed dozens of people with illegal use of cluster bombs. >> more victims of war in yemen. according to human rights watch, there were injured by attacks using cluster bombs. they are mostly from a yemen province on the northern
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boarder with saudi arabia. >> we were together. and the rocket hit us, it exploded in the air, and cluster bombs fell out of it. before we left the house, with the sheep, two submunitions fell down while others spread all over the village, my cousin and i were wounded. >> the human rights watch team travel to many areas in northern yemen, and met with victims. exploded bombs litter this area, children especial wily remain high risk for being maimed or kills. >> three brothers were killed, two children, one adult. it hit us while we were sleeping and we were all wounded including my brothers. i can't walk, my hands were burned and my bones were broken. >> submunitions are inaccurate, they are designed to target a wide area. here, many people were said to have been injured as they
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troubles through the region. >> we have found evidence that ground launch cluster moon in addition rockets have been used in attacks against at least seven locations. most likely they were launched from saudi rainian territory. the kingdom says it will only stop the campaign when it is confident that the houthis rebels no longer pose a threat to it's internal security. this is a mill sighs fired by houthis forces in saudi arabia, the army says the ballistic missile was destroyed the the air. fighting has intensified 1,800-kilometer border with yemen. the houthis backed by troops loyal to former president, say that will fight for as long as it takes. al jazeera.
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>> the south african antiapartheid activist dez min tutu is expected to be discharged from hospital next week. the 83-year-old has been receiving a course of antibiotics for the past two weeks. this was his second admission to hospital in a month. the inthe ex and not related to the prostate cancer that he has been fighting for the past 18 years. he has retired from public life. he continues to campaign for equality, and against corruption. >> >> hundreds of people have marched through mexico's capitol demanding justice for 43 missing students. >> . >> the young men disappeared almost a year ago in the southwestern with state, a region claimed by drug violence. government officials say the students were killed by gang members on the order of corrupt local police, but relatives reject this. >> police and anticorruption
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protestors have clashed in -- they have been gathering every week for more than three months since the government was linked to a multimillion dollar fraud at the welfare department. it is known as the jerusalem of africa, the town is famous for it's spectacular churches carved out of solid rock. for centuries it's been a place of pilgrimage from all over the world. charles stratford has been visiting the historic town. >> . >> it is the spiritual home for millions of ethiopian christians around the world. the 11 churcheses were carved out of the mountain side
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during the reign of priest king. these abe shent plays of worship represent holy sites in jerusalem, and stories in the bible. he built them, so christians didn't have to risk the dangerous pilgrimage toe the holy land. now these churches are of immense archaeological and history call important, but the places for christians around the world, are literally crumbling away. the rock in this area is highly suggestion septemberble to moisture. >> . >> in terms of seismic activity, resilience, a slight earthquake will destroy the place, the fact is, that when you are dealing with natural strata, in the terms of historic building rather than a mine, oever a tunnel, there's very little you can do, you can't line
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wit con crease, and steel bars you will destroy the monument. the historic surface, lose thoughs and you simply are back into geologist. and that process isn't far off on the outside. >> he shows us what he means. >> if we start losing material like this, right through here, i mean the only future for that without some sort of intervention, is this. >> the idea of the bandage, is to hold it in place. until we can get there to repair it. because every time it rains a little bit more falls off. and if we weren't to do this it would be a -- a catastrophe. i am lucky because i come from this area. this heritage is a big thing for us. >> a number of churches have been covered by temporary shelters to protect them from the rain while work is done.
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on the hill top close by, people pray. >> the king didn't just build the churches as a human being, he built them with the help of god. >> he was including on the first ever world heritage site in 1978, preserving this extraordinary place of spur call retreat for ethiopians of every generation, is a challenge they pray they can meet. al jazeera, once a year, the world's biggest best, tallest, shortest and weirdest are gathering in one place the guinness world record book. the first ever edition was published exactly 60 years ago. >> it was in the early 1950's that a shooting party in ireland, then boss of guineas, got into an argument over which was the fastest european game.
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nobody knew the answer so he commissioned a new book to dissolve the dispute, and here is that first edition from 1955. in the 60 years since, this office here in central london, guinness has become the definitive book of the fast zest the first, the best, and the biggest. there are some surprising nuggets. mount everest is well known as the world's highest mountain, but the world's taughtest is actually mount akai on hawaii. which rises more than 10,000-meters from the seabed, and it is the human records and sometimes sheer which make the world record book different. >> etch if you look back in the very first group. things like rocking chairs we have always done the crockky stuff, as well as the hard core obvious guinness book. heaviest, people, highest
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mountain, all these things and in every book every year, we monitor it. but we are also becoming more and more open to people's ideas. >> in an age where book sales have fallen, guinness world records has sold 134 million copies across more than 100 countries. it held the record as the best selling copyright title ever. it also heeds the record of being the book which is most often stole fran libraries in the united states. >> thousands apply to be included. >> it is phenomenal, everywhere i have been, they are impressed with what i have done, but that was in the book just added so much, and for my agent when he tries to sell me. a guinness book record holder. the cities have grown popular. no one has grown taller than robert, who stood 2.7 meters
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tall. >> my question about the fastest birth bird, the answer is neither, between either, and the red breasted. at al jazeera, central london. more on our website. >> the refugees back in austria. china nearly a dozen people in connect with the warehouse explosion that kills hundreds. >> the president obama traveled to new orleans today to commemorate the 10th anniversary of hurricane katrina.