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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> four people arrested after the discover rif disry discovery of 71 refugees in a truck. 100 people rescued when a boat capsizes. 100 still missing. >> you're watching al jazeera. i'm david foster. coming up in the next 30 minutes. thousands in iraq hold rallies in the streets of baghdad condemning government corruption. president obama tries to seal the iranian nuclear deal with
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the u.s.-jewish community. a warning when u.n. reacts to south sudan's peace deal. >> europe's refugee crisis continues to worsen in the latest events only highlighting tensions at the border. four people were arrested after the discovery of 71 refugees' bodies in an abandoned truck on the motor way. 105 people that we know died and a hundred are still missing after a ship sank off the coast of libya. these scenes in belgrade, chaotic scenes, some of them very young, fighting amongst each other for supplies such as food and water. as refugees continue to flood over the board, hungarian police
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say they arrested suspected human traffickiner human traffickers in budapest. >> we know the 71 people who were crammed into the back of a truck must have suffered an agonizing death probably by suffocation, and the police can only look for scraps of evidence as to who they were. >> of course we're sure that these people were refugees and more precisely will probably a group of syrian refugees. >> austria is a transit country for people hoping to reach germany, but it's become a destination in its own right. the number of asylum seekers this year almost already three times the total of 2014. this is outside of vienna, the refugee reception center is overflowing and the streets are
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full of people from the middle east in africa, somalia, nigeria, iraq, afghanistan, and of course syria. this man here with his wife and five children fled here. >> we find here nice people. good people. they give us food, medicine, water, very nice here. >> an extraordinary wave of new arrivals has provoked participate decisions. the right wing has a tough anti-immigrant message is expected to do well in the elections later this year. but we've also met austrians who come here specifically to help people in need. >> like katie, who has come her boyfriend and mother oh to hand out toys, books and clothes.
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>> they have gone through things we can't imagine, so the least we can do is try to make easier for them to be integrated and make a new life. >> austria's government said there must an coordinated european response. to treat these people humanely, to determine who should have the right to stay. and to prevent more tragedies at the hands of human traffickers. barnaby phillips, al jazeera. >> well, that's austria. hungary across the border there has been a candle lit vigil for those 71 who died. there are many more refugees still waiting to travel further into europe. al jazeera's andrew simmons is there. >> in the wide open approach one of budapest's main rail stations hundreds of people just doing what they can to get by, hoping that they can find some way into the e.u. state. they want to move to with the
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sanctuary and safety for a better life. now what has happened recently there has been people smugglers there are many here who have papers, but they only allow them to move around hungary. earlier there was a mass gathering a memorial for all those who died in the van in austria. candles were list. there was one mine of silence, and a very large gathering of people at the rail station. now they're back to normal. living in the rough here. there are moves by the city authorities to move all these people to move.
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the authorities here are coming down more heavily on the refugees and the migrants and insisting that they can't move anywhere. so many people are managing to break free, get away, or take the awful risks of those people who died by getting into advance and paying smugglers to get across the border and taking another risk. >> at least 105 people are known to have died when a boat capsized off the coast of libya on thursday. we have details of that. >> the mediterranean very has become a dark reminder of people's desperation to escape violence, persecution and poverty. thousands of people have been killed crossing from north africa to europe so far this year. in the latest tragedy an
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overcrowded boat sunk shortly after leaving libya. >> we're migrating. our boat sank. it was in a bad condition. people died. the libyans saved us, may god bless them. we've been forced into this route. it's called the route of death. >> one of the main transit routes for people fleeing conflict and poverty to make it to europe. international smugglers take advantage of the country's lawlessness, libya is struggling to cope. putting those that are rescued into overcrowded detention facilities. they're forced to live in poor conditions and lack medical care. in another tragic incident a swedish vessel rescuing hundreds of people from their boat drifting at sea. but dozens of others were not so lucky. theitheir bodies were fund in the hull of the boat. >> this is one of the tragedies that we've seen in the
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mediterranean. this is the first time for the swedish crew and the swedish ship. unfortunately, it's one of many in total. >> the u.n. he is matethe estimates more than 2400 people have died trying to cross the mediterranean this year. >> hundreds of thousand cross over in a desperate attempt to improve their lives. many are traveling with children. the european union is still trying to resolve this latest crisis. in the meantime, the people keep coming. al jazeera. roam. >> there are been mass rally it's on the streets of baghdad. the demonstrators calls have been backed by the top shia
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cleric. >> the momentum is only growing. so is the number of protesters. for the first time one of iraq's most primarily parties has joined what began as a spontaneous moment. they are pushing for reforms. the. >> we need support from different groups in iraq. >> it's very important to us. >> people are no longer just asking for better services. they want corrupt officials to leave office and to reform a political system, and they say that they won't back down.
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>> no one can stand in front of the iraqi people. they won't be able to do that any longer. >> but that won't be easy. al abadi has announced reforms but he has not done more than reduce the number in parliament and reduce money. >> corruption officials are in the government, and they're strong. >> this is seen as one of the biggest challenges yet. the power struggle against rake shia factions is now out in the open. this is not an anti-government protest, at least not yet. peep are throwing their wait behind prime minister hyder al abadi, who has promised reforms. but the challenges he face come from within his ruling alliance. reforming the sectarian ethnic system, they're warning
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that those who will be hurt by the reforms will not give up their power easily. >> the demonstrators should not allow anyone to divert them from their objectives. >> the protesters have made it a point to display the iraqi flag while this protest movement may have overcome iraq's sectarian divide, it is dividing the majority shia community, whose political and security factions have grown stronger than the state. al jazeera, baghdad. >> united nations envoy to libya said that peace talks must be completed in two weeks before a mandate runs out. a new round of talks to form an unity government are under way in morocco. the tripoli delegation did not turn up because of a chief member of their negotiating team
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had quit. >> the islamic state in iraq and the levant has reportedly stepped up its offensive and syrian province in aleppo where the u.s. are planning to open a new front. the group has launched intense attacks on the town. in the north of aleppo. of the activists say that they have gained to o control of two areas on the border. brazil is officially in recession. there are hopes for children in nigeria orphaned by the violence of boko haram.
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the headlines for you. authority have discovered 71 victims in the lack of a bus including eight women and four children. a 100 are missing after a ship sank off the coast of libya. 7. iraq's top cleric has voiced his support for the protesters who demand an end of corruption
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in government. u.s. president barack obama has appealed directly to his country's usual community trying to win support for the iranian nuclear deal. he's selling the deal so that congress does not have to try to kill it off. kimberly halkett reports. >> the u.s. president appealed directly to jewish americans in an online web address that an agreement with iran is israel's and the regions best hope for peace. >> this deal blocks every way, every pathway that iran might take in order to obtain a nuclear weapon. >> the online appeal comes just weeks after israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu addressed the u.s.-jewish community online as well to rally support in opposition of the nuclear agreement. the argument is that the deal would make the middle east less safe. >> this is a very dangerous deal. and it threatens all of us. there will be more attacks and
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more people will die. >> support for and against the agreement between iran and the six world powers designed to limit iran nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief has deeply divided the u.s. jewish community. roughly 46% support the deal. 31% oppose. with so many still undecided major u.s. lobby groups like apac are spending millions to lobby members of congress to oppose the deal. >> i think the president is trying to overcome some perceptions that he's not favorable to israel. and that he's not taking israel's interest in account. >> currently in congress of the 28 members who identify as jewish just 11 are in favor of the white house-brokered agreement. and the white house continues its lobby effort. next week vice president joe biden is scheduled to meet with leaders in florida to win over
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their support. >> the united nations security council has now adapted what it calls a statement welcoming the signing of a peace deal in south sudan, but warning that those involved have to stick to it all. the president signed the deal along side the rebel leader on wednesday. the president had been holding back and had to be threatened with u.s. sanctions. the security council is promising more of the same if there are violations to it all. gabriel elizondo reports from the united nations. >> his presidential statement by the u.n. security double endorses the new peace plan in south sudan. the statement says it is a good first step in trying to reverse the difficult political, economic, humanitarian situation in the country, and it calls on all sides to adhere to the permanent cease-fire but said there is a pressing need to assure accountability for serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law. the peace plan, which calls
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among others things for a transitional government a cease-fire and power-sharing agreement was signed amid increasing pressure against the government of south sudan. there had been this past week an u.s.-led resolution circulating in the security council that would have called for targeted sanctions and an arms embargo if this peace deal was not signed. now this resolution has been put aside for now, but it could be revisited if the peace plan is not fully implemented. and there really is a need to implement it because of the humanitarian situation is very difficult in the country. thousands of people have been killed since the conflict began in december of 2013. and of the 11000000 south sudanese many of them face food shortages and 2 million people have been forced to flee their homes. >> there are now officially a recession in brazil. the country's economy contracted
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1.9% between april and june. it is or was the world's seventh largest economy that was struggling for falling exports and high government debt. a corruption scandal involving the state run oil company petro bus hapetrobras has been hurting confidence and hurting the ratings of president de dilma rousseff. let's talk to paulo setero it was not so very long ago that pati people were falling over brazil, and it was the wunderkind of the 21st century. and in fact, they said it was their century. was it ever really as good as portrayed, and if so how come
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it's gotten so bad now? >> you're correct, david. it was not as good as portrayed. brazil has been in a slowing down in the first four years of the administration of president dilma rousseff. we're now in this full fledge recession. the news we just got are not surprising. they came just a little bit more negative that most economies were expecting. but it's a real recession hitting all sectors of their economy. confidence is not present, and unemployment is rising, inflation is high. we have stagflation type of situation, and more to come, probably the situation will get worse before it gets better. >> who has made such a mess of it all? >> well, it is most people in brazil now believe it was the
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mismanagement that occurred during the first administration of president dilma rousseff. she has started to concede and recognize some of those mistakes. the recipe to get out of this, though, is a very tough one. it is a bitter one. in a country that as you mentioned is facing a major corruption scandal, it is a country politically fragmented. the governing aspect, the political side here makes it more difficult to get out of this. the only silver lining, i would see in this, the bad news of the moment is that it will probably concentrate to underline the need for political action. >> you've had a long chat and spent a long time with the finance minister of the country this week. does he believe this is all because of what is happening
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with petrobras? or is he aware there have been bigger mistakes made to take responsibility? >> well, he was brought in to correct those mistakes, and he is having himself a very tough time because he wants to convince congress to adapt measures of austerity. but he is a determined man. he knows what needs to be done. the problem brazil has to--those things have to be done with the consent of politicians that had to be convinced to do that with the very weak leader in president dilma rousseff. so a very tough situation all around. >> thank you very interesting talking with you. talking with us from
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washington, d.c. government forces in yemen say that the country will eventually have a new professional ally. opposition houthi fighters and army unites loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh will be disbanded and only civilians and tribesmen who joined the group will be able to join. >> they are mostly militiamen or civilians who took up arms against the houthis in the south. now they've been recruited to join yemen's new army. the country's military is known to be divided along tribal and sectarian lines. some of these trainees were forced to retire under former president ali abdullah saleh. under his administration there was inherent mistrust of people from southern yemen. they fear they might form a breakaway state. >> we formed this battalion a
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few weeks ago right after we defeated houthi fighters and pushed them out of the southern cities. there are 4,800 soldiers and officers in this battalions. >> across the country plans are under way to support president hadley. but his return to power depends on an army that is loyal to him. this is a gathering of tribal leaders. the province is on the yemen border of saudi arabia. some of these tribal leaders have links with the houthis. now they are switching sides. they're joining with government forces to recapture the fallen saada. >> we're starting operations, we regret not taking up arms against the houthis in the beg begin. >> the new army has a long way
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to go. lacking training and resources, which remains outnumbered and outgunned. some of these fighters are more loyal to their tribal leaders than the army. in the past few months many units defected and joined the rebels. now there are two armies fighting for control. the one in the north is mainly shia. and the one in the south is mainly sunni, leaving an uncertain future. hashem ahelbarra. al jazeera. >> children who were orphaned by the violence by boko haram in nigeria, are trying to deal with the traumas. >> in is what boko haram does not want them to have: an education.
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these children's parents were killed by boko haram in nigeria. now they're in school for a new start, but the transition has not been easy. >> we are trying gradually to bring them out of the tragedy, help them to forget some of the bad experience. this is a gradual force to come out of the bad situation. >> it's been six months since they've been here trying to adjust. the children here may be making progress, trying to be kids again, but most of them will live with the trauma they experienced for the rest of their lives. some of them have seen what no child should ever see. >> many are still in shock. young boy's story was particularly sad. boko haram fighters decapitated his father in front of him. the traumatized boy says very
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little and stays away from the rest. he tells me he wants to be a doctor to help people in pain. his adjustment to life has been particularly hard. the impacts of boko haram violence on this bill leo are physical and psychological. he was struck in the face, and the four-year-old is having nightmares and behaves abnormally. the school, which is run by the government, has 100 children, and more are expected. >> it's not a big deal to take care of the children in the primary school. we believe we will help, and with determination, we have the determination, we shall not allow these children from their normachildren to be kept from their normal growth of children. >> right now it's playtime. the teachers say they keep asking when their parents will come for them, and when they're
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going home. al jazeera. nigeria. >> one of the last survivors of the famed world war ii breakout inspired the hollywood movie "the great escape" has died in australia. paul royal was part of a group of 76 men who broke out of a pow camp in may of 1944. most of them were captured and shot dead. royale was one of the few who made it home. >> he was of the few who escaped. the task was to build a tunnel, in fact, they built three, and he prepared the building of the tunnel, he was one of the men who was lucky enough to be chosen to exit the tunnel on that fateful evening. hitler discovered the escape. his initial inclination was to direct that all of those men who were recaptured be executed.
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they settled then on a figure of 50 men, so 50 men who were among those who had escaped and were recaptured were murdered in cold blood. yes, very clearly, a breach of international law. >> a great deal more at headlines and controversy. famous, of course, for his hit "god save the queen". >> [singing] god save the queen, the fascist regime. >> taking aim at the british rc