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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  August 29, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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come back. please visit our facebook or twitter page and please come back, we'll have more of "america tonight," tomorrow. >> tight security in the malasian capital as thousands gather for a protest rally calling for the prime minister to resign. hello, this is the world news from al jazeera. coming up in the program: a reflection of public horror. hungarians hold a vigil in memory of 71 found dead in a refrigerated truck.
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and egyptian court is to give its verdict on three al jazeera journalists held under charges. >> it's a very different story. >> public rallies in malaysia are banned without a permit. but that's not stopping thousands of protesters gathering in the capital, clmp clmples kuala lumpur. thekuala lumpur. they want the prime minister to step down. karishma villa is keeping an eye on this, exactly what are the protesters demanding? >> reporter: well, as you can see behind me the protest is in full swing, local media is in full swing, more than 40,000 have already gathered outside
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the square in kuala lumpur. they want clean election clean government they want to strengthen their parliamentary democracy and want their government to focus on cleaning up their economy and strengthening their economy and they want the right to dissent they say, they want to criticize the government when they see fit. all of these things come back to one thing, a deep level of dissatisfaction over prime minister najiv respectfulava. accused of embezzling almost $700 million from a state investment fund. came out after an investigation of the wall street journal in july. the prime minister has said he has not done any such thing, the money was from donations from the middle east but as you can see from the sheer number of people in the streets already, people are profoundly dissatisfied with the
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government. >> so what is the government saying to the protesters? have they responded yet? >> well, the prime minister has refused to resign. and he's quoted by a newspaper as saying that these protesters have no love for country. essentially he's called them unpatriotic. over the last few days the police have said that this protest is illegal, the government has banned access to the main websites, so people don't have direct information on where to go, how to gather. they've also banned these yellow tee shirts that you see people wearing. the yellow sheets that have birthday 4 logo on them. they clearly have no effect whatsoever, there are thousands of people walking around with the tee shirts and calling for reports.
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>> krishma, behind you it looks fairly calm. this gathering has been deemed illegal. you're saying that the tee shirts we can see everyone wearing are illegal. what response has there been from security, from the police? >> reporter: well, the police presence here around the square is very high, around 4,000 police personnel have been deployed to provide security. so farce the atmosphere is like a street carnival. but as it says, the protest has a history of getting violent. last time in 2012 the police deployed teerk tear gas and watr cannon after the protesters tried to enter the square which is behind me. it's unclear whether it's going to get to that stage today. organizers have said they are very keen to hold peaceful
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protesters but only time will tell. some protesters have said they plan to be here for the next 36 hours. >> all right thank you very much. people in the hungarian capital budapest have been remembering the migrants found dead yesterday. found dozens of bodies in an abandoned truck. local residents light candles in memory of those people. barnaby phillips reports from austria. >> the remainder of the bodies are taken away for autopsy. we know the people must have suffered an agonizing death. the police can look for scraps of evidence who they were. >> of course we are sure these people were refugees more
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precisely probably a group of syrian refugees. >> reporter: austria is a transit country for people who wish to reach jernl germany. the reception center is overflowing and the streets are filled with people from the middle east and africa. somalia, afghanistan and of course syria. ayman and his wife and five children fled from darra. >> we find here nice people, good people, all these give us food medicine, water, very nice people here. >> reporter: this extraordinary wave of new arrivals have provoked sharp divisions in the austrian
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society. the right is supposed to do well in elections later this year, but we've also met austrians who have come to help people in need. katie, come with her boyfriend and mother to hand out clothes toys books, to anyone who wants them. >> i think this is the least we can do. these people have been through the worst we could imagine, and suffered hardships. it's for us to make it an easier life for tell. >> reporter: to treat these people humanely and to decide who should stay, and to prevent them from being taken advantage of by smugglers. >> more than 100 people have drown off the coast of libya.
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european leaders are looking for solutions to the crisis and now the u.n. has weighed in asking the international community to do more to help those making desperate attempts or the a new life. >> i have been to mediterranean and seen how difficult it is. i commend those leaders and communities who have stepped up. but much more is required. i appeal to all governments to expend safe and legal channels of migration and act with humanity, compassion, and in accordance with their international obligation. this is a human tragedy, that requires a determined, collective political response. >> an investigation is underway in bahrain into a bomb attack that killed at least seven policemen. injured in a barrage west of a
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vil of manama. the protest occurred because of arrest of political prisoners, uprising for the shia majority four years ago calling for more rights. in iraq, at least 60 have been killed in a suicide attack in the i.s.i.l. held city of ramadi. two car bombs struck military vehicles and the sheer unit near flawsanbar university. protesters began earlier this month as people called for political reform and better public services. iraq's top shia cleric has backed the is demonstrations. a verdict's expected for three al jazeera journalists facing retrial in an egyptian court. it's been a frustrating repeat
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trial. they are accused of helping the now banned muslim brotherhood which they deny. they hope the hearing will end the long struggle to clear their names. natasha guinane has the story. >> for months these two have been waiting to hear the words not guilty. baher mohamed, mohamed fahmy, and peter greste spent over a year together in prison. they were charged with aiding the now banned muslim brotherhood. in june of last year the court sentenced them to 7 to 10 years ago. then last january the court of casation threw out their
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convictions. peter greste was released in june for deportation to his home country. mohammed and fahmy were released later that month. >> there's still a very serious danger that they could wind up back in prison and that for all of us would be just devastating. >> lorenzo diel has started a grass roots support program. >> we have agreed publicly and privately that they should be released. >> called the entire court process a farce. the verdict comes at a time when those working in media in egypt is facing their perhaps worst threat. more journalists sitting in
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egyptian prisons since the time it became keeping track in 1990. >> i'll fight for those behind bars who are desperate in their health. >> mohammed hopes they will clear their own names first. natasha guinane. al jazeera. >> peter greste has joined us. how are you feeling peter? >> nervous as you can imagine. we've been down this road so many times before, it doesn't get easier. all of this hinges on the verdict. none of us can move on with our lives, none of us can plan anything. the hearing and ver verdict will determine everything. >> did you think you became more
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optimistic that you would get a verdict that was correct in setting you all free? >> well, this latest hearing appears to have been a little bit more respectful of the evidence and due process. but we really don't know how things are going to go. certainly we haven't seen any more evidence presented in court. there's been no evidence whatsoever to suggest we were dwhri oguilty of anything crimi, much less anything immoral. as long as the court pays due respect for the evidence then we really do have nothing to worry about. but the problem for us is we have been in this position before after the first trial. none of us really expected that we would be convicted. none of us felt that there would be any other verdict apart from acquittals all around. to be convicted in that hearing in that trial was such a devastating thing, all of us are
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a little bit nervous about the prospects of being released this time around. >> peter, i wonder if you could clear one thing up for us. there is a question about whether you were being tried in absentia. there was a question over the paperwork that was lodged if the court. >> well, i wish i had a clear answer for you on that score. what happened was that i was considered, formally considered by the court as on trial in absent ya. we made a number of submissions including presenting a document from the australian government. that the australian authorized had considered my case in line with the decree and the australian authorities decided there was no evidence that i was guilty of any crime under australian law so i was free to go. we don't know whether the court has accepted that document. certainly the court and the judges didn't remove me from the
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case at that particular moment so we can only assume only consider that i am on trial until we hear otherwise. we are hoping of course me and my lawyers and my family are hoping that the courts will accept that document at face value. but until now we've got no evidence that it has. >> okay, well we'll be getting that verdict, that announcement shortly. and fingers crossed really, peter greste there in sydney, thank you. still to come on al jazeera. we examine the underworld, pakistanis seeking a new life in europe. and yemen's government makes plans for a new future despite the war dividing the country. country.
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>> the top stories now on al jazeera. thousands of malasians are protesting in the capital, kuala lumpur, calling for the prime minister to step down. calling for election reform and more transparency in politics. the verdict is expected shortly for three al jazeera journalists facing retrial in an egyptian court. they are accused of helping the now banned muslim brotherhood. charges they and al jazeera deny. people in the hungarian capital budapest have been remembering refugees found dead on thursday. an austrian parole, finding a truck on a highway near booud
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pest. along with middle east and african refugees, smugglers are making millions of dollars from their search for a better life. nicole johnston has more from the capital isla islamabad. >> a people smuggler a job that earns around $35,000 in a good year. shafiq is not his real name. >> people are crazy about going to europe. it is free had and the euro is powerful. they want to risk everything including their life to get to the europe. >> what is the success like for getting to europe? >> 5050 chance it is unpredictable. going by ship or over a mountain is dangerous. they have to work for days.
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sometimes they will be at sea for 14 hours with no captain or attacked or missing or die of hunger. >> shafiq last been in this business for 11 years. he says there's no shortage of men who will pay up to $6,000 for an illegal passage to greece. >> sicily, malta, italy. >> most are looking for a better life, here there is high employment and security. their parents sell everything they have to send one son away, hoping he will screen be able to support the whole system. it is a long pressure for men like etien. three months ago his family including his uncle gave $9,000 to an agent to send him to the
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u.k. >> translator: i was desperate to go to england at any cost and that's why i made a deal. the agent told me everything was ready. suddenly he disappeared, now i lost my money and my passport. i want them to take stronger action. >> the government does have a special investigations unit that deals with people-smuggling. it has a list of over 100 wanted ring leaders. but smugglers are able to operate besneet th beneath the . >> yes, there are so many agencies cracking down on this. we only deal with people who have been referred to us. >> reporter: the calls keep coming, there are more clients to meet. in pakistan it seems a smuggler's work is never done.
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nicole johnston, al jazeera, islamabad. >> more strikes against rebels in capital sanaa. there are more reports that houthis have ben hit but the strikes are hitting yemeni civilians. an estimated 4,000 people have been killed since march. the u.s. president braw bark obama is calling on the american jewish americans. imert halketimerl halkett haski. >> this deal blocks every way every pathway that iran might take in order to obtain a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: the online appeal comes just weeks after israeli
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu addressed the u.s. jewish community as well, in opposition to the nuclear agreement. he argued the deal would make the middle east less safe. >> this is a very dangerous deal and it threatens all of us. there will be more attacks and more people will die. >> reporter: support for and dependence the agreement between iran and the six world powers designed to limit iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief has deeply divided the jewish community, 46% support, 31% oppose, the american israel public affairs committee or apac are spending millions to lobby congress to oppose the deal. >> i think president is trying to overcome some perceptions that he not favorable to israel and not taking israel's
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interests into account. >> of the 24 who identify as jewish, just 11 are voting for deal. u.s. president joe biden is scheduled to meet with u.s. jewish leaders in florida to win over their support. kimberly halkett, al jazeera. >> both countries have recalled their ambassadors and deported colombians since venezuela closed its border last week pmg virginia are lopez has the story. >> to clean the country of paramilitary activity smuggling kidnapping and drug trafficking that is why i have decided to extend the closure to sector 2.
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>> reporter: the closure of several border crossings began what has been a quowns escalatiocontinuousrising of tee two countries. both countries have now recalled their ambassadors. in the streets, people continue to line up for hours waiting for scarce food to arrive. >> done nothing. it is us venezuelans who do this to ourselves because reselling cheap goods is so profitable it became a way of life. >> reporter: while critics blame heavy food and petrol shortages, they refer to the colombia oligarchy is to blame. >> the magnitude of illicit trade is beyond our capacity.
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because we subsidize socialist goods, food, petrol and everything. we tried to establish a quota but it was impossible. >> venezuelan authorities report mass quantities of illicit goods. venezuela insists it's colombia's lack of cooperation that brought on the diplomatic spat, the impact of a mill dispute that is haas come at a personal and financial cost. >> translator: this was an animated town, lived here like brothers. they were either deported or simply left in fear. >> ties between venezuela and colombia run so deep that a border crossing remains closed, construction of a new bridge
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just kilometers away is take place at full speed. it is a joint are project that stands as their joint cooperation. virginia lopez, al jazeera. fast moving flow from the kilauea volcano has crept into the surrounding forest. scientists say it is not expected to threaten homes. kilauea is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. >> former president bush was in louisiana to mark the 10th anniversary of hurricane katrina. bush was blamed for slow response. as andy gallagher reports, the process of rebuilding is far
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from over. >> reporter: when hurricane katrina hit new orleans ten years ago, it was devastating to the aging infrastructure. now new orleans has invested $40 billion. many are proud of this system. >> it affords us a greater protection than we ever had before, a system in name only, and am i happy with it, yes i'm absolutely happy with it. >> reporter: but outside it's a different story. fred everhearth says it's the unique landscape that's change fast. >> that little point was a ditch you couldn't fit this boat in, that was all land.
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one little ditch that ran through here, ran through that pass over here. this is all going as destroyed. >> land loss is a critical situation in louisiana, state is home to nearly half the nation's wetlands. billions of dollars are already being spent on coastal restoration projects but they ask barely keep up with it. if they go it leaves new orleans exposed. families like the serenes have been working these waters for generations. but now feel like their life is under threat, john has lost 200 acres. >> it is going to be a while, it will go. there's nothing to stop it. >> new orleans has a
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state-of-the-art system that should prevent katrina-like floodings in the future. what could happen behind these walls. andy gallagher. >> there's plenty on our website, stay tuned. stay tuned. >> i'm yferl. "on target" tonight, losing ground. new orleans remains vulnerable to another hurricane because the wetlands are disappearing. there's plenty to blame but little to fix it. plus, are men accused of sexual assault getting a fair hearing on college campuses? there is no doubt that new orleans its leaders and the city's residents have made huge progress in recovering from the devastation and death brought by inrricane katrina ten years ago.


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