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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 31, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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the risks involved. al jazeera, northern ethiopia. >> you can catch up on all the stories we're reporting on. the address is >> a man charged with killing a sheriff deputy in what police call an execution-style attack appears in court. president obama heads to alaska for a climate change summit, but he's facing criticism over a decision to rename north america's highest peak. and some european countries are making it tougher for refugees trying to seek a new life.
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>> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm randall pinkston. a texas man accused of killing a police officer for no apparent reason will be arraigned on capital murder charge today. the prosecutors told the judge that shannon miles shot the officers 15 times at a gas station friday night. robert ray is live in houston. the prosecutor gave details over the horrific shooting. >> yes, indeed, this was a probable cause statement read by the judge just about an hour or so ago here in houston text. shannon miles, 30 years old, came in shackles, looked around the room. in the front row were the family and relstive o relatives of the officer. he was shot. heahere are the details.
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15 times in the back by a smith and wesson. the ballistics were traced back to shannon miles. now what we know is that the motive is unclear at this point, randall, but the gruesome murder happened just three days ago. >> you can see the male get out of the car. white t-shirt, shorts, dennis chutes. he runs up behind the deputy and puts the gun to the back of his head and shoots. the deputy hits the ground and then he continues to unload his gun shooting repeatedly into the back of depp goforth. >> now no plea was done in court today. no guilty or non-guilty. he'll appear next time.
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>> there was some talk early today about some something about his mother claiming that he was with her. any mention of that? >> we heard reports of that, but no mention of that at all inside the courtroom. i'm sure those details will come out later. many media members are trying to speak with his mother. some not exactly getting what we want. we made a call earlier with no response. in the meantime there was a vigil here last night in houston where people of all colors came out. hundreds of people behalfed to support the family of the police officers who was killed a few days ago. this is a city on high owe emotions right now at a coffee shop a few minutes ago many did
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not understand why this was all going on and wanted this to go away. that's the consensus in houston, they're still grappling with what happened last week with the journalists who were killed. a lot of police presence around here. speaking with a police officer a while ago, he said not only are we upping our police presence from what happened in houston, but also because of the media who are out and. >> president obama is on his way to alaska after landing in anchorage. later today he will be spending three days in the state pushing his climate change agenda. i'lhe'll be the first sitting president to visit the arctic circle. he'll rename america's highest peak. mount m mckinley is now
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mount denali. >> for generations the mountain known as the majestic mountain, the great one. now we're honored to be age to officially recognize the mountain as denali. i would like to thank the president for working with us to achieve this significant change to show honor, respect and gratitude. >> now some ohio politicians are reacting angrily to the announ announcement. representative bob gibbs calls the name a constitutional overreach. there is opposition to the move
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>> president obama will be the first sitting president to visit the alaskan arctic. it is an area that is dealing with the effects of clim climate change. but a the president is in a tricky situation because petroleum is the main driver of that state's economy. >> president obama will see for himself the glorious landscape of the alaska. and how it's being devastated by climate change. glaciers, perma frost aren' are erod eroding. >> we do everything in our power to protect ourselves. climate change poses the same threat right now. >> environmentalists agree, but they don't like his administration's decision to approve off-shore oil drilling
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by shell oh in alaska's north slope. as the drill rig left seattle earlier this year. protesters, some in kaybac kay in kayaks tried to make them opinions known. >> the oil must stay in the ground if we're going to stop the worst impact to climate change. >> yet hydrocarbons dry alaska's economy, creating lucrative royalties. oil prices are raising fears of cut back o back on ref news. >> we need to try to find that middle ground where we can
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responsebly draw on those resources to meet not just our needs and the needs of that community, but the world needs for fossil fuels going forward, but also to bear in mind that in is an environmental cost that we need to balance all of that. >> here's proof. melting sea ice is behind this gathering of walruses, thousands of them forced ashored. facing starvation. alaska faces climate change like few others on earth. president obama will call for tougher global measures, but he has to balance the defense of an entire state and to an extent the u.s. economy on an industry that many say are driving global warming. >> los angeles police officers will hit the streets wearing body cameras. the lapd plans to deploy more than 7,000 cameras in the coming
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months. but traffic officers will not be. the police will be able to review videos before filing reports. the public will not be able to see the videos. a police officers that we spoke to said that in today's climate the cameras are necessary. >> i think i the climate that we're in its important to get the point of view from the officers. it's very proactive and moving forward in the society that we're in today. it's definitely the right move. for the 1.5% of officers who are bad apples and are doing illegal actions or unethical actions i think that will put them on the forefront a lot faster and departments can handle that accordingly. but for the other officers who are doing their jobs, using the amount of sisters necessary to effect the arrest, i don't see it changing their behavior because at the end of the day their job is to go home to their families and to serve their communities. if anyone should have those
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cameras it should be traffic cops. in my days of patrol i can tell you personally the most dangerous and unpredictable situation an officer will find himself in is the traffic stop. it can go from zero to all heck breaking loose in less than 30 seconds. you need that body cam to be able to articulate this is why i had to use force. this is why i had to use deadly force. if anyone would need it, it would be the traffic cop. other than telling the police point of view that's the only good they're going to serve. the one thing people need to realize if an officer is acting in line duty, it is not going to matter what the camera shows if they're going to use deadly force. if using the amount of force necessary they will be exonerated.
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>> he does not agree with officers watching video before they file reports. he believes they should do it on memory. a cameraman killed in last week's shooting in virginia. two were shot to death by a former colleague during a live interview last week. ward's family encouraged local residents. >> we have more on why raising rates is such a tough decision. >> it's been nearly a decade since the federal reserve raised interest rates and the turmoil over the global markets have left policymakers decided over when to pull the trigger. first the dow jones plummeted a
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thousand points only to finish the week higher while oil prices hit six and a half year lows before bouncing back. those swings were triggered by disturbing signs of weakness in china's economy, which is a primary engine of global growth. take holy for example. china is the world's biggest consumer of crude. there is also the impact of global currency market. china engineered a dramatic duvall ways of its currency trigger duval deeing duvall ways in other markets. raising interest rates could turbo charge the dollar even more. if you throw in oil prices you have the recipe for low inflation which has been running
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below the fed's 2% target. the question is will these persist or ease up. speaking at an annual conference in wyoming, stanley fisher said there is good reason to believe that inflation will i can pup and that will leave the door open for a rate hike in september. but in the middle of last week's market madness, william dudley said that a rate hike could become less compelling because of china. all they can do now is to see what the data turns up, and there is a crucial read on the health of the jobs market on friday with the release of the molly employment report. >> in july the economy added fewer jobs than expected even though hiring reached a six month high. no settlement was reached in so-called nfl deflate gate
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scandal. the judge said that he'll rule this week on whether brady must serve a four-game suspension for using under deflated football during a playoff game last season. tightening the borders. still to come, two european countries making it more difficult for refugees to move acros across the continent. [ explosions ] and protests in ukraine's capital turned deadly. the latest straight ahead.
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>> refugees and migrants trying to enter parts of europe are running out of options. austria has stopped a train from coming in to hungary today. they did that because of overcrowding on austrian rail ways, not because the train carried refugees. they began to step up securities after dozens of people were found dead in an abandoned truck. our andrew simmons spoke to an hungarian spokesman about the latest restrictions. >> the hungarian government is he defending its china se defending its actions. this is what the government spokesperson had to say. >> now let me put this clear. this is not about asylum law.
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it's unacceptable that people come through green borders without discipline, order or law. we're trying to establish the borders of serbia, which is the border with law and order with some kind of discipline in this huge influx of illegal migrati migration. >> is this really the right approach? >> it is the best interest of those arriving in green borders who might be refugees or economic migrants, we don't know because they don't have papers. they don't have any way of proving their identity. it is only through rules that they would be able to handle. >> an abundance of groups are asking for more loca logical
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approach than building the 175 kilometer defense. aren't you considering being more careful with these refugees and want to give them sanctuary in the rest of europe rather than turning them around and sending them away. >> until we establish identify we don't know if they're refugees or if they are not. these people coming through four, five, seven countries, and arriving to the european union should be put under some kind of discipline to establish their identities. >> the government said that it's actively seeking clarification on what it means for for refugees seeking asylum. germany could actually start taking in refugees, but they
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have not been confirmed. it didn't a clear situation as to what is happening next for the refugees who have been stuck at these railway stations. >> andrew simmons reporting from budapest. one ukrainian guards man is dead and others wounded after an explosion outside of kiev's parliament building. the blast happened shortly after lawmakers initially approved a constitutional change that would give pro-russian separatists in the east more autonomy. hundreds protesting that law clashed with security forces. >> more than 6,000 paging of hillary clinton's messages will be made public. officials in puerto rico say
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they need a few more days before they release a plan to tackle their huge debt problem. a group appointed by the commonwealth's governor was expected to deliver a plan today, but the governor's office said that the deadline was extended until septembe september 8th because of tropical storm erikia. the plan will reduce puerto rico's $72 billion debt. making a difference. looking inside efforts to distribute a drawing aimed at preventing heroin overdoses. we take a look back at the life and legacy of the man known as the master of horror.
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>> a report says that parents should speak to their children about alcohol before the child's age reaches double digits. children are exposed to advertisements early on leading them to think positively about liquor. the move said that parents should teach about the dangers of drinking by age nine. a new drug is bringing hope to curbing america's heroin epidemic. it is reverses the effects of overdoses and has already saved thousands of lives. jacob ward visits the front line to get narcan out to as many people as po possible.
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here is the thing to understand, the reason you die of an overdose is not anything about the drug itself other than it overwhelms the brain. it binds to the brain and turns off functions. the automatic commands that your brain delivers to your body like breathing. you literally forget to breathe. that's how heroin overdose kills you. fortunately we live in an era where scientists have secured that. we have narcan. naloxone. it knocks the opiate off your brain. it's incredibly unpleasant. you go into automatic withdraw, but it does restore breathing. people are brought back to life. in francisco there is this mural that explains the whole content. someone does heroin, has too much. they overdose and then a friend,
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family member, fellow drug user comes along with narcan, injects their friend, and brings them back to life. this mural touches on a sensitive topic about it. this is something that we're going to be exploring. thanks to narania. i don't know if there is anything worth living for, but at least now i'll edit a chance to find out. the united states has been very hostile to the whole use of drug use. our whole policy has been built around outlawing it and punishing people who do it. narcan is a visible and tangible represent days of hamme harm reduction. it's sort of the end on the war on drugs. you're going to help with the symptoms of addiction rather than punishing them for it. now we're going to be exploring all of this in greater depth later, but the thing to understand is that the whole concept here is medical science has made it such that no one who
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shoots up or takes drugs with someone else has to die in this day and age. there is just this tremendous amount of sort of discomfort and difficulty just when it comes to the logistics and the principles, the philosophy of a solution like this. we're going to be looking at both that problem and the science of it late tonight. >> you can watch jake ward's full report at 8:00 p.m. easte eastern. the neurologist who turn patient cases into best sellers has died. he wrote about patients who lived in a frozen state until he released them. he brought syndromes to a wider audience. he was 8 years old. tributes are being coming in
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for wes craven, who died of a brain tumor. >> freddy kruger terrified and entertained many teens in the 1984 classic "a nightmare o "nightmare on elm street"." he said he got the idea when he lived next to a cemetery in cleveland. he created a series of film and made craven one of hollywood's most well-known directors. he said scaring people is just about knowing your own fears. >> you just have to know what the audience is thinking, know what their fears are. to know that is you become the audience. you look at what the what the audience is afraid of, you talk about it, play with it.
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>> in the 1990s craven had people shaking in their pants again with the "scream" series. another set of popular films that cemented his name in the genre. the world lost a great man, my friend and mentor. producer bob weinstein said that craven was a consummate filmmaker and his body of work will live on forever. >> japan is the world champion in this year's little league world series. the team overcame an eight-run first inning deficit to claim an 18-11 win over pennsylvania. it was the biggest come back in little league world history. the victory gives them their third championship. they also won it all in 2001 and 2012. thanks for joining us. i'm randall pinkston.
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for the latest headlines go to >> confusion and chaos as refugees are caught up in europe's conflicting approach to handling the crisis. i'm lauren taylor, this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up: one policeman is killed dozens more are injured as a nationalist protest in ukraine turns violence. televised conconfessions in