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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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the news continues live from london next. ♪ >> hello, i'm maryam nemazee. you're watching the news hour live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. flights to egypt sinai region saying saturday's crash could have been caused by a bomb. romania's prime minister and government step down as protesters blame corruption for a nightclub fire that killed more than 30 people. rescuers battle to find survivors in the rubble of a collapsed factory in pakistan, and justin trudeau follows in
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his father's footsteps as he is sworn in as prime minister. >> we'll have all the day's sport including world athletic investigated encryption charges. >> we begin this news hour here in the u.k. where the governments have in the past hour announced that it suspended flights on egypt's sinai region after suggesting saturday's plane crash there was caused by a bomb. the russian-run airbus a 321 was carrying holiday makers flying home to st. petersburg when it came down killing everyone on board. let's go to neave barker. what have we been hearing from downing street on this?
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>> well, downing street made public in the last few hours, a key decision to stop all flights from the tourist hub on the red sea to the united kingdom. they say this mr. provide vital time for security officials to travel to the area to assess any potential security risks. they say that those security officials should report back by the end of the evening. the government essentially saying that new information has come to light about the russian crash last saturday, that as you say, killed more than 200 people mainly russian holiday makers. they were traveling to russia's second city st. petersberg when the plane crashed. the russian authorities and egyptian authorities have been
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quick to dismiss claims made by a group affiliated with isil. egyptian authorities saying that isil groups were not an operating in that part the country. there is no definitive answer to how the plane crash, but the possible cybil is that a bomb was involved. we also heard from sources, egyptian sources close to investigators who are monitoring evidence gathered from black boxes retrieved from the site that traces any kind of bomb evidence currently being looked in to. as far as the british government is concerned, though, david cameron has called a very senior meeting, indeed, a gathering of the cobra committee, the highest security committee in the u.k.
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that's how seriously the u.k. are taking any potential threat to u.k. citizens traveling between the two destinations. >> neave thank you very much. neave barker in central london on that story. of course, the rescue, the seven operation there in the sinai has been continuing with investigators on the scene. 33 victims have already been identified. rescue teams still combing the sinai desert for more remains. >> wreckage from the airbus was strewn across the desert. this image is being used to help establish why the plane came down. for days investigators are been searching the area. britain is concerned that the crash could have been caused by an explosive device. flights heading from the u.k. are being delayed.
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the plane seen here two weeks ago was being run by the russian airline metrojet. u.s. satellite i thinkry detected heat around the plain before the crash. egypt ministry said it did not receive a distress call from the pilot. egypts from egypt, russian, france and germany are investigating the crash. representatives where the plane was registered are also involved they finished inspecting the crash site and are now focused on the black box recorders. a sinai armed group affiliated with isil said it shot down the plane. but the egyptian government has denied that and said that the security situation in the region is under full control. emma hayward, al jazeera. >> we can now get the latest from peter sharp, who joins us from the russian capital in moscow.
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peter, any reaction, any word from russian officials to the suggestion by the british government that the crash in egypt might have withi been caused by an explosion of some sort? >> no, just silence. but we would expect that at this time of night. and i'm sure there will be a robust response in the morning. i think russia and egypt share one thing in common in this, both countries are not in any way suggesting that this aircraft was shot down or blown up for differing reasons. the coverage you're getting on that was very much that it was technical, and we're going to have to wait in the results of the black box comes out. that could be weeks. possibly months. and russia has urged the media not to make any--warned, i should say--not to make any speculation that russia's
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activities and bombing in syria was any way linked with the crash. they said that was unfounded and irresponsible. so nothing yet from russia. but i'm sure that will change over the next--well, the next 24 hours. >> thanks very much. peter sharp live for us in moscow. >> romania is i's leader made an announcement. the on tuesday some 20,000 people protested in bucharest calling for the government to resign. the prime minister was already under pressure after being charged with corruption in july.
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announcing his resignation, he acknowledged the public's anger. as nadim baba reports. >> less than 24 hours after mass protests on the streets romania's prime minister resigned saying his government will also step down. >> i'm doing this because almost all the years in politics i have resisted. but this would be a big mistake and everyone will suffer as a result. >> 20,000 people rallied in the capital of bucharest. some carried signs that red corruption kills. >> people who are not taking to the streets are replaced one government for another. it's important that the public interest should come first and not their personal interest. >> i'm here because i want my country back. i want justice to be done. i want people to take
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responsibility for what they have done. i want the dead to rest in peace. >> they're angry about a fire at a nightclub last friday that killed more than 30 people. it started when a band playing inside the club set off fireworks. >> we have lost friends, brothers, comrades, we came to be together, and we came to push aside those who are responsible. now this is the moment. it's enough. >> many romanians say they're frustrated with what they call corrupt local authorities. they say public venues don't have safety standards and it kept open to attract tourists. prior to his resignation, the prime minister was accused of corruption and money laundrying, accusations he de he my he
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denies. >> after years of corruption, romanian society has found a voice to demand to live in a country where rule of law is the most important thing. >> police have now arrested three owners of the nightclub on manslaughter charges. but protesters want a change in the way the country is run. nadim baba,age. >> well, a political scientist at romanian's national school of public administration he's joining us by skype. thank you for joining us. the prime minister faces charges of corruption, allegations of fraud and money laundering, tell us more about why it was this nightclub fire that brought down the prime minister. >> actually, the nightclub was fired was a sort of bribery from the local democracy, and they
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accepted. there were 500 inside the club, so when it fired, a lot of people died or a lot of people were injured, and that was one of the most and one of the longest in corruption here in romania. people get angry because very young people were killed, were injured during the fire. and nobody take responsibility. >> let me ask you, then, can i ask you then if that is the case, there is a very serious issue here with the local
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governance that allowed for the safety violations which meant that there were more people in the club and led to a higher death toll, does that mean that the resignation of the prime minister will satisfy the protesters? or will they continue in some shape and form, do you think? >> probably a lot of people are now satisfied because they obtained more than they want. but because vice prime minister didn't want to resign also finally the district mayor was forced to resign. so the people get satisfaction
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on these very moment, but they really want more. not wanting to change, as the people said on the street. they don't want it to change the parties on power. but they want also to change the laws. >> is that likely to happen? will anything change as a result of the resignation? will we see a greater crackdown on corruption? and what will lead that effort? >> actually here in romania we have a national direction of corruption. and it makes a very good job. we have a prime minister who have been in prison for in corruption. we need to fight against the bureaucracy, who also use corruption inside of the law, and using the political structure to increase the corruption inside of the law.
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>> thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and analysis with us on this story. political scientist at the school of political science and public administration there in romania. >> thank you very much. >> 45 people have died in a plane crash in south sudan. a cargo plane came down shortly after going up. three people including a child are reported to survive. the exact number of people are not clear. >> the seve search continues,
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and the bodies discovered are still being identified. no one knows who was on the list and makes the job difficult at the moment. >> 18 people have been killed after a partially built factory collapsed in pakistan. rescue operations are under way where dozens of people are feared trap. more than 150 construction workers are believed to have been inside the factory when it collapsed. we'll bring you more on that story later on. and of course many more, much more to come for you on the al jazeera news hour. u.k. prepares to roll out the red carpet amid criticism back home. japanese postal service is a very lucrative investment. and the third test between pakistan and england heading to a dramatic climax. we'll have all your details in sport.
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>> now three days after win the majority in the turkish presidential election president erdogan is calling for a change in the constitution that would boost his power. a spokesman for the president said he's considering a referendum on changing the system from parliament try to a presidential one. his opponents say that would give him too much influence. we have more from istanbul. >> a spokesperson indicated that turkey could have a referendum on the constitution changing the governing system from a parliamentary one to an executive presidency. the akp party. won in the last election but
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still needs 13 seats to bring the constitution for a referendum. the opposition parties probably won't be happy that will be the case because they say that this will give presidential erdogan more power, and in a turkey is heading towards a dictatorship. now the president erdogan and the ruling akp party saying that erdogan himself was the first president in this country to be directly elected by the government, and that turkey deserves a new constitution. >> german police have carried out raids on suspected human trafficking networks across the country. more than 500 officers searched 24 homes. well, the first 30 refugees to be relocated from greece are on their way to luxembourg, part of a program with that aims to move
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refugee who is arrived in greece to other countries to avoid making the journey on foot. >> they say this is just the start. >> all five e.u. officials had the opportunity to say goodbye from the syria and iraq who now have a chance to make their dreams come true. of course, we're cognizant and aware of the fact that this is a start. this is just a beginning. 30 given thousand that is have left home, who had to leave their homes in syria and iraq because of war and in search of a better life. this is just a drop in the owes. we know that, but we want this drop in the ocean to turn into a scream, subsequently into a river of fair share of responsibility. >> refugees from eritrea and sudan are being deported from israel. they were looking for a new life
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but authorities say they have been mistreated. >> this man has been looking for a safe place to go for years. in 2007 he fled military service and torture in eritrea. he hoped things would get better in israel, but he was detained and then transported to rwanda and told he could rebuild his life. but on arrival things got worse. >> the rwandans took our papers. we were locked in a hotel for days. we could only leave if we paid to be taken to uganda. >> he's one of several men here who told us similar stories. rights groups say about 1500 african refugees they traveled over land through egypt to
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israel. many worked there before being detained and then deported by air. activists say that the eritrean to rwanda. many say they're brought here from rwanda days on of arrival. >> there are a number of eritr eritrean exiles here, but without papers they can't work. the rights groups say here is where they begin the treacherous journey north heading to the mediterranean sea which they hope to cross to find safety in europe. >> in 2012 oh there were protests against the influx of asylum seekers. thousands have been taken to this detention center.
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israeli officials have acknowledged the area. rights groups suspect that rwanda is paid to receive them. when we asked the ugandan prime minister about it, he said there is no agreement and the governments are unaware about the situation and we'll see what is behind it and deal with it. >> this man is illegal here and hiding. he had added rwanda and uganda to a growing list of countries where he is not welcome. he wonders if he'll ever find a place to live safely. >> justin trudeau has been sworn in as canada's prime minister.
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his liberal won 184 seth in last month's election. he promised to bring in 25,000 syrian refugees by the end of the year and overhaul security and tax legislation. crowds gather to see their new prime minister ahead ofs swearing in. >> well, for one thing there is an atmosphere here. usually the public is not invite. you can now see thousands here. the mood is happy and uplifting many people voted for change, and that's what they got. a fresh face a young, stylish prime minister who was greeted by his children totally different from past scenes of limousines and men in gray suits
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getting out of cars. the tax legislation overhall is going ahead, and the climate change summit in paris approaches. trudeau said he'll get the keystone xl pipeline approved. we'll see about that. he said relations are going to be the centerpiece of his foreign policy. >> for the first time ever the leaders of china and taiwan are to meet with talks and a handshake that will take place on singapore on saturday. taiwan broke away from china at the end of 1949 china still considers taiwan to be chinese territory but it is recognized
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as an independent state by 22 nations. relations improved in 2008. in that time direct flights r rei'm, and there were. >> summit comes as a combination to draw closer to main land china. and his leadership, transport has become stronger than ever. and meeting his counterpart, xx ping, has always been one o. >> many see this as china's way of giving his part support. >> the chinese are trying to boost up the fortunes of their old enemy.
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>> the many opposition democratic progressive party is wary of getting too close to mainland china going as far as favoring independence. >> i have to point out that president measures is a president who will finish his term soon. people will not allow the president to compromise hi taiwan's future for his own career. >> china happens exerted pressure with the staging of well-timed military exercises to remind taiwanese voters that it's prepared to stop any independence push by force if necessary. while the process drawing them together is an unlikely one. but the summit could lead to
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closer links or backfire. rob mcbride, al jazeera, beijing. >> there is still much more to tomorrow for you. meet one of the creative the top honors. and in sports. what chelsea's captain had to say in reports of revolves against the manager.
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>> at 9:30 - "america tonight" - top investigative reporting, uncovering new perspectives. >> everything that's happening here is illegal. >> then at 10:00 -
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it's "world news tonight". >> let's take a closer look. >> antonio mora gives you a global view. >> this is a human rights crisis. >> and at 11:00 - a full news wrap-up of the days top stories. clear... concise... complete. >> welcome back. a recap of top starts. britain suggesting that the crash in egypt was caused by a bomb. and suspended flights while further investigations are carried out. romania's prime minister resigned after a nightclub fire. demonstrators blame the strategy on government construction. and a factory under construction in pakistan
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collapsed. kamal hyder is tracking the story. he joins us on the phone now. what do we know about the rescue operation and the number of dead and injured? >> the rescue operation is underway. we're already way to the area. the latest reports that we're get something that the ask yo rescue effort is being led by the pakistani military. it was a four-story building, and building was continuing on the fourth story and the factory
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was continuing on the lower floors. even though it was warned that it was too dangerous, they were told to continue. >> thank you very much. kamal hyder brings us all the latest on that building championships. sadly, many more people feared to be trapped under the rubble. now egypt's president el-sisi is on his way to britain to have talks with british prime minister david cameron. but the british opposition party said that it should not be happening.
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let me ask you about the latest reports that prime minister david cameron and the egyptian president has spoken about the situation at sinai. >> cameron did have a phone call with sisi prior to sisi getting on a plane and coming here. it didn't give much details, that they were still investigating it, but they were going to beef up their services, and that it was going to--that it was no more flights coming out until the time being until it was ascertained what tack place.
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it is another sign of the volatile security situation in egypt at the moment. >> no doubt that will play heavily into that meeting. let me ask you about the protests taking place behind you. who organized them and why? >> well, it is a coalition of different groups, the trade unions, the national union of students as well as egyptian organizations t organization. we'll give you a better shot of what it looks like. essentially they're opposed to the city of president el-sisi. they say they say it's by supporting people like el-sisi that terrorism and violence
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increase. they say when you support autocratic regimes, it fuels violence and so forth. they've tried to draw a link between violence and el-sisi, and they say it violence has increased three fold. they're calling for cameron to revoke his invitation. obviously that won't happen as he's meant to to be arriving soon. >> thank you very much. live for us where the protest is taking place against president el-sisi's visit to the u.k. =fplt some suggestio suggestions that there are similarities of the cash of the
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airbus plane to the locke lockerbie explosion. there are some suggestions that this was caused by a bomb. that's the latest we're hearing. what evidenc information is there that this is based on? >> the news reports so it's
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quite possible that something on board was detonated. >> just to be clear from what we know the circumstances surrounding the plane crash, it was able to take off and then just 20 minutes later it begins its descent, and it began its descent very quickly and very sharply. what parallels do you see with the locker by disaster? do you see any similarities? >> the first notion that was broken was that the signal was broken up in three separate
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parts. >> well thank you very much, george thompson for sharing your analysis with us. we appreciate it. now the syrian army has gained control of the key road linking aleppo and hamas. they took control of the road from isil, it was the only road for supply routes. russia said that diplomats need to agree on a list of opposition groups who will be invited to u.n.-brokered peace talks. sergei lavrov said that the united nations are ready to hold talks between president bashar al-assad and the opposition, but everyone needs to be front and center to the peace process. >> we need to clarify what is the opposition. what is the moderate opposition
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and should become partners. there needs to be a mutual understanding between the opposition and the government. this is a key principle. the political process should be syrian-led and syrian people only can define the destiny of the country. >> so how difficult is it going to be to establish who should represent the syrians. >> this is difficult, and something that that should be determined before they bring a meeting together on the other hand now that russia has been involved and responsible for the bombing that has helped to bring the key road back to the hands of the syrian army. they've shown they are the ones that can call the shots and have
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set up the heard to make such a meeting work. >> how might we see that the syrian opposition appears to be splintered to russian overtures seems to be one of skepticism. how difficult will it be to get talks off the ground? >> i think there will be some groups who want to come to the table. many of the armed groups are the problem how do you determine a terrorist group from a group at is accepted by the international community. one that will speak with assad after mentioning over and over that he has to leave before they'll talk with him. on the other hand the situation is deteriorated to such a degree that if is clear that the beginning of the talk systems has to take place.
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what we're seeing is a cease-fire between small groups on the ground locally. that will lead to talks between them, and it is hoped that that will spread. >> do you anticipate that we'll see a change of the russian military action in syria? will they continue to target opposition groups that are mainly opposed to assad? >> well, right from the beginning they said there has to be a distinction between the terrorists and the rest? >> russians seem to lump everybody in the same group. >> no, they're making distinctions at this point. they're saying there are helpful opposition groups. >> is this a change? >> this is perhaps a change to the diplomatic approach in their position. they're crediting a number of opposition groups for giving them important targets for this recent set of bombing campaigns that they've been on, and they
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definitely feel as though it is both the syrian army and certain opposition groups that need to work together in order to be able to overcome the terrorist threats. >> they begin small and then they broaden out. >> as they broaden out could that create long term divergence with iran when it comes to syria? >> well, what is very interesting is how this whole game has changed quite rapidly. the fact that the iranians were at the last meeting in geneva, in vienna, that the talks are taking place. all of this is because of a longer term plan that clearly the poker player that leaves
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russia is very much on the game to play. he wants to say that he can move things forward. he want to show that he is the only one who can bring assad to the table. he wants to show that assad is not going anywhere until he determines how and when. this has been very much the way we're seeing the theater play out this week. >> thank you very much, thank you. >> it's been a pleasure, thank you. >> a little bit of business news for you now. japan's postal service has raised almost $12 billion. japan's post holdings along with its banking and insurance market on the stock exchange. prime minister abe is hoping that sharing the investment will help to build investment and funds. at $12 billion japan's
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public offering is the biggest this year. how is it compared to others. facebook raised $16 billion and made it the biggest technology floatation but that was beaten by alibaba who raised ipo $25 million the biggest of all time. we g a postal office that was closed 25 years ago has been opened for letters addressed to the missing. >> i'm 81 years old. in 2013 the office was held for a mop. i they came up with the idea of the missing post office. she saw man objects rushing up
1:44 pm
on the shores andrew inspiration from it. she wanted to create a post office where people's thoughts and emotions are sent in letters. like thoughts drifting towards the beach. many people post letters to the missing post office because they want someone to hear them, even if they're not graced with a reply. we had 400 letters. i felt sorry for the senders of these letters and wanted to keep it going. during the festival i became deeply attached to this post office, and to this day i volunteer to do everything on my own from displaying letters to receiving visitors. it's the age of electronic messages but when the post office reopened so many people wrote and sent their thoughts. i feel like i'm bringing back the champ of letter writing just like in the good ol' days. the letters come every day. on average there are 20 letters. sometimes 50. the letters have increased over the years.
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now there are 9,501. many kids write about their happy thoughts for the future. but the majority of letters are addressed to the deceased, to husbands, wives, parents. the ones written by parents to children or grandchildren are the most heartbreaking. i worked for 45 years as the director of the post office, and my job was completely different back then. our job was to protect the confidentiality of all letters and their destinations. now my job is to receive letters and to share them. i hesitated in the beginning but the letters need someone to read them. there is a lady who came looking for a letter she sent to her late husband. it moved me to tears. so many people rely on the missing post office. i want to stay healthy and keep this place going as long as possible. >> there is much more to come after the break, including all
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the latest sports news. andy murray's opening match went by very quickly. we'll tell what you happened a bit later on. stay with us.
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>> welcome back. time now for your sport with farrah. >> thank you so much. the former head of athletics world governing body is being formerly investigated as part of a corruption and doping inquiry. the iaaf said they're fully cooperating with the gingrich
1:48 pm
prosecutors. they deny any allegations of accepting money to cover up any dope tests by russian athletes. in charge of athletics for 16 years before stepping down in august. the police say that the 82-year-old was arrested on sunday and realize released on tuesday after whiching. lee we willing said that this is a terrible situation for iaaf. >> it's a terrible situation for a supported that already has a big stain by it. there have been big investigations. there was an investigation by the end of last year that suggested that there have been so much doping, and one a few months ago that said
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between 2001 and 2012 as many as one in three medal winners have doped, and russia was a big part of that, too. so to be in charge and to be accused of covering that up, it could not be worse for a sport. i can see why people are making comparisons between this and the situation of fifa because of course sepp blatter, and michel platini, the two big forces of football are suspended for alleged corruption and are under criminal investigation. >> eight wicked on the final day to win in the final test against england. reaching 151 as pakistan set england's unlikely victory target. they will resunny 46-2.
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they'll win this test to level the series. >> the english team are still in danger of not reaching the knock out rounds having lost their first two group games. chelsea's manager and captain has put on a public show of unity ahead of their game against dynamo chiev. they say the team is committed to results. they already lost six games this season. >> i think what we've seen in the last three days are ridiculous stories. i can assure you now the players
1:51 pm
are 100% to the manager. >> thsaudi arabia said that they would play in the west bank due to exceptional circumstances. a number of muslim nations refuse to play in the occupied west bank as that would legitimatize israel's occupation. andy murray in his second round match at the paris masters. the world number three needed 58 minutes to see off his opponents. the straight sets 6-1, 6-2, murray will face 16th seed david of belgium in the next round.
1:52 pm
is carlos navarro looks to be in dominant form in china. the number two seed number dropping a game in straight sets she's looking for her first title of the year. >> rugby world cup winners new zealand have returned home. thousands of fans celebrated the tie jump which saw the all blacks make history as the first team ever to defend the title. >> a traditional challenge to
1:53 pm
welcome home the ultimate defenders. the all blacks back-to-back world cup champions were elated to be on home ground after playing in england. >> it's a great way to finish. and more importantly i'm so lucky to be part of the special group. >> which heard that there was going to be a few people here. it's pretty awesome. >> new zealand is a rugby-mad country. it is the national sport here. >> rugby is quintessential new zealand. it suits our character. it's resilient, robust, it's innovative, and so we just made this game out. we just love this game with an absolute passion. >> so much so that there was special treatment on the way home. [ performing the haka ]
1:54 pm
>> the while they performed a traditional haka on the tarmac. it was off to 30,000 adoring fans. they had been waiting to celebrate. >> this is amazing. it's a great day. >> back-to-back, wha wahoo. >> to do it two times in a row, i know it annoyed a lot of other rugby teams around the world in the last four years, but it this has made all the hard work worthwhile. >> the hard work paid off for one lucky school boy, he got to live his dream of meeting his worl world cup hero. >> this is the place of many
1:55 pm
celebrations for the men in black. everyone wants to see the back-to-back world champions and the coveted williams with the trophy. al jazeera, auckland, new zealand. >> congratulations to them. that's all your sport. now it's back to miles an hour miles an hour in london. >> thank you. leading architects are meeting in singapore for the architecture awards. it. >> my architecture company, principle architects for ivy bound schools. this is an oasis in the city
1:56 pm
with very large old trees on the site. i decided that these trees were the singular characteristic that needed to be preserved. we started to fit the architecture around these old trees on site. designing a cool for early learning, they have an inspirational idea of how to conduct early learning in a progressive way. school is designed to be many parts. there is a welcomed portion where kids are brought in from the city, and parents want to feel safe letting the kids go beyond. there is the classrooms, and obviously there are other areas like the the play that is part of the curriculum.
1:57 pm
there is a facility with swimming pool, meditation, yoga, for instance. i think what i enjoy most about seeing the school finished is the fact that the different pieces came together in a way that it really encourages exploration and discovery. >> a reminder now of our top stories. developments relating to the plane crash on saturday. britain suggested that the crash could have been caused by an explosive device. flights have been suspended while further investigations are carried out. we'll have much more on that in a few moment's time. they say that an investigation is ongoing, but new information that suggests that the crash was
1:58 pm
caused by an detonation device.
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>> tough that the country gave up on me. >> look at the trauma... every day is torture. >> this is our home. >> nobody should have to live like this. >> we made a promise to these heroes... this is one promise americans need to keep. >> these people have decided that today they will be arrested. >> i know that i'm being surveilled. >> people are not getting the care that they need. >> this is a crime against humanity. >> hands up... >> don't shoot. >> hands up... >> don't shoot. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> explosions going on... we're not quite sure - >> is that an i.e.d.?
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>> the british government said that the egypt plane crash could have been caused by a bomb. i'm lauren taylor. this is al jazeera live from london. romania's prime minister and government has stepped down as protesters blame the government for a fire that killed 30 people. rescuers continue to seven for survivors of a collapsed building.