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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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>> the british government said that the egypt plane crash could have been caused by a bomb. i'm lauren taylor. this is al jazeera live from london. romania's prime minister and government has stepped down as protesters blame the government for a fire that killed 30 people. rescuers continue to seven for survivors of a collapsed building.
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justin trudeau follows in his father's footsteps as he's sworn in as canada's prime minister. it is suggested that saturday's plane crash was caused by a bottom. it suspended all flights until further investigations are completed. the russian operated airbus a 321 was carrying holiday makers from the resort to st. petersburg when it came down. 224 passengers and crew died. this is an area that is normally busy with flights serving egyptian airports and over flying on international airports. but as you can see there are very few flights over the sinai. let'let's go to neave barker. what are they telling you about this decision? >> well, you're right in saying that a few hours ago the decision was made to suspend
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flights between london and the busy tourist destination for many u.k. tourists. the government said that the reason behind this is to allow time for security officials to travel from britain to the airport to carry out their own security analyze. they say new information has come to light about the crash of russian airlines flight saturday. more than 200 russian holiday makers died. they traveled on their way to st. petersburg when the plane crashed on the sinai peninsula. investigators are now saying what they think is responsible for the crash, but they do believe an explosion may have been responsible. they're not currently saying whether or not this one was perhaps a fuel explosion or whether a device was, indeed,
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involved. the fact that they've convened the most cobra committee that can be held here in the u.k. is a sheer sign of how seriously they're taking any potential threat to u.k. systems traveling between egypt and britain. >> neave, previously the egyptian government has been quick to displace claims of groups in the area. is there any change in the thinking now? >> well, that's absolutely right. shortly after the crash a group affiliated with isil said that they had shot down the aircraft. claims that they were shot done by the russian authorities who said it was way too soon to believe any kind of claim like that. similar responses from the egyptian government who say that
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isil was not operating in the northern parts of the sinai desert. we do gather that sources close to the egyptian investigation are now looking at the areas around the crash site for cases of explosive devices. the suggestion is with the convening of the committee meeting here in london there are initial beliefs that this might have been pilot error or technical mistake. but the feeling is that something much more sinister is responsible. >> let's go to peter sharp in moscow. what are me saying there about the latest move by the british government. >> well, stoney silence. we haven't heard anything from the kremlin, and we're not expecting anything tonight. there may an robust response in the morning. watch egypt and russia have in common is that they really are not considering at the moment
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anything other than a technical error or explosion in one of the engines. and they're being very, very forthright especially in russia. they warned media not to make any suggestion at all that the crash of this aircraft was anything to do with russia's arrow offensive in syria. they said that would be most increment appropriate. there have been a couple of lines today. isil, we made mention of this earlier that an affiliate has suggested that they shot down the plane. they've now released a new audio tape basically going through those allegations again and saying in the course of time that they would reveal how they brought it down. not particularly convincing. an egyptian doctor, who was
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taking part in 9 occupies of the passengers in cairo, claims that one in five of the passengers suffered from serious burns, which really does not tell you anything. but if there was an explosion in the engine or few tank then you would have those same injuries. it will be interesting to see what russia says tomorrow. but they're very, very cagey and very reluctant to point a finger towards any terrorist activist at this stage. >> peter sharp, thank you very much, indeed. well, the former navigator with the relinquish royal air force and analysis, he joins us now via skype. thank you for being with us on this story. they have become concerned saying it's a precautionary measure. what do you think has happened in the last couple of days to change the thinking and to make the british government take what
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they call this precautionary measure to ground the flights between the two. >> very difficult to say. of course, we're in the hands of the people who put out the media for governments. as we've seen so far since this crash we've had completely contradictory stories since it happened. however, the british government, if you like, put their money where their mouth is, and they've actually taken action to delay these flights, and the fact that as we speak, a meeting of the cobra committee is going on, attend does suggest that they're taking it very serious seriously. >> what types of cour
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information is coming. >> they're talking about sending people down who will check these aircraft over before they get airborne by people that they trust. if it were a bomb on board, then it's probably going to have been something that was put in the holds perhaps by somebody at the airport, not necessarily the case, but that seems the most likely. so people who go down there, they werely trained people to seven out explosives will check every single aircraft. >> in the past they found that screening luggage is not necessarily all that reliable. for instance when the printer was supposed to go off in another plane, and then in that case they caught it. but there is going to be laws in the screening.
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>> they may insisting, and they may take sniffing dogs, who knows. this is a positive move. that is to say it's not just words. they're doing something. >> the egyptian aviation agency said that the black box will be analyzed but it is damaged. how frequently are these black boxes damaged when there are explosions and crashes, and how difficult does it--they both look a little bit mangled but not totally destroyed.
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they are specifically designed to with stand huge damage. it may be that the mechanical parts aren't working. you can't just turn it on and read the data. whether the egyptians have the capacity to read that, i just don't know. it may be that it has to go somewhere else or the egyptians may be able to do it. they will, of course, be doing it under the direct gaze of the invited parties such as the french and the russians. >> okay. thank you very much, indeed, for your expertise on the suspec subject. >> thank you. >> 41 people have died in a plane crash in south sudan. the cargo plane came down shortly after taking off in the main airport. three people including a child are reported to have survived. the exact number of people on board is not clear as the plane was reported to be overloaded with passengers not on the official manifest.
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>> the investigation is still ongoing. this seven is expected to come to an all the tomorrow morning. this was a cargo plane designed carry food, and it was carrying that and passengers, as it was discovered after the crash. it gashed after taking off from the juba airport. no one knows who was on the list, and the rescue search has become more difficult. >> in a nightclub fire 32 people were killed when a pyro technique display went wrong.
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demonstrators asked for the prime minister and the government to resign. he announced his he is significant natioresignation. >> these than 24 hours after i'm doing this because in all of years i've been in politics i resisted conflicts. but i have never fought against people. this is a big mistake and people will suffer as a result. >> on tuesday a large crowd estimated 20,000 people rallied in the capital of bu bucharest there are demonstrations.
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>> it is important that public interest comes first, not their personal interest. >> i'm here because i want my country back. i want people to take responsibility for what they have done. i want the dead to rest in piece. >> they're anger about the fire at a nightclub last friday that killed more than 30 people. it started when a band playing. >> we have lost friends, cam as, w comrades and brothers. this is enough. >> many say they're frustrated with corrupt local authorities. they say that they don't have safety standards. prior to the he is rig nation, he was accused of corruption and is facing money laundering, forgery, accusations he denies.
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>> things are so endemic in this country, many things have boiled over, and finally, finally arrest years and year put of up, romania's society has spoken up, saying that rule of law is the most important thing. >> protesters say they want a change in the way their country is run. nadim baba, al jazeera. >> 18 people have been killed after a partially military factory collapsed in pakistan. rescue operations are under way and dozens of people are feared trapped. more than 150 construction workers were beefed to be inside the factory when it collapsed. still ahead on. >> and the japanese telephone
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>> the british government believes that the russian plane crash in egypt was caused by a bomb and has suspended all flights while investigations are carried out. romania's prime minister has resigned and taking the government with him after mast protests over a dirty nightclub fire. the egypt president el-sisi is
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in the united kingdom for talks with prime minister david cameron, and that is not without controversy. a small and local demonstration has taken place. the group is unhappy about president ass'-- el-sisi's visit. >> we have this update. >> they have issued a statement saying that the plane that crashed in sinai could have well been brought down by an explosive device, and that cameron had spoken with sisi with regards to the rise of violence. the protesters say that actually
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it was violence in egypt increased, and statistics point to violence in the sinai peninsula has increased three fold in the past two years. their message is not only should david cameron not have invited el-sisi, it's not just ideals of freedom and democracy, but if ram ron had national interests at heart, then they would be trying to enforce or support the democracy in egypt as far as they're concerned and not support somebody that they few as a military dictator. >> russia's foreign minister has meet met the special envoy in moscow. lavrov said that diplomats need to agree on lists of opposition gropes who have been invited to those negotiations.
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>> on state television in syria president assad's soldiers were celebrating. they've apparently regained control of a vital root into the city of aleppo pushing back isil fighters that it captured last month. people, more clarity on where they would like the diplomacy to go from here. >> we need to gray on two lists. the first list of the terrorist organizations, which will not be covered by a cease-fire, which we hope will be agreed on at some point. the second list is opposition groups meeting under the auspices of the u.n.
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>> in order to realize the political process with russia or with other sides, they have to end their occupation to syria, and stop killing the innocent people in syria, and commit to geneva communicate. >> there is no dialogue or contact between you and the russians? >> after their intervention the only communication with the russians is fighting against them in syria in order to liberate our country. >> the vienna talks brought to go very powerser powers involved in the con flicks. so, is it confident that it still supports the demand that president al-assad should step down. >> they did not change their
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we're talking with our allies. i'm hearing from turkey, france, u.k. united states, they're very clear. their position is very clear that assad has to step down and he has no role in the futures here. >> back in syria more bloodshed. this is douma, attacked by president assad's forces. local people say is it 21 people killed. the suffering grows ever worst and wet. three days after the election president erdogan is considering a referendum on changing from a parliament try to a presidential system. erdogan has long pushed for this change. his opponents say that it will give him too much influence. the president is promising to press ahead against the kurds in
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southern turkey. we have more from istanbul. >> a spokesperson said that there could be a change in the governing system in this country from a parliamentary one to an executive presidency. now the akp party go 317 seats in the last elections. still they need more seats to bring the constitution to the referendum. now the president erdogan and also the ruling akp party said that erdogan was the first president to be directly elected by the government, and turkey
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deserves a new institution. >> the first 30 refugees located in greece are on their way to lucks a. the goal is to avoid making the corn by foote foot. the local prime minister said this is just the start. >> all five officials have had the opportunity to say goodbye to the first 30 refugees from syria and iraq, who are now having a chance to make their dreams come true. of course, we're fully cognizant and aware of the fact that this is a start. this is just a beginning, 30 given thousand who is have left home. they have to leave because of war and in seven of a better life. this is just a drop in the agency. but we want this drop in the axe to go into a dream an.
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>> justin trudeau promised to bring in 25,000 syrian refugees at the end of the year as well as overhaul security and tax legislation. >> well, for one thing there is an atmosphere here. usually when the prime minister is sworn in, the public is not invited. justin trudeau threw that tradition bacpeople voted for change in this country, that's what they got. a fresh face, a young stylish prime minister who arrived on foot, was greeted by his children and totally different from past scenes of limousines
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and men in gray suits getting out of cars. it's a really ambitious agenda. taxes. they've promised to make relations with the united states better than they were under his predecessor stephen harper. they really weren't that bad, but things like the keystone xl pipeline. trudeau said that he'll get that passed. we'll see about that. he said foreign relations will be the centerpiece of his policy. we'll see about that, too. >> japan post holdings along with its banking and insurance unit. prime minister shinzo abe is hoping that sharing stakes will
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help increase investment. well, $12 billion japan posts initial offering is the biggest this year. how does it compare to others? facebook's i'med switches made the world largest opening. >> the missing post office. it's used as a postal address for those expressing love and losses. >> i'm the director of the missing post office. i'm 81 years old. in 2013 the art festival was held here for a month.
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the former post office. many letters would wash up on the shore andrew inspiration from it. many people post the letters to the missing post office. they want someone to hear them even if they're not graced with a rely. when it was over we had 400 letters. i felt sorry for the senders of these letters, and i wanted to keep it going. i became deeply attached to this post office, and to this day i do everything on my own from displaying letters to receiving visitors. it's the age of electronic messages, but when the post office reopened so many people wrote and send their thoughts. i feel like i'm bringing back the charm of letter writing just like in the old ol days.
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now there are 5,901. many kids write about their happy thoughts for the future. the majority of letters are addressed to the deceased. to husbands, wives, parents. the one written by parents to children or grandchildren are the most heartbreaking. i worked for 45 years as the director of the post office. my job was completely different back then. our job was to protect the confidentty of all letters and their destinations. now my job is to receive letters and to share them. i hesitated in the beginning, but the letters needed someone to read them. there was a lady who came looking for a letter she had send to her late husband. it i want to stay healthy and
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keep this place going as long as possible. >> and you can always catch up with all the news we're covering and those kinds of stories as well, which is are nice to see, the address is >> taking risks, sometimes it's, you know, doing that, i find something that didn't exist for me. or i can create something that nobody else will. >> she's best know for being one third of the famed group labelle. lady marmalade was their biggest hit. but it was just one of many that topped the charts. she grew up in new jersey, influenced by gospel music. she was the creative force