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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> hello, i'm lauren taylor. this is the news hour coming up the government said that egypt's plane crash could have been caused by a bomb, romania's government step down after protesters blame corruption for a nightclub fire that killed 30 people. rescuers continue to search through rubble.
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and justin trudeau is sworn in as canada's youngs minister. >> we'll have the day's sport. plus. >> the former head of world athletics is being investigated on corruption charges. >> suspending all flights over egypt until further investigations are completed. the airbus was carrying holiday makers to st. petersburg when it came down. 224 passengers died. >> since saturday's seven teams have been scouring the site where flight 9268 came down, and where 224 people were killed. there is a disk task with debris
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strewn across a wide area of the desert. there are constantly reminders that this is a plane full of tourists coming back from holiday. it is thought to have broken up in midair. a group affiliated with isil claimed to have brought down the plan. >> prove that we did not bring it down. >> the egyptian government denied that. but the u.k. government said that the aircraft may have been brought down by an explosive device. it is now sending a team of aviation experts to assess the situation and help british tourists staying there. >> we cannot categorically say why the russian jets crashed, but we have become concerned that the plane may well have been brought down as a result of
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an exclusive device. safety will always be the priority. that is why the prime minister last night called president sisi to express concern. >> at the crash site u.s. imagery distexted heat around the plane before the crash. there was no distress call from the pilot. investigators are analyzing the content of two black box recorders. there is still a sense of shock and questions of how and why this could have happened. the youngest victim was just ten months old. >> we have more on the story, neave barker. tell us more about what the u.k. government is planning to do on this. >> well, clearly lauren, the flights between the u.k. and the resort area are still suspend: this allows security experts
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and aviation experts to carry out their investigation. more information has come to light about the reasons behind the crash of the airlines on saturday. that caused the loose of more than two hundred rashes. many of them halladay maker make--holiday makers traveling to st. petersburg. they are not sure what caused that crash although there are big suspicions it was an explosion. they don't know if it was a fuel explosion or whether a device, a bomb was specifically involved. but while there remains a serious risk there is a real impetus to call for a special meeting of the cobra committee, the highest security committee here in the u.k. that is shared by david cameron,
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the british prime minister. they assessed all of the information coming in to them. but for the time being the decision has been made. the flights between london will not go ahead while there is a security risk for citizen who is travel. >> there were claims of an armed group with claims affiliated with isil saying they shot down the aircraft over the sinai desert. the government refuted than. the government called for
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caution when it came to believing the claims. owe visuals saying that isil didn't operate in that part of the country. we gather now specialist on the ground now exploring the possibility of an explosion, a device being used. we got it from the airline that if there wasn't any pilot error. there weren't any technical faults and the feeling in london that something more sinister happened to bring down this aircraft over the ey sinai peninsula.
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>> thesthese investigators, what will they be booking horror? >> it sounds like the soviet experts in sharm el sheikh will be looking at how robust the process is, and the process in which passengers get from the terminal building until they get on the aircraft, and the number of security screenings that take place. it is not just passengers that screen, but cargo is screened well. they'll look at the existing process that the egyptian authorities have in place and what other safety security can be put in place. >> what do you think is prompting this statement from the british government, they think it might have been a bomb on board. the weight of evidence so far? or are there other specific
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intelligence they managed to get hold off. >> it took place on saturday, and we're now wednesday. the egyptian and russian investigators have had enough time to look at the flight recorder data. we haven't had answer official confirmation of any of that data, about what it is showing, and we haven't had response whether that information has been looked at in detail. the longer of go there a period of quietness, the longer and more extravagant the theories will be. i think president el-sisi is in the u.k. and with u.k. investigators, they may shed more light on it. i think it may be premature that there is a bomb on board because more cautious comments would have been used if they had information. the engines plosion on board, if there was an explosion, we don't even know that yet, could have
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been purely because of technical reasons. >> there was a report that the u.s. military satellite picked up a huge heat flash in the final moments of the plane. would that have been peculiar. >> not really. if the engine exploded for technical reasons you would get a heat flash. if it had to do with a bomb in the cargo bay, that would have caused the heat flash as well. >> thank you for coming in to talk to us. >> now at least 40 people have died in a plane crash in south sudan. three people including la "a" chide are reported to have advised. the exact number of people on board is not clear. the plane was reportedly over loaded with passengers not on the official manifest.
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al jazeera is in juba. >> the plane crash in juba is continuing. it was carrying food as well as passengers as was discovered after the crash. the plane crashed less than a minute after taking off from the airport. there was no official manifest. no one knows who with a on the list and finding the victims is a very hard job at the moment. >> more to come, anger on the street of london as the red carpet is rolled out for president el-sisi. >> japan's postal service is proving to be a very lucrative investment. and we have all the details in sports.
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>> romania is without oh government afte in the wake of in the wake of demonstrations after a deadly nightclub fire. on tuesday 20,000 people protested in bucharest a calling for the government to resign. the prime minister had already been charged with corruption in july. >> less than 24 hours after mass protests on the streets romani romania's prime minister resigned saying thinks government will also step down.
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>> this was a big mistake, and everyone will suffer as a resu result. >> on tuesday an estimate of 20,000 people rallied in bucharest. some saying corruption kills. >> people are not taking to the streets to simply replace the government with another. it's important that the people's interests come first before personal interests. >> i want my country back. i want the people to take responsibility for what they have done. >> they're angry about a fire at a nightclub that killed more than 30 people. it started when a band playing inside the club set off fireworks. >> we have lost friends, brothers, comrades, we came to be together and we came to push aside those who are responsible. now this is the moment. it's enough. >> many romanians say they're
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frustrated with what they call corrupt local authorities. they say public venues don't have safety standards and they kept open to attract tourists. prior to his resignation. accused of corruption and facing money laundrying forgery, alaska could you says he denies. >> these tragic deaths, finally after years and years of putting up and having small progress against corruptions romanian society has found a voice to demand to live in a country where rule of law is the most important thing. >> the police have now arrested the three owners of the nightclub on manslaughter charge. but protesters want to see a change in the way the country is run. >> we go to the romanian capital. there have been more demonstrations. how do they compare with the
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previous ones. >> well, it would seem that there is a momentum building on tuesday night. it was estimated that there maybe 20,000 or so protesters here on the streets of bucharest. wednesday night that number has swollen to maybe 30, even 35,000. what is also significant is that there are simultaneous protests going none other cities in romania and all together it's estimated that here in the capital and around the country maybe as many as 70,000 people came out to demonstrate. it's very clear that they're demonstrating against the system. demonstrating against what they see as corruption in the political class. this may be a protest movement that was triggered by the fire in the nightclub friday night, but clearly the demands of the protesters have gone far beyond that now. >> can you can talk about the people who were injured, and what has happened to them?
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>> yes, indeed. there are 130 people in hospital, some of them in critical and serious condition. we're hearing there are 90 people with very serious burns. teams and specialists, doctors have been coming in to rihanna from other countries to help because these are specific and difficult injuries. there are only a few doctors here in romania who have the expertise. and so clearly it's a huge task for the health services, which is why we have seen some teams coming in from overseas to try to ensure clearly if you're talking about people in critical situation, there is a fear that the death toll can rise, but also to give the people the best possible chance of surviving, and the best possible chance of getting the treatment that they need to treat these very serious burns. >> okay, jacky rowland, live for us there in bucharest. thank you very much, indeed.
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>> russia's foreign minister has met with the u.n. in moscow. u.n. said its ready to host peace talks between bashar al-assad's government and the syrian opposition. but there should an list of opposition groups who are invited to these negotiations. >> on state television in syria president assad's soldiers were celebrating. they have apparently regained control of a vital route into the city of aleppo, pushing back isil fighters. meanwhile in moscow more clarity on where russia, president's assapresident assad's most important ally, decides on where they go from here. >> we need to agree on a list,
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that we hope will be agreed on at some point. and then the second list with the government of the auspices of the u.n. >> the russians want to hold a meeting in moscow next week between the syrian government and opposition groups. in london i met the leader of the syrian national coalition. which is backed by the west several arab countries and turkey. he said he knew nothing about a meeting in moscow, and sounded doubtful of what it could achieve. >> in order to relaunch political process with russia or other sides, they have to enter occupation of syria. >> and no contact between you and the russians. >> after the intervention the only communication with the russians is fighting against them in syrian or to liberate our country. >> the vienna talks have brought together the most important
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outside powers involved in the syrian conflict. so is the syrian national coalition confident that it's foreign backers still support its demand that president assad should step down immediately? >> all of our lives are having the same position that they did not change their position. >> you're sure about that? >> i'm sure about that 37 we're talking with our allies. i'm here in turkey, france, u.k. the united states, they are very clear, their position is very clear that assad has to step down and he has no role in the future here. >> back in syria more bloodshed. this was douma, attacked by president assad's forces. local people said that at least 12 people killed, dozens injured. the suffering grows ever worse, and yet big diplomatic obstacles remain. >> at least 18 people have been
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killed after a partially built factory collapsed in pakistan. dozens of people are feared trap, and more than 150 construction workers are believed to have been inside the factory when it collapsed. kamal hyder joins us on the phone now. how is that rescue operation going, kamal? >> the rescue operation is still under way, even though it is almost 20 past 2:00 a.m. here. heavy machinery has been brought in. they're undertaking the rescue effort, and it will take several hours before we get a tally of what the death toll is. a lot of injured have already been moved from the hospital it's going to take several hours to be able to remove the
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concrete and still so a difficult task already complicated by the fact that the power outages and the fact that they are on the far part of the city in the industrial zone. >> tell us about what you know about the lead up to this terrible collapse. >> well, there was construction going on, and the construction workers that warned the owner of the factory that it was dangerous to finance with the construction. however, they were told to
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continue with their work that's what led to the collapse of this building, and it was a substandard building. apparently we're told that there were women inside the rubble, and it would include some children. the commissioner saying 100 people are feared trapped under the rubble. >> we have that live update. thank you very much, indeed. >> three days after the party won the majority in the turkish majority election, president erdogan is calling for changes to the constitution. a spokesman for the president said that's considering a referendum on changing from a parliament try to a presidential system. erdogan has long pushed for this
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change, but they say it will take too much influence. they're petsing ahead for the military campaign against the kurds in southern turkey. we have more from istanbul. >> a spokesperson for president erdogan indicated that turkey could have a referendum on the institution changing from a parliamentary to an executive presidency. now the akp party got 317 seats in the last election, and the party needs more sites to bring the constitution for a referendum. now the opposition parties will be happy that is the case because they say that will give president erdogan more power, and they're heading towards a dictator chip. president erdogan say he was the first president in this country
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to be directly elected, and the country deserves a new constitution. >> a program that moves refugees from greece to other european countries. the goal is to avoid the journey on foot. this is just the start. >> all five e.u. officials have today had the opportunity to say goodbye to the first 30 refugees from syria and iraq who are now having the chance of making their dreams come true. of course we're fully cognizant and aware that this is a start. this is just a beginning. 30 given the thousand that is have left home that leave their homes in syria and iraq because of war and in seven of a better life. this is just a drop in the ocean. we know that, but we want this drop in the ocean to turn into a stream and subsequently into a river of the fair share of
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responsibility. >> president el-sisi is in the united kingdom for talks with david cameron. a sift that is not without controversy. a small but vocal demonstration has taken place outside of the official residents downing street in central london. >> he's a former military congressman who would like to see the world very differently. a leader, a statesman fighting what he calls terrorists. egypt's president el-sisi. but nobody in egypt has ever been held accountable for this. the 2013 massacre of hundreds of unarmed protesters as they gathered in the capital of cairo. and since then according to human rights groups tens of thousands of opponents of el-sisi have been i imprisoned, many offensed to death. this woman spent several months
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in jail before being released. her brother, who is 17-year-old, remains behind bars. >> more than 40,000 remain behind bars. i talk about my brother today, but many do not. >> she said that david cameron should never have invited the former general. >> knowing that the u.k. only cares for human rights. the man who arrested my brother, put him in jail for two and a half years, he was invited to the u.k. >> london isn't sisi's state visit to europe. he has already enjoyed visits to france and more recently to germany. european governments may say that they don't approve much of what president sisi does at home, but they agree with stability in a troubled region.
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as paris and berlin think, so does london. >> we shouldn't have delusion abouts government priorities, which is are in order, security domestically and internationally. and economically. and we also should not forget that governments usually can only look no further ahead than the next election. which means that when they are in office they will have to talk to the people who happen to be in power or in office in other places as well. >> but it's a view that those opposed to el-sisi who crackdown say it is deeply flawed. >> this is the argument with relations, and the truth is, however, the exact opposite. the reality of the crushing of the egyptian revolution and through that the derailing of the whole arab spring was a
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massive increase in terrorism, and massive increase of violence in the middle east. >> while el-sisi will be getting the red carpet when they meet there is a different type of welcoming party that will await for him on the other side of this street. protesters will also be gathering. again their message is a man who is a dictator is not welcomed. al jazeera. london. >> let's speak to a senior lawyer specializing in international humanitarian and criminal law and represented the deposed president morsi. you're trying to get the entourage of sisi arrested. how is that going, is it as planned? >> we have provided the u.k. police of wide range of evidence of crimes committed in egypt and the list of suspects.
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this is all public, that they're investigating all of these persons and others including those who were part of the entourage. and that if there is sufficient evidence, and we believe there is, that they will be able to interview people when they're here and arrest them. >> are you sure these people have traveled here? in the past people who have planned trips to the u.k. have not turned up. are you sure that the men you're interested in are actually here? >> yes, some have come before, some haven't been coming because of fear of arrest here. but some have been here. and they are subject to investigation. and on behalf of our clients we're seeking to have them arrested for serious crimes over which the courts have jurisdiction here. >> and i understand that there have been. >> do you that it has been avo
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avoided. >> on occasion there is have been special ahumanities have been granted, and we're challenging whether that is correct as a matter of law. our position is that special ahumanity should not apply because of the series nature of these crimes under u.k. law criminal justice act. >> given the fact that people can avoid different ways--there are different ways of avoiding by not coming or getting ahumanity, do you think it's a lost cause to investigate crimes that didn't happen in this country, and it will be difficult to arrest and interview them? >> the law is designed to stop torturers from coming to our shores, and if they got a case they would properly prosecute it. we're challenging and hopeful that the courts will rule in our
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favor so prosecutions can take place here. >> how quickly can that happen? >> we're trying to get it expedited so that persons here or persons thinking of coming in the future are not able to do so even if it can't be done right now, it will be done in the future. >> do you anticipate from what your sources are telling you that you height get arrested in the next few days or is that unlikely? >> it all depends on the evidence. the police should arrest on that evidence, and it depends on whether that immunity is going to be adheredty to. if it doesn't stand now, it can happen in the future. this is not something that you can necessarily do in one day, and people should be aware there are full scale investigations going on. >> thank you very much, indeed, for coming in and talking with us. >> thank you. >> still to come this news hour, leaders of china and taiwan prepare to meet for the first time in 70 years, but not
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everyone was happy about it. we look at th creators meeting at the world architecture festival.
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>> welcome to al jazeera america. more reporters, more stories, more perspective. >> from our award-winning news teams across america and beyond. >> we've got global news covered.
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>> the british government believes that the russian plane crash in egypt was caused by a bomb and has suspended all flights coming out of sharm el sheikh. >> and 18 people died in a factory that collapsed. that's the closest you can get to real warfare without real shooting. jonah hull reports, it is not too difficult to work out who they're trying to impress.
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>> nato's exercise juncture is based on a fictitious scenario, a conflict in so-called in which one nation invades a smaller neighbor. the resulting crisis has ethnic and religious dimensions with global implications for maritime and a hal navigation. sound familiar at all? that's because it is. >> can you assess for me the size of the threat that russia poses now to the alliance, and the threat that goes way beyond ukraine? >> we don't see a threat against any ally. we see a russia that is willing to use force in ukraine, and which has invested heavily in defense over long periods.
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therefore nato has to respond to that, and that's what we're doing when we increase to premium forces and exercises. >> it's nato's biggest show of collective force in over a decade, and as these maneuvers take place on the northern spanish plains, russia is expanding its presence in the middle east. in the skies above syria, on the ground, and with its arres warships and submarines in the black sea. this is nato's earn. >> the combination of russia going into syria and isis in syria, that has generated an significant spike of refugees coming out. there is a serious threat from the east, russia. and serious threat from the south, a combination of refugee problem that is going to be around for a long time, and islamic extremism.
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>> 36,000 troops, 140 aircraft from 30 countries, and with a maritime component of 60 ships. nato insists this imaginary battlefield is some kind of war involving russia. jonah hull, al jazeera, spain. >> canada's new government led by liberty party leader justin trudeau has been sworn in. >> canada's new government has been sworn in, and justin trudeau has been working the crowd, something that h he is adept with. we met his cabinet, half female, young, diverse. it's a very interesting group of
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people who will be implementing some of the policies, some of the changes that mr. trudeau promised on the campaign trail. he was asked when he was going to bring 25,000 syrian refugees to canada, which he promised to do by the end of the year. he said he would be talking about that trying their hardest to meet that goal. other changes on taxes and various other things were brought up, but today mr. trudeau said today was about celebrating a strong team a that was in power in the city. mr. trudeau is a bit of a rock star. his honeymoon period has definitely gun, the questio. [ gunfirdefinitelygun, and how long is will last we'll be watching. >> a group of people wanted to form a cannabis club. it is not expected to lead to
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general legalization. we're in mexico city. what was decided today? >> what you can see behind me is a group of middle age men got permission to grow and smoke their own marijuana. but this is bigger than that. that's why we've seen protest from favor against the passing outside of the court today. it could lead to a state if more cases of this sort are brought to the supreme court in which all mexicans have the same right to grow and produce their own marriage. in the country that is very catholic, very conservative, especially socially conservative in which many people, people didn't want this to happen. that is actually quite a big deal. >> what about a country that has had real problems with the drug war? >> well, the lawyers who have brought this case to the court
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hope that it will have an impact. it's the firs first step on a long road. there were two big problems, that's where many thousands of mexicans in the country's jails on drug offenses and 60% of them apparently are on marijuana-related offenses. they want to clear out those sorts of overcrowded jails. the other thing the country's cartels are in control of the marijuana production at the moment. there are many areas in the north that are in danger really as they produce of those cartels. we've seen them carrying guns and they're in fear of their lives. they hope that this will start to legalize the whole market, marijuana will be legalized commercially and bring down the violence that has been assailing this country for years.
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>> johthank you. the first time ever the meters of china and taiwan are to meet with talks and hand shakes to take place in singapore on saturday. taiwan broke away from china in 1949 at the end of a civil war which saw the communists knee the nationalists. taiwan is recognized as an independent state by 22 nations. in that time direct flights between china and taiwan has resumed and there have been trade deals and a tourism boom. rob mcbride reports. >> this summit comes as the culmination of a policy by taiwan's president to draw closer to mainland china. under his leadership business and transport links have become stronger than ever before. and meeting his counterpart xi jinping has always been the ultimate goal. but almost as significant as the
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summit itself is it's timing as taiwan prepares for presidential elections in january. with his ruling tank party trailing in the polls, many see this as china's way of giving his party support. >> chinese are trying to boost them up ironically of their old enemy, the party with whom they fought in the 40s and 30s. >> the main opposition democratic progressive party is wary of getting too close to mainland china going as far as favoring independence. >> i have to point out that president is a president who will finish his term in office soon. people will not allow the president to compromise taiwan's future for his own personal career. he has n no right to make props he's unable to take responsibility for.
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>> china has exerted pressures on taiwan elections to remind taiwanese voters that it is prepared to stop any independent push by force if necessary. while the prospect of drawing closer to together is highly emotive. there is a habit of raising anti-china sentiment. this summit could lead to closer links or backfire steering taiwan on a more independent course. >> shares in japan's postal service has raised $12 billion. japan post holdings along with the banking and insurance units and the market debuted on the market change selling stakes, the funds will be used to rebuild areas damaged in th the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.
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japan posted public offering is the biggest this year, but how does it compare to others. facebook raised $16 billion. and made it the biggest technology floatation at the time but that was beaten by the chinese internet china alibaba that raced $25 billion making it the biggest of all time. more than two thousand leading architects are meeting in singapore. the international school of bangkok is a finalist. >> my architectural company, the principle architects and designers. this site is very unusual. it's a real oasis in the city
4:45 pm
with very large old trees on the site. i decided that these trees were the singular characteristic that had to be reserved. we set the architecture fitting around the trees on site. designing a school for early learning, kindergarten, has its own challenges. i think for very young kids safety is important, but at the same time the owners have an inspirational idea of how to conduct early learning in a progressive way. school is designed to be on many parts a welcomed portion where kids are brought in from the city, and parents feel safe letting the kids go beyond. there are the classrooms, and obviously there are other areas like the court yard where external play is part of the curriculum. finally there is very interesting pavilion that
4:46 pm
treated the facilities with kids have physical actives with yoga and medication, for instance. the different pieces came together in such a way that it really encourages exploration and discovery. >> still to come after the break nepal's first international photography festival open on the streets of the kathmandu valley. and bayern munich teach arsenal a footballing lesson in sport.
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>> nepalese first international photography festival has been held on the streets of kathmandu valley. the festival is a chance to rebuild the country in the wake of the earthquake disaster. >> the city is hosting an unusual event. the 17th century square which has hosted many traditional and cultural festivals is now holding an international photography festival. artists have brought their photographs and slides. and they are all from artist who is have been photographing nepal for decades. creating a timeline through these photographs which is extremely exciting for nepal. this particular exhibition is by an american artist who has been working in nepal for the past
4:49 pm
four decades, and many of his works have been in permanent exhibitions around the world. this is the first time it has come home to nepal. >> i think this year we have been allowed to take stock, think about our past, where we are now, and really sort of build this narrative from the inside. it's been such a challenging year for us here in nepal with the earthquake and more recent political turmoil struggles, and to really think about where are we, and where are we headed? >> the festival is not only the largest square but also these narrow roads which lead to narrower ai alley ways that lead to people's houses and the photographs have become a part of the exhibition. >> when my dad passed away i saw tons of negative rolls.
4:50 pm
my mom said if we bought gold at the time we could have something. >> for many this was a visual treat. for many others who are from here who have been through so much over the last few months this is an insight through history and a reminder that this, too, shall pass. al jazeera, kathmandu. >> now time for sport. >> lauren, thank you so much. bayern munich has beaten arsenal to take a step close for the last 16 of the champions league. they raced to a 3-0 lead in the first half. they added two after the break, and eventually winning 5-1, leaving arsenal at the bottom of group f. there were seven other matches on wednesday. barcelona won, 3-0. and chelsea won, their second in group g behind porto, who also won, and russian side have
4:51 pm
secured qualifications to the last 16 by beating lyon. palestine are set to play their up coming world cup qualifiers against saudi arabia and malaysia at neutral venues. the palestinian government don't guarantee necessary security provisions, however, initially saudi arabia said they will not play in the west bank but to circumstances. a number of muslim nations refuse to play in the west bank as that would legitimatize the israeli occupation. the head of athletics world governing body has been arrested. they athey're working with french prosecutors. he faces accusations of accepting $1 million in bribes in 2011 to cover up positive dope tests by russian athletes.
4:52 pm
he was in charge of world athletics for 16 years before stepping down in august. french police say that the 82 was arrested on sunday and released on tuesday after questioning. our correspondent lee wellings said this is a terrible situation for the sport and for the new head of the iaaf. >> well, he stepped down this year after 16 years in charge of athletics. the fact that the head of the sport is accused of covering up doping from the russians over so many years it is a terrible situation for a sport that already has a big stain by it. there have been bin investigations. there was an investigation at the end of last year that suggested from former russian athletes there had been doping and one a few months ago that said between 2001 and 2012 as many as one in three medal winners have doped and russia was a big part of that, too. so for him to be in charge and
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accused of covering that up, it could barely be worse for a sport that they're trying to come in to and clean up. i can see why people are making comparisons between this and the situation of fifa because of course sepp blatter and michel platini two of the big forces in football are suspended for alleged corruption and are under criminal investigation while the former president of athletics is under criminal investigation now. back stan need eight wickets on the time day to win the third and final test against england. reaching 151, pakistan set england an unlikely victory target of 148. they lost the wickets of bell before the close and will resume on 46-2. they need to win this test to level the series.
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sri lanka sealed a win over the west indies earlier. the host chased down a revised target of 225 with nine balls to spare to take in an unassailable 2-0 series lead. tennis now andy murray in his second round match at the paris masters. he needed 53 minutes to seal off his 18-year-old opponent. 6-1, 6-2, murray will face the 16th seed belgium in the next round. raphael nadal is through to the third round winning in straight sets. the spaniard will play 11th seed kevin anderson or dominic of austria. carlos navarro looks to be in dominant form in china. she for apart her group b rival who is struggling with a knee problem in less than an hour.
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the number two seed dropped the game-winning set saying she's looking for her first title of the year. rugby world cup winders new zealand have returned home. thousands of fans saw the all blacks make history for the first team ever to defend the title. >> a traditional challenge to welcome home the ultimate defenders. the all blacks now back-to-back rugby world cup champions were elated to be on home ground after a victorious campaign in england. >> it would blow my mind. great way to finish. >> we heard there would an few people down here, and it's pretty awesome. >> new zealand is a rugby-mad country. it is the national sport. >> it is new zealand. it suits our character. it's resilient, robust,
4:56 pm
innovative, and so we've just made this game ours. and we just love this game with an absolute passion. >> so much so that there was special treatment for the world cup on the way home. >> they performed a traditional haka on the tarmac. from the plane that was off to the city center and 30,000 adoring fans, they had been waiting to celebrate with their heroes since think triumph over archrival australia on saturday. >> the boys would bring home the cup again. we're pretty proud. >> it's a great day. >> there is no better feeling than to win the cup in the game and to do it two years in a row,
4:57 pm
getting home this morning has certainly made all that hard work worthwhile. >> hard work paid off for one lucky school boy. namessal blacks number one fan and fulfilled his dream by meeting his hero. >> the source of many public celebrations for the notorious men in black. everyone wants to see the back-to-back world champions and the coveted trophy. al jazeera, auckland, new zealand. >> that's all your sport for now. it's now back to lauren in london. >> thank you very much, indeed. and you can catch up one time with the sport of course all the news as well on our website. the address for that is you can watch us live by clicking on the watch now icon. that's it. from me, lauren taylor on the news hour. i'll be here with another round up of news in a few minutes.
4:58 pm
thanks for watching. bye for now.
4:59 pm
>> these people have decided that today they will be arrested. >> i know that i'm being surveilled. >> people are not getting the care that they need. >> this is a crime against humanity. >> hands up... >> don't shoot. >> hands up... >> don't shoot. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> explosions going on... we're not quite sure - >> is that an i.e.d.? >> tough that the country gave up on me. >> look at the trauma... every day is torture. >> this is our home. >> nobody should have to live like this. >> we made a promise to these heroes... this is one promise americans need to keep.
5:00 pm
>> the british government said that the egypt plane crash could have been caused by a bomb. it has suspended flights from u.k. and sharm el sheikh. i'm lauren taylor live from london. romania's prime minister and government has stepped down in protests of a nightclub fire that killed 30 people. rescuers continue to look for survivors of a collapse of a factory in pakistan. justin trudeau is