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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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the u.k.'s foreign secretary says te is a significant possibility that isil brought down a russian passenger plane in egypt. ♪ ♪ hill owe and welcome to al jazeera i am jane dutton in doha. also on the program egyptian president abdel fattah el-sisi is in the u.k. on a visit but there are questions about his poor human rights record. the government has retaken a highway in aleppo. breath taking images of the
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sun courtesy of a nasa telescope. ♪ britain's foreign secretary says there is a significant possibility that isil brought down a passenger plane in egypt. the british government is hosting egypt's president on an official visit but has sent its own aviation experts to assess security at sharm el-sheikh airport. it has suspended all flights between the youkilis and the egyptian resort and says they will not resume until it's a security assessment is complete there. egypt's foreign minister has reacted angrily to the prove saying any decision before the official investigation is complete is premature. all 224 people on world were killed when the russian operated air bus came down. neave barker has more from london. >> reporter: since saturday search teams have been scouring the site where flight 92 sick eight came down.
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and where 224 people were killed. it's a difficult task with a wreckage strewn across a wide area of desert. are you an investigators are using drone to his try to find anything can is "consider this" answer why the plane crashed. theres there are constant reminders this was a plane packepacked with tourists returg from holland day. the flight is thought to have broken up in midair. a sinai based arm group affiliated with isil said it shot down the plane: >> reporter: the owe description government denied that. but the u.k. government says the aircraft may have been brought down by an explosive device. it's now sending a team of aviation experts to sharm el-sheikh to assess the situation and british tourists saying there.
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the u.k. has also convened the cope bra committee the most senior security commit i have its kind in the united kingdom it's chaired by prime minister david cameron who on thursday will host the egyptian president app' del fatah el-sisi after that meeting u.k.'s foreign minister gave this statement. >> we have concluded there is a significant possibility that that crash was caused by an, please i have device on board the aircraft. earlier this evening we delayed the return to the u.k. of british-bound flights that were on the ground at sharm el-sheikh while we conducted a review of security at the airport. we have people on the ground working with the egyptians and i would like to pay tribute to the egyptian authorities who have been extremely cooperate tiff throughout the day and have moved heaven and earth to meet our demands the on the ground. >> reporter: at the crash site u.s. satellite imagery has detected heat around the plane before the crash.
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egypt's civil aviation ministry says it didn't receive a distress call from the pilot. investigators are analyzing the content of the two black box flight recorders. in and around the city of st. petersburg from where so many were lost there is still a sense of shock and questions about how and why this could have happened. the youngest victim was just 10 months old. neave barker, al jazeera, london. >> president sisi is due to hold talks with the british prime minister, david cameron, in the coming hours, the visit is seen by some as controversy shall giving his poor human rights record. >> reporter: he is the former military strong man who would now like the world to see him very different life. as as a democratically elected leader fighting what he tolls terror i felt. but nobody in egypt has ever been held accountable for this. the 2013 massacre of hundreds of unarmed protesters as they
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gathered in the capital cairo. and since then, according to international human rights groups, 10s of thousands of opponents of sisi have been impressed. hundreds sentenced to death. she and her three siblings were amongst those detained. she spent several months in jail before being released. however, her brother, ibrahim, whwas only 17 years at the timee mains behind bars. >> i just can't understand for more than 40,000 remain behind bars i am able to talk about my brother today others are not. >> reporter: she is amongst hundreds of protesters who gathered outside downing street on the eve of sisi' visit to london saying david cameron should never have invited the former general. >> knowing that the u.k. has always cared for hugh human rights, but yet the man who arrested my brother and put him in to jail for over two and a half years he's invited to the u.k. >> reporter: drop don isn't
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sisi's first state visit to europe, he's already enjoyed visits to france and more yes recently to determine any. european governments may say they don't approve of much what have press sisi does at home but feel he provides a degree of what they called stability in a doubled region. and as paris and berlin think, so does london. >> we should not have any illusions about governments' priorities which are usually in decenting order security both domestic lick and internationally and economically. and we should also not forget that governments usually can only look no further ahead than the next elections, which moons that when w they are in office they will have to talk for the people who happen to be in power or in office in other places as well. >> reporter: but it's a view that those opposed to sisi and the egyptian government's drabbing down on decent say is deeply plowed. >> it's always the argument use billion dollar having relations
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with dictators and autocrats, and reregimes like the sisi regime. the truth is however, the exact opposite. reality of the crushing of the egyptian revolution, of the end through that the derailing of the whole arab spring, was a massive increase in jihadism, a massive increase in terrorism, a massive increase in violence across the middle east. >> reporter: while sisi will get the red carpet treatment when he meets david cameron here on downing industry on thursday there is a difficult type of welcoming party that will await him on the other side of the street. protesters opposed to sisi's visit will also be gathering once again. their message is that a man they view as a dictator is not welcome in britain. al jazeera, london. let's bring in charlie an los angeles live for us in london with more on the plane crash in egypt and sisi's visit. charlie, so britain's foreign secretary says there is a
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significant possibility that isil brought down that passenger plane. what is he referring to? >> reporter: yes, this is the most significant and the strongest statement from any official on the plane crash so far i'll give you a the bit more detail in what he said in that statement. he said we have looked at the whole information picture including that claim but lots of other bits of information as well and concluded that there is a significant possibility, ask that's a correct quote from for be minister philip ham you would were right now the government is preparing an emergency security meeting known as cobra that will take place in the building just behind me and that will assess the new information that's obviously come to light. on the ground in egypt at the moment u.k. i've chris experts were flown in on british military aircrafts and they are there to put in short-term measures. [ audio difficulties ] popper will he screened and security
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protocols are in place. they have also changed the travel advice in and out of sharm el-sheikh airport advising british nationals to avoid all but sensual travel. they say the security rating for the vacation spot that the 20,000 british nationals there at the moment are safe in their hotels and their resort. it's obviously a big decision to sus spent flights in and out. at the moment we don't know when they will resume. the minister was saying possibly friday. but some airlines have canceled all of their plates until november the 12th. now, at the same time, we are still waiting for the evidence from the flight black box recorders. we know the voice cockpit recorder was very badly damaged. the other one is being analyzed. and as soon as more details come out, of what was on those black boxes we'll bring that to you. >> thanks, charley. this is a bit of a break up in the sound coming from you, but
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well% vee vee persevere with the can. is it like to have any impact on the meeting with cameron? >> reporter: i am sure it will. it cent have come at a worst time. president sisi was invited here in june months before the russian air crash incidents that cobra meet that g meeting that d about is due to happen later this morning and david cameron will have to be present at that meeting. david cameron is meant to be meeting with press sisi at the same time. he might have to delay the president. egypt is very upset and angry over britain's descension to does spent the flights. the foreign minister saying it's premature and unwarranted but what the foreign minister here said is that egypt didn't have the same information that he had. obviously there is some piece of intelligence that has lef led tm to suspect these flights whether
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or not they will share that with their egyptian count are parts today remains to be seen but it's wouldn't to be some tense moments in that meeting today. >> i am sure. thank you for that, charlie an los angeles. israel has freed a palestinian detainee after holding him for a year without trial. mohamed allen was arrested november last year in june he began a two-month hunger strike that brought him close to death. he was protesting against the israeli practice of administrative detention which allows it to hold suspects without charge for months at a time. the syrian government says it's regained control of a strategic road in to the divided city of aleppo claiming full control of the route in the government-held part of the city. in the west. the eastern part is controlled by rebels. isil forces cut off the highway from aleppo last month. the government cannot link areas it controls in parts of hama and homs. it will also allow a push east
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towards isil's base in rac raqq. it controls the town but there are reports i've government counter attack and continued fighting. zeina khodr is in beirut. >> reporter: the recapture of the road is undoubtedly a strategic win got i for the govt in syria along with its allies. it's the only lifeline for the government to send military reinforcements to the western control part of the divided city of aleppo. it's also the only supply line if the government wants to send foot and aways i can plays to the people who live in those directs inside the city. a few weeks ago isil captured this area, there have been a fierce battles but now the government seems to be in control of this highway that really links a hleb owe to government-controlled cities further south. the cities of hama as well as homs. now, this is not the only front
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in aleppo and, in fact, it's not the only offensive under way in syria. when russia militarily intervened in the conflict the syrian government and its allies on the ground launch aid number of offensives in the homs country side in the hama country side. really the military objective has been to protect the province which is a government strong hold the rebels were advancing towards that province before the offensives began. and another objective really is to clear the highway so that they are able to link cities further south to cities further north. lots more to come on al jazeera. >> it hurts all over my face, i can't even eat or sleep. it hurts here and here and here. bruised emotionally and physically, thousands of refugees continue their painful journey across europe. plus. >> reporter: i am tania page reporting from ivory coast on the increasing number of children being forced to work in the cocoa industry.
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♪ ♪ held going. the top story on his al jazeera. britain's foreign secretary says there is a significant possibility that isil brought down a passenger plane in egypt. the british government has sent it's own aviation experts to assess security at sharm el-sheikh airport and has suspended all flights too to and from the egyptian resort. that air crash is likely to top the agenda when the egyptian president meets britain's prime
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minute they are in the come is ours sisi's first official trip to london is being criticized because of his poor human rights record. the syrian government has taken control of a strategic road allowing them to supply their forces. the road was cut off by isil forces last month. nato countries are taking part in the alliance's biggest military exercise in just over a decade and some say they are sending a message to russia which recently entered the war in syria. the war games involves 36,000 soldiers from 30 nations. jonah hull reports. >> reporter: nato's exercise trident juncture is based on a fictitious scenario a conflict in which one nation invades a smaller neighbor. the resulting crisis has ethnic and religious dimensions with global implications for maritime
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navigation, energy security and cyber crime. sound familiar at all? that's because it is. can you assess for me the size of the threat that russia poses now to the alliance, to alliance members, a threat that goes presumably now way beyond ukraine? >> we don't see any imminent threat against any nato ally, but what we see is a more assertive russia. and a russia which has been willing to use force in ukraine, and which has up invested heavily in defense over a long period. and therefore nato has to respond to that. and that's what we are doing when we are increasing the readiness, preparing our forces and doing exercises like this. >> reporter: it's nato's biggest show of collective force in over a decade. and as these maneuvers take place on the northern spanish plains, russia is expanding its presence in the middle east. in the skies above syria, on the
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ground and with its warships and submarines in the eastern mediterranean and black sea. this is nato's answer. >> the combination of rushing a going in to syria as well as isis being in syria that's what has generate the i think such a significant spike in the refugees coming out of there. that's a significant threat as well. so our alliance, which is built on collective defense has a serious threat from the east, which is russia, it has a serious threat from the south, which is a combination i think of refugees problem that will be around for a long time and islamic extremism. >> reporter: 36,000 troops, 140 aircraft from 30 countries, and with a maritime component of 60 ships, nato insists this manage air i battlefield is african. it seems more likely to be a thinly veiled vision of some kind of war involving russia. jonah hull, al jazeera, spain. and those refugees they were
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talking about there continue to arrive on the greek island of lesbos many come from syria, and remain determined to continue their journey despite the numerous hurdle, mohamed jamjoon reports. >> reporter: at a transit point on lesbos the lines don't merl are materialize even though the buses don't. here words of frustration don't need to be voiced. postures express it all. of journeys constantly impeded. of obstacles that can't seemingly be overcome. she tells me she's as bruised emotionally by this experience as she was physically. that the medicine she received hasn't done much. >> translator: it hurts all or my face, i can't even eat or sleep. it hurts here and here it and here. >> reporter: we first met her the previous evening. she had got then to a car wreck in turkey before crossing with her family in to greece. she was in pain then, she's in
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more pain now. her son just wants to be able to go get some help for his mother. >> translator: i am young enough i can handle being hungry and thirsty but she's over 70 and was in an accidents. she needs attention 67 but with only three ambulance on his this entire island chances are slim that she will be treated any time soon. for these new arrivals, transport is near impossible. it's not just the lack of cars that worries them, the ongoing ferry strikes makes them feel trapped as well. with boats no longer taking them for athens their migration was has come to a halt. surrounded by by a sea of tents after tha traversing a sea of wr look around hits hurdles they see everywhere. here at the first encampment establish odd less bows you can see up close how gross has
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become for these refugees a gateway for europe. here space is running out but people still keep arriving. it doesn't seem as though this crisis will end any time soon. those strong enough choose to walk, no matter how young their companions or how heavy their possessions by evening lines at the trans it's point have disappeared. hundreds decided to leave on foot even though they were warned not to. >> people want to continue their journey as soon as possible. we try to convince them not to take the road because it's a dangerous road. it's dark. a lot of curves. but people want to continue their travel. so it's difficult to convince them. >> reporter: for the families that remain, comfort is no longer expected. warmth two ward off the elements and strene to this cope with the injustices are what is needed most. mohamed ja jamjoon, al jazeera, lesbos groce. the search is to for up to
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25250 trapped after a factory chant. 18 people are confirmed dead but it's too early to say what collapsed but there was structural damage in the area after last week's earthquake, kamal hyder is at the scene. a major rescue effort is under way. the government has sent in earth-moving equipment, trains, they have also sent in hundreds of rescue teams to try and save lives here at this collapsed factory building. the four-story building did not stand a chance. and despite warnings construction was still continuing while the factory workers were busy producing shopping bags. now, as you can see, the big challenge is to try and cut gaping holes through the concrete slap to his try and reach the lower floors where most of the people are said to be trapped.
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their relatives are waiting outside the factory for news of their loved ones but it's going to be a cumbersome operation because it is a tedious operation, a very critical operation, in which the attempt will be to try save lives. however the period that as -- the fear is as time passes hope will be fading for many of those who were wounded badly in the collapse. the big challenge, of course, will be how to remove all of this rubble and find those people buried under it. the important thing is that despite the fact that people are now working at a faster pace because it is daylight, it appears that this operation will last for several days. and it will not be clear as to how many people were killed in this building. taiwan's president has been defending his decision to break with history and meet his chinese counterpart.
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he denied that the talks are related to elections next year. he said they were for the well being of the next generation. >> translator: in the future, when we look at cross-straight relations passivel passively weo reduce hostility. and actively we want to expand cross straight relations and deep end cooperation. so at this time by hosting a meeting we want to establish the first step to a normalized meeting between lead presser both sides this is conducive to further improvement of cross-straight ties. myanmar's opposition leader says there have been irregular lier layer airregularities in v. he she's it hasn't been free and fair entirely. her party favored to win the polls but she's barred becoming president under the contusion. >> which i hope we do and i have always said that we want to win
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100 percent, [ inaudible ] 90 or 90 if we can get 100. even if we win 100 percent we would like to make it a government of national reconciliation in order to set a good precedent for our doesn't are you. but it should not be in game of winner taking all and loser losing everything. this is not what democracy should be about. mexico's supreme court has opened the door to making marijuana legal in the country. it's ruled in favor i've group of people want to go form a so-called cannabis club. the court found that banning people from growing the drug for recreational use goes against the contusion. the party leader justin trudeau has been sworn in has canada prime minister half of his cabinet are women. he swept to power two weeks ago ending 10 years of rule by the conservatives. he promises to take more syrian refugees and restore canada's reputation as a peacekeeping
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nation. the irie coast's reelected president promises to keep building the economy during his swearing in ceremony tuesday, the economy has grown by around 9% over the past four years, making it one of africa's top performers but the number of children forced to work in the west african nation has more than doubled in about the same time. as tania page reports. >> reporter: this golden mound is a small part of one of rivalry coast's biggest industry. cocoa. the west african country is the world' largest producer the key ingredient in chocolate. children watch their mothers losing the fiber clinging to the beans but increasingly children are working too. >> translator: the [ inaudible ] it is equal to slavery. if the government can put more money in to it, then i would say thank god. >> reporter: in the last two years, the government spent
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$40 million fighting child labor. for much longer big western chocolate make us have promise today combat it in their supply chain but it isn't working. because since the fighting that erupt ed in 2010, this country has enjoyed peace and prosperity that has brought unintended consequences. growth in the cocoa industry has one terrible downside. more and more children are being forced to work on these farms. i government says that over the past five years the number of child laborers has more than doubled to 1.6 million. this is a safe house for children rescued from working on farms and on the street. now they are kept busy with art. they are both from burkina faso where conflict and poverty made them especially vulnerable. celeste was kidnapped by a stranger but she was brought here bay a relative. >> translator: i had to sale water by the roadside all alone
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every day. it was so hot. i didn't like selling water. >> reporter: most of the children the center deals are from burkina faso. although their parents are often involved, social workers believe reuniting families is the best thing. >> it's very good, important to children to live in a family. so it is about educating the parents in toured let the people -- the parents know the changer. 67 inning fortunately if that doesn't work there is little to stop parents from selling or telling their children out to work again. the law is barely enforced and the border is porous a billion dollar combination for children at risk. tania page, ivory coast. nas has released new and breathe taking video of the sun. it was created from still images taken by the solar dynamics observatory. the state of the art telescope orbits the star and captures
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images across 10 wav wavelengthf invisible violet light. the result is this beautiful depiction of our sun. other dramatic stuff can always be found on our website, the address >> this is "techknow". a show about innovations that can change lives. >> the science of fighting a wildfire. >> we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity, but we're doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science... >> oh! >> oh my god! >> by scientists. tonight: techknow's journey to the arctic. 13 days... subfreezing temperatures... endless sun. >> it is passed midnight right now and the sun just is not