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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2015 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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an ammonia leak in what is to be a six and a half-hour job. it will complete repairs to a system that broke down three years ago. much more on the website al rejecting the key stone xl pipeline, the president set to speak about the proposal. a jump in jobs. unemployment spiking in october, but the big winner may be the fed. russia stopping all flights to egypt and the u.s. is said to look down on a crack as well amid fears adom did takedown that --
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a bomb did takedown that jet. this is al jazeera america live in new york city. president obama set to deliver a statement from the white house in about 15 minutes. there are reports that he will announce he is rejecting the key stone xl pipeline. david, it was just a few days ago the company that backed the pipeline said it was pulling its request. >> they had been given notice the state department would come out against the pipeline and the assumption transcanada made was the president would follow suit and reject it. they thought let's pull our permit and see if we can get a white house in -- a republic n the white house. this is rejected and the president is going to reject it
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and cite environmental concerns. but politically it is worth noting the president's environmental legacy is something he is trying to work on and he has an appearance on at the global climate change summit in paris and there is anticipation that the president would make this decision now in order to boost his own credibility a month from now. >> one of the big issues has been claims on one side it will create thousands of jobs and claims on the other side saying it will create dozens of jobs. >> supporters say this would make the united states less energy dependent and more independent and help the united states in terms of our oil supply. on the flip side and there was controversy over the claims and
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controversy over the claims of democrats that it would be an environmental catastrophe because of the 800,000-barrels of this carbon heavy liquid that was going to be transported and the most dangerous in case there are leaks. the irony is it is less significant than six or seven years ago. >> even when they were proposing the pipeline. >> there is an oil glut. prices are very low compareed to where they have been. key stone will not be as profitable if it is completed as it might have been five years ago. the united states is moving away from these type of fossil fuels any way. he is making an important decision that will ignite the environmental community and business community against each other and maybe not so much of a big surprise and not as much of a big deal as it might have been a few years ago. >> if you don't like the news in washington wait a day it will change. stay with us.
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as we mentioned we are awaiting the news out of washington. when the president begins to speak we will bring that news conference to you live. some big news on the economy. unemployment falling to seven year lows and saying october saw a huge surge in hiring, the biggest strike in construction and retail jobs. did anybody see this coming? >> no, this was a total surprise and a huge number. the headline number out of this report were the number of jobs created last month, 271,000. that blew away wall street expectation. the unemployment rate went down for the right reason. those in a job or actively looking for one held steady. it went down because more people are getting into work. we did have very strong job creation in construction and in
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white collar jobs, professional and business services. mining still an area of weakness. we shed 5,000 jobs there because of weakness in the oil sector. another big bright spot were average hourly wages jumping 9-cents to 25.20 an hour. that's an increase. very strong job numbers and if these number, if this trend can continue for the next employment report it really, really increases the likelihood the fed will hike interest rates for the first time since 2006. >> they talk about winners and loses and who wins and who loses. >> if interest rates go up the losers will be people who become used to very low mortgage rates, especially those who have adjustable rate mortgages. people might want to lock in the
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rates while they last. one for the big winners will be savers. they have not been getting a big return or compounding interest on savings? the biggest winner will be the federal reserve. they have no wiggle room to really stimulate the economy. once they lift interest rate rat gives them room. nobody is expecting a big hike. >> thank you very much. the russian president saying the country will ground all flights to egypt and say that way until the investigation into the crash is complete. he ordered the government to bring back all citizens still in egypt. they are looking at tougher
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security checks. there is growing speculation a bomb may have taken down that plane. we get more from moscow. >> it was just a matter of 20 minutes from when we heard the first announcement from one of the most important men in russia's security firmaments the head of the fsb the federal security service. he was recommending all flights be suspended until the cause of the crash could be determined. 20 minutes later that plan was being put into action already. we heard from the kremlin through its spokesperson this was going to be the case and this was going to happen. what has changed? this is the big question. it is just a matter of days ago on thursday the russian government was criticizing the british, the uk government that decided to stop flying until the
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cause of the crash could be determined. now russia is suspending flights to all of egypt. what changeed? we don't know because that's not how the russian government operates. consider this, at the moment there are fragments and samples being analyzed in russia. they have been taken from the crash site and are being processed and there is a possibility some of that data ended up on the desk this afternoon and informed his decision. thousands of british tourists are still stuck in egypt. british planes are flying them home and many can't get out. easy jet saying egypt is not letting the planes land to pick up passengers but the tourists are unfazed. >> if there was more structure we could get home quicker. over all the government made the right decision to slowly get us
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out. >> british authorities are making them leave most of the luggage behind so it can be searched. and klm saying they are only accepting carry on baggage on flights from cairo. the italian civil aviation authority asking italian airlines to increase their security checks. investigators from the ntsb on the way to a deadly charter bus crash in arkansas slamming into an over passil canning 6. -- killing six. >> three were ejected from the bus, one was partially ejected. two were still in the bus. we had six injuries and they were transported to the uams and the hospital.
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all have been treated and released. >> it's unclear what caused the driver to lose control. police say it doesn't appear drugs or alcohol were involved. exxon-mobil is under investigation. the attorney general of new york saying they buried research about the be effects of climate change. as we hear, other big oil companies could be drawn into thing the investigation as well. >> reporter: exxon-mobil has been subpoenaed that they have with held climate change data a. >> the new york general is taking seriously what they knew as early as 1977 and maybe before and what it was telling the public. >> reporter: the investigation has been going on more than a year and the news comes weeks after reports surfaced that common may exxon e
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thing in believe and another in private. they were -- the new york state attorney general saying they turn over documents from a period when exxon allegedly funded groups that looked to under mine climate science. >> we have been engaged in a two-pronged approach to this complex subject. one is consistent involvement to improve scientific understanding and policy discussions joorkt a spokesman says:
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up to now, cases involving big oil have been civil suits and have failed in the courts. we are watching the white house. we are awaiting word from president obama concerning what we believe to be an announcement on the key stone x l pipeline, that the white house will reject that deal. a new life in the u.s. syrian refugees come interrogate country looking for a fresh start. stay with us.
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>> this is a live look from the white house as we await
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president obama. the president meeting with john kerry and joe biden. while we await them coming out we want to get you caught up on the presidential race. two big names won't take the stage, mike huckabee and chris kristry didn't take the -- christie didn't make the cut. they will take place in the under card debate. two others will be off the stage and being excluded even from that second tier debate. ben carson and donald trump will get secret service protection. no other republicans have asked for security. when president obama was running
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he received protection 18 months before being elected. we want to show you imagings coming out of brazil where the death toll because of a dam break has risen to 17. the death toll could rise, dozens are said to be missing. 400 live in that area. new fears syrian rebels have acquired chemical weapons. evident was found mustard gas was used during battles. it's not clear where they came from. the syrian government saying it destroyed its stockpiles in 2013. many syrians trying to get to europe and a few have made their way to the u.s. as we hear, some are starting over in albuquerque, new mexico. >> reporter: when someone decides to move to the
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united states they might consider new york or los angeles. albuquerque is not a usual destination for a lot of immigrants but it is for one kind of immigrant and that is the refugees. the united states takes in the greatest number of refugees in the entire world, last fiscal year over 70,000. we decided to take a closer looks at the program and the placement and reception program. we had the opportunity to speak to one afghan family who just left kabul two months ago. >> it was a dream for me. i never think i could come here. i am happy my dream becomes actual. >> i have business degree. i am fortunate, i can find job
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as i want. >> reporter: it's not just a government program, the federal government works with community organizations including nine non-profit re-settlement agencies. they arrive needing a social security number and some have to enroll children in school and a lot need to learn english? they english. they realize the american dream will take years to achieve. we'll have more on the report, including the airport arrival of another refugee family. >> you can see more of that story tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. drugs have passed cars and guns as the leading death of accidental death. more than 46,000 americans die from drug over doses in 2013 the latest year the data was available that. same year automobile accidents killed 35,000 and firearms.
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investigators have a possible motive in the stabbing attack on a california college campus. they found a manifesto belonging to this man. they say he was angry about being kicked out of a study group. he planned to go to a classroom and tie up students and booby trap the room and it was never carried out. he stabbed four students before being taken down by police. the she is meeting to talk about diplomatic relationships but saturday's meeting will be the biggest event of the trip. >> both sides have been working toward this for the last eight years. and they have invested a lot, plane flights between taiwan and
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china are regular and there is a back and forth and there is an education exchange. the fact the two leaders are meeting after 70 years a significant moment. >> this is the first conversation between the leaders since the chinese civil war ended in 1949. this weekend new york city hosting some of the biggest names in international sports, all-star cricket players to boost interest in the game. for some fans the sport is already big enough. >> reporter: at this small club in central new jersey, they gather almost every night to play a game all but unknown in most of the united states: cricket. >> you leave all your problems of your life behind. >> reporter: the founder of bat and ball cricket.
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>> two ficht250 teams, all kindf cricket. >> reporter: the area around the club has one of the highest concentration of indian and pakistani immigrants, hot beds for a game that is similar and very different from baseball. rather than a diamond, cricket is played on an oval field. players use a flat-sided bat instead of a round one. the object is to score runs and to protect those wooden stumps also called wickets. to spread the gospel of cricket to a new audience, 28 of the world's most famous retired cricketers have converged on the united states for an all-star tour of three baseball stadiums starting saturday at new york's citi field. retired from professional cricket in 2013 as one of the greatest players the sport has
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ever seen. in the united states he is mostly unknown. >> to popularize cricket and encourage americans to pick up a cricket bat along side a baseball bat. >> reporter: they planned matchs in new york at minute maid park and dodger stadium in los angeles. they are promising a faster version of the game that will interest americans. but high ticket prices could keep casual fan away. for the citi field match, most tickets sell in the $100 to $175 range. >> i'm disappointed, i wish the prices were lower, maybe $25 for a really good ticket and seat. >> reporter: still, at bat and ball it's tough to find anyone who doesn't plan to be at the match on saturday. >> most of the people i know, everybody is going. >> we have been watching it on tv and you tube and stuff. it's a dream come true to watch
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people play live. we are watching washington at this hour. the president expected to announce he will not sign off on the key stone xl pipeline and will be joined by vice president joe biden and secretary of state john kerry. stay with us.
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a live look at the white house where we continue to await that news from president obama. we are told he will reject the key stone xl pipeline. vice president biden and secretary of state john kerry is expected to be with him. libby casey is live outside the white house. give us the reasons behind the president's moves. >> reporter: this has been a project year in the works and transcanada hoping to see approval, but it has become a political hot potato.
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while advocates say it will bring jobs and good for the economy, and we see all the republican presidential candidates supporting construction of this line they have concerns and it has become really symbolic. it has been in the hands of the state department under going review because it crosses the international border with canada. they tried to force the president's hand and he vetoed it saying it has to go through the lengthy and proper approval procedure. it is a death nail in the coughine for now. they tried to put the process on hold.
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and there is a question of the politics of how the next few weeks are influencing things am we'll see this international gathering in paris in a few weeks on climate and president obama wants to leave a pro-climate legacy. environmentalists say key stone pipeline cannot be part of that. the new canadian prime minister is in favor of the pipeline. he is in favor of transcanada being able to build it. there was hope on behalf of supporters that trudo would try to get to know the president more and it might be a moot point as of today. >> we are told the president will be walking out that door within the next minute, before he does and if he does, i apologize in advance. before he does, my colleague points out gas prices may have played a bigger role in saying
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no than anything else. >> absolutely. it's an excellent point. and there is less of a public clamoring for the pipeline that it may change gas prices and it really is a very different thing we are seeing now than just a few years ago. you see the same thing with shell trying to drill off the coast of alaska pulling back. world market and secretary kerry informed me after extensive public outreach with other cabinets the state department decided the keystone xl pipeline
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would not serve the national interests of the united states. i agree with that decision. and i had the opportunity to speak with traudeu and agreed our close friendship on issues including energy and climate change should provide that between our countries going forward and in the coming weeks senior members of my team will be engaging with theirs in order to help deepen that cooperation. now for years the keystone pipeline occupied what i considered an over inflated role in our political discourse. it became a symbol too often used as a campaign by both parties rather than a serious policy matter and all of this obscured the fact that this pipeline would neither be a
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silver bullet for the economy as was promised by some nor expressed lane to climate disaster proclaimed by others i will comment why we rejected the pipeline. first, the pipeline would not make a meaningful, long-term contribution to our economy. so if congress is serious about wanting to create jobs, this was not the way to do it. they want to do it, what we should be doing is passing a by partisan infrastructure plan that can create 30 times as many jobs per year as the pipeline would and in the long run would benefit economy and our workers for decades to come. in our business has created 268,000 new jobs last month. they created 13.5 million new jobs over the