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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EST

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russia admits a bomb took down its airliner that crashed over the egyptian sinai and president putin says he will punish those responsible. ♪ hello, i'm shiulie and coming up, in the program. >> no one will interrupt the business of the global community, certainly not despicable, cowardly acts of terror, thank you. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry meets the french president of targeting i.s.i.l. for attacks on paris. yemen's president leaves self
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imposed exile to go to the port of aiden. going the world's extensive face transplant. ♪ russian investigators say the crash of a civilian airliner in egypt was the result of a terrorist act. they say a bomb destroyed the metro jet air bus 321 as it flew to st. petersburg on october the 31st and president vladimir putin vowed to find and punish those responsible for bringing down the plane. >> translator: the murder of our people in sinai is the body of crimes and will wipe the tears of hearts and souls but we will find the perpetrators and should know them all by name and search for them everywhere and wherever they are hiding and
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find them on any spot on the planet and punish them. >> rory is in moscow and give us the information for the evidence of this. >> well, the evidence as it stands that which is presented to vladimir putin by the head of the fsb security services and what he told putin is they had been analyzing the wreckage of the plane and doing chemical tests on it and what they found was that a homemade explosive had brought the metro jet plane out of the sky so there was at least a kilogram maybe 1.5 kilogram of some sort of tnt-like explosive which had done the deeds. they have not named any names yet of people they hold responsible but as we heard there from vladimir putin the language of the russian leadership at the moment is
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using words like retribution and punishment and destruction. >> and in practice what kind of measures could the government bring in, how is it likely to respond? >> well, its range is really from the geo political right down to the domestic and on the geo political level we are now hearing from francois hollande talking of a grand coalition to fight i.s.i.l., that is something that the russians have been asking for for quite sometime so we are starting to see some sort of synergy really on behalf of world leaders who have been on separate sides of this fight, who might now be being brought together by their attacks on this plane and also the attacks in paris too. this would suit the russians very, very well. in terms of what we are going to see domestically of course
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russia is going to be ramping up its security airports, train stations, soft targets that might be struck like the soft targets in france were struck but vladimir putin has said in the sense of the bombing campaign in syria don't expect that is going to be effected in any way other than strength ended and not less in any way but hitting mortar g-- more target ts. secretary of state john kerry has met francois hollande in paris to talk about cooperation in the fight against i.s.i.l. and claimed responsibility for friday's coordinated attacks in paris that killed at least 129 people. and france is intensifying air strikes against i.s.i.l. positions in syria and french fighter jets bombarded the city of raqqa and in the attacks
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saying they don't want refugees entering the country and the state department says it won't change the plan to resettle 10,000 refugees next year and let's speak to jackie roland in paris and clearly the response to the paris attacks have both an international and national dimension and let's talk about the international dimension and speaking to john kerry and trying to find a cooperation in the greater fight against i.s.i.l. >> yes, the paris attacks really have just shed light on this very fragmented response to what is going on in syria and it is clear from the position and the statements of francois hollande comments he made in front of the joint session of the french parliament on monday is that france wants a more joined up response as rory was saying from moscow and france is looking to speak to president putin and francois hollande was also
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speaking on the telephone a short while ago to the iranian president and rouhani was meant to be there but cancelled because of the attacks and spoke to president francois hollande because of how he put it to fight with all our might against i.s.i.l. and does seem that the president francois hollande is trying to get the russians and iranians and all these different interested actors to be acting in a more coordinated matter and certainly it would appear that john kerry in his remarks afterwards seem to indicate that the u.s. would be favorable to more information sharing and more international coordination. >> we have to step up our efforts to hit them at the core where they are planning these things and also obviously to do more on borders and in terms of the movement of people but the level of cooperation could not be higher. we've agreed even to exchange more information and i'm
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convinced that over the course of the next weeks da'esh will feel even greater pressure. they are feeling it today and felt it yesterday and felt it in the past weeks, we gained more territory, da'esh has less territory. >> in terms of the investigation going on and looking for suspects bring us up to date on that. >> well, the investigation is taking place on both a national and a european level and in that regard it is very important to note that in the last hour or so france has been the first eu country ever to invoke article 42.7 of the eu-lisbon treaty and under the article if an eu member state is on the receiving end of an armed aggression they will provide this in power and are invoking that and asking for help from the rest of europe and
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brussels is a key element of this investigation since we now know that a couple of the attackers had rented cars from brussels and we know there have been raids in brussels as well as police trying to track down suspects. raids also in france, another 120 overnight in particular was know the number of shops and business in toulouse were raided, looking for possible chasing the money train, whether there might be some money laundering going on, ways in which the operation was financed and here in the outskirts of paris in the suburb here the police say they found what they believe could be a safe house used by the attackers in the run up to the attack. >> jackie thanks very much for that and jackie roland in paris there. australia says it won't unilaterally won't send ground troops in iraq or syria to
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combat i.s.i.l. and in manila julie bishop says they would act in cooperation with the coalition. >> we have to have a legal basis for being in iraq and syria. it's not just a question of sending our troops over there, we are part of a coalition and we would need to work in a strategic and security sense in cooperation with them. >> reporter: britain plans to recruit 1900 new spies in the wake of the paris attacks and other attacks such as on tourists in tunisia and david cameron said they thwarted attacks and money spent for britain's special forces will be spent. the president of yemen returned home from saudi arabia. and abd rabbuh mansur hadi sought refuge in riyadh in march when they went to war in yemen and the second time they returned to the border since then and backed by the saudi-led
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coalition launched offensive to take thai from rebels and supporters and it's the third largest city in yemen and editor and chief of the yemen post and says it's a boost to the troops on the ground. >> it's very, very powerful for him to come at this time right now and he is not coming just to visit aiden, he is coming here, a sign that he is willing and is seriously planning to help the uprising in thai and that is what his aids have informed us his goal is to help and aid all the uprising that are happening, all the resistance that are happening against the houthis in the different areas of country and the houthis are in anger because they did not want him to be part of the political scene of yemen's future and here he is now back in aid enshowing he is the president of yemen whether the houthis or allies like it or not and houthis are in control of four provinces where just months ago they were in control
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of almost the entire country and yes there are blows against the houthis be no they are not weak to that extent they could give up fighting and yes, ma'am end yemen's solution can only be solved politically and both sides realize that and right now there are on going talks under the table happening sponsored by yemen and the u.n. and these talks are quite positive right now and most likely in a couple of weeks maximum this will come to an end and the political solution will start being implemented. >> still to come here on the program the philippines close the way to the summit but the government says it's trying to cover up failures. police in mexico are accused of secretly dumping bodies in a mass grave and families want to find justice. ♪
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welcome back, i'm shiulie-ghosh and a crash of an airliner in sinai last month was as a result of a terrorist attack and destroyed the air bus 321 flying from egypt to st. petersburg and putin will find and punish those responsible. u.s. secretary of state john kerry has met francois hollande in paris talking about how to strengthen cooperation in the international fight against i.s.i.l. and the group claimed responsibility for attacks in paris which killed at least 129 people and wounded hundreds more. the president of yemen has returned home from saudi arabia
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and abd rabbuh mansur hadi sought refuge in riyadh in march about war and it's the second time he returned to the port aiden. a crash of an airliner in egypt last night and tim williams manager of the corporate firm and good to have you with us tim and what did you make of the timing of the confirmation it was a bomb that brought down the airliner and the russians expected a bomb for sometime. >> yes, i think that is right. russia actions over the last ten days or so have suggested that they knew this was a bomb or they strongly suspected that and i think the timing of this announcement is very much political when putin went into syria there was a mixed reaction from the russian population and in some ways this is a good day on which they can get out bad
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news but i think more broadly than that this reenforces putin's narrative he went in syria and going in to target islamic state and other terrorists as they describe them. exactly what they did very clearly when they went into syria was target opponent of assad regime and few attacks were directed towards the islamic state and announcing this today and by following up with a bombardment of raqqa from russian navel vessels as they have done they are trying to prevent themselves from the much wider international effort to target islamic state and in so doing reenforce the rhetoric and strengthen his position. >> and we now have president francois hollande of france saying there should be this global coalition against i.s.i.l. wanting to bring russia and the u.s. into it and as you said russia has long wanted more international cooperation against i.s.i.l., hasn't it? >> well, it said that certainly
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but most of russian actions have been directed towards other rebel groups, those that pose the most immediate threat to the assad regime in the northern parts of the country and elsewhere. and i don't think the russian focus will change. russia's interest in syria are to strengthen the assad regime and in so doing protect their own influence in syria. they might direct some more attacks against islamic state to try and appear to be part of a wider international effort but their interests are different from those of the west, they want to target other rebel groups more than they do islamic state >> okay but the fact that russia is now joined that club of countries who are being targeted for revenge attacks by i.s.i.l. and we know that president francois hollande will visit moscow after visiting president obama in d.c., is in the moment where russia is once
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again included in sort of world affairs? >> yes. i think russia's political influence and inclusion of russia will be strengthened as a result of what happened in paris and the reaction to that. by going into syria a few weeks ago russia already gave itself a place at the table in the talks over syria. however, it was regarded as something of a pariah by western powers given the manner which it got in syria and because of the groups that it was targeting there. it now has the opportunity to improve its political standing, to ensure that it is regarded as a more constructive partner in the coalition against the islamic state and will take steps on the ground to give it real meaning but they will only be limited steps and russia has different interests and it will continue to protect those
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interests. >> tim, thank you very much indeed for that, tim williams in london there, apologies for the banging and some of the equipment actually fell off the desk. now israel has banned islamic movement party accused of inciting violence and police searched a dozen offices around the country and sent this update from west jerusalem. >> decision was taken by the security cabinet about two weeks ago which was only made public on monday evening, the overnight raids targeted 17 officers or premises of ngos related to the islamic movement in several towns across israel and computers and documents confiscated and funds were frozen and now according to the israelis the group or the movement has been using insightful speech, one of the slogans says el aqsa is in
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danger and from israeli point of view it has caused a lot of unrest among palestinians and many say israel wants to change the status quo around the el aqsa mosque and which benjamin netanyahu has denied several times and leader of the movement had been taken in for interrogation and has been released. he remains and says he will continue to lead this movement. >> reporter: haiti moved in to stop protests after allegations of fraud in this year's presidential election and fired rubber bullets in the crowd but reached the electrical headquarters and some candidates met with the council to address their concerns with the election results. >> translator: today was an occasion for me to tell the council they are the ones that caused fraud in election and
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taking so much time to assume responsibility and the destiny of the nation is in their hands. >> reporter: leaders including u.s. barack obama are gathering in the philippines for the asia cooperation summit and chinese president xi jinping also arrived in manila after fears he may boycott the meeting and tension of china and neighbors over a territorial dispute in the sea and it's likely to dominate the agenda and we reports. >> reporter: the chaotic streets are being cleared for the apex will be shut and homeless people have been temporarily moved. philippine peoples say it's to ease traffic and ensure the safety of more than 7,000 delegates but many philippines say it's hypocritical and the gap of the problems and
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inclusion. she works hard not to be sidelined and she sells sustainable fair trade products and her company makes up 98% of businesses in asia, only a third of them are owned by women. and juan says excluding women says apex economies are losing out on billions of dollars on potential growth. >> 89 billion is untapped because of the lack of women participation but what we want is for the leaders to finally say, yes, we are going to include this in our agenda to decrease and lessen the gender gap and give women more access to financing. >> reporter: but analysts say it's not what is on the agenda that needs watching and expect it to set the town as the under lying rivalry between the u.s. and china over dominance over the region both militarily and economically. the u.s. and china lead for the asia pacific real and each
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excluding the other and apex 21 member economies agree to work together despite any political differences and there are many. the largest point of contention has been taken off the agenda and china's controversial construction of artificial islands in disputed portions of the south china sea and the island building is opposed by china neighbors and most vocally the philippines and money sales through these waters every day. >> the romans said money has no odor and when you are talking about gaining wealth and making wealth for your citizens sometimes you can leave the political differences aside and focus on that. >> reporter: as in previous years apex leaders will smile and put up a front at the close of the summit but difficult to hide strained relations especially as they are already being reflected on the streets of manila.
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al jazeera, manila. police in mexico are being accused of secretly dumping bodies in a mass grave. a human rights agency is looking into whether offices in the state buried corpss instead of investigating how they died and john holman reports. >> reporter: another mass grave is unearthed in mexico but this time not drug lords but authorities in the central state of maralos admitted burying a hundred bodies in this pit and neglected to tell her her son had been dumped there and for the first time she is seeing video of him being pulled out. for months authorities assured
6:25 am
the family his body was in a morgue awaiting tests to see who kidnapped him and after being pressured did they finally admit the truth. now more families are wondering if they loved ones could also be in this pit, there are more than 80 disappeared people here and human rights activist told us authorities have not solved a single case. >> translator: there is an attitude of impunity and prov e provoking and the crimes continue. >> reporter: it's legal for mexican authorities to use mass graves for space in the morgues but only after the families of
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the dead are informed when possible and deaths are first investigated and that did not happen here according to state attorney documents al jazeera had access to and show several bodies were dumped in the pit without investigation or identification. more than 100 bodies are still in this mass grave and it's a potent symbol of how authorities all over the country seek to bury cases rather than to investigate them. under pressure state attorneys office first admitted this was an elicit grave then changed their story, we asked them why and got only this repeated line. >> translator: we are not talking about an elicit grave, just a common one and if there are irregularities we will take the investigation to wherever it needs to go. >> reporter: words that ring hollow for the family, at least they now have been able to give him a decent burial, many other relatives of disappeared people are left craving that
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consolation, mexico. in brazil protesters are simulated a flood of muddy water which is caused an environmental disaster and demanding help to repair the damage after two dams burst at an iron ore mine 12 days ago and has mud and hit the city and a river which has also been contaminated will take years to recover. government leaders in southern india are being accused of not being prepared for widespread flooding, at least 70 people died and most of them in the capitol and train services have been suspended and streets and homes flooded, the army and the airforce are rescuing stranded people. doctors declared the world's most extensive face transplant a success. 150 medical staff involved in the life changing operation in new york as alexia brian reports. >> reporter: when carson is at
6:28 am
the hospital in august he put on his prosthetic ears and took a courageous step into the unknown. >> a lot more and working hard everyday trying to get this transplant done. >> reporter: he was seriously burned in 2001 working as a volunteer firefighter leaving his disfigured in the face and body and 70 operations later it was time for the big one, what doctors proclaim as the most comprehensive face transplant in history and team at new york have been practices for more than a year. >> you feel me touching you here. >> reporter: waited for just the right donor to come along with fair skin and hair and 26-year-old who died in a cycling accident in july. >> how are you feeling? i'm taking care of you okay. >> reporter: 150 medical staff worked for 26 hours on this complex, delicate surgery. they slit the skin at the back of the head and going forward and cutting key pieces of bone
6:29 am
and then draped it precisely over his face, a medical first, a difficult operation, one they couldn't be sure he would survive. >> the most complex for is the transplant of eyelids to be sure we transplant them in their entirety so patrick can blink and the inclusion of the entire scalp with the procedure changes the trajectory of his life. >> it can be a mixed blessing, the first person to under go a partial face transplant struggled looking in a mirror and seeing someone else look back and one of his big challenges is to make sure his body doesn't reject his new face and take medicine everyday and also will be more operations but after three months in hospital the doctors say he is making remarkable progress and planning a reunion with his family. >> i've seen pictures and see how i do.
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>> reporter: he says the doctors haven't just given him a new face, he now has a new life. o'brien, al jazeera. and you can keep up to date with all the news on our website, al >> "on target" tonight, the new nexus for the fight against i.s.i.l, turkey is the exit point for radicalized fighters going into syria. it's the exit point of hoards, it is the only muslim ally in nato. it could hold the key to i.s.i.l. defeat. i'm "ali velshi on target" right now.